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Olli Juolevi has knee surgery and is out remainder of season

The Canucks were dealt some tough news prior to puck drop against the Lightning this evening as it was released that defenceman Olli Juolevi would be out for the remainder of the season

The full press release is below:

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The Vancouver Canucks announced today that Olli Juolevi has undergone successful knee surgery and is expected to make a full recovery for training camp.

After thorough evaluation, rest and conservative treatment, surgery was determined by Canucks medical staff, in consultation with specialists, as the best option for Juolevi’s long-term health and career.

The surgery was successfully performed today with an estimated return to play timeline of six months.

It’s a really unfortunate turn of events for Juolevi as he had been making some positive strides with his development in Utica. There were still some issues to his game that needed to be worked out but it was clear that he was trending towards making a debut with the Canucks at some point this season. Juolevi last played on November 17th against the Hartford Wolf Pack.

He ends the season with 13 points (1-12-13 in 18 games with Utica Comets.

It will be interesting to see how he comes into camp next season as he should be close to healthy in June  and then has most of the summer to train but still lost over half a season of play.

  • TheRealRusty

    What a gong show. Whats up with the medical staff? Misdiagnosed concussions and injuries etc… wtf is GMJB doing when he says that he will be the monitoring injuries at the beginning of the season. Does a GM not have enough responsibilities that he cannot delegate this task to more qualified medical professionals?

    • DJ_44

      wtf is GMJB doing when he says that he will be the monitoring injuries at the beginning of the season.

      I believe this means the head medical staff will report to GMJB. It is not like he is diagnosing or treating the injuries.

    • DJ_44

      How did they mishandle it? If the knee did not respond to initial treatment, or there is a setback, all you can do is move to the next step, which apparently was a best-in-the-business knee specialist in Colorado.

      What other injuries were mishandled?

      • Puck Viking

        The knee was destroyed how do you think allowing him to go back to utica with out a proper diagnosis only to have to come back again and then have a major surgery is not a mishandle?? LOL

        • DJ_44

          Destroyed? I have not seen that description in any of the articles or press releases. Going back to Utica without a proper diagnosis? There are some massive assumptions here. I imagine Juolevi was seen by numerous specialists. He was flown to Vancouver for that very reason when the injury occurred.

          A far more plausible series of events is that they made a diagnosis and rehab plan, that called for evaluation along the way ….you know, like every rehab plan. When the player(injury) is not responding to the plan, you go to the next option, which is seeing yet another specialist.

          Surgery was probably a choice…..you can do this or you can do this ….. but you will eventually need a surgery. When presented with facts….you make a decision for long-term health and performance.

  • KCasey

    Definitely a little bit of an eyebrow raiser but this is hardly some sort of blemish accredited to Benning. Players get hurt and its the trainers and medical staff that handle it on a case to case basis from there. Brock Boeser dam near broke his back and made a full and fine recovery. EP40 had a head injury and came out the other side just fine. Sven is on his way back I short order. Sutter. I mean it’s not like this is some sort of team kryptonite. The human body is unique in each and every case and something that is standard protocol for the norm won’t be effective on everyone. The best you can do is act in your best professional opinion and try to improve ones health. As much as we think it’s some black and white exact science it simply isn’t.

    A completely different note. Congrats Ryan and Jeremy as well as the others that got the backstage access to the game tonight. Hard work and and a different perspective doesn’t go unnoticed. As much as I love the work you do here, I hope you guys all get afforded the opportunity of doing something bigger and better.

  • Bud Poile

    During 2014 Juolevi had surgery on his knee and missed 7 months of hockey/training.
    Olli was 14 years old.
    I have no idea but I’m hoping that this surgery will sort out the constant discomfort Olli was experiencing and repair any residual damage from his previous injury and initial surgery.

  • Kanuckhotep

    Ouch!!! Is this franchise cursed when it comes to drafting Ds in the 1st round? Other than Matthias Ohlund who has ever stuck with Canucks under this circumstance? It’s not over for OJ but are we looking at another year in Utica next year or will he actually make the Canucks? Wanna be positive but am starting to get a bad feeling about this. Forty nine years later is it ever going to change?