WWYDW: Jerseys

The Canucks’ new home jerseys were leaked yesterday, reigniting a decades-long discussion regarding the merits of the various individual designs the the team has sported over the years, which design is the best, and how the team has had so many jersey changes over their history that they should seriously just pick one and stick with it.

“The most obvious and expected change is the removal of “VANCOUVER” from above the whale logo. At first glance, it looks a little odd, mostly because the wordmark has been part of the logo since 2007 but it does create an overall cleaner look to the jersey. The other change is the shoulder logos, which create a more modernized look of the classic stick-in-rink logo.”

Only the home jersey has been leaked so far, so fans will be left speculating as to what the Canucks’ third jersey will look like.

What jersey design would you like to see for the Canucks? It can be a direct copy of an existing jersey from the past, a variation on an existing design, or something completely original. Be as boring or as creative as you’d like.

Last week I asked: Is there anyone you would like to see the Canucks sign to an offer sheet? Why or why not?

North Van Halen:

The fact you would have to overpay to pry these guys away from their present teams means the asset cost would have to be reduced compared to what they would cost in a straight trade. The only guys you could get at a deep enough discount to warrant the over pay seem to be Kappanen & Johannsson where you could likely steal one of these guys for the cost of cash and 2nd round compensation. The problem being Benning seems to have a great working relationship with Dubas having been given the small gift of Leivo. Toronto is likely going to need some help alleviating their cap crunch and it may be in Benning’s best interest to see if he can get more deals from Dubas to ease their pain as opposed to putting kerosene on the bridge and tossing the match crossing the offer sheet bridge. I’m not opposed to the offer sheet but there’s more than one way to skin a cat and working with Dubas to acquire some of their surplus would be my first instinct before the scorched earth method.

As for the rest, without a tonne of research, I don’t think the compensation is worth the cap structure issues guys like Connor, Marner, McAvoy, et al might cause.

Killer Marmot:

Benning would likely get a better deal — and maintain better relations with the other managers — by trading for those players after they’ve been re-signed by their original clubs. If those clubs have cap space issues then they will be motivated sellers.

It would also reduce the risk of retaliation-in-kind down the road.

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speering major:

Kappanen is a prime target

He’s approaching his prime, a great skater, kills penalties, fills a soft spot on the roster, and is definitely worth a second round pick

Puck Viking:

Offer Kapanen 7 years at 4 million that is worth a 2nd rounder. I dont know what Brandon Carlo would be asking but he would also be worth that contract. If we can land a guy like either of those then it is worth a 2nd.

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We arent far enough along to go big on a guy like marner or connor.

We should also be asking teams for bad contracts who are needing to sign some of the above players. Would marleau come over for nothing then flip him at the deadline. Deals like that would also be an option or both as long as those deals are 1 or 2 years.

We should also be trying to shed salary so that we could add a couple of cap dumps.

What could we get from vegas for taking on Clarkson? Could we go our 2nd for their 1st and clarkson or miller and clarkson for a 7th rounder?

This management group needs to get their act together and start forward thinking to try and get better in the future and every year they prove they dont have a clue how to build a team and that every year all teams add players.


I really do not like the offer sheet route, injuries to Pete or Boeser on top of the injuries to Edler and Tanev (kinda gonna miss some games) would put the Canucks in a high lotto position next year.

Kapanen would not go 7X4. Nobody goes 7X4.

I would rather target Morrissey or Lowry on ‘peg. I think Connor is awesome, but we can’t do this.

There are some interesting options with Vegas and some options in Chicago.

Keep it open.


Next year is when the Canucks should make a move in a trade or offer sheet. Next year with the expansion the prices on players should be cheaper. Canucks also shouldn’t tie up a protection spot with an acquisition this year. Acquire picks and build through the draft.

Robson Street:

There’s an old expression in sales; cheap,fast, good – pick two. Offersheets can get you a good player fast (in theory), but the contract and compensation isn’t cheap. If you’re team that is building to a playoff team, likely through the draft (cheap, good?, not fast), this approach is not for you.

  • Goon

    This redesign is exactly what I wanted. I liked everything about the old jerseys except the big stupid “VANCOUVER” on the front. The modification to the stick-in-rink on the shoulder is slick, too.

    • Joe White

      I have never liked the ‘stick in rink’ logo – too boring and it says nothing about the city. I would be happy to see it removed altogether, shoulders too. Ive always thought of the ‘orca c’ as the western version of the Canadien’s logo. I think the orca logo is best, but perhaps it could be improved…simplified yet more fierce??

  • Snoho

    A cynic would say a team only changes their jerseys to boost sales. This change is pretty subtle so it’s nice to see it’s not a cash grab.

    I prefer the skate but that’s a reflection of my age. If I wasn’t a kid in ’94 I’d probably find it ugly. The whale logo was never overly great or relevant. It’s time to change it up. A Johnny Canuck logo could work.

  • Killer Marmot

    I’d keep the fish just because I’m tired of all the major changes throughout the years. But the “splash” component where the orca breaches the water is confusing and incoherent. It could use a little tweaking.

  • j2daff

    the whale has no real relevance at this point and is dated at this point as well. Would like to see a redesigned logo and to be honest a more modern/flashier colour scheme as well. Just me although I’m not holding my breath that the majority will agree. At this point the flying skate would be my favorite we have had.

  • Kanuckhotep

    Coleman E. Hall when he started the Canucks in 1945 chose Johnny Canuck likely to reflect the wood industry of B.C. That was the logo in the 1960s when they played at the old PNE forum and could never figure out why they abandoned it. Yes I’m giving my age away but for me Pac-Man smiling hockey rinks, spaghetti skates going down hill and an aquatic mammal never cut it with this fan. Get rid of Orca Bay. Those guys are history just like these jerseys and the next idiotic ones they come up with.

  • rediiis

    I could care less about the logo and color. I am all about the team wearing the sweater. As I watch the SC I see some big players that were dissed in their early years. Guys like Pat Maroon. Think about this when you want to trade Jake Virtanen. Big guys with speed are crucial to hoisting a cup.

  • coconuts grow

    Original stick and rink! Update it slightly if you want, but that is the root identity of this team… everything else has been wayward distractions. The flying skate is a great throwback, but I’ve never seen it work graphically without the Halloween macrame color scheme which I can’t do full time. The orca ‘c’ will always feel like a McCaw marketing cash grab. Johnny Canuck is fun, but ultimately sorta AHL. Stick and rink! It’s who this team is!

  • wojohowitz

    At some point a line gets crossed from tradition to money grubbing like golden arches as patches on both shoulders or the Molson Canadiens or the Air Canada Maple Leafs.

  • 51Geezer

    I’d like to see a name change to Orcas and a black/white uniform with a simple “V” on the chest.
    In 1970, I thought the management would show imagination, but nope. In Canada we had the Canadiens (the French spelling of Canadians) , the Maple Leafs (the national symbol of Canada, and a tree which does not grow west of Ontario), and the Canucks (or “Canooks” as Bettman pronounced the word, which is a derogatory term for Canadians). I think Seattle might choose Orcas, in black.

    • Nuck16

      OK, most people thinks it’s stupid we have an Orca logo since the team name is Canucks…so you want to get rid of the Orca logo but change the name to Orcas?

  • Nuck16

    I find the loyalty to the Orca logo bizarre considering the majority of fans hate it. Classic is where it’s at…and our only chance of classic it to revert back to the original logo then play around with the colour combinations a bit so long as those colours are green, blue and white. As for the 3rd jersey, they should give their creative department carte blanche for that including colours, but come up with something fresh every year.

  • Build to win

    Canucks continues to make cheesy decisions and can’t nail it. Build a strong clean simple brand with recognition and history. The original stick and rink uniforms with the thick stripes was a CLASSIC and by far the best the team has had! They should go back to it. They can mess around with a 3rd jersey(s) for what its worth. Happy to see ‘Vancouver’ is removed from the logo. That was only added to sell merchandise during the Olympics. Too bad they won’t drop the ‘Orca Bay’ logo or make that their 3rd jersey. I won’t buy their Orca Bay cartoony stuff which is most. The blue stick and rink didn’t look good on the blue jersey. White-on-blue and blue-on-white. Also, the newer blue cartoony stick and rink is weak compared to the original. I don’t know who came of with ‘we are all Canucks’? I am sure they were involved in many other cheesy Canucks decisions. And at the games…. Music has gotten better but still needs more changes. Less pop cheez more edgy like other teams. I would rather hear more organ than track after track of pop.

  • Mike Bossy

    Removing the “VANCOUVER” word mark is *huge* as, in my opinion, it was completely unnecessary and just plain ugly. I was hoping that the stylised (modernised?) stick in rink would be propelled to primary logo status, but also understand that the decision to stick with the orca was based on having way too many brand overhauls for this franchise and some stability may be the idea. It’s just unfortunate that we’re stuck with such a below-average logo in the orca (again, in my opinion, this logo ranks at the bottom-3 in the league, along with Minny and Carolina). Sure, the orca sort of represents the West Coast, but it just doesn’t look cool or intimidating (I know, I know, they’re are ferocious killers out in the wild, but they actually just look cute).
    The stick in rink is simple and clean and has history (all checkmarks for most classic logos out there). As for the flying skate, I’m of the age group (42yrs old) who actually grew up cheering for the team who wore that on their chest and, aside from the ’94 Cinderella run, reminds me of extreme futility (routine 6-1 or 7-3 losses to Philly or Edmonton etc).
    In summary, I’m not the biggest fan of this new design but am “ok” with it. Hopefully they’ll try something drastic/exciting with the 3rd jersey.

    • Kneedroptalbot

      The Vancouver wordmark grew on me. It made the jersey unique and different from all the other traditional cookie cutter jerseys. My favorite was the original 1970 white jersey with the stick and rink, awith the subtle V on the arms.
      Blue/Green/White, look good and go well together.

      • Mike Bossy

        I’m a big fan of the original jersey and the “V” on the arms that you’ve mentioned. However, I’m sorry to say that I really hated that word mark.