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Canucks recall D Ashton Sautner

The Canucks have recalled Ashton Sautner from the Utica Comets this morning

Sautner has appeared in 31 games for the Utica Comets this season, posting three goals and five assists in those contests. He had missed sometime in December and January due to injury but has appeared in seven games for the Comets since his return.

The left-handed defender dressed in five games for the Canucks to close out last season, where he picked up two assists.

Yesterday, Guillaume Brisebois was assigned back to the Comets:

Canucks reassign Guillaume Brisebois to Utica

In there I speculated that it was weird that the Canucks were sending Brisebois back with no one coming up, but it appears that this was the plan.

Sautner did play with Luke Schenn with the Comets in their brief time together, so maybe that is something the Canucks coaching staff will explore in the coming games.

Barring any setbacks, Alex Edler is expected to be back within a reasonable timeframe but there is ndefinitive timeline and no guarantees of how his recovery goes. So it’s best to work with the players that they have available to them and then insert Edler when he is deemed fit to play.

The Canucks host the Arizona Coyotes on Thursday night.

  • Killer Marmot

    Interesting that McEneny, who is their most offensively gifted healthy defenseman, has not been called up yet. Perhaps we’ll see him later in the season. Or perhaps Green’s priority is defense.

  • Fred-65

    First of all Saunter was the better candidate for the first recall rather than Brisebois. He was used and proved some thing of his abilities last season, and to my eye performed pretty well. Brisebois looked a dollar short and a day late. It strikes me JB has some searching to do with Utica players before the summer comes around. Have the players in Utica shown enough to be trusted with a full time role or does he need to dip into the FA market again. Between now and next September I’m thinking Pouliot and Gudbranson are in a new postal codes. I don’t know about Juolevi but you certainly have trouble looking at him to fill a spot with his injury record. So with MDZ and Pouliot gone and Hughes expected to be playing it leaves 1 LHD open. Other news is will they consider Schenn as a replacement for EG. There’s a lot on the line for JB between now and the end of the season and Sautner is going to make or break his future. I wonder what’s with the hang up with McEnemy he’s a UFA this summer ??

    • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

      Well, he did absolutely nothing to address his bottom of the league defence last summer when all Canucks fans heard for 3 full months was how “This team simply cannot bring back this same d corps”. Here we are a year later. What makes you think he’s going to do anything different this summer? All signs point to him resigning Tanev and Edler (both old, slow, drafted by previous regimes, and incredibly injury prone). I would argue that fans ought to be preparing themselves for yet another very disappointing summer of Jim Benning “moves”.

    • DJ_44

      First of all Saunter was the better candidate for the first recall rather than Brisebois.

      Exactly Fred …… I mean really, why not after he just returned from 2 months away with facial fractures and had played one game after returning.

      Pay attention, please.

  • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

    Interesting…..where’s Jim Benning now that his rock star Guillaume Brisebois has been sent back down??? No pressers anymore pumping his tires as a “young exciting up and coming defenceman in the system” that is pushing for a roster spot?

    • Killer Marmot

      This isn’t a rejection of Brisebois. This is about trying out various defensive prospects in the big show. Injuries aren’t good, but they do provide this sort of opportunity.

    • It also may be about rewarding players who have been with the team for awhile with a paycheque. Even if you only get into one game, if you’re skating and practicing with the team for two weeks on an NHL ELC, you earn more than what you make for a full season in the AHL. If they like these players and want to keep them happy, it makes sense to cycle them through.

      • Bartholomew Gimble

        Seriously, do they make that much in two weeks with the big club? Wow. I didn’t realize that, and no, I’m not being facetious, I’m honestly just surprised!

        • Yes, if your NHL contract is $925,000 / year contract that’s paid over a 30-week season, and you are called up for two weeks, you make between $60-$70,000 for that callup. AHL salaries are between $39,000 and $350,000, but if you’re a young player on a two-way deal you’re probably making in the $50-$60,000 range.

  • Ronning4ever

    Canucks have recalled the following players this year:

    Gaunce, Boucher, Archibald, Kero, Gagner, Spooner, MacEwan, Gaudette, Chatfield, Brisebois, Saunter, Schenn, Biega, Bachman, DiPietro, Demko.

  • wojohowitz

    I guess the question to be asked is if other NHL teams handle their prospects the same way the Canucks do. They bring a guy up, give him seven minutes of ice time in one game, stick him in the press box for two weeks, then send him back down and talk about how practicing with the team helps the player progress in his career, keeping in mind the player does not want to destroy his chances by expressing an opinion, like Demko did when he suggested that flying with a concussion might be unhealthy to which Benning said do it anyways.

    The move that puzzles me is more about forwards playing great in the AHL like Kero or Gaunce were but instead of giving them a sink or swim 20 minutes in one game in the NHL they stick them in the press box for a week or two and then send them back down. If a guy is playing great with lots of confidence why not use him.

    • Dirty30

      So the Rolling Stones call you up and say “we’re going on tour, bring your guitar,”

      So you get to meet the band, hang out, jam, learn a lot, show what you know, and when the concert starts you get to watch and learn even more. Then they say thanks for coming out, hand you a big check and you go back to your day job.

      Disappointed? Not likely.

      When you’re back home jamming with your garage band and showing off your new licks and take them out for dinner on your fat “thanks for coming out to play with us” cheque, I doubt anyone is complaining about their treatment.

      • Smyl and Snepsts

        You really need to stop these comments and examples based on logic and clear thinking. Many of the negative posters are going to hurt themselves trying to figure them out.

  • Defenceman Factory

    lots of valid reasons for sending Brisebois down and calling up Sautner. When Brisebois was first called up Sautner was just back from injury. Sautner may be who they wanted to call but decided to give him a couple games beforehand. They may be dividing the time up with the Canucks. Sautner stays awhile then McEneny comes up and all 3 get an NHL paycheque while Edler’s out.

    Anxious to see where Sautner’s game is at.

    • Bud Poile

      I may be wrong again but with these two ,young LHD’s getting NHL time and with Hughes coming in a few weeks and then Juolevi behind him the .org may want to see which LHD prospect they should deal off in a trade.
      The scouts from other teams would be able to see these two in NHL action,as well.

        • Bud Poile

          True enough, but the Nucks have 5 NHL LHD’s in Edler,Pouliot,Hutton,Hughes and Juolevi.
          Then there are three young AHL and potential NHL LHD’s waiting in Brisebois,Sautner and McEneny.
          Rathbone (LHD 20 years old in May),Gunnarson (LHD 21 years old) are going to jump to Utica at some point in time.
          The Canucks acquired 21 year old LHD LeBlanc who is now on the Comets roster.
          I am assuming Rathbone will stay at Harvard next year.
          That makes ten LHD’s vying for 8 NHL/AHL roster spots.
          Two LHD’s have to go,preferably in trade for assets.

  • Nuck16

    I like the call up. Sautner has a good chance to be a 3rd pairing defenceman on this team for the next 5 years. Time to get rid of Poulliot. Guddy, trade him if you can, though I love his toughness.

  • Kanuckhotep

    Can’t see any major tweaking on the blue line at least for the rest of this season. It’s just too thin for my liking and as much as people may disparage Guddy or Pouliot I don’t see them going anywhere til after the season…I’m guessing. They had to get a look at Brisebois and now Ashton Sautner. With all the injuries there’s little choice but to follow this process it seems. Woo, Chatfield and others will just have to wait.