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WWYDW: The Deadline

It’s the final edition of WWYDW before the trade deadline, which means there’s only one question on everyone’s minds: What would you like to see the Canucks do at the deadline?

Last week I asked: Are you statisfied with the way the Canucks handled their goalie situation? How would you like to see them address the goaltending situation in Utica next season?

Forever 1915:

No, the goaltending situation could have been addressed earlier by signing Leighton to a two-way contract a week after McKenna was claimed or Demko was injured. McKenna and Leighton are almost the same age, have similar AHL/NHL stats (although Leighton has more NHL experience) and similar contracts. There was no need to wait for McKenna when Leighton was available the following week at no cost.

The goaltending situation will resolve itself for Utica next year. DiPietro will be able to play in the AHL and if Bachman is resigned, we’ll have a vet/rookie tandem both in Utica (Bachman, DiPietro) and Vancouver (Markstrom, Demko).


I would sign any goalies to the remaining 3 or 4 roster spots available and draft another 6 goalies this draft…this just can’t happen again, unless of course, the goalie gets a win and the hysteria crowd finds something else to complain about, like, they shouldn’t have 2 rookies, Zack and DiPietro, both getting debuts on the same game.


I think the whole situation was blown out of proportion. Benning obviously wanted McKenna for Utica not Leighton. Unfortunately McKenna wasn’t put back on waivers and DiPietro had to play one game. Manzanec plays backup for Markstrom til Demko is better. Then we have 3 goalies for Utica!! DiPietro had some NHL experience and spent time with an NHL goalie coach. As you can see. No goalie controversy.


1. With the Canucks having traded for Mazanec and having Leighton in Utica on a PTO, the situation is mostly now dealt with. I’ve been critical of the way it was handled but there really isn’t any issue going forward.

2. I’d like to see Leighton signed to an AHL deal for the balance of this season. He’s supplanted Kulbakov in net for the Comets and when Demko is ready to go again and Mazanec gets sent to Utica, the Comets could reassign Kulbakov to Kalamazoo, play Mazanec and Leighton in Utica and be back to their full slate of goalies, the same number they started the season with.

3. Although part of the question was what to do about next season, there isn’t really any issue about next season. It seems pretty much decided (and has seemed the plan since the summer of 2017) that in 2019-20 the Canucks will play Markstrom and Demko in Vancouver, Bachman and DiPietro in Utica and Kulbakov or some other youngster on an AHL contract in the ECHL.

Robson Street:

Honestly, with the way the rest of the roster has been managed the past few years this feels like complaining about the in-flight wifi signal during a plane crash.

  • Me

    Sell everything within reason so long as they can get decent returns. Edler (if he consents), Tanev, Gudbranson, Goldobin, Puliot, and Granlund should all be shopped. They should entertain offers on others, but only sell if there’s a real gain in the return.

    It would be nice to see some young, perhaps underperforming, young guys come our way. I still think Puljujarvi could still be a solid top 6 player if he’s given time to develop properly, for instance.

  • Killer Marmot

    If they can trade marginal players like Pouliot, Spooner, Boucher, Gaunce, and the like for draft picks then do it. Other than that, probably stand pat.

    The Canucks are in an awkward position. There’s still a chance for a playoff spot, making the trading of a good roster player for a draft pick or prospect difficult. And even if they were interested in doing so, some of their best trade pieces are injured, greatly reducing the value for a playoff-bound team.

      • Killer Marmot

        Pouliot and Gaunce have value for teams that lack depth at the bottom of their lineups. In fact, Pouliot’s statistics are quite respectable (even if much of that is due to playing with Stecher).

        But packaging players is usually of little use. If you have five cheap cars, you can sell them and buy one really good car. That arithmetic does not work in the NHL. If you want quality, you have to give up quality.

  • Captain Video

    The team should actively seek to trade Gudbranson and Pouliot for any return possible. Sadly, injuries will prevent Sutter, Edler or Tanev from being shopped. All other offers should be carefully considered, except for the following players: Pettersson, Boeser, Horvat, Markstrom, Demko, Hutton, Stetcher, Hughes, Juolevi and Woo.

  • Kootenaydude

    I want Benning to be an opportunist. No trades unless it truly benefits the team in the near future. Teams will be looking for toughness and grit for the playoffs. So moving Gudbranson or Granlund seems like a possibility. Most of our tradable assists are injured. So I don’t know how busy Benning will be. I do believe we have a lot of expendable middle 6 forwards. Both on the team and prospects. I would like to see some of them moved for one true top 6 forward to play with Horvat or top 4 RHD.

  • Hockey trades! Personally, I’d like to see Goldobin moved, initially for Puljujarvi but maybe for Burakovsky . Other change-of-scenery trades include Pouliot, Boucher or Gaunce, even if it’s for late round picks or other reclamation projects.

    I’d take on salary cap dumps on pending UFA’s to help other teams buy at the trade deadline but I don’t really see any obvious opportunities. (https://www.spotrac.com/nhl/free-agents/ufa/)

  • Ragnarok Ouroboros

    The only thing I’d like to see the Canucks do is trade Gubrandson. I don’t care if they only get a bag of pucks for him, their priority should be to get him out the door for whatever they can get. After that, I would see them trade Goldolbin since they don’t seem to want to play him, Sutter if they can get anything for him, Schaller who has been useless, Poulliote if they can find a taker, and then Granlund. If somehow you can get Edler to waive his no trade clause then shop him too. The best time to trade Tanev was last year I think; I find it hard to believe anyone would trade for him now since he is so fragile.

  • Ragnarok Ouroboros

    With Tanev and Edler out the chances of the Canucks making the playoffs is greatly reduced. Benning should recognize this and look to clean house. There is no point in staying as a bubble team so they should trade for draft picks and prospects, and promote McEwan and Gaudette full time. Quinne Hughes will join the team soon too, so I would rather focus on giving younger players game time and time to develop in the big league.

      • KGR

        Gaudette is very close. If it wasn’t for the playoff “push” we would be seeing a lot of him. If the canucks fall back another 3 0r 4 points from the wild card teams, then I expect we will see a strong shift in deployment. McEwan will need quite a bit of time to see if he is NHL capable or not. Like what I see so far.

  • Puck Viking

    Trade Sutter, Gudbranson, Edler, Pouliot, Spooner, Tanev, Goldobin for the best possible deal for picks or prospects.

    Use the money saved to repair the defense on short term deals, use the picks attained to load up on defense in the draft.

    Attempt to sign the top college and Euro free agents.

    Offer sheet a couple of players.

    Then next season we would be in a position to challenge for the playoffs with loads of talent coming to help sustain the team for the next 5 to 10 years.

  • wojohowitz

    There are two teams looking to load up for a deep run – Tampa and the Islanders.

    To Tampa goes Edler for Foote or their 1st round pick, contingent on Edler signing an extension.

    To the Islanders goes Tanev and Gudbranson for Toews, Wotherspoon, Sompel and Quennville.

    …and voila everybody`s happy.

  • Defenceman Factory

    This deadline is the precursor to what has to happen this offseason. At the start of next season the Canucks should have added a true top 6 LWer and a young top 4 RHD with upside to the roster. Ideally trades for both could be made but that is highly unlikely.

    At the deadline no buying. Get Guddy gone. Goldobin and Granlund also traded. The Canucks can’t worry about the whining about asset management. Take the best picks available. Entertain any offers for Poulliot, Spooner, Schenn, Biega, Boucher, Pyatt, Kero or Gaunce. Actively shop them all.

    The big moves come in the offseason.
    – Package Tanev with a couple of acquired picks, a surplus winger prospect (Palmu, Gadjovich, Lind, Lockwood) and perhaps take back a bad contract in exchange for the best young RHD (age 20-24) that can be acquired. Ideally this move could be made at the deadline but with Tanev hurt probably not.
    – Move out Sutter and Eriksson. The costs are sunk, time to move on. Get the best picks/prospects possible.
    – sign a top tier UFA left winger, maybe Skinner. The crop this summer looks much better than in 2020.
    – re-sign Edler without trade protection and flip him in a year of two.
    – Get Boeser’s deal done
    – Do not sign any 28+ year old Dmen to long term contracts. It might be necessary to take an aging veteran for a year or two on the cheap to play 3rd pairing with Hughes.

    It’s time to quit worrying about the return on every little deal and just clearly focus on filling the few large holes left in the roster. Solidify the top 6, no more projects. Get Edler and Hutton in place for a couple years anyway, integrate Hughes and continue building the D through drafting and developing.

  • Kanuckhotep

    When the Canucks are fully healthy they are actually a very competitive team. However any number of injuries to key guys shows their lack of depth pretty much up and down the line up. Therefore any TDL deals if any are made at all most likely won’t involve present roster players because they are so thin right now with IRL concerns. I don’t see any moves that would knock the Earth off of its axis other than minor cap dumps and lower level guys for lower level guys. What happens after this season and before the next will tell the tale concerning players they’ll deem worth keeping and those they flaunt. People will be moved but none significant leading up to Feb 25th.

    • Freud

      “When the Canucks are healthy they are actually a very competitive team”

      The evidence shows this is a myth.

      Vancouver came out of the Christmas break with only Sutter out. He returned Jan 5th and the team was completely healthy for all of January, up to Feb 2 and Feb 4 when they lost Baertschi and Edler in back to back games.

      In those 13 games they were out chanced in 10 of them and controlled only 44.7% of the 5v5 scoring chances.

      Currently, Vancouver sits 30th in the league in scoring chance differential with a 44.9%, o.3% better than the league worst Ducks.

      So the actual evidence shows Vancouver is a slightly better team when “injured”. The evidence shows Vancouver is far from being “very” competitive no matter what state they are in this season.

      The evidence shows there should be no loyalty to any soul sucking, culture carrying veteran on this team.

      • Bud Poile

        “Vancouver came out of the Christmas break with only Sutter out. He returned Jan 5th and the team was completely healthy for all of January, up to Feb 2 and Feb 4 when they lost Baertschi and Edler in back to back games.
        The evidence shows Vancouver is far from being “very” competitive no matter what state they are in this season. ”
        Dec.27 -31,2018: 2W 1L
        Jan. 2019: 4W 3L 2OTL
        Feb.2-4, 2019 1W 1L
        7 W 5 L 2 OTL
        16 points out of 28 possible (maximum) points
        57% winning record

          • Braindead Benning

            OMG…. I cant thank you enough for providing that information bro… if its wasn’t for you, i am totally flabbergasted and somewhat confused as to where you found the statical data …

            please help me BUD

      • Bucket

        “Vancouver came out of the Christmas break with only Sutter out. He returned Jan 5th and the team was completely healthy for all of January, up to Feb 2 and Feb 4 when they lost Baertschi and Edler in back to back games”
        Pretty sure our top scorer and best player was injured most of January bro, remember? Twisted knee?

      • Braindead Benning

        Ya dude they Suck… And dim Jim is a Monday morning quarterback…i get it. But as much as I loath him this is what we have bro… So tell us what is the best possible situation you can think man

        • Defenceman Factory

          There are a lot of negatives to point at in Benning’s tenure. Everyone can form their own opinion but it should not be based on anything Freud posts. Calling the team completely healthy during a time when Pettersson missed several games just proves you can’t trust what he says.

  • rediiis

    Since we all know that even if the ping-pong balls were fixed, the Canucks would still not pick #1. I think we should hold the injured out longer and play Kraapo for Kakko. Any moves will probably be minor.

  • Ken Priestlay Fan

    All the best trade chips are injured, not sure anyone will roll the dice on Tanev, Edler or Sutter right now. Baertschi is untradable (fingers crossed he gets healthy). Goldobin (because Coach Green doesn’t like him, even if I do), Spooner (because why?), Gudbranson (because all the reasons) and Schaller (because… I’m not even gonna bother) should all be moved, but you won’t get much. The best option would be to try and take on a bad or expiring contract, but Benning hasn’t shown an appetite for that in the past and I can’t see that changing unless it’s a vet with <2 years left and he actually rates the player. Not sure there's anyone out there that'll fit that bill

  • Braindead Benning

    Do Nothing! Lateral moves are the only thing they have to offer at this point. Best thing the team can do going forward is to go with what they have (in the system)and make assements at seasons end.

  • Burnabybob

    Canucks are at the lowest point in the standings since the start of the season- 7th from last overall. Playoffs are looking increasingly unlikely, so Benning should explore all trade options, which are admittedly limited. Hopefully Tanev isn’t far from returning and can be traded for a decent return. Ideally Edler could be traded as well. I know those scenarios are not likely, but I can dream.

    • The Canucks position in the standings isn’t surprising at all. Too many people get hung up on absolute number of points, our standing was inflated by the fact that we had played several more games than other teams due to scheduling. Our points percentage was terrible. The good news is that our goaltending is much better with Markstrom playing well…having Demko instead of Nilsson will be a big help. The bad news is that our scoring depth still sucks, Horvat/Pettersson/Boeser are carrying a lot of more experienced players who aren’t picking up the slack (i.e. earning their paycheques). I don’t see them being tradeable due to NTC or bloated AAV/salaries though.

      • Burnabybob

        The Canucks also are winning fewer games than they were earlier in the season. This isn’t surprising either. Good teams have enough depth to weather the injury storms. The Canucks do not. When they lose their two top defensmen for any length of time, they are going to drop in the standings.

  • Dirty30

    Trade Schaller for future considerations.

    Trade Pouliot for any late pick.

    Trade Guddy and whatever you get for Schaller And Pouliot for a couple higher picks.

    Boucher has no upper value and plays well in Utica so keep him.

    Gaunce could be your cheap, defensively sound shutdown guy to backup the aging Beagle, keep him.

    Gaudette looks to be the third line C who can defend or score so trade Sutter at the draft.

    If Baertschi isn’t coming back (sadly) keep Spooner.

    Hopefully Spooner turns it around and develops some chemistry with Bo and has better luck than Baertschi had with injuries.

    I would avoid any bloated contracts unless it’s something that can’t be passed up but that seems unlikely.

    At this point if someone wants Loui and it means no bloated contract coming back, it’s a trade worth taking.

    The Canucks sit at 46 contracts so there’s room for Hughes and for any college players worth signing— any player dumped now means another potential college or free agent signing.

    My bold prediction— Schaller to Boston on a “doing right by a player” deal. That’s it.

  • Fred-65

    Frankly I don’t trust the Pro Scouts, they would have trouble finding their own a$$ with both hand. I don’t think on the business side of the organization stripping a team will bring in paying customers. Most of the comments about trade A, B or C are made by fans from the comfort of their couch. The team has IMO some quality youngsters who are maybe not quite ready for prime time. I tend to believe that patience is required. There are some obvious players that need to find a new location but not as many as some would suggest. Remember this 60% of 1 st round picks make it to the NHL and 20% of subsequent selections. DRaft picks gurantee nothing

  • Robson Street

    I’d approach the deadline by asking and trying to answer a bunch of smaller questions, based on the assumption that Vancouver is at least two years away from contention.

    0. (Most important) Can you avoid making the team worse in the long term? Examples here would be taking on an upcoming RFA that was a former high draft pick and has intangibles because you think the team needs a culture carrier or leader, then paying too much to keep them. Vancouver is extraordinarily fortunate that their three best forwards all seem like leaders and character players. They don’t need to learn to win. Stop it. If all else fails, doing nothing is a legitimate option. (This applies to the summer also)

    1. Can you improve your chances of drafting an impact player in 2019 or 2020? (This is hard because most tradeable guys are injured at the moment.) You might get a late pick for some roster players, or by taking on a bad contract, provided the term is short. (See below)

    2. Can you clear or restructure salary? I’d happily take on a player like Patrick Marleau or even Sobotka with deals ending in 2021 or earlier in exchange for futures and/or smaller bad contracts with term that could sink the team in three seasons (Erik Gudbranson, Jay Beagle). Compare Sobotka’s hypothetical buyout to Beagle on capfriendly and see what I mean.

    3. Is there a change of scenery trade that makes sense? These are the Goldobin for Burakovsky-esque deals.

  • TheRealPB

    I know it’s probably prohibitive in cost but I saw today that McAvoy turned down the Bruins offer to sign an extension in the offseason. I wonder if some combination of Juolevi, the 2020 1st, Virtanen and something else would get him. Probably not – anything in his range is not someone we want to give up.