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Elias Pettersson sets Canucks rookie scoring record

Elias Pettersson has already etched his name in the Canucks record book by notching his 61st point of the season

Some pretty good company for the Canucks wonder prospect passing Pavel Bure and Ivan Hlinka by picking up a secondary assist on Markus Granlund’s goal in the second period tonight.

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Not his prettiest point of the season but it doesn’t really matter. Pettersson now has twenty-seven goals and thirty-four assists in sixty-two games.

Pettersson leads the NHL in rookie scoring by 21 points on Toronto Maple Leafs forward Andreas Johnsson.

It’s been an interesting couple of nights for the 2017 1st round pick as Elias Pettersson also maxed out his schedule A bonuses last night against Dallas when he picked up his 60th point of the season

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It was his fourth bonus of $212,500 and he had earned the other three from his goals, points-per-game rate and being named to the NHL All-Star.

There has been much to dissect about this season but there is little doubt that Pettersson has been a bright spot for the team and presents a positive outlook. Battling injuries, playing centre in the NHL, and grinding away through a long season has all been roadblocks that Pettersson has overcome to record this record.

  • Bud Poile

    On the night when the greatest Canucks rookie sensation since Bure broke his record and the Nucks beat the 2019 league best Black Hawks (with a rookie in net) and three hours after Ryan filed this post there is not even one reply.
    NHL All star MVP Boeser and Calder runner-up at pick #23.
    NHL Calder nominee Pettersson at #5.
    Hobey Baker winner Gaudette at #149.
    ECAC Rookie All-Star Rathbone at #95.
    Hobey Baker nominee Hughes at #5.
    With Madden,Woo,Lockwood,Jasek,Lind and Demko all meeting or beating expectations I don’t get the fan apathy.

    • Kneedroptalbot

      The future is bright for the young Nucks. Really glad Demko got the opportunity to play in Chicago. Great experience for him, and the team stepped up.
      Congrats EP40!!!!! (you deserve the praise, you earned it)

      • PotKettleBlack

        Hahaha we ask that every day Matthew_D.

        Look how desperate he was to engage after the game with his trolling nonsense… and NO ONE took the bait lmao. That’s it guys, don’t feed the troll – DUD POILE.

    • Fred-65

      I understand what you’re saying about the future … here’s the “but” don’t get ahead of yourself with prospects. Gaudette may be a case of what you see is what you get which is OK but not a game changer the others you list are speculative. Lind looked great in Junior as did Gadjovich but they’re not looking soo promising now. Lockwood is from all accounts a 3rd or 4th line player, Jasek may never make it. The point is it defies logic to even suggest we’re loaded with grade “A” prospects Personally I believe the franchise is at a crucial point. We either garner more star players and become a top 5 club or heaven forbid we end up as the worse of all options … mediocrity poor draft positioning for years to come. While we tend to look through rose coloured glasses & as much as JB or Brackett have drafted well FA signing are becoming an anchor on the franchise. It’s a crucial period between now and September …. IMHO

      • Me

        I think he’s saying in 2018 they sucked, but since New Years they’ve been on a tear. So not this hockey season, but this year’s portion of this hockey season.

  • Killer Marmot

    Demko had a solid outing, his third in a row. His save percentage is now over 90. It’s a small sample size, but he’s looking like a bona fide NHLer.

  • Nuck16

    Even #TeamTank appreciates an OT win in Chicago. Edler is like the defenceman equivalent of a great goalie that let’s in a soft one every couple games…and you’re constantly trying to figure out if it’s worth it. This season overall it’s been worth it…some other seasons, no.

  • TheRealPB

    Nice game — it’s kind of amazing that we’ve been that competitive with this defense…

    Even during his “slump” EP has continued to look impressive. He is starting to win face-offs with such regularity and I’ve begun to notice him actually using the body to engage in the forecheck. It’s pretty exciting to think about how good he will be with more consistent line mates and hopefully some more depth behind him and a better D.

    • Fred-65

      Good point reference face off’s he was brutal when he arrived but man he’s caught up a lot and I like the fact Boeser takes the right dot face off’s so it’s on his back hand. Clearly some thought and practise gone into this. I’ve been watching EP40 FO progression since about December and a definite upturn

  • MattyT

    Yes, an impressive feat from the slight young man but two things need to be put into context here.

    The excitemant level from Petersson has been nowhere near what Bure brought to the Canucks and fanbase. Pavel had us out of our seats from day one, he was that explosively good. Elias has some nice party tricks but is not a showstopper like Pavel Bure was.

    Secondly, let’s see it Elias can rack up 60 goals in each of the next two seasons and 110 and 107 points respectively like Pavel before he is mentioned in the same stratosphere as the Russian Rocket.

      • Defenceman Factory

        Please don’t feed the trolls. They become habituated and will return every day to spread garbage around.

        No Pettersson will never make people who were fans of the Canucks during the Bure years forget Bure. He is the most exciting player to ever play for the Canucks. He moved you to the edge of your seat almost every shift. This is in no way a slight on Pettersson, different styles, different eras. With better puck movers on D, consistent performance from his wingers and improvements on the PP Pettersson will challenge hitting triple digit points within two years.

      • Killer Marmot

        Different era. Scoring was about 20-25% higher back then. Ten to twenty players would break 100 points every season.

        Today’s equivalent to Bure’s 110-point season might be 90 points.

  • Randal the Canuck Fan

    This is such an amazing accomplishment for Petterson. He has brought so much to the Vancouver Canucks franchise. I know lot of Canucks fan getting upset about the Canucks winning and ruining there lottery chances of getting a high pick. However the Canucks do have quite a few good player in place with Petterson, Boeser, and Horvat. Demko played very well last night, and you have Quinn Hughes coming along. I see a very good younger core the Canucks can build around. Hopefully more record are broken in the years to come.

  • Kanuckhotep

    I’ll always remember the Winnipeg game in 1991 when Bure made his debut and brought the fans to their feet though he didn’t score that night. But more memorable was the Oct 3rd opener when Petey lasered in his first shot in the NHL 14 minutes into it which even slow motion instant replay could hardly pick up. Wow. But congrats to EP to set a new rookie record and along with the twins can you dare to mention Petey’s name in the same breathe as the Russian Rocket.