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Canucks Prospects at WJHC – Day 3

Another slower night for Canucks prospects with only two games on tap for the event.

With Finland and Canada having the night off, that meant that only Quinn Hughes and Tyler Madden dressed and were up against Kazakhstan.

The Americans were leaps and bounds better than their opponent, outshooting them by a 66-13 margin. Both Canucks prospects played well in the 8-2 win.

Quinn Hughes (United States)

Tonight: 0-1-1, 9 SOG, 20:11 TOI

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Tournament: 2GP 0G-1A-1PT

It’s extremely hard to take anything away from a game like tonights’. The Americans ran away with the score early, dominated the puck, and danced circles around their overwhelmed opponent. With that in mind, you have to take everything that happened with a grain of salt.

Hughes continued to do his thing with effective puck control and shot assists galore. His ability to just take the puck out of the American zone, through the neutral zone, and into the offensive zone was fully on display. Kazakhstan just had no way to stop Hughes from doing what he wanted to do.

The 2018 1st round pick generated quite a few chances for himself by just skating with the puck, isolating specific defenders, and then just blowing by them. One of those first chances was this one:

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Fellow Canucks prospect Tyler Madden just didn’t quite get the puck as the defender poked it away.

Later in the first period, Hughes picked up his first point of the WJHC tournament on Joel Farabee’s powerplay tally

Hughes kept doing his thing throughout the remainder of the game as the Americans cruised to the 8-2 win. His impact from an underlying number standpoint was noteworthy:

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Tyler Madden (United States)

Tonight: 1-0-0, 5 SOG, 17:56 TOI

Tournament: 2GP 1G-1A-2PT

Tyler Madden picked up right where he left off from his last game.

Speed, tenacity, work ethic, and smart play have all been on display for the 2018 3rd round pick.

Madden continued to find the gaps in coverage to get shots or creating that space on his own through quick movements and dangles with the puck.

He was able to pick up his first goal, and his second point of the tournament, with this goal in the second period

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Originally waved off by the referee, they went upstairs and confirmed that it was, in fact, a goal.

Not much happened with Madden for the remainder of the game, he did have a couple decent chance in the third period on a power play but his first shot was tipped out of danger and he missed the net on the second one. As Darryl mentioned above, the quality of competition is important context but he also stood out in terms of underlying data:

Players like Madden will be extremely important for the Americans to take steps forward against the stiffer competition in the coming games. Their depth will be a huge part of their success and so far Madden has been at the forefront of that group.

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After the light day on Friday, the full schedule returns for a jam-packed Saturday:

All four Canucks prospects are expected to be playing tomorrow.

  • Charlie y

    That goal by Madden was pretty nice. I made it to this game and had a good sight line on it, everyone in my section knew it was in. Play went on for about 30 seconds before they stopped to review. Madden had been rounding the net like that a few times but usually kept going around the boards to the blue line, and gave the goalie a change up on that one. Seemed like he had taken them off their guard a bit and then took advantage.
    On Hughes, I think he played as described above but I couldn’t help but notice his shot was a bit of a muffin mostly. He did fire a bullet near the end of the game, just wide I think. So he can, but, like I said, most of them seemed like he wasn’t getting a good hold on them. Maybe Pettersson can give him some pointers there.
    The game got fairly rough towards the end, as Kazakhstan really wanted a goal and were willing to fight for it. Number 28 on their team got crunched a few times and basically crawled of the ice, but kept coming back. The crowd really got behind them and it was nice for them to get a second goal through some pretty impressive determination and perseverance. They were smaller, slower, outgunned, and really got the crap kicked out of them but fought hard till the end. Their first goal was a beauty of a pass that lead to the breakaway too.

  • Puck Viking

    With Maddens play this season it might be him as the future 3rd line center on this team. The great thing about Pete, Bo, AG and Madden is that every single one of them plays hard at both ends of the ice. If you look at some of the Oilers issues it is that only the Nug seems to play in his own end with any regularity.