Vancouver Canucks vs Anaheim Ducks Post Game Recap:

The Rundown

After the Canucks suffered a beat-down versus the San Jose Sharks the other night, the boys got right back at it tonight against the worst team in the western conference. The Anaheim Ducks had won a paltry 2 of their past 21 games… Yikes. After the Ducks fired Randy Carlyle, it was Bob Murray behind the bench for Anaheim, and 26 year old Kevin Boyle got his first NHL start against the Canucks. A great chance for the Canucks to pot a few goals and get their offence going.

The Canucks received some good news earlier in the day, as they found out Jakob Markstrom was healthy enough to start in goal. Adam Gaudette was called up to replace Brandon Sutter due to Sutter’s lower body injury. Zack MacEwen got a point in his first ever NHL game against the Sharks, and he’d be on a line with Gaudette and Markus Granlund to begin the game while Nikolay Goldobin was healthy scratched. Final roster note, Michael DiPietro was sent back to the Ottawa 67’s as the Canucks used another emergency call up on newly acquired goaltender Marek Mazanec to back up Markstrom.

1st Period

The game got off to a relatively slow start, as both teams felt each other out through the first 5 minutes. The best chance came off an Erik Gudbranson wrist shot that somehow got past Kevin Boyle but rang it off the crossbar.

Anaheim answered with a nice chance of their own at the 5:30 minute mark, but Markstrom was there to stone Carter Rowney in tight to preserve the scoreless game.

6:30 minutes into the game, and the Ducks opened the scoring. The Canucks failed to clear their zone after Markstrom lost his stick, and it didn’t take long before the puck was worked to Jakob Silfverberg right in front, who beat a stick-less Markstrom after he out-muscled  Gudbranson for the chance.

8 minutes in and the game saw some knuckles thrown, as Josh Leivo stepped up to Ryan Kesler after he took offence to some of Kesler’s antics on Elias Pettersson.

8:30 minutes in, and the Canucks utilized some pretty passing to set up a nice chance for Jake Virtanen, only for him to get stoned by Boyle. Immediately after, Virtanen struck Devin Shore up high with his stick, and the Ducks went to their first power-play of the game.

1:40 into the power-play, and there was some more rough stuff behind the Canucks goal. Shore got his leg in and took down Gudbranson, which caught Erik’s attention. Gudbranson went after Shore, and Silfverberg went to get in Gudbranson’s face. A scrum ensued, but all that came of it was 2 coincidental minors for roughing, and the extra penalty to Shore saw the teams play 4 on 4 for 22 seconds before they went to their first power-play of the game.

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The Canucks power-play didn’t generate much, and fell to 0 for 1, and 3 for 41 in their past 14+ games… Been a rough stretch for the Canucks special teams.

13:30 minutes in, and the Canucks generated another good chance when Virtanen sprung Markus Granlund for a partial breakaway against Boyle, but Boyle robbed Granlund with the glove.

17:30 minutes in, and Getzlaf interfered with Virtanen well away from the puck. It could’ve been retaliation for the hit Virtanen threw on Corey Perry. Either way, Getzlaf received a 2 minute minor penalty, and the Canucks went to their 2nd power-play of the game.

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A minute into the power-play, Troy Stecher fed Pettersson right in his favourite spot, but Pettersson’s shot slammed the underside of the crossbar and stayed out. The Canucks couldn’t generate a better chance then that and their power-play dropped to 0 for 2.

That was it for the first period. The Canucks dominated after their costly mistake cost them a goal, but couldn’t get one past Kevin Boyle through the opening 20 minutes. As long as Vancouver kept up their play, they looked to be in control of the hockey game.

2nd Period

Some more rough stuff kicked off the 2nd period, as only a 1:30 in and Gudbranson dropped the gloves against Getzlaf in retaliation for the hit Getzlaf threw on Virtanen. A massive win for Vancouver, not from a fight perspective but because Getzlaf was stuck in the box for 5 minutes.

Not too much happened after the fight until the 5 minute mark of the frame. Silfverberg blocked a Ben Hutton shot and came down the ice. Hutton made a play with his stick, and was called for a hook against Silfverberg so the Ducks went to their 2nd power-play of the game.

The Canucks penalty kill was fantastic, and made the Ducks power-play look like one that hasn’t scored 10 power-play goals on the season.

The Canucks kept up the pressure, but by the midway point of the hockey game they still weren’t able to find a way to beat the rookie goaltender between the pipes for Anaheim.

11:30 minutes into the frame, and the Canucks found themselves short handed again. After another failed attempt to clear their zone, Beagle immediately hooked Getzlaf and was called for a minor penalty.

The Canucks penalty kill stood tall again, and generated a scoring chance of their own. Tyler Motte and Loui Eriksson came in on a 2 on 1 chance, but Motte’s centering attempt was poor and the chance flew by the board. The Canucks were able to successfully kill off the penalty.

The Ducks got their best chance of the period 14:30 minutes in when a Getzlaf wrist shot beat Markstrom cleanly, but clanged off the post. A lucky break for the Canucks who had continued their strong play into the 2nd.

The Canucks ended the period with a flurry of great chances, and they started around the 18 minute mark when Pettersson intercepted the puck, made a great move and snapped a shot that looked to be going top corner. However, Boyle made a great stop with his glove. Few moments after, Brock Boeser was wide open in the slot and tried to pick the bottom right corner but was rejected by the pad of Boyle. A great way to end the period, but the Canucks still didn’t have a goal, and trailed by 1 as they got ready for the 3rd period.

3rd Period

A minute into the period, and Getzlaf laid a hit on Chris Tanev. Didn’t seem like a huge hit, but Tanev immediately went to the dressing room. It was later found out he wouldn’t return.

30 seconds after the Getzlaf hit, the Canucks received their 3rd power-play of the game after Nick Ritchie tripped up Gudbranson behind the Canucks net.

The Canucks generated another high quality scoring chance on their power-play, but Boyle robbed Leivo with his glove to preserve the Anaheim lead. The Canucks power-play fell to 0 for 3, and 0 for their last 20 overall…

5 minutes into the frame, and the Ducks took the game to the Canucks. The absence of Tanev was felt almost immediately once the power-play expired.

7 minutes in and the Canucks got another great chance, as they went to their 4th power-play of the night after Rickard Rakell slashed Horvat’s stick out of his hands.

However the 4th Canucks power-play was the worst of the night, and another chance went by the wayside.

The Canucks didn’t give up, and around the 10 minute mark Pettersson made a disgusting move to get around Cam Fowler and drive towards Boyle, but Boyle made another terrific stop.

13:30 minute in, and it was Gaudette’s turn to make a beautiful move, but again Boyle was there to shut the door.

The Canucks didn’t generate much for the next 4 minutes, and decided to pull Markstrom around the 18 minute mark of the final frame.

In the end, the night belonged to Ducks rookie Kevin Boyle, and the Canucks were shut out for a league leading 7th time this season. They fell to the Ducks 1-0.

Advanced Stats

Both photos courtesy of naturalstattrick.com

Wrap Up

The Canucks played well throughout a majority of this game, and took it to the Ducks early and often, but they couldn’t find a way to beat Kevin Boyle and lost another key piece to the puzzle due to injury…

Elias Pettersson tried to tie this game up himself throughout the game, with a number of high danger chances at all stages. He rang a power-play one timer off the post, got robbed by the glove of Boyle in the 2nd from the slot, and got denied in tight by Boyle after he undressed Fowler. There haven’t been too many games this year where Pettersson has looked this dangerous and not gotten on the score sheet. Sucks that tonight was one of those games.

The Canucks power-play continued on its dry spell which reached desert levels tonight. They’re 3 for their last 44 in a 4 game stretch, and on an 0 for 21 streak. They had their chances tonight, but during the most important power-play of the game, they looked dreadful.

The loss of Tanev was a huge blow this team couldn’t afford. After Tanev left the game, the Canucks struggled mightily to break the puck out of their own end with any regularity. It’s been bad enough with Edler out of the lineup, but with Tanev gone it truly looked like only Hutton and Stecher could break the puck out without having to ice it or hope for a stretch play. Gudbranson, Pouliot, and Biega all struggled throughout the game against the Ducks fore-check, and when all of them had to play increased minutes in the 3rd, the team’s performance sagged.


This game looks like one that’ll change the Canucks season. While the loss stings, being without Edler and Tanev for any length of time all but dooms this group to missing the playoffs. 

  • Kootenaydude

    Coach Green has to start taking responsibility for some of these losses. This powerplay has been absolute garbage and Green hasn’t made changes to make it more effective. Watching the Canucks doing the same predictable drop pass to try and enter the zone has gotten old. Canucks don’t tip shots from the defencemen. It would also be nice to see more shots from the point. Figured Anaheim would play well with their big boss on the bench. Looks like the Canucks are quickly becoming sellers with nobody to sell due to injuries.

      • DogBreath

        Agree that the puck moves around better with Stecher at the point. The play to Pettersson is unfortunately getting predictable. Teams defending know what’s coming and also know that Stecher’ shot isn’t a huge threat, so they set up to defend the pass and defend others, giving Stecher the shot. They need to move their PP pieces even quicker to offset this.

        • Jamie E

          The play to Ovechkin on the Caps power play is REALLY predictable but its still well executed and deadly. The Canucks need another damn Pettersson on the power play to get the puck to Pettersson. Or they need to make Boeser the trigger man with Pettersson playing the role of Backstrom.

          • DogBreath

            Agree. Everyone knows its going to OV. They move the puck so quickly and probably have more powerful alternatives that they seem to open him up for the shot from the circle (every time).

    • Holly Wood

      The current drop pass on the pp is being used by virtually every NHL team at this point and I would say has most fans wishing their respective team stop using it. At some point maybe the second unit can send a couple wingers up the weak side with speed and have the puck carrier dump it in. The defenders will be caught for the first few times which will force an adjustment on their part. Every power play is so predictable right now but it’s not really new, that drop pass is a variation of what Canucks used back when Christian Erhoff was a Canuck

      • First the Sedins were doing the drop-pass at the opposition blue-line, now we’re doing the drop-pass in the neutral zone. We should just cut to the chase and start doing it at our own red line on the PP breakout just to get it out of the way.

  • Bud Poile

    Retaliatory hits and retribution will always be with the game of hockey.
    Getzlaf could have seriously injured Jake as that head hit was unexpected.
    Taking care of Getzlaf was exactly what I hoped to see.
    Leivo also rose high up the ranks of my respect tonight.

    • MattyT

      Can we get a muzzle and a BAN on this trolling clown already?

      This insult to Canucks fans and the Poile family has been stinking up the joint for three years now and needs to be punted, as associate editor J-Mac suggested over a year ago.

      His pathetic trolling for attention is getting more absurd every day as more commenters either rip into or ignore his ridiculous obnoxious ramblings. Time to cut this cancer out and get the forum healthy again. Simplez.

    • kermit

      Getzlaf’s blindside hit was deliberate. Jake had just knocked down Perry behind the net so he was looking for him. When he saw the turn over he knew Jake would be coming his way. I saw a show on TV once where a kinesiologist type was studying soccer players and their diving. He examined videos and pointed out the tells. The deliberate attempts to look like they were fouled but where their physical responses were faked. Throwing one arm up over your head when you’re going down was a big one.

  • Infanteer

    This was probably one of the most frustrating games to watch: the tire fire Anaheim Ducks only had one good thing going for them this season, and that was John Gibson, and he was out. Defensively, I didn’t notice any period of play where Anaheim penned us into our end, and the gameflow chart above is representative of what I felt I was watching. This was the easiest 2 points available for us all month (season?) and we squandered it.

    The real problem to me seemed to be zone exits from our end and zone entries into their end, which is a recurring theme. Maybe some deeper research into this could validate what my unscientific eye might be seeing. Last night, I didn’t see any odd-man rushes, only one goal-line scramble, and no quick east-to-west play generated of entries…despite all our shots, we never really made their goalie scramble. It was all predictable, shoot straight at a ready goalie and get no rebound kind of stuff.

    The other problem is obviously the powerplay; the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results – I’ve been seeing the same thing every day with no results. Do something different!!!

    Is this a symptom of no depth? If the only real dangers on our team are Pettersson, Boeser, and Horvat, do you just limit their space and let the others screw it up in trying to gain the zone?

    Frustrated, as this was probably the nail in the coffin of any playoff chances….

    • canuckfan

      I would agree that the Canucks do not have the depth. With both Edler and Tanev being out it will be tough to pull off wins. We will soon get to see some more of the prospects not because the guys on the big team are being sat it will be to fill in for injured players.
      Edler being out has hurt our offense as well as the defense side.
      We have 3 players who are dangerous Petey, Brock, and Bo they are getting smothered and still get chances and will keep scoring at their regular pace. Canucks will need goals from other players without that the playoffs are out of sight. Power play needs to be given a new look as the number of chances they have had could have made the difference in the games.
      I am ok with the team not making the playoffs and making a true assessment of their needs such as a couple wingers who can score. Not sure we will see any trade action as some of the players that maybe seen as assets by others are now injured.
      It is all about next year and getting ready for the draft.

    • arjay

      sometimes you just have to tip your hat to the opponent…in this case the goalie…..he played a terrific game and the Nux were not short on effort……Shut (outs) happens.

    • DogBreath

      Goldobin has 6 goals this year and does little else on the ice to make the team better. He has chemistry with Petey and that’s about it. Sorry, you need to bring more to the table than that. Green is handling him the right way.

      • Chris the Curmudgeon

        False, he is one of the highest generators of scoring chances for his teammates, and those chances come from dangerous areas because of his playmaking ability. The numbers are crystal clear on that point. Pettersson plays significantly better with him than without him. The team has looked far better with him in the lineup than the press box. Scratching him is just stupid.

        • bobdaley44

          If you can’t check or play hard when you don’t have the puck you don’t play. Kid has no grit and is a defensive liability. Trade him and a late round pick for Burakovsky.

          • MattyT

            So let’s see… Goldy can’t check or play hard and is a defensive liability BUT let’s trade him to the defending Stanley Cup champs!!!

            Get a grip and put the bong down. Absolute laugher of from you that rivals Puck Viking’s Playstation fairytales.

    • It’s just a really rough pivot table but at first glance, there doesn’t seem to be a correlation between Goldobin’s ice-time and point production (see table below). But what is concerning is that Goldobin only has 4 points in 3 games out of his last 15 games. And it’s only registered points in 19 of his 50 games. When you eliminate the 3 mini-scoring streaks he had this season, he doesn’t contribute anything offensively.


      Mins/# of Games/Pts
      20 2 2
      19 2 1
      18 8 5
      17 3 0
      16 8 2
      15 3 3
      14 2 2
      13 3 1
      12 4 1
      11 6 3
      10 2 3
      9 5 0
      8 1 0
      7 1 2

  • Defenceman Factory

    Late in Virtanen’s rookie season he was suspended for 2 games for a hit he threw. It was not near as dangerous a hit as the one delivered on him by Getzlaf. Getzlaf’s hit was predatory and blindside on a player in a vulnerable position. If memory serves the player Jake hit didn’t miss a shift. I seriously doubt Getzlaf gets supplemental discipline but it would be interesting to put clips of those hits side by side and ask the weaselly pricks in Player Safety to explain the disparity.

    Glad to see Guddy call out Getzlaf. Hopefully it increases his trade value.

    • Smyl and Snepsts

      If he is gone who is going to stand up to that garbage? Not another player on the team who can. We are in desperate need of some size and toughness as well as some scorers

  • DogBreath

    Here’s the reason single reason why I defend Guddy’s place on the team. Simply, their defence overall is small and not very physical (and Hughes and Juolevi reinforce this). A team needs to have the physical deterrence or the forwards take more liberties on the goalie and other defence. If the Canucks had a big, physical, mobile defence, there would be no place for him on the team.

    I’m not a fan of fighting in the game, but I do like that Guddy stepped in and sent the message to Getzlaf that that was enough. I’m not sure there’s anyone else on the team who can step in and take on someone of Getzlaf’s size.

    • TheRealRusty

      Guddy taking Getz out of the game for a 5min fighting major is an acceptable trade in my books. That said, it is easier to dress toughness in the forward depth than depend on one of your 6 defensemen to regularly be the enforcer. I would imagine being one forward down is an easier problem to juggle than rotating 5 defensemen for 5 mins…

  • Burnabybob

    If Edler and Tanev are gone for any length of time, it’s hard to see how this team can compete for a playoff spot. It could also thwart their deadline trade plans as well.

    On the upside, Gaudette showed some nice moves and almost scored. Hopefully he anchors their third line in the future.