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Tyler Madden shines at Beanpot

The annual BeanPot Tournament kicked off in Boston yesterday with Harvard, Northeastern, Boston University, and Boston College doing battle.

If you are unaware of what the BeanPot is – it’s an NCAA tournament that has seen those four schools meet since 1952. It’s divided into the semi-finals, which was yesterday, and then the winners move onto the finals the following week. (and a consolation game)

The current reigning champ of the event is the Northeastern Huskies, who were led to the title by Canucks prospect Adam Gaudette. This year Northeastern is heading back to the finals after a standout performance from another Canucks prospect, Tyler Madden.

Madden was all over the ice on Monday night, putting up six of Northeastern’s twenty-six total shots. He saved the most important one for the last shot of the game, as he scored in overtime on the breakaway

He had a couple of highlight-reel plays throughout the game too, including this one:

and then this one:

If you were watching this game and didn’t know who Madden was, you do now. The kid is displaying so much confidence after returning from the World Juniors that he is willing to make these moves and try to make things happen. In the first part of the NCAA season, he was a little more timid in his play. Ensuring that he was on the right side of the puck or not committing too low. Now, he just dangles everyone and is generating chances at will.

In the eight games since returning from the World Juniors, Madden has three goals and three assists. He is currently tied for 11th in NCAA rookie scoring but is among the lowest games played in that group due to representing the US at the World Juniors. His 0.95 points-per-game has him sitting fourth in that same group. He is also fifth in shots per game with 2.95 SOG/GP.

When the Canucks selected Madden, Director of Amateur Scouting spoke highly of Madden’s skill, character, and opportunity. To some degree, they expected Madden to be slotted right into the spot that Gaudette had just vacated by signing his entry-level contract with the Canucks. Madden had been putting up points in the first half of the season but dictating the play on the ice.

But over the last few weeks, Madden has taken a huge step forward and Canucks fans should be rightfully excited.

Northeastern will face Boston College in the BeanPot finals next week, while Harvard and Boston University will meet in the consolation game.

Fellow Canucks prospect Jack Rathbone plays for Harvard and had a decent game on Monday. There were a few minor gaffes that resulted in some Boston College chances but overall he displayed his great skating ability, smart transition play, and had a few decent looks. He ended the game with two shots on goal and an even rating playing alongside Adam Fox at 5v5. Rathbone was (and has been for a while) on the second powerplay with John Marino on the other side.

  • Killer Marmot

    Benning took flack for choosing Madden over Jack Wise. Canucks Army rated this selection a “C”, the lowest of any of the Canucks picks last June.

    So far at least, it’s Benning 1 CA 0.

    • NucksLifer

      Actually, the score is much worse than that.

      To my recollection, CanucksArmy panned the Beagle and Roussel signings. Those are looking fantastic. Vanek for Motte was savaged and Motte is proving to be much more valuable than the proverbial 3rd or 4th rounder (which they would have lauded). Leivo deal? A steal. Woo? Looking like another steal. About the only “wins” for CA are the Gudbranson deal (not the re-signing, since he couldn’t be traded while injured and they salvaged value) and the Ericksson deal, which were over two years ago. Goldobin and Dahlen deals were great. Gagner/Burmi/MDZ/Nilsson deals were “meh” but easy to get rid of. Even Pouliot was a decent pickup given Pedan and a 4th have virtually no value.

      So, the score is closer to Benning 10 CA 0 over the past two years.

      • Puck Viking

        Pouliot was not a good trade. He is a fringe player and another player with similar value could have been had for nothing. If Gagner was easy to get rid of he would be gone.

        Saying a 4th has no value is crazy. We got Rathbone in the 4th and Gaudette in the 5th. The Jets landed Niku in the 7th. Should we just give away every pick after the 3rd round?

        • Beer Can Boyd

          The Pouliot trade was a gamble with a 4th round pick, obviously Pedan was worthless. Green had him in junior, where he was good enough to warrant being the 8th overall pick. He does have tremendous skill, but he is a nightmare in his own zone. What if it had worked out? Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    • MajorFawlty

      I don’t like to add on to the negativity, but CA has kind of asked for it with their knee-jerk reactions to certain players entering the Canucks organization. Not ever signing has worked out, but there’s some crow to be eaten here.

      • Killer Marmot

        McDonald’s didn’t say that Benning should be given the benefit of the doubt. The commenters below the line did that.

        I have no desire to get onto McDonald’s case. Any one who dares to make such ratings is going out on a limb, and invariably will blow a call. Still, I hope this becomes an increasingly egregious error on his part.

        • Ryan Biech

          Fair enough – I misremembered the exact statement.

          With that being said this ‘CA’ vs Benning thing is exhausting. Jackson felt they made the wrong pick, it’s an opinion. I’m sure there were people within the scouting staff who fought for other players to be picked there and they ultimately determined that Madden was the best choice.

          (I had a bad spelling mistake, tried to fix it and messed it all up – so my original reply is gone)

          • NucksLifer

            The only reason there is a “CA vs. Benning thing” is because CA has created it by roundly criticizing various Benning moves, while putting CA forward as having superior knowledge. Be more balanced in your coverage and less smugly sure of yourselves and the narrative will dissipate.

          • Ryan Biech

            So, just be positive about every move?

            Some moves have rightfully deserved to be criticized, some are misses, some we’ve been positive on correctly, and some we have been positively incorrect on. It is balanced, now more so than ever, and yet we are. Arguing about a player that has exceeded expectations immensely.

            Leivo trade was not panned, Woo pick was not panned, the Pouliot deal was not panned, and we praised the Goldobin and Dahlen trades… yet you include them as ‘not wins for CA’.

          • crofton

            Thank you for getting rid of the troll again (on another article at least). His usual stuff is bad enough, but he has begun to more regularly “spoof” other posters’ user names. Then he turns around and quotes his own posts as proof someone said something which was really him. I hope you stay on this, taking down posts must be very tedious, hopefully there is a more permanent solution.

          • North Van Halen

            Would you care to guess how many articles have been written by Army staff supporting Benning or with a positive slant regarding anything to do with his direction? Fairly certain we could count those without going to my second finger.
            Now how many articles have we had with the opposite slant. There are 40 digits in my house using all family members, fairly certain that would come up well short over the last couple of years. Benning has deserved his share of criticism but the one sidedness throughout the blogger community has made so much of it unreadable. I come her for the comment section much at least as at the much as writers because a few here actually see the bigger picture and account for meddling ownership, the Sedins and the reality of inheriting a team with those issues & a completely barren prospect pool.

          • TD

            The narrative isn’t CA vs Benning, but I think it’s not inaccurate to say certain writers have been very negative.

            You are my favorite writer because your articles are critical but fair. Some of the other writers have not been that way with any consistency. They write their opinions as if they are facts. That style leads to criticism.

    • Freud

      Benning did not choose Madden.

      Brackett did.

      There is plenty of video evidence of Benning deferring to Brackett in the videos the team has released showing what the draft floor is like.

      But don’t let facts get in the way of the need to endlessly defend management.

      Siss boom bah

  • MM

    In Brackett we trust. I recall there being a question about madden over wise at the time, but CA being confident in Brackett’s response to substantiate that choice. I think they’ve been fairly consistent. Anyway, it’s kind of a non-starter comparison now, as Brackett is being proven correct and i’m pretty happy he hasn’t been poached yet!

  • Puck Viking

    Im hoping Brackett can find a gem on defense in the later rounds this year. My early pick is Drew Helleson maybe he is worth a shot in the 3rd round if he is there in the 4th they have to jump on it.

  • canucklehead

    Benning has been mercilessly thumping CA lately as his moves increasingly work out well. This is a link to my all-time favorite hit job, the one that convinced me this site is run by idiots. Forget Benning taking such heat for signing a prospect for free. I couldn’t help wondering how this kid must have felt being roasted like that by someone who prolly never even saw him play. I hope he’s had a chance since to throw it in the author’s face personally.


  • TheRealPB

    Not really sure how this turned into CA vs Benning, but I’m glad that the Madden pick has looked good so far. It’s still a long way from translating into NHL success but a good sign nonetheless.

    I think it’s also still too early to write off Wise, though two long-term injuries in two seasons can’t be a good sign.