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Canucks recall Adam Gaudette

The Canucks have summoned some help from the farm today:

Gaudette had appeared in three games for the Comets since being reassigned to the farm on December 29th. He scored one goal and two assists in this three games with all of those points coming in the January 5th contest against Cleveland. What also stood out about that performance in that game was a team-leading eight shots on goal, he as a force for that Comets in that game.

At this moment, we know that Elias Pettersson and Josh Leivo are unlikely to dress for the Canucks on Thursday night against the Coyotes, so it will be interesting to see how the Canucks deploy Gaudette. It’s fair to believe that he could get inserted into a top-six role and be looked upon to help create offence rather than being leaned on as a defensive centre, which is what he was doing with Brandon Sutter and Jay Beagle out. With both of those guys back and Gaudette showing some impressive skills in Utica, albeit in a limited sample, maybe the plan changes.

Gaudette has two goals and four assists in thirty-one games with the Canucks thus this season. To make room for Gaudette on the 23 man roster, the Canucks placed Elias Pettersson on injured reserve

Pettersson will need to be on IR for a minimum of seven days but it’s fair to assume that they have backdated to when he suffered the injury.

As mentioned, the Canucks host the Coyotes on Thursday night and then the Florida Panthers on Sunday afternoon.

  • Dirty30

    Sad to note the passing of legend Jim Taylor today. I always appreciated his very dry sense of humour and character. Lots of writers try to emulate him and come off the poorer for it. Not many sports writers of his calibre around today.

    • TheRealRusty

      Amen to that. Jim Taylor was a great story teller and the younger media types need to learn that there is more to writing than posting rumours, opinion pieces or stats.

  • Kanuckhotep

    God bless Jim Taylor. Without a doubt one of the wittiest sports journalists who ever put pen to paper and a highly likeable guy will be sadly missed by his fraternity and by his readers alike. My all time favourite columnist bar-none it saddens me to think they’ll never have guys like him ever again in his profession. he was one of a kind.

  • Hockey Bunker

    Put him with Goldy and Jake or Brock and Baer and let’s see what he can do!
    I bet it’s with the former because if Green doesn’t like it he won’t feel like he has to play them too much. Then Horvat can get lots of offensive time and Sutter and Beagle can check.

    • canuckfan

      I think if he stepped into the top six and given a couple offensive wingers we can see what he is made of. As the team builds up the depth there will be no need for two checking lines especially with Green asking more of his offensive players to work on their defense such as Goldie. Gaudette is going to play a big role in the Canucks fight to challenge for one of the top teams. But still have to build team depth.

      • jaybird43

        Hi Ryan, not to pile on, but it is rarely updated. I would think that section could also be made more useful by having articles of longer term interest, that people might want to compare past and present. Eg now, Jeremy’s mid-season top 100 draft rankings. Later, maybe put up the final 3 or 4 years of Army rankings, so folks can look back and see both how successful the methodology was, and also where various prospects were ranked (there is a lot of arguments in the forum about this guy or that guy should have been drafted that might be helped by factual data from the day). My 2 cents … anyway if you can pass that on, it would be great.

      • rediiis

        I saw the Brassard trade this morning. The big kid is improving and will be an asset down the road. Gaunce should stay down and is still a trade piece as Gaudette can and will be up and down due to his free recall status. Hopefully Archibald has a good showing and other NHL teams want to pick up some of the Comets forwards for d-men prospects.

  • wojohowitz

    I`m amazed how short sighted they are with this move. After three games they bring him back up, they give him 8 – 9 minutes on the fourth line, he does nothing, then they wonder where his offence disappeared to, send him back down after five games, destroy his confidence and leave him angry and confused.

    What they should have done is promote Gaunce, make him look good, then trade him for a young defenceman with a future because Gaunce has no future with this team.

    • Killer Marmot

      What evidence do you have that Gaudette is angry and confused?

      It’s a pretty good bet that they sat Gaudette down in September and told him the he could well be spending a lot of time on flights between Vancouver and Utica. They likely asked him not to be alarmed by that, as it has more to do with preserving the team’s depth than his own play.

      In fact, Gaudette may well be delighted that he got ice time ahead of Gagner and Gaunce.

        • Killer Marmot

          There’s no doubt he would prefer to play in the NHL. The question is whether he’s “angry and confused” to be sent down to the minors. Highly unlikely. He knew what the deal was.

          • rediiis

            Sitting on a plane and going to Vancouver to play minutes. Seems like I would be stoked and want to impress TG and force JB to keep me up. I like this kid and his learning curve should be in the NHL. Just my opinion.

    • Defenceman Factory

      What leads you to this speculation Wojo? The article intimated Gaudette would go into the top 6 as Sutter and Beagle are back. When Sutter and Beagle are out how stupid would it have looked to put Gaudette in the top 6 by moving down Pettersson or Horvat? Rookies need to make the best of the opportunities they are given.

      Maybe Sutter centres the 2nd line, maybe not, but once again Benning and Green have been convicted of an offence that has not yet been committed.

    • DJ_44

      Good analysis wojo, based on fact of course, and not unsubstantiated conjucture to support a narrative…..or outright FUD.

      I watched his Utica games. He was a beast. Skating, puck control, confidence. There was an injury so they called him up. Gaunce is what he is. A tweener. You are not deceiving NHL team into making a player out different then they already know.

    • Big T

      I’ve often wondered why so many people say “let them play big minutes in the minors”. Is there not merit to playing with and against the best in the world, even if it’s for 9 minutes a game. Being with leaders like Bo and rock stars like EP has got to give Guadette inspiration to be an every day NHLer. Do you not think playing against the best in the world shows what you need to work, aside from it being a crazy rush.

      Guadette knows he’s part of a numbers game, but he also knows the big club wants him here. What’s wrong with that?

      • My argument is that a 1C in the AHL has different responsibilities than a 3C in the NHL. Absolutely, the competition is far better in the NHL. But Gaudette won’t get the responsibility that he’d get as a 1C in the AHL. Gaudette has the potential to be more than a 3C based on his NCAA scoring, getting ice-time as a 1C or 2C in the AHL can be beneficial. Would be different if we were talking about Gaunce or another player with a bottom six ceiling.

        Right now, it’s highly unlikely that he’ll be *the guy* to take an important face-off or try to score a game tying goal in the dying seconds of a game. Pettersson and Horvat will be doing that, barring injury. In the meantime, it doesn’t hurt to have Gaudette play at least one season in the AHL where he gets big minutes and associated learning opportunities.

    • wojohowitz

      Here`s how it is going to go. Gaudette will be here for 5 games, 2 of which he will spend in the press box. In the other 3 he won`t play more than 10 minutes in any game but he will pick up 1 assist and then they will send him down after telling him about the learning curve.
      Gaudette will leave town angry and confused while thinking; This management team is totally clueless and incompetent and with any luck they will trade me.

      • bobdaley44

        He has limited offensive ability that’s why he has 2 goals and 4 assists in 31 games. Even when he got minutes he did’t drive offence. Angry and confused? He has to earn his time and he hasn’t. Suggesting top six minutes for him is ridiculous.

      • Don’t know how one can say Gaudette isn’t getting fair ice-time. Even though he’s averaging 10 mins TOI, he gets way more PP time than anyone else that plays those minutes. With the exception of Leipsic and Leivo, most forwards getting less than 14 mins TOI get nearly zero PP time. Gaudette was getting the same amount of PP time as Virtanen, Granlund, and Eriksson except those guys play 14-16 mins TOI.

      • Silverback

        Wojo…there are 20 plus Utica players salivating for the chance at pressbox time in Vancouver. They know it means that management sees something in them, and wants them to learn.

  • Puck Viking

    It would have been nice if they left him there for another month and just brought up Sammy G. If AG could have got on more of a roll then bring him up maybe his offense would have started to translate a bit better. Heres to hoping a quick stint is all he needs to get some confidence and a few bounces.

    • Killer Marmot

      I doubt Gaudette ever had a problem with confidence. Rather he got sent to Utica because almost the entire roster was healthy, an unusual state of affairs for the Canucks.

    • Beer Can Boyd

      Naw. Keep Gagner where he is . 29 points in 29 games with the Marlies, maybe some desperate team will notice and take a flyer on him at the deadline. Or a trade/retain salary deal. He’s of no use to a rebuilding team like the Canucks. Its not as if you want your young guys copying his style of play.