WWYDW: Fixing The Draft Lottery

It’s no secret that the results of the NHL Draft Lottery never seem to be in the Canucks’ favour. It’s hard to get too bent out of shape about it in a year where the team finished with the 9th best odds at the first overall pick, but it’s looking increasingly like the highest the Canucks will pick over their 4-year run of being the team with the worst accumulated record is 5th overall.

It’s not as though the Canucks are the only team with reasons to be frustrated by the current draft system. The Colorado Avalanche have now dropped down in the draft by three spots and missed out on the first overall pick twice.

Are you satisfied with the current Draft Lottery system? If not, what changes would you make?

Last week I asked: Do you agree with the final results [of the team awards]? Why or why not? What did your ballot look like?


The Rodney Dangerfield / No Respect award should go to Horvat. Heck he is so unsung, he didn’t even get an award!! Played every game this season. Plays against the toughest opposition. Played over 22 minutes a game when injuries struck the other players. Took more faceoffs than anyone in the league. Takes equal defensive and offensive zone face-offs. Leads the team in goals, even though he’s played with a dozen different wingers. Yet never complains. Shows up to play every night and leads by example. No respect.


Horvat should be MVP with all of the heavy lifting he has done this year and at times seemed to carry the team on his back. Albeit, I suppose some could make that argument for Marky as well so I can accept that.


Horvat should be recognized for leading the league in face-offs while maintaining a winning FO%.

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Jim “Dumpster Fire” Benning:

Jim Benning deserves an award for “Greatest Genius” for his efforts to be the first pro sports GM to attempt to rebuild a franchise with absolutely zero focus on draft pick accumulation.

Props for trying (despite his own coach’s statements that this isn’t the “try league”).

Kudos Jimbo!

  • Ragnarok Ouroboros

    I don’t feel sorry for the Avalanche right now. They are in the playoffs right now. Even getting the 4th overall pick is awesome for them, considering it was Ottawa’s pick.

    They should have the draft lottery, but limit how many places they can move up in the draft. IE limit it to moving up 4 spots. Teams on the playoff bubble, shouldn’t be able to win top pick. It’s too unfair for the teams rebuilding to be beat out by a team who missed the playoffs by a couple of points. Let a team like Chicago move up 4 spots instead of 8-10 spots. The other change I would make is that if a team wins the draft lottery in a previous year, that they automatically drop a spot in the following year before the lottery. IE if you win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd over all, then the team finishes in the 6th worst spot the following year, then they should automatically drop to 7th spot, and get the 7th spot odds for winning the lottery. I’m tired of Buffalo, New Jersey, and Edmonton always getting the best draft picks year in and year out.

  • Ragnarok Ouroboros

    How about if a team finishes as a bottom 3 team, then they automatically drop 6 places in the draft. In this situation, no team would want to be at the bottom of the standings, and thus tanking becomes very unappealing. Teams will actually have to play so that they don’t fall in the final 3 and fall back in the draft standings.

    • Interesting idea but what happens if no team tries to tank? The bottom 3 teams will still get penalized and that’s not fair. A system like that would likely keep bad teams bad because the system prevents them from getting a Top 5 pick that they would legitimately need.

      • Ragnarok Ouroboros

        Tanking has been a problem for years, if a teams going to be bottom three then at least make it honest. It means games at the end of the season will be more entertaining since no GM wants to drop in draft order by finishing bottom 3. Yes it’s unfair to the bottom three teams, but it would keep the teams honest.

  • Fred-65

    The concept of the draft ie an attempt for teams throughout the league to rebuild and compete is IMO a good one. I’m looking at it from a fan perspective. Amateur hockeey players are not forced to join the NHL, it’s their choice. They know in advance the system that is offered to them prior to their commitment. Indeed a lot of youngsters are choosing education rather than the CHL. Good for them it’s their choice. But how the draft works now compared with the original concept is way to far apart, IMO. Teams that did better in the league play are being rewarded over those that were far worse, Chicago who ended the season at the # 20th spot ends up getting the 3rd O/A pick. To me that’s undefensible. I’m not sure how much actual tanking has gone on in the past but nothing justifies the Chicago leap up the draft order. If a lottery is needed ( ? ) then the odds of success must be changed. I hope it’s just a consequence that major US TV markets seem to be favoured in the lottery but it’s not a good look for the NHL. What do they say if it quacks and waddles when it walks chances are it’s a duck … if major TV markets are the beneficiary of the lottery that maybe it is rigged. Those benefitting from a 1st round pick due to the lottery are automatically excluded from the top 3 spots for the next 3 years. The teams ending the season should at least hold a combined 50% chance of success however you split it.

  • Nuck16

    I think there should be a limit on how many places you can move up, like 5. It pisses me off when teams that are already are fully stocked with stars, like Dallas last year, barely miss they playoffs then win a pick in the top 3.