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Blackfish: CanucksArmy Prospect Report – January 31st, 2019

Another has passed for Canucks prospects and there are still some exciting things to happen.

With the trade deadline rapidly approaching, we don’t know if the Canucks will add or subtract from the prospect pool but that’s what makes it so fun. Given the comments of GM Jim Benning over the past couple of weeks, it’s fair to believe that the prospect group will stay intact.

Which means you’ve come to the best prospect report out there to keep tabs on the players that the management staff are stoked for!

As always, the stat images are from Elite Prospects.



  • Jett Woo continues to maintain close to a point-per-game pace with two assists over two games this past week.


  • Mitch Eliot continues to put up points since signing an entry-level contract with the Canucks – over the seven days, Eliot posted one goal and two assists in two contests.

  • Matt Brassard has really enjoyed his new life in Niagara with one goal and two assists in three games with the IceDogs. He is really seizing the opportunity that has been presented to him.

  • Michael DiPietro had an up and down week with the 67’s that saw him go 1-1-0

United States


  • Matt Thiessen appeared in one game this past week that saw him making 28 saves on 30 shots in a 3-2 overtime win over Madison.


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  • Quinn Hughes posted one assist in the two games over the weekend. He struggled in the game at MSG against Penn State with multiple turnovers that could’ve been avoided but he did admit to the mistakes and took ownership for the errors. It’s all about learning to be a complete professional and although you don’t want to see him make those mistakes on the ice, the maturity to own up to them is a good sign.

  • Tyler Madden was held off the scoresheet in both games as Northeastern failed to win. They have a big Hockey East push to close out the season and the Beanpot Tournament on the horizon.
  • For the second week in a row, William Lockwood scored two goals in the two games over the past two weeks.

  • Jack Rathbone scored his fourth of the season this week



  • Manuykan was able to pick up an assist this past week
  • Nikita Tryamkin was held off the scoresheet in three games over the last week.


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  • Petrus Palmu is back to putting up points with three assists over the last three games, which included this apple last game:

  • Toni Utunen picked up his third point of the season, an assist, over the one game that he suited up for this week:


  • Kristoffer Gunnarsson didn’t pick up any points his three games the past week (including today, which is updated on EP yet)

Czech Republic

  • Zhukenov appeared in on VHL game for Mettalurg but failed to register a point.


  • There were no roster moves over the past week for the Comets.
  • Thatcher Demko and Alex Biega remain up with the Canucks.
  • As always Comets Cory has you covered for everything Comets – check them out here.


  • At this moment, the Canucks have no prospects in the ECHL.

  • Nuck16

    Quinn’s turnovers could end up being an issue. He was also making a lot of turnovers in the semifinal game at WJC.
    He can then be classified a high risk, high return…but it would seem those risks payoff when playing against lesser talent, but not against better competition and obviously the NHL is better competition. So this could mean of two things next season. He could let loose and make both points and turnovers, though you have to think TG will eventually lose patience with that….or he plays responsibly defensively and is far less of a dynamic offensive player.
    I think the latter is what should happen when he’s 5 on 5 and the former is how he should play on the power play. I think he should/will be the 1st unit PP QB next season, but that they should shelter him somewhat 5 on 5.

    • Jamie E

      So, let’s unpack this a little bit.

      This link: https://www.foxsports.com/nhl/stats?season=2017&category=DEFENSE&group=1&sort=8&time=0&pos=0&team=0&qual=1&sortOrder=1

      Will take you to Give Away leaders in the NHL. According to this Johnny Gaudreau is, like THE WORST, when it comes to give aways. Brent Burns is pretty horrible too. So is Drew Doughty. David Pastrnak? Pretty bad as well. But guess why? because they have the puck on their stick ALL THE TIME. Most of the time very, very good things happen when the puck is on the stick of these players. But sometimes a bad thing happens. However, the good FAR outweighs the bad. Just like it will with Quinn Hughes.

      • Nuck16

        I have no doubt he’ll figure it out eventually and find the right risk/reward balance in the NHL…but it will take him some time. Until then, at 5 on 5, best he learns to play responsibly first, then slowly open things up over time. Either that or he ends up in the TG doghouse.

        • Macksonious

          Some of his risky play of late might stem from boredom. He’s already proven himself at that level and could be anxious move on to a new challenge. He’ll likely be more careful in the NHL.

          • bobdaley44

            Boredom? He’s averaging just over a point a game and he’s -6. He isn’t crushing it out there. Better work on his D or he’ll never be a minute muncher.

      • apr

        I remember Erik Karlsson being a total give away machine in his first year, and Cherry going off on him timer and time again. You are right, great players have the puck all of the time – and I hope he’s given the room to breathe and shine…

  • rediiis

    Quinn is like another forward. His minutes in the next couple of years will subject to line match-ups and game. It will be nice to see a defenseman move up on 5X5 again ala Bieksa in his prime (miss the game winners). Grapes would be happy with our OHL contingent, although he would ask for more. Woo has the desire. Eliot continue to impress. Thiessen is working on positioning and reading the play. He is young and will need 5 years work. I have not watched Brassard this year, which is a weird oxymoron that I can’t explain. I wonder if some of the forwards on the Comets are for sale. Kero, Bouchard, Gaunce, Gagner and Schenn went all in on a trade-for-me drive.
    Nuck 16 said “turnovers could end up being an issue” with Quinn. This is a given. His ability to learn from it will determine his minutes. As you have seen, Travis Green adheres to this mantra.

  • Been tracking Gunnarsson’s hit stats on the SHL website, he’s now 10th overall. He’s been averaging nearly 2.3 hits per game which is up from 1.4 (started tracking two games after the trade). While he hasn’t put up points, his physical game seems to be improving. Remember that Benning drafted him for physicality.

    • rediiis

      This is where some stats don’t work. If this kid can stay at home and just pass the puck he is better than 3 on our roster. I can see 3 to 4 new kids on our defense by 2020.

    • TL;DR – When his stats are normalized and extrapolated, Karl Gunnarsson is the most prolific hitter in the SHL.

      Just to add more context to Gunnarsson’s hit statistics, he’s 7th amongst defencemen with 54 hits in 30 games total. However, he plays significantly fewer minutes than some of the players above him:

      Name / GP / Hits / TOI
      Oscar Engsund, 38, 84, 17:27
      Daniel Rahimi, 38, 68, 19:17
      Petter Granberg, 34, 63, 14:40
      Johan Ivarsson, 35, 62, 14:20
      Jonathan Sigalet, 37, 55, 21:16
      Craig Schira, 27, 54, 22:06
      Kristoffer Gunnarsson, 30, 54, 12:33

      It’s hard to read but save for a few exceptions, Gunnarsson has played 5-8 games less than the defencemen with more hits and plays 2-10 minutes less TOI. Based on the GP, TOI, and Hits, I normalize the GP/TOI and discovered that Gunnarsson has the highest hits per minute. The stats below show hits per minute and then an extrapolated figure based on the average TOI for all 7 defencemen (17:23), keeping in mind that Gunnarsson’s stats are understated because they include his lower stats from his prior team:

      Kristoffer Gunnarsson, 0.14, 2.49
      Oscar Engsund, 0.13, 2.20
      Petter Granberg, 0.13, 2.20
      Johan Ivarsson, 0.12, 2.15
      Daniel Rahimi, 0.09, 1.61
      Craig Schira, 0.09, 1.57
      Jonathan Sigalet, 0.07, 1.22

      Another way of putting it, if Gunnarsson had been with Linkoping from the start of the season and maintained his current rate of hitting with an average TOI, he’d be leading the league in hits (94).

  • Kanuckhotep

    The CA Prospect Report is one of the hilights of the week for sure. It’ll be hard though to get a feel for what any of these young guys can do until they can compete at higher and tougher levels. Quinn and Zac Mac don’t seem that far off from cracking the Canucks lineup IMO with Juolevi a little behind them and Dahlen even a bit more. Jett Woo seems like a character guy but it’ll be awhile yet for him. The scouting staff is more important than ever and Benning has to keep filling up the pipeline, given the fact that picks and prospects are the only true route to success in this league now. Look at LA. Unloading Muzzin for 2 prospects and a 1st rounder shows where this league is going. You don’t want other teams’ cast offs. You build from within IMHO.

    • Not sure why you think Dahlen is almost NHL ready. .52ppg in the AHL as an offensive forward does not scream “NHL impact player”. He’s behind Brendan Gaunce in scoring and he’s played 12 more games.

      He may yet be a solid NHL player, but there’s no guarantee he makes it at all.

      • Johnson needs to keep developing Dahlen’s skillset, physique, and most importantly, his confidence. Dahlen didn’t feel confident about the AHL and went back to Timra last year (illness aside). He was comfortable there and dominated. Dahlen should stay in the AHL until he becomes a dominant player there (which he will be) and then give him a shot at a regular NHL roster spot.

  • #27Train.

    Since I was recently banned from this site, I had to create another identity so I could post this.. Thank you Jamie E and that big loser Nuck16 for getting me thrown off. you both probably have a lot of brown on your noses..I am now a regular on Flames Nation since I lived there origionally and can now cheer finally for a contender and not these Sloppy Seconds on Canucks Army ..I can’t Wait until the first round loss when the Flames goaltending fold like a wet noodle>>
    Unsincerely yours.
    The Great WW

  • NeverWas

    See that goal by rathbone? I’m pretty impressed with his transition to NCAA especially considering his draft position. Seems like he has ben Hutton/troy stecher like potential… another solid find in the late rounds.