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WWYDW: Bye Bye, Baby

With Erik Gudbranson gone, a spot has opened up on the back end. One would think the Canucks will address that open spot in free agency, but in the meantime, they’ll have to look internally. Who would you like to see as a short or long term replacement for Erik Gudbranson?

Last week I asked: Where would you like to see Pearson play? Where do you think he fits in the lineup long-term?


I would try him with Elias.
I can see Tanner Spooner and Goldobin moving up and down the lineup for the remainder of the season, the rest of season iß going too be like a long pre-season, with some battling for positions next season.


I’d play him alongside Horvat on a line that can take some defensive responsibility and score a few goals, and then try and convince Edmonton he’s the answer to all their winger problems in the off-season and see what you can pry away from them in exchange.

Ragnarok Ouroboros:

I would player Pearson on Horvat’s line with Josh Leivo, and keep Goldobin on the top line with Petterson. Horvat’s style of play is most similar to LA’s Carter and might be the best fit for Pearson. I think Pearson has more upside then Spooner, so I would push Spooner down to the third line.
The remaining games of the year are essentially an audition for Spooner and I suspect the Canucks will move on from him at the end of the season.


He should get 2 or 3 games with Elias and depending on how that goes 2 or 3 games with Bo also, then assess which line he was most affective on. Which line he starts with depends on Goldy…looks like he plays tonight with Elias so he should stay on that line as long as he’s effective.

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To tell you the truth player like Pearson, Spooner and Schenn just best give their best where ever they play, their careers are on the line. If peasron can bring some vet presence to youngster he can do well on either top lines, Spooner looks like he’s lost his desire ( he has a year left after this year ) but has to turn it around. My question as both Spooner/Pearson have a year left what does JB if they show no improvement come next September. He either does a Gagner and send them down at great cost ( I don’t think Aquaman will be impressed ) or he allows them to shut out players like MacEwen, Gaudette. JB is in for a tough summer LOL

  • Goon

    Alex Biega has earned a regular spot in the lineup for the remainder of the season, and should probably get more playing time next year. He should have been playing in place of Gudbranson for most of the season before the deadline anyway. Longer time, I’d like to see the Canucks draft a couple of promising RHDs and develop internally. What they’re probably going to do is throw a lot of money at Tyler Myers, which may paper over some holes over the next couple of seasons, but if he starts to slow down in his early/mid-30s, which is certainly possible, he could end up being a real drag on the Canucks right as they should be entering their peak years.

      • Beer Can Boyd

        I have lots of friends in Buffalo. After the first couple of seasons, Myers play there began to slide, and they couldn’t wait to get rid of him. He will also have played 11 NHL seasons after this one. And he’s 5th in ice time amongst Jets D-men. Sounds like the perfect candidate for Benning to give a 5 year, $6 mil + per year, no trade contract to. Jeez, I hope not. Spend the extra 4 mil a year and sign Karlsson.

    • Fred-65

      I have to say Biega has been a candidate for a regular spot for a long time. He clearly outplayed Gudbranson . His skill levl was way beyond what ever Guddy could bring. To my way of thinking this is a classic example of politics before ability ….. don’t show your boss up. LOL

  • Nuck16

    Well, Biega deserves to keep playing, but that said, we are also about a week away from Quinn time, so there’s that. Assuming both Tanev and Edler are back next season, and with Biega and Hughes, then we have Olli as our first call up.
    Edler Tanev
    Hutton Stetcher
    Hughes Biega
    (Poullie/Schenn) not sure either will still be here though
    Olli first call up.

  • Puck Viking

    Bring back Tryamkin, sign Oliwer Kaski – RHD and Joe Duszak – RHD.

    Look to sign any other decent NCAA free agent defensemen as well. We have a gap on defense prospects and the best way to address this is the NCAA route.

    If we need a 7 or 8 guy bring back Schenn or Biega, who ever plays best down the stretch.

    • Duszak plays in a weak NCAA conference so I think his stats are inflated. Kaski seems intriguing. He is a forward converted to defence (like Hutton) but has defensive shortcomings. Kaski has the potential to be another Subban but rolling the dice on him seems like a better use of an NHL contract compared to a guy like Yan-Pavel LaPlante.

      • Puck Viking

        Agree with you on both but theyre worth the risk as they are free asset wise. Kaski is a big guy maybe we get lucky and get a burns style(big skating, big shot) or maybe hes a bust. Duszak might be in a weak conference but maybe he pans out.

        There are also a bunch of bigger 2 way type guys that play both left and right, sign some of them too. Woo will need another year, Hughes will be in the NHL so we have a couple of spots to fill.

        Id like to add 2 or 3 UFA defense prospects and maybe we get lucky. If not trade them, buy them out or use them for Utica depth. Id rather have a bunch of what ifs, instead of a bunch of vets that dont have a chance.

  • Kanuckhotep

    For now I believe Luke Schenn could provide some sorrily lacking veteran leadership on the back end, not forever certainly but seems quite suitable to replace Gudbranson in the short term. It won’t be Quinn Hughes in that particular role and Utica presently has no one ready to step in in this capacity. Until we see what Benning does specifically with July FAs on the back end Schenn and the Bulldog will still be around for now.

    • Beer Can Boyd

      The same Andrey Pedan who, at 26 has managed to play 13 total NHL games, despite belonging to 3 different teams? You want to re-sign him? Good plan.

  • tyhee

    ” Who would you like to see as a short or long term replacement for Erik Gudbranson?”

    Gudbranson plays the right side. The obvious short-term replacement for a place on the roster is Luke Schenn. Schenn was while there (which wasn’t very long) the best d-man for the Comets and appears to have worked on his first pass out of the zone, formerly a weakness for him.

    When Tanev returns from injury Biega and Schenn can split time on the right side. Right now they’re both playing. If as most seem to expect Hughes is signed to play in the NHL to end this season then if everyone is healthy there will be too many d-men-Edler, Tanev, Hutton, Stecher, Biega, Schenn, Pouliot, Hughes, Sautner and Brisebois. Of those 10 only Sautner and Brisebois would be able to play for the Comets so they’d be sent down and I’d expect to see:

    Hughes-Schenn or Biega
    Pouliot in reserve

    I think the name free agent RHD are going to get really overpaid this summer.

  • Burnabybob

    If the Canucks luck out in the draft lottery this year and land a player like Jack Hughes or Kaapo Kakko who can make an impact next season, they should go for broke and try to get Karlsson. Vancouver would be a more appealing destination for him if the Canucks look like they could be competitive. Otherwise, I might just slog through the 2019-20 season with the defensive core that they have and try for Tyson Barrie in the summer of 2020. There are also a couple of good RHD – Drysdale and Barron – expected to go high in next year’s draft that the Canucks should have on their radar.