The Nation Network partners with PuckPedia.com

The Nation Network is proud to announce a new partnership with PuckPedia.com in an effort to bring you the most up to date salary cap information and tools that you could ever hope to find in one place.

In the information age, everybody wants to know as much as they can about each player. Fandom has evolved from just watching games and following goals and points to in-depth information like a player’s underlying metrics, their statistics with and without certain players, and, of course, their salary cap details. NHLNumbers.com was originally our go-to source for salary cap data, but PuckPedia.com, effective today, will now be the Nation Network’s source for everything salary related.

What will PuckPedia be bringing to the table? Plenty. From the PuckPedia Launch:

PuckPedia launched in 2018 and has everything a hockey fan needs all in one place. You’ll find Player Contracts, Player & Team Salary Cap info, Basic & Advanced Stats, the latest transactions and injury news, draft historybuyout calculators, game previews, top team voices to follow, and news feeds. PuckPedia is the exclusive home of the Agent Leader-Board showing total NHL contracts by Agent and provides the list of clients for each NHL Agent. The Player Dashboard lets you filter, sort, and slice and dice players based on a multitude of criteria, and easily share or embed the results. The Ask the Capologist provides useful CBA information and a chance to have your Salary Cap & CBA questions answered. PuckPedia is your one-stop for hockey information.

So with the draft and off-season on the horizon, head over to PuckPedia and dive into the site’s wealth of information, which includes team breakdowns, calculators, agent lists, ask the capologist and pretty much anything you could want to know about the cap.