CA Podcast: Episode 16 of Canucks Conversation ft. Ben Steiner & LegoRocks99Gaming

Another week, another podcast. This week we are joined by a couple of 18 year old content creators in writer/podcaster Ben Steiner and Youtuber LegoRocks99Gaming. It’s a fun episode as they young bucks make me feel old ad dirt, they both are producing great content covering the Vancouver Canucks.

First off we start with Ben Steiner, creator of VanCitySport.com, a website where he covers all things in the Vancouver sport market such as lacrosse, hockey, soccer and baseball. Ben has recently joined TCW to write about the Vancouver Canucks and he has a real bright future in front of him as a writer/broadcaster.

After that we are joined by my friend Gio, who is the man behind the YouTube account LegoRocks99Gaming, he produces daily content talking about the Vancouver Canucks and wrapping up all the latest news about the team. He has done a great job of evolving his YouTube account into a Canucks focused account now as he gives his opinions on all the most recent Canucks’ stories.

I was excited to have both these guys on the show as it’s clear that they are looking to get involved with creating sports media content as they move forward into their adult lives and it’s a lot of fun to spotlight some of the upcoming talent in the Vancouver sports market. Ben and Gio have found a niche where they can produce great content and have both been happy with the feedback on both their channels of distribution.

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We talk a lot about Quinn Hughes coming to the team and where he will fit, talk a bit about Brock Boeser and if there is something noticeably different in his game compared to last season and in both the interviews we start off talking about their specific content and how they have found success with their work in the sports media market.

I hope you enjoy this week’s episode as it was a lot of fun for me to be shown up by a couple of teenagers, next week we go right back into the Canucks Twittersphere and will be chatting with a couple more fans that are incredibly passionate about this team. As always, if you are interested in coming on the Canucks Conversation podcast please do not hesitate to send a direct message to the twitter account @CanucksConvo or send an email my way to [email protected]

Episode 16 Rundown

0:00 Introduction

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4:40 (Ben Steiner Conversation)

34:47 (LegoRocks99Gaming)

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