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WWYDW: Trading Nikolay Goldobin

According to Elliotte Friedman, the Canucks may be interested in moving on from Nikolay Goldobin. It makes perfect sense, really. When you’re a young, rebuilding team and you have a chance to trade a 23-year-old with 23 points in 41 games, you obviously have to take it.

Would you trade Nikolay Goldobin? If so, why? What would you like to see the team get in return?

Last week I asked: Aside from Quinn Hughes, who are you most excited to see in action at the WJC and why?


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Team Canada.

The Voice In the Dark:

Outside of Quinn, I’m excited to see Canucks prospects Tyler Madden and Mike DiPietro. While it’s highly unlikely the nux end up getting Jack Hughes, I’m also stoked to see the Hughes brothers playing together and dream of what could be ?

Gino’s 3rd Cousin:

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Jack Hughes – want to see his chemistry w Quinn. Cody Glass – I wanted the Canucks to draft him at #5 (pretty happy they didn’t). DiPietro – I like the way he battles.

Forever 1915:

DiPietro vs. Real Competition. The Danish game was a joke and it was embarassing to watch Canadian fans cheering so much for a game that was lopsided and over as soon as it was announced on the schedule. Drop Denmark and Kazakhstan and make the WJC an 8 team dogfight where every team (except maybe the Swiss) a threat to win.


  • North Van Halen

    This is the kind of snark I can do without. Benning hasn’t traded Goldy yet nor do we know what’s being discussed, yet we get, ‘When you’re a young, rebuilding team and you have a chance to trade a 23-year-old with 23 points in 41 games, you obviously have to take it.’
    Save those comments until after he’s traded for a 32 year old vet with an expiring contract. Benning has been snarked and vilified for more things he hasn’t done than any GM in history. How about we wait until we see what he’s actually does before the smark train runs him over.
    If we get a young defenseman with upside, jump at the chance. If you can get a 2nd or higher….think long and hard.
    Benning & Green have had a front row seat on the Goldy train for the better part of 2 seasons, if they’ve concluded he’s not going to be part of the long term solution, I think they’ve got a pretty good handle on it. I haven’t seen a trade yet where they’ve given away a player thats come back to haunt them, including the all-star Jared McCann.

    • Defenceman Factory

      C’mon NVH all the moves Benning hasn’t made this year have crippled the team. He used all the cap space to sign Taveres, betrayed Linden by trading all those draft picks for Karlsson and left the kids to rot in Utica so the likes of Gagner could stay on the roster.

  • TheRealPB

    It’s not clear to me what Goldobin’s future with the Canucks can be. I think he hasn’t been as bad as some suggest but not nearly as good as the love he sometimes gets on CA. Yes, he shows flashes of brilliance and his production has been ok — though I’d argue not as good given some of the opportunities (and line mates) he’s been given. The times he’s been stapled to the bench or thrown onto the fourth line I can’t really argue with. I don’t think he’s the best fit on the EP-BB line (I think both Leivo and Baertschi have been superior), and he doesn’t really fit with Virtanen or Horvat who tend to bullrush the goal and need someone to either distribute outside of the zone or rotate back to cover for them. So where does that leave him, not just this year but moving into the future? Who are the young skilled forwards on the horizon? Gaudette is the only C, otherwise it’s Lind and Dahlen with Gadjovich and Palmu to battle for wing spots. It’s not clear to me that Goldobin has a much higher ceiling; his defensive game has improved but really not that much and not enough to warrant more a ton more responsibility (and it’s not like Green didn’t see Goldobin in the AHL either, albeit not for a ton of time). If they can get something decent — a pick or a prospect — I’d consider doing it if they’re selling high. If not there’s no point.

  • Jamie E

    A) Calm down Jackson. It’s a trade RUMOUR not a trade. B) How can anyone judge whether trading ANY player is a good idea with no idea what the return might be.

  • I’ve been saying to trade Goldobin at the trade deadline. His stats are inflated by playing with Pettersson. Yes, his offensive skills are tantalizing but he doesn’t drive play, he’s not physical, and he’s a defensive liability. The ideal trade is to take advantage of an offensively starved team that will pay a premium for his inflated point total and RFA status.

    TL;DR – Take advantage of Chiarelli’s desperation and send Goldobin to Edmonton for as much as you can get (which should be a lot).

    To be honest, I would trade Goldobin for Puljujarvi plus draft picks. From what I saw in pre-season, Puljujarvi was dominant and I’ve always felt his development was messed up by Edmonton throwing him into the NHL too soon. I could see Green transforming him into a dominant two-way power forward within a few seasons.

    • Fred

      The call for Chiarelli’s head in Edmonton right now is at an all time high. I can’t imagine he makes these moronic trades in a vacuum given how top heavy their executive ranks are, but if there was one more trade to pull out of the Oilers train wreck that sure would be a good one. Regardless of Goldobin’s point production this year, I do think the Canucks would have to sweeten the deal to have any chance of that happening however.
      I would love to see Puljujarvi under T.G.’s development.

      • Not sure what you’re getting at. If you are referencing Canada’s elimination from the WJC, you’re not quite getting my point in my other comment. As it stands, the WJC is a bunch of ice hockey juggernauts (i.e. Canada, Russia, Sweden, Finland, USA, Czech Republic, Slovakia) and a bunch of lesser hockey countries (i.e. Switzerland, Denmark, Kazakhstan). It’s clear that Denmark and Kazakhstan are out of their league in the WJC. By eliminating those two countries, it leaves 8 countries which is the perfect number for a quarter/semi/final tourney format. Even though the Swiss have a more notable professional hockey league (NLA) than Denmark and Kazakhstan, it’s still not in the same level of professional / club hockey as the other 7 countries.

        I never said that the Swiss are “pushovers”, those are exclusively your words, not mine. But if you were to power rank the the remaining countries (Canada, Russia, Sweden, Finland, USA, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland), I can guarantee you that Switzerland will be dead last on every list. If you look at the number of drafted players by country, you will find the following:

        Canada – 6,090 players
        USA – 2,405 players
        Sweden – 697 players,
        Russia – 620 players
        Finland – 439 players
        Czech Republic – 435 players
        Slovakia – 169 players
        Switzerland – 76 players (of which only 10 have played 200+ NHL games)

        Based on history (WJC results, NHL draft picks, etc.), you will see that the other 7 countries would be significantly more competitive in an 8-team dogfight.

  • Defenceman Factory

    Yes I would absolutely consider trading Goldobin.

    Goldy doesn’t produce that well away from Pettersson and a bit like Anson Carter with the Sedin’s I think Goldy is much more the beneficiary than the driver. There are gaps in his game that Green hasn’t been able to close.

    Goldobin is a decent winger and still has some upside. He has arbitration rights this offseason. With the points he has put up playing with Pettersson the Canucks may not (and shouldn’t in my opinion) want to pay him what an arbitrator might award. None of Goldy, Baertschi or Leivo are the calibre of LWer needed to play with Pettersson and Boeser longer term. I can’t see any of them being considered one of the top 30 LWers in the league.

    A late 2nd rnd pick would be a weak return for Goldobin.

        • Defenceman Factory

          He is 4th in team points and could finish the season with 50+ points. That could get him well north of 3.5 in arbitration. Considering that possibility isn’t panic but ignoring it is negligence.

    • Beer Can Boyd

      I don’t always agree with your takes, but 100% here. Bartschi, Goldobin and Leivo are all place holders on a contending team. Good, but never going to be great left wingers. If there is a fair return, trade him. And agreed, needs to be much better than a late second rounder.

  • Killer Marmot

    Benning should try to accommodate Green’s vision for the team, and Green likes 200-foot forwards. He wants the team to be tough to score on. The willingness to market Goldobin (if true) is all of one piece with the decisions to keep Gagner in Toronto, Boucher in Utica, and Motte in Vancouver.

    Would I trade Goldobin in the magical world where I’m GM? Of course. I would try to find a team that has a surplus of talented young right-shooting defensemen and dearth of scoring left wingers, and give them a call.

  • TD

    I can see where the Canucks may be done with Goldobin. His defensive lapses are very noticeable. Boyle’s goal was horrible. Goldobin had position and just let Boyle skate away for the rebound as he watched the d man shoot the puck. He produces okay, but not great considering who he has played with this season and not great considering the poor defensive play.

    He does best fit with Pettersson and Boeser, but Boeser isn’t great defensively either which is tough to have on one line. They started the season with Goldobin and Pettersson, but added the defensively reliable Eriksson to help. Boeser obviously produces extremely well and needs to stay with Pettersson, but that doesn’t leave a good fit on the line for Goldobin.

    He is a decent young player, so the return would have to have value attached.

  • Puck Viking

    One of Sven, Gold, Rousel or Lievo needs to be traded. You have Dahlen coming next year so if we can flip one for a 2nd rounder or RHD prospect (with 2nd round value) then make the deal. Gives you a chance to bring up Zac/Dahlen/Jasek.

    Id waive Schaller so you arent handcuffed in to making a deal immediately.

    • Puck Viking

      Benning should be targeting teams that are desperate like the Kings(Anderson-Dolan or 2nd), Flyers(Rubstov/Ratcliff or a 2nd) or Oilers(Benson or a 2nd).

      Maybe a team like Carolina for Jake Bean/Haydn Fleury or NYI for Bode Wilde might be options as well.

  • Doodly Doot

    A Goldy trade seems like a great idea. Bear can reconnect effectively with Horvat. You also have Leivo who is a nice serviceable net-front presence for Pete and then Granlund and Roussel who are both able to move up and down the left side. Boucher is still only just 25 and ripping it up in the Utica chaos and can be brought in for depth. Yup, I’m fine with getting ‘something’ good for Goldy.

  • Kanuckhotep

    Trade rumour aside, now is not the time to abandon ship on Goldobin and what he brings to the line up. No one questions his offensive capabilities nor his reasonably impressive hands. More now than ever forwards in this very tight league must play the entire 200’x85’ game, a situation Goldy and Green’s staff have to focus on. Petey certainly gets it and if NG#77 can effectively round out his whole game we’ll have a very good player who can contribute for years to come. He’s just not there as of yet.

    • DJ_44

      No one questions his offensive capabilities nor his reasonably impressive hands.

      I think, at the NHL level, his offensive capabilities are in question, and specifically how he processes the game. One maybe able to live with the lack of effort or complete disinterest the defensive zone or on the back-check, and his low level of compete in puck battles; but his puck management in the offensive zone is not good. I find he just is not aware of where space is or will be in the offensive zone. He often stick handles into trouble, and then either loses the puck or passes to a teammate he just put in a worse position.

  • Holly Wood

    I wonder if this is just an opportunity to showcase Tim Schaller in order to clear a roster spot for the Sutter return. A third round pick for Schaller works for me

  • Ty Webb

    This year has felt like a tipping point for goldobin as he has walked the line between brilliant and boneheaded all year. His biggest issue has been consistency and it seems like he could tip either way at any given time. We don’t get to see the player like the coaches and mangement do, but Im going to assume since there is smoke there is fire. Exploring a trade now is prudent as the Canucks can still sell him on his potential upside despite his inconsistencies because there will always be a GM who will take a flier on a Kovalchuk type player. I don’t think he will return much on his own, but could be a nice +1 on a larger deal.

  • SK•Nux•Fan

    Jackson, I’m a longtime reader, first time commenter…
    @DefensemanFactory made a great point about Goldy’s arbitration rights…agree with his POV or not (and I do), this kind of analysis of Goldy’s current situation is the kind of content I enjoy and have come to expect from this site.
    Unfortunately, all too often this quality analysis only appears in the comments section (with the exception of some great work from Biecher and Boy Genius and a few others).
    Point is, anybody can be smug. Just ask JD Jurke – the most unreadable sportswriter in the Vancouver market. You’re better than that. Tell us what you think of the trade rumor and why CA Nation should or shouldn’t be wary of a potential move.
    I realize this is free content and I applaud the efforts of all CA writers for working hard to provide us readers with some incredible content about our team. Just, please, don’t be like Jurke.

  • Hockey Bunker

    Goldy is not good enough to be a top 6 guy moving forward and not versatile to improve a third line. And he doesn’t score enough to make you want to create a role for him..

  • rediiis

    I don’t know who put this out on the street, but Goldy was scratched (either to save from harm or to soothe his hurt feelings). I hope this wasn’t just irresponsible reporting. If it is true, then JB is working early and hard on roster adjustments. We all know some adjustments are needed. At least we didn’t get Petrovic. Nice shooting Pettersson, your SOG% is awesome.

  • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

    Jim Benning speaking about Goldy – “We like his skill level and what he brings. He has come a long way in his development this season and we’re going to continue to work with him on that”.

    He’s come a long way this season in his development???? He’s been healthy scratched 2 times, and has played in every single other game this season (41 games). If he has indeed come a LONG WAY, how f’ing awful did they think he was earlier this year??? Clearly not garbage enough to not warrant benching him in the press box.

    Why is Goldy always being cast as the black sheep of this organization? Cause they claim he doesn’t play defence? He’s too offensively gifted to waive cause they know he’ll be claimed, yet his defensive skills are so awful that it’s futile to play him in a bottom six role….

    Markus Granlund is completely devoid of any offensive skills and yet he maintains his 3rd/4th line role due to his supposed defensive skills. Yet look how godawful he has been for almost the entire season killing penalties???

    Why is Goldy always this teams scapegoat???

    If Green is as good a coach for these kids as so many of the commenters on here insist, then why can’t he get through to Goldy?

    • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

      BTW if it sounds like I’m defending Goldy, I’m really not trying to. I fully admit he makes A LOT of boneheaded moves in the offensive zone (see his constant PP half wall forcing the pass across the slot giveaways, see his stickhandling into trouble, see his INability to see the ice and where his teammates are moving, and not where they are).

      My beef is simply why TG/JB always seem to throw him under the bus for his lack of defensive play. Why does nobody else on the roster get tossed to the wolves after a game where they make defensive gaffes that lead to goals against? Why is there no accountability for the likes of Granlund, Shaller, Eriksson, MDZ, Pouliot, and others.

      Yes, some of those players named have been scratched (some repeatedly) but never do you see or hear Green/Benning talk about the “why” they are being scratched and constantly repeating the same narrative for those players who are clearly being scratched cause they aren’t learning from their mistakes, yet everytime with Goldy, it’s the same old story.

      To me, this just shines the light back on Green and begs the question why he can’t seem to get through to Goldy? But at the same time, why can’t he get through to the Pouliots, the MDZs, the Shallers, the Granlunds, the Erikssons?

      Is it cause Goldy is a bit younger and therefore still “teachable”? I wasn’t aware that the human brain completely becomes “unteachable” after 25.

      I would welcome any feedback. (I feel like I should apologize for writing so much, but this whole Green/Goldy defensive liability narrative has been very perplexing to me to say the least simply cause it speaks very loudly to a coach who can’t seem to get through to certain players about specific parts of their individual games which just aren’t improving)

      • North Van Halen

        Well Jim, let me try to lay it out. Let’s pretend you’re coaching a football team and
        let’s say you have a cornerback with above average talent but every time he’s in man coverage he stares at the quarterback instead of watching his man. Against Blake Bortles and Andy Dalton he keeps picking off balls because they aren’t smart enough to look him off but occasionally he gets burnt. Against Drew Brees & Tom Brady he gets burned repeatedly because they run double moves with pump fakes.
        The coach has repeatedly begged the cornerback not to stare down the qb but he won’t stop. He leads the team in interceptions but is also responsible for more long passes than anyone on the team. Do you keep running him out there knowing he hasn’t responded to your repeated pleas to stop playing for interceptions or do you eventually bench him and put a less talented guy out there who won’t get beat deep but won’t get as many interceptions?
        If you ignore his shortcomings and just keep putting him out there, what does that say to the guys playing right? Don’t worry about playing right, f you can get good counting stats, we’ll ignore your shortcomings. Now you’ve got more guys playing the wrong way because you’ve shown interceptions mean more than playing the right way. Now your team leads the league in interceptions and is giving up more big plays than any team in the league. Exciting but not a recipe for winning.
        Essentially if you aren’t going to play the game the right way, you better be Pavel Bure good to get away with it. Being Nikolai Goldobin good you better play the game right.

        • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

          #1 – I don’t watch north american football, nor am I familiar with a bunch of positions and what they are supposed to/not supposed to do (but I do appreciate your effort to explain don’t get me wrong)
          #2 – I’m detecting sarcasm in your posts tone, but I’m not 100% so I’m not going to take any of that personally, specifically cause you made the effort to reply to my comments after having obviously read them which I appreciate 🙂
          #3 – I think you missed my point. I was trying to shed some light on a possible bigger picture issue than simply Goldy and what he can and cannot do as a hockey player. I wanted to address the issue of WHY Goldy doesn’t seem to be capable of solving his defensive issues and general shortcomings. It has pretty much exclusively been laid out in the media and by the coach and GM (sometimes) that ‘Goldy’s problems are Goldy’s problems and his exclusively to solve’.

          My issue is why other players’ shortcomings are never addressed to even 1/10th the degree that Goldy’s are and furthermore, why their shortcomings are never cast in the same light (ie: publicly thrown under the proverbial bus) as Goldy’s when/if they are healthy scratched.

          Further to that point, why are those other player’s shortcomings literally NEVER used in interviews by this coach when giving his reasons for healthy scratching them? It’s always “Shaller’s sitting tonight” or “Del Zotto and Pouliot are out tonight”, but I never hear him give the ‘WHY’ they are being sat (obviously the fans know…poor play…just not good enough), but Green never hesitates to go into a long description publicly for why he is benching/dropping/press box’ing Goldy.

          That’s where I brought up the age consideration as a possible reason concerning “teachability”.

          Thanks again for your reply btw. Sometimes I have agreed with your points and sometimes not, but I enjoy reading the comments as often as I can and find yours to be interesting more often than not.

          • North Van Halen

            Sorry for picking football, no sarcasm was intended. I guess to put it more simply, it’s the repetition of the same mistakes that are getting to the coaches. Granlund suffers a lack of talent. His mistakes are due to ability not execution.
            Goldie’s mistakes are execution not talent. Coaches forgive physical limitations, they don’t forgive repeated mental mistakes. Guys like Pettersson & Boeser get told their responsibility and they execute as told thus they are repeatedly thrown out there even as young guys. Players like Goldie cheat their responsibilities to create offence and coaches hate that, Further, if you let Goldie get away with that, young guys will see that and think it’s acceptable.
            Having every player play the ‘right’ way is how you win. Having 15 guys play one way and 3 play a different way will eventually have all 18 playing the wrong way and a coach looking for a new job.

  • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

    North Van Halen

    It won’t let me reply to your last post, so I had to start a new thread.

    I understand your point about Green still feeling that Goldy is teachable due to his mistakes being mental (as opposed to physical limitations, or simply physical attributes and ability to become a stronger, better hockey player. However, could you possibly speak to why Granlund cannot be taught how to play better positionally on the PK? I simply don’t buy that Granlund does not possess the physical hockey skills and/or mental ability to play better defence while killing penalties (I’m not saying that that is what you are claiming, but your argument naturally leads to that conclusion. Additionally, I don’t believe that Pouliot’s constant mistakes of throwing the puck directly onto the other teams attacking player right in the slot for direct scoring chances is a ‘physical limitation’ or natural ability of the player either. These are simply massive boneheaded mistakes made by a mentally weak hockey player who panics when pressed hard in his own zone and especially below the goal line.

    Therefore, why are these deficiencies of their respective games not ‘teachable’ by your same logic? If Green still believes that Goldy can be taught, then why is there never any public acknowledgement by Green as to these players’ deficiencies and explanation as to how he is going about in practice to ‘teach’ those deficiencies out of their game for their own good and the teams’?

    It’s always the same old rhetoric concerning Goldy. Green said yesterday ahead of the Ottawa game in the pregame presser that the morning skate was essentially exclusively tailored towards teaching Goldy defensive responsibility. Why does he never give any such explanations/defences concerning the teams’ other players who clearly are lacking in respect of particular aspects of their game?

    That’s my beef.

    If you have any thoughts on this, I would love to hear them (and anybody else for that matter).

    Again, thanks very much for your reply and contributions.

    • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

      Maybe its cause mgmt feels that Goldy could still potentially be a key asset of the org moving forward, whereas the others are simply placeholders? Seems possible, but still doesn’t answer the question why Green would still be going arguably out of his way to publicly explain away Goldy and all his issues vs other players as that would only shed negative light on him as a coach in specifically targeting certain players to coach, but not others…

      • Ser Jaime Lannister

        A big factor has to do with the stupid media. When Del Zotto, Pouliot and Schaller get benched theres no follow up questions, its pretty obvious what their mistakes have been. But when it comes to Goldobin, some of these media members just cant fathom that its Goldobin being scratched for some odd reason….TG is baffled half the time that he has to elaborate on it lmao. Could it be the 3-5 turnovers a game? Useless on the forecheck? Wont take a hit to make a play? Cant play on the wall? Wont hustle on the backcheck? Lazy penalties? Weak compete level? Defensive liability? The list goes on….

        Hes shown brilliance but far to inconsistent for TG. Trade him for what ever you can.

        • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

          That’s a really good point Ser Jaime. I have noticed certain media members (who shall remain nameless) have often tried to pump Goldys tires with questions asking for clarification, follow ups, reasoning from TG re: Goldy minutes, deployment, benching at times.

          TG talking about how yesterdays morning skate was tailored around Goldy however just befs the question where are the tailored practices for other members of the team who are so evidently lacking in aspects of their game? Again, I inevitably draw back to my question about Goldys age and teachability…

          Why does Goldy get practices tailored to help him work on his weaknesses while others do not? Or if they perhaps do, why does TG take it upon himself to always drive home the same narrative about Goldys deficiencies? Does the team see him as something special worth investing additional time and effort in that they do not see in others? Wasn’t Pouljot a 1st round selection? Should he not be getting additional tailored practices specifically for his faults?

      • North Van Halen

        I guess my best answer would be that the mistakes Pouliot, Del Zotto & Granlund make are the results of a combination of odd deployment, poor processing speed, & limited talent while Goldie’s mistakes are a result of poor processing & cheating. He has the talent, as we can see, so what’s different?
        I’m guessing he leans the wrong way all the time. By this I mean a hockey skate has 2 edges, when there’s a 50/50 puck you can lean one of 2 ways, offence or defence. The only time you lean to offence is when you are behind and it’s late, otherwise stay straight up or lean defence. I’m guessing Goldie leans to the offence 80% of the time thus the frustration of the coach. Stay on the right side of the puck.
        While Granlund’s deployment is puzzling, that’s on the coach’s. Del Zotto & Pouliot work hard and play right, they just can’t process the game when it gets too fast. Goldie cheats and thats what peeves coaches.

        • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

          Very good points NVH. Thanks for the feedback. Think I’m about done trying to wrap my head around the whole Goldy debate. Gonna focus on the game now. Enjoy and cheers!

    • Ser Jaime Lannister

      Agree on Granlund, his play has been awful of late, get him off the PP and PK ffs.

      I do think hes just a placeholder this season. Would like to see MacEwen or Dahlen get a call up or shot next year and Granlund/Goldobin are in the way.