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Blackfish: CanucksArmy Prospect Report – February 7th, 2019

It’s already February!

The Canucks are in a playoff chase, the Comets have their eyes on the AHL post-season, and many Canucks prospects continue to turn heads. One prospect had another viral goal celebration and a recent second round pick continues a torrid scoring pace.

The weekend is within sight now, so just sit back and enjoy the Blackfish: CanucksArmy Prospect Report!

All the images of stats are from EliteProspects.com



  • Woooooooooooo! Jett Woo ends the week with six assists in three games. He is now on a seven game point streak and has 10 points (2 goals and 8 assists) due that streak. He also had some PIM’s last night for this infraction:


  • Mitch Eliot put up two goals and two assists in three games over the past seven days. He is tied for third in goals among OHL defencemen and 7th in points.

  • Matt Brassard maintains his slightly above point-per-game pace with the IceDogs – he had three assists in their three games this week.
  • Michael DiPietro picked up two wins in his two starts before being recalled to the Canucks on an emergency basis. He has won his last six starts with the 67’s.

United States


  • Matt Thiessen has been slowly looking more confident in net – he improved his GAA and SV% compared to last week after some good play this weekend.


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  • Quinn Hughes picked up one goal and one assist over the two games this past week. Not sure which was nicer, here is the goal:

Here is the assist:

  • William Lockwood scored in Michigan’s first game of the week to extend his goal scoring streak to five games but was unfortunately held off the scoresheet in the following game.

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  • Jack Rathbone was held off the scoresheet in both of Harvard’s games this past week.



  • Manuykan did not post a point in the one game that he played this week. Avangard has loaned Kris Versteeg to Vaxjo in the SHL, so maybe Manuykan’s role will increase.
  • Nikita Tryamkin was held off the scoresheet in two games over the last week.


  • Petrus Palmu picked up one goal and one assist in his only game this week:

  • Toni Utunen was held off the scoresheet in both games that he suited up for.


  • Kristoffer Gunnarsson didn’t pick up any points his two games the past week.

Czech Republic

  • Zhukenov appeared in one VHL game but failed to register a point.



  • At this moment, the Canucks have no prospects in the ECHL.

      • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

        In the “giving them icetime to actually grow as players” category.
        In the “rewarding players for good performances by benching them” category.
        In the “don’t bother suiting up, you’ll be in the press box once again in favour of lifetime AHL’ers who continue to proliferate the Comets lineup night in and night out” category.

        Can you name a single prospect that the Comets have graduated in the past 5 years? Cause outside of the iffy answer Goldy, there is nobody. Have a listen to JD Burke’s assessment from 1040 this morning.

        • Beer Can Boyd

          Considering JD Burkes bottomless depth of hockey knowledge and considerable management experience, its incredible that no NHL team has offered him a GM job yet!

        • DJ_44

          Watch the Comets games and do a proper analysis, then chirp. Referencing JD is akin to Trump talking facts.

          As for prospect graduation, they have only been afforded really one prospect in the first two years, and that was Gauce, who graduated and probably played at a a level beyond his abilities. From Benning’s prospects that went through the AHL, Virtanen and Demko, Gaudette is now there finding (successfully) his offensive game). Goldobin was there for a season and a half and developed his all around game. They have a solid young core of dmen there, with Chatfield, Sautner, McEneny, Joulevi and Brisebois. Up front they have MacEwen, Dahlen, Jasek, Lind, and Gadjovich. Next year Lockwood will join the team I imagine. Dipietro will also be the #1 next year.

    • Defenceman Factory

      I don’t know what love for Cull you are talking about. Most comments about him lament about the rookies not getting much ice time.

      Very few of us actually get a chance to watch the Comets or know much about Cull. Most are quietly optimistic he will do a good job developing Canuck prospects.

      CanucksArmy coverage of the Comets has been very good this year and I am not surprised the move to pro hockey has been difficult for several of the prospects and Cull has had a surplus of wingers on hand to deal with.

      You have stated very strong and derogatory opinion about Cull and been asked for some justification. I don’t know enough about Cull to know just how old school he is. I’m not arguing with you but you should be able to provide some logic on which you base your opinion since you chose to state it publically.

      Otherwise I have to wonder if you have watched any of the games and simply have an uninformed opinion based on the delusion that every 19 and 20 year old in the system deserves ice time in Utica.

  • Burnabybob

    Quinn Hughes actually reminds me of Pavel Bure. Many Canuck fans are probably too young to remember him, but let’s just say he was fun to watch. He was VERY fast, but perhaps more devastating was his acceleration. If he got a step on a defender he was gone. Oh, and he could turn on a dime, and had very quick hands. I see all of those qualities in Quinn Hughes. Similar size, too. Obvious difference is that Bure was a winger, but Hughes should definitely help the Canucks offense and counterattack.

    Woo looks pretty awesome, too. I’m trying not to get my hope up too much as he is still young, but man that would be a successful draft if they turn out to be the Canucks’ top pairing of the future.

      • Hughes lacks the build but he’s not a pushover either. If you see the clip where his brother got injured during the WJC, he immediately started a fight with the bigger opponent. Hughes just needs to work on the flying elbow and he’s good.

        In terms of play, when you compare him to Bure or even guys like Niedermayer or Leetch, I don’t recall seeing them weave around opponents as much as Hughes. He really likes to spool up in the defensive zone in a big bootleg to escape the forechecker and then carry into the offensive zone for a pass. Bure, Niedermayer or Leetch would deke but they didn’t perform as much lateral movement as Hughes.

    • Holmes

      I can see the Bure comparison. Bure was consistently the most powerful and quick skater on the ice with the best hands. Utterly dynamic. Hughes looks the same way in college. If that translates to the show, wow.

  • DeL

    They’ll be keeping their heads up when Jett’s on the ice.About time the Canucks had a dman in the system with a two way game and plays with an edge. Here’s hoping his development continues to progress upward