Photo Credit: Princeton Universoity

Canucks sign NCAA UFA D Josh Teves

The Canucks have made the first signing from the free agent prospect pool, adding Princeton defenceman Josh Teves to a one year contract.

The Calgary born defenceman had attended Canucks development camp this past summer, so it’s clear the organization had some previous interest in the kid. Teves attended the Calgary Flames development camp in 2017.

He just completed his collegiate career this past week after posting three goals and seventeen assists in thirty games in his senior season.  That was a dip from his junior year that saw him put up seven goals and twenty-six assists in thirty-one games and likely was why the Canucks invited him to development camp.

He had set the single-season record for assists by a defenceman in his junior season and earlier this year set the Princeton all-time assists record.

Teves is a smart and reliable two-way defender that relies on his good skating in all three zones. On the offensive side of the game, he is good at moving the puck out of his zone by making that smart first pass. In the defensive zone, he will do everything he can to help keep the puck out of his own net, but again, does it smartly. He isn’t afraid to block shots when he hasn’t been able to stop the attack with his active stick or good gap control.

The left-hander is a late bloomer. He didn’t play in the BCHL until 2014-15 and ended up commiting to Princeton in December of that season when he was already nineteen years old. He started his freshman season slowly posting seven points in thirty-one games but then took off his sophomore season and onwards.

Teves is expected to join the Canucks later this week and will likely get some games in before the end of the season. Since it was a one-year deal, that will burn the one year and he will become an RFA on July 1. This shouldn’t be a shock or surprise, the length of term for his age is bound by the CBA and it could’ve been part of the negotiation to burn that year and get him out of the ELC restrictions. (i.e. a higher AHL salary on that deal rather than what the ElC allows)

To be frank, any analytical tool will suggest that Teves is a long shot to make an impact at the NHL level due to his age and middle of the pack stats for this season. But the very important context of his development path and his skillset make this a worthwhile bet by the organization that could provide them immediate value to their NHL lineup.

    • Nuck16

      Well, if Tanev, Hutton and Quinn are all in the lineup, then we have 2 or 3 D that will need to be waived/sent down. I think they’ll only waive/send 2 of them and keep 8 D. (likely Schaller is the 3rd waive). They’ll waive Schenn and reassign Brisboise and keep Sautner and Poolie as their 7 & 8. Biega will probably partner with Hughes only because they’ll likely want to limit Hughes’ 5 on 5 minutes while using him on the power play.

  • Puck Viking

    Great signing! In that there is some promise and it cost us nothing.

    Now go get Nico Sturm and two of the RHD’s in Oliwer Kaski, Joseph Duszak, Grant Hutton, Joseph Cecconi(in August if unsigned), Chase Priskie(in August if unsigned),

    These kids are all lottery tickets but totally worth the chance. Tanev and Stetch are our two best RHDs so you can get lucky and we have a bit of a gap between these guys and Woo and whoever we get this year and next.

    • Dinsdale

      They’re already at 48/50 contracts, so there really isn’t much room now, especially if Lockett is signed.
      Come summertime, there’ll be more room when the two LTIR contracts (Dorsett and LaPlante–not sure if he even counts as a contract) come off the books, as well as the anticipated castoffs like Pouliot, Schenn, Pyatt, and one or two of the Comet goalies.

        • Puck Viking

          All good.

          We have 2 spots. Im really hoping for Sturm and Kaski.

          Hopefully we can waive Pouliot and Schaller with one getting claimed so that we get an extra spot.

          Two of the players I named wont be free agents until August and that is only if they dont sign with the teams that drafted them. By then we will have not resigned several guys too.

  • Locust

    Cant really see him making the NHL but D-men mature later. Better to have some hope for the young-uns, never had that until JB arrived.
    The Canucks have to run the farm team too. If he turns out to be a middle pair guy in Utica – that’s fine. Just part of running the business correctly.

    • MattyT

      “D-men mature later.”

      Only an armchair nobody who has never played the game would come out with a cliched nonsense like this. No surprise it’s Locust then…

      18 year old Rasmus Dahlin, Sergachev, McAvoy, Seth Jones, Werenski, Chabot, Ekblad, Hanafin, Heiskanen and many more YOUNG D-men are laughing at you… as are we. More cheese with your WHINE?

  • wojohowitz

    Teves plays one shift for the Canucks and he`s ineligible for the AHL so what makes more sense; 5 games, 10 minutes each in the NHL or 10 games and 20 minutes a game in the AHL.

    He can practice with the Canucks but it would be shortsighted to play him.

  • rediiis

    I’ve been hating on the Tigers for a few years due to our prospects in the same conference. I do not haterize the Tigers, just don’t have any reason to follow the team. Canucks still have 2 roster spots. One defensive kid from Michigan State is still available.

  • copey

    No way they’re putting Teves in the NHL lineup, c’mon, it’s just to get him up for some look-see up close and some seeing how he responds to coaching.

    What’s the rush to waive Schenn? he hasn’t been bad at all, and is certainly a cheaper improvement on Gudbrandson; Pouliot is probably worth a 6th or 7th rounder in comparison, but the situation is close to toxic at this point, so they may just waive him out of mercy.

  • ScottMac

    This guy can play,can move the puck up with ease,make good first passes,can turn and shift directions with ease in tight situations.above average skater,makes good decisions.Canuck fans will not be disappointed.I think he will be our 2nd best D next year.