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WWYDW: Tanner Pearson

The Canucks finally pulled the plug on the Erik Gudbranson experiment, shipping him off to the Pittsburgh Penguins in exchange for Tanner Pearson. In the absence of Sven Baertschi and with a dearth of offensive talent available to the Canucks on the left wing, Pearson looks primed for a golden opportunity with the Canucks. Where would you like to see Pearson play? Where do you think he fits in the lineup long-term?

Last week I asked: What would you like to see the Canucks do at the deadline?


Sell everything within reason so long as they can get decent returns. Edler (if he consents), Tanev, Gudbranson, Goldobin, Puliot, and Granlund should all be shopped. They should entertain offers on others, but only sell if there’s a real gain in the return.

It would be nice to see some young, perhaps underperforming, young guys come our way. I still think Puljujarvi could still be a solid top 6 player if he’s given time to develop properly, for instance.

Killer Marmot:

If they can trade marginal players like Pouliot, Spooner, Boucher, Gaunce, and the like for draft picks then do it. Other than that, probably stand pat.

The Canucks are in an awkward position. There’s still a chance for a playoff spot, making the trading of a good roster player for a draft pick or prospect difficult. And even if they were interested in doing so, some of their best trade pieces are injured, greatly reducing the value for a playoff-bound team.


I want Benning to be an opportunist. No trades unless it truly benefits the team in the near future. Teams will be looking for toughness and grit for the playoffs. So moving Gudbranson or Granlund seems like a possibility. Most of our tradable assists are injured. So I don’t know how busy Benning will be. I do believe we have a lot of expendable middle 6 forwards. Both on the team and prospects. I would like to see some of them moved for one true top 6 forward to play with Horvat or top 4 RHD.

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Ragnarok Ouroboros

The only thing I’d like to see the Canucks do is trade Gubrandson. I don’t care if they only get a bag of pucks for him, their priority should be to get him out the door for whatever they can get. After that, I would see them trade Goldolbin since they don’t seem to want to play him, Sutter if they can get anything for him, Schaller who has been useless, Poulliote if they can find a taker, and then Granlund. If somehow you can get Edler to waive his no trade clause then shop him too. The best time to trade Tanev was last year I think; I find it hard to believe anyone would trade for him now since he is so fragile.

With Tanev and Edler out the chances of the Canucks making the playoffs is greatly reduced. Benning should recognize this and look to clean house. There is no point in staying as a bubble team so they should trade for draft picks and prospects, and promote McEwan and Gaudette full time. Quinne Hughes will join the team soon too, so I would rather focus on giving younger players game time and time to develop in the big league.

Defenceman Factory:

This deadline is the precursor to what has to happen this offseason. At the start of next season the Canucks should have added a true top 6 LWer and a young top 4 RHD with upside to the roster. Ideally trades for both could be made but that is highly unlikely.

At the deadline no buying. Get Guddy gone. Goldobin and Granlund also traded. The Canucks can’t worry about the whining about asset management. Take the best picks available. Entertain any offers for Poulliot, Spooner, Schenn, Biega, Boucher, Pyatt, Kero or Gaunce. Actively shop them all.

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The big moves come in the offseason.
– Package Tanev with a couple of acquired picks, a surplus winger prospect (Palmu, Gadjovich, Lind, Lockwood) and perhaps take back a bad contract in exchange for the best young RHD (age 20-24) that can be acquired. Ideally this move could be made at the deadline but with Tanev hurt probably not.
– Move out Sutter and Eriksson. The costs are sunk, time to move on. Get the best picks/prospects possible.
– sign a top tier UFA left winger, maybe Skinner. The crop this summer looks much better than in 2020.
– re-sign Edler without trade protection and flip him in a year of two.
– Get Boeser’s deal done
– Do not sign any 28+ year old Dmen to long term contracts. It might be necessary to take an aging veteran for a year or two on the cheap to play 3rd pairing with Hughes.

It’s time to quit worrying about the return on every little deal and just clearly focus on filling the few large holes left in the roster. Solidify the top 6, no more projects. Get Edler and Hutton in place for a couple years anyway, integrate Hughes and continue building the D through drafting and developing.


  • Sandpaper

    I would try him with Elias.
    I can see Tanner Spooner and Goldobin moving up and down the lineup for the remainder of the season, the rest of season iß going too be like a long pre-season, with some battling for positions next season.

    • Captain Video

      I really like Horvat paired with Roussel. So, I’d see what Pearson can manage with Petey to begin with. If he’s not outperforming Goldobin on the top line, then I’d see if he can help Gaudette’s line to generate a little more offence.

    • Braindead Benning

      This is the so simple and yet a very effective way to to put things in perspective. Great comment and suitable towards Pearson and where he may find Chemistry.
      The problem with people suggesting to put him EP is that he is only basically 50 games in as a rookie and is still at times trying to figure out the hard checking of the NHL on a constant basis and who most suits his abilities.
      It may work? But it’s going to take Pearson at least 5 or so games and practices with this team to get adjusted considering its his 3rd in just 1 season

  • Goon

    I’d play him alongside Horvat on a line that can take some defensive responsibility and score a few goals, and then try and convince Edmonton he’s the answer to all their winger problems in the off-season and see what you can pry away from them in exchange.

  • Bud Poile

    MDZ was a free asset that has become Guddy’s near term replacement,the club shed $4m of cap and acquired an asset that can be traded and/or hopefully have his career revived.
    With many of the draft picks now taking and/or pushing for roster spots and an even larger cash position to strengthen the d-corps in free agency this summer the team is looking good for next season.

  • Ragnarok Ouroboros

    I would player Pearson on Horvat’s line with Josh Leivo, and keep Goldobin on the top line with Petterson. Horvat’s style of play is most similar to LA’s Carter and might be the best fit for Pearson. I think Pearson has more upside then Spooner, so I would push Spooner down to the third line.
    The remaining games of the year are essentially an audition for Spooner and I suspect the Canucks will move on from him at the end of the season.

    • Bud Poile

      The team is rebuilt so we do not need anymore picks.I would like to see Sven and Jonathan Dahlen on Bo’s wings with Loui taking Guddy’s place on defence as he is the defensive backbone of the squad.
      I still believe Petey is suffering from his brain injury and therefore he should be shut down until next year in anticipation of a long playoff run. It will be fun watching this rebuilt team over the next ten years with Benning leading the rebuild.

        • PotKettleBlack

          Umm… weren’t you gloating about other users getting their accounts ‘screwed over’ just yesterday?

          Be careful what you wish for and quit trolling and running your mouth then, yeah… what goes around comes around. Remember that.

          • North Van Halen

            I wonder if Jackson’s gonna use one of the comments from this thread in next week’s WWYD? I think it’s be awesome if he just included the entire thread so we could get a full replay of where this thing went off the rails.

          • Bud Poile

            Why has CA allowed a psychopath to derail the comment section of his blog for all these years? We all gave our suggestions to promote the integrity of this site and protect the contributors of this blog after JD left.Without constant moderation this site continues degenerating from knowledgeable hockey discourse to having to constantly defend one’s self from a social media psychopath.

          • Braindead Benning

            ? NVHalen… That would be rather comical. Maybe we could include the behind scenes of the Panama video with Roth & Co. doing a few massive “Rail’s”… ? Pick. Me. Pick. Me.

      • kermit

        I assume that this isn’t the real Bud. We can guess who it is. If you’re capable of writing this subtle kind of clever sarcasm, why do you post so much unfunny virtiol the rest of the time?

  • rediiis

    Since it takes 10 games or so for a winger to get used to a line, it really doesn’t matter. If he works hard both ways he will get ice time.

    Scoring is another issue. If playing with the top line, he needs to pot.

    Canucks need to address wingers in FA or draft trades. They need to continue to draft centers and defensemen.

    I would also look at teams like Chicago that have 4 defensemen prospects (2 L and 2R) that are stymied.

    As always, I enjoy the read. Some posts, not so much.

  • Nuck16

    He should get 2 or 3 games with Elias and depending on how that goes 2 or 3 games with Bo also, then assess which line he was most affective on. Which line he starts with depends on Goldy…looks like he plays tonight with Elias so he should stay on that line as long as he’s affective.

      • Kootenaydude

        For all the criticism of Goldy getting benched. I think he gets it because he sure responded like a champ tonight. If he keeps playing like he did tonight. He will never get benched again!

        • Braindead Benning

          I don’t know why the guy keeps either hitting the post or getting robbed by the goalie… I am certainly a big fan of his play. The fact he sucks it up when scratched and owns up, makes his character and team play commendable… This is 1 trade JB did that I think is going to work out quite well

      • canuckfan

        Goldy was awesome against Colorado was the most noticeable player on the ice he fought hard along the boards and created offense just needs a bit more luck adjusting shot to get in under the crossbar and a bit more to the inside to avoid the post into the net. If he keeps this up he will be another player that Green got on track. Travis never gave up on Goldy and Goldy never sat back and pouted.

      • Defenceman Factory

        Gotta admit last night Goldy looked like the legitimate top 6 forward everyone hoped he would become. If he can keep that up I’m happy to admit I was wrong and the Canucks were right not to trade him.

  • liqueur des fenetres

    This comments section is further evidence of the degree to which PTSD is rampant amongst Nucks fans.

    When Sutter was swapped for Bonino by the Pens the window lickers here were convinced that we’d gotten a 2nd line centre who’d been in the shadow of Crosby and Malkin. And now, when the Pens come a-calling again for one of the worst D in the league the consensus assumption appears to be that they gave up a guy who deserves to play on the top 2 lines right away…

    “Those that cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

  • Fred-65

    To tell you the truth player like Pearson, Spooner and Schenn just best give their best where ever they play, their careers are on the line. If peasron can bring some vet presence to youngster he can do well on either top lines, Spooner looks like he’s lost his desire ( he has a year left after this year ) but has to turn it around. My question as both Spooner/Pearson have a year left what does JB if they show no improvement come next September. He either does a Gagner and send them down at great cost ( I don’t think Aquaman will be impressed ) or he allows them to shut out players like MacEwen, Gaudette. JB is in for a tough summer LOL

  • El Kabong

    I like the idea of Pearson playing with Horvat and Leivo. If given a chance to be consistent line mates I think they could gel. Also that leaves Petterson between Boeser and Goldobin which I believe next season will hit the ground running.