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The back and forth of the Boeser Negotiations

At this time of the year, if you blink and you’ll miss an update.

Last week, it was reported that the Canucks and Brock Boeser were far apart on contract negotiations. It obviously caused a bit of a panic as Canucks fans want to get the sniper locked up to a deal sooner rather than later. Well, this morning, Jim Benning was on SN650 and put a damper on those concerns

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Obviously, there will be some posturing to this whole situation as the situation is fluid and can change at any time. But Benning does appear to be a little more confident with the direction that it is heading.

Ultimately, the truth likely lies somewhere in the middle. There is a gap between what the Canucks want to get Boeser signed for and what the Boeser side wants to try and get. That gap is likely closing and trending in the right direction, so fans shouldn’t be too worried about what is happening.

It’s also important to remember the situation that is in front of the Canucks and Boeser. As Petbugs broke down back in 2017,  Boeser is not eligible for an offer sheet and does not have arbitration rights because he did not accumulate a ‘pro season’ during his 9 game stint to close out the 2016-17 season.

This means that the Canucks have the power to just wait this out. While the Boeser camp knows this and will wait to see what the other restricted free-agents get over the summer and then engage the negotiations a little differently. So although there is progress on the deal, this is something that could drag out a little longer than some hope.

The Canucks are in rush to get the deal done as they hold the leverage and Boeser isn’t really exposed. While the player’s side hopes that other teams get aggressive with their deal and thus create a more lucrative market for their client.

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No matter what, there shouldn’t be concern of a deal getting done. It just may take drag a bit into the summer.

  • Kanuckhotep

    Of all the pending signings Mr. Benning must see to this is the most significant one. Brock is one of the building blocks of the Canucks franchise for now and the future. IMHO lock him in for many years to come. If it is contentious between camps let’s hope it does not involve quibbling over a few hundred thousand dollars. Besides it’d be worth the money just to see Brock, Petey and QH on the 3 on 3 overtime, not just for Canuck fans but league wide as well.

  • Rodeobill

    Is it my browser, or have there been a lot of weird editing problems in the articles lately? Thanks for the update anyway, I am mostly hoping he signs for a team friendly deal that won’t inflate all future signings too much (EP!), especially if we need to spend our way to a better D core.

  • wojohowitz

    Is Benning lowballing him or is Boeser being unrealistic? The same for Edler. Does Boeser really expect to get a 7×7 when his best season is scoring 29 goals? What`s Horvat thinking getting signed for only $5.5m? Will Petersson look at this and expect $9m? I`m thinking a 5×5 should be enough for a 23 year old. Then there`s the good news; Madden and Rathbone are thinking; If I fast track can I be a 23 year old making $5m per?

    • DJ_44

      Boeser is probably asking $8.5M….i think he will get 7.5 to 8M x 7. I would be happy. Boeser scores more goals than Horvat…coupled with salary cap when Horvat signed…there is the difference. As far as Madden and Rathbone … If they put up 20-25 goals there first two seasons….absolutely they will get $5M per (with term).

  • Beer Can Boyd

    Although I do believe Boeser is a great player and deserves a big contract, he has to get stronger on his defensive commitment. I saw far too many odd man rush goals against, where Boeser was late getting back into the play. I’m sure its something Green has spoken to him about, he only needs to watch his centerman to see how he should be working. I think 6 x 6 would probably be acceptable for everyone.

      • TheRealRusty

        Agreed. The best thing that GMJB must remember is that if you cannot trade a contract the day it is signed then you are most likely making a gross overpayment. See Louie’s contract as an example, didn’t like it the day they announced it and don’t like it now.

  • tyhee

    Boeser looked like a star in his rookie season, then got injured. In his second season his stats were very good but his defensive effort often looked relaxed. Either due to increased commitment (something Boeser himself mentioned late in the season) or additional training time as he isn’t recovering from serious injury this summer, there’s little doubt people will expect even more from Boeser in the future.

    This is one of those cases where even though the player is known to be really good, the Canucks may not yet be prepared to commit as much as Boeser believes he’ll be worth. While we’ll all hope for a long term (team-friendly?) deal it wouldn’t be all that surprising to find the parties some distance apart and agreeing on a short contract to let Boeser show just how good he can really be.

  • Snoho

    There is some risk with Boeser. Wrist and back. His skating was not the same this season and it showed defensively. Hopefully it’s nothing and a full offseason of training and recovery will help. The wrist has an injury history and was taped up whenever I saw him take his glove off.

    I’m the only one but I want to see a bridge deal. Canucks won’t be handcuffed with an awful contract should Boeser turn in to an average skater with an average shot. Boeser bets on himself and is ultra motivated. If he gets 40 goals and 80 points, well.. there are worse things than paying a great player a lot of money.

  • rediiis

    This is a good kid. I like him and I’m sure the brass likes him, but the fact of the matter is that his game is not elite. If you want to pay a kid on the future, it could really hurt the team if it doesn’t pan out. If you bridge him, would he depart to Minnesota? I think they will work it out 1 week before the season. 6X6 should be fair for both sides. He couldn’t be worse than the forward that can’t be named.

  • bobdaley44

    You gotta give me more game to get 7 mill per. One dimensional slow afoot with weak defensive habits. If it’s north of 7 mill he wants I would consider moving him.

    • Beer Can Boyd

      “One dimensional slow afoot with weak defensive habits. ” Sounds like Patrick Laine, and he wants 10 mil per year, which the Jets will never give him. Scheifle only makes 6 mil, and he’s the heart and soul of that team, not Laine.

      • bobdaley44

        Laine too. You pay him 10 mil per year and you’ll never win a cup. I think I’d trade Laine. I think in todays game you’re better off having 6-8 guys in the 5-6 mill range than two or three guys making 10 plus. Toronto will never be able to sign or keep any decent bottom or mid roster guys.