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Canucks acquire Tom Pyatt, Mike McKenna and 2019 6th round pick for Darren Archibald and Anders Nilsson

The Canucks are in Ottawa tonight and have decided to make a trade with their host

Tom Pyatt had cleared waivers yesterday but has appeared in thirty-seven games with the Senators this season posting two assists. Since Pyatt was assigned to the AHL earlier today, the Canucks will have a $75,000 cap hit while Pyatt is in the minors as it’s over the maximum buriable. He provides some centre depth for the Comets, which is an area that was sorely lacking.

Mike McKenna had cleared waivers earlier in the season but has been on the Senators roster since November 1st and thus would need to be waived again. He has appeared in 10 games for the Senators this season posting a 3.96 GAA and 0.897 SV%.

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Anders Nilsson hadn’t won a game for the Canucks in the last nine starts and it was clear that the experiment was reaching an end. He had appeared in twelve games with the Canucks this season and posted a 3.09 GAA and 0.895 SV%.

Darren Archibald heads to the Senators and will be a big loss for the Comets. Archibald has always been a fan favourite there but unfortuantely the centre position in Utica was so bad that they had to make a move somehow and unfortunately it was at the cost of Archibald.

Lastly, the Canucks add another pick for the 2019 NHL Entry Draft here in Vancouver. At this moment, they now own nine draft picks and it will be the first time that they enter the draft with more the allotted picks. (assuming they stay true to their word of not trading 2019 picks)

This deal is a tidy piece of business for the organization for a variety of reasons:

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  • Add a pick
  • Fix an issue in Utica
  • Ensure to get some value out of Anders Nilsson (even if it’s just a sixth)
  • Make the path easier for Demko to get some games
  • Save some more cap space to take on additional salary, if the opportunity arises

This is clearly a small deal in the long run but for the reasons listed above, you can’t really complain about what was done here today. Now McKenna and Nilsson just have to change dressing rooms in Ottawa for the game tonight.


  • Jamie E

    Well, we could pat the organization on the back for this tidy bit of work, but Canucks Twitter clearly wants to criticize GMJB over a Goldobin trade rumour instead.

  • Kanucked

    Good transaction.

    I am looking forward to seeing Demko called up in the second half of the season. I hope he gets 10+ games. However, I think TG should put him in better spots than he did with Nilsson.

    I like Archibald, but he never seemed to take advantage of his opportunities.

    • North Van Halen

      Yeah, i think this was the best reason for this trade. After today’s game waive McKenna and give Demko the start in Montreal!! It’s time to find out what we have in Demko, McKenna will make a great back-up to Bachman (or is it the other way around – who cares!!!)

  • TheRealPB

    I like Nilsson but he really never settled into his role — either in spot duty or even really when he was more relied upon. A few really great stretches but not all that much to be comfortable with. I’d be happy with having Demko up here full time. Archibald’s been a great soldier but that’s a decent AHL swap. I’m honestly surprised we got as much as a sixth for Nilsson.

    • Erik Lonnrot

      I think he’d shown enough potential and flashes of high end skill to warrant giving him a try. It didn’t work out but I think it was still a good move to make.

  • TheRealPB

    Also, I’m really curious as to what either the college FA or especially the off-season strategy is going to be for the Canucks. We’re only at 46/50 contracts and are already sitting at only fifth lowest payroll in the league. Does this mean a run this summer at a Seguin, Karlsson, Panarin or Duchesne? There’s more of a volume of decent UFAs potentially this summer than in years past, but I’m a bit worried about what that might mean for a team that should, I agree, continue with rebuilding.

  • Kanuckhotep

    Anders Nilsson is the second player gone from the opening night roster, along with Leipzic of course. Mr. Benning gave up two guys whom no one saw as being in the long term plans and was done mostly to shore up Utica’s concerns and dump cap. Would like to see Thatcher Demko on the big club much sooner than later.

    • TD

      I didn’t mind Arch, it’s too bad for the Comets, but it opens up a top spot on the wing for one of the kids and they get an extra pick. I would rather see MacEwan get a call up over Archibald if the Canucks need are a big body. Great bunch of moves today.

  • Defenceman Factory

    Excited for Demko to get a look and hopefully McKenna can keep Utica’s head above water. It will be bad if he is lost on waivers. Good luck to Archibald. He was a sentimental favourite.

    With Gaudette, Gaunce and Kero in Utica already the lack of centre depth doesn’t quite add up. Is there an injury or another trade in the works we haven’t heard about?

  • LTFan

    I see this trade as a move to get Demko into the Canucks lineup. As others have said let’s see what we have in Demko. Hpefully a solid backup who can win some games.

    To be fair, IMO, Nilsson wasn’t put in a position to succeed by TG. He should have been playing every 3rd or 4th game in order to be game ready. At the same time when you have a hot goalie in Markstrom, you play him. The objective of being Head Coach is to win as many games as possible. We cannot fault TG for that. It will be interesting to see how TG deals with Demko. TG knows Demko as he had him in Utica, as he also had Markstrom.

    The fans in Utica will not be happy to lose Archibald but Tom Pyatt should be able to fill in reasonably well.

    • DJ_44

      Nilsson wasn’t put in a position to succeed by TG. He should have been playing every 3rd or 4th game i

      I think Nilsson played better than his record indicated. The problem what his injury, which was, along with the other 5 players hurt, what precipitated the November losing streak.

      Since his return, Markstrom was just too solid to not run with. That and with Demko playing well and recovered from injury …. at least we got a sixth.

    • Beer Can Boyd

      Teams want a real #1 goalie. Markstromm has at least shown he could possibly be that guy, especially in his last season in Utica. Nilsson blows hot and cold, goalies like him are a dime a dozen. Now watch him become the #1 in Ottawa and get them to the playoffs!

  • BJPeters02

    Good trade. Leaves Utica with more room on the wings for the young guys too. Overall good trade, win win for Ottawa as Nillson can do better than he has been

  • Fred-65

    I think JB did his best to take care of his players. Nielsson get’s to remain in the NHL rather than send him down and Archibald gets a new opportunity. McKenna goes to Utica and allows Demko to get a run setting him up for next season. Although if Markstrom keeps this up Demko might find it tough to break through. Markstrom is playing out standing hockey.