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Canucks sign Jett Woo to entry-level contract

The Canucks announced this afternoon that they have signed 2018 2nd round pick Jett Woo to an entry-level contract

Woo has 62 PTS in 61 games with the Warriors this season after seeing his role increase dramatically this year. Last year, he started the year with a point-per-game pace but tailed off after suffering an injury and seeing his role change. This season, he has been able to be a huge part of the offensive attack for the Warriors offence. At this moment, he sits fifth in scoring on the Warriors, trailing their first line and Josh Brook.

He is currently 6th in WHL defencemen scoring and sits fifth in points-per-game (1.02) among that same peer group.

Woo’s contract will start next season and he almost certainly will return to the WHL for his draft plus two season. Given his age, the contract will slide as long as he appears in nine or less NHL games, so it’s fair to assume that will be the case. Woo will be eligible to represent Canada at the World Juniors in December after just missing the squad this year.

The Warriors complete their WHL season tonight against Swift Current before meeting Saskatoon in the first round of the playoffs, which kicks off on the 22nd.


  • Gino über alles

    What gives me confidence that Woo will pan out as a top four defender is his age, he was very young for his draft class. It sure looks like we have a keeper here, and it’s even better that he’s a RHD as we need them. Exciting pick, I’m pretty stoked about the picks in the first 3 rounds in each of the last two drafts.

  • Ronning4ever

    The team has signed a whopping 17 of their draft picks to ELC’s. That’s 50%.

    If you count Forsling, and if the team ends up signing Lockwood, Rathbone, Brassard, Gunnarsson and Madden…it could end up being 23 (2/3rds). Haven’t heard anything like that since…well…Benning’s years in Buffalo.

  • VancWOOver QUINNucks

    This kid is a champ! Stoked. Bring him up when he is ready to destroy everyone in an opposing jersey, and let Quinn go flying around the ice like a maddog!

    • Hockey Bunker

      Agreed. Let him stick with the club for his nine games over a month if he does well in pre season. Right side I really weak so who knows could be on a fast track. Don’t want to wreck him but he’s got a lot of tools

  • Kanuckhotep

    Looking forward to having Jett on the roster but realistically it won’t be for a couple of years minimum. Hughes and Juolevi have to work themselves onto the roster first but by all accounts Woo is a good pick by Benning. Fingers crossed and hope he can succeed.

  • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

    IF Juolevi hadn’t been hurt multiple times, and IF the team hadn’t had such bad luck (4 yrs in a row, who dah thunk that?), and IF they had won a few more trades, and IF this and If that…..then all is well in the kingdom of fantasy koolaid drinking. Tra la la has Bennings statue been built yet?

    • VancWOOver QUINNucks

      I bet you’re the kind of person who bullies someone they have a crush on, only to secretly dream of the day your crush says hi to you. I bet that Benning statue has been built and is sitting at the end of your bed giving you a seductive wink. Ran out of tissues yet?

  • rediiis

    Woo is an excellent player, he has a ton of upside. I’ve watched him like I did Pete last year. When he was in Portland Vs. the Kamloops it was a nice display of speed stick handling and passing.

  • LemonHart

    Just remember, its a big step from the W to even the A let alone the N, here’s hoping that he does turn into a 3/4 D man. He is likely back in junior next year and the A for a year before getting a look in Van.

  • bushdog

    in junior he’s probably not earning a living wage. now that he’s signed his elc does he get funds from the team? any boost in funding at all, even thru loopholes? i expect he burns a year – that’s normal now – so he must be compensated somehow. carrot before the horse? if he goes back to junior, what does he get? what are the perks? there must be a lot of sneaky stuff going on and i would like to have it all exposed. would you like to know?