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Blackfish: CanucksArmy Prospect Report – December 14th, 2018

After a brief hiatus, and a day late this week, we are back with the Blackfish: CanucksArmy Prospect Report!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks with some prospects heading to WJHC evaluation camps, a prospect heading back overseas, and the Canucks adding another prospect earlier today.

Not to mention, some of the prospects have been taking some noticeable steps forward.

Before we dive in, the reason for missing last week was due to my family moving and some other personal matters (Which has resulted in some grammar issues since my mind has been elsewhere), but we are back and should get back to our regularly scheduled timing!

Let’s go!



  • Since our last update – Jett Woo has been on fire. Over the last two weeks, Woo had two goals and eight assists in six games for the Moose Jaw Warriors. With Josh Brook at the WJHC Evaluation Camp, Woo will be leaned upon even more so and should continue to build on his eight-game point streak that he is currently riding.


  • Matt Brassard posted three assists over the last two weeks in five games for the Generals.
  • New signing, Mitch Eliot, will be added to the Blackfish report going forward.
  • Michael DiPietro was moved to the Ottawa 67’s, appeared in one game, and has since headed to Victoria to secure the starting job with Team Canada.

United States


  • Thiessen appeared in five games over the last two weeks. He played very well in four straight games between November 21st and December 7th, holding his opponents to two goals or less in all four games. Unfortunately, he has seen four goals against and five against in his last two starts.


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  • Quinn Hughes ended the two week period with five assists over four games. He is at the Team USA World Juniors training camp and will be a large part of their team.

  • Tyler Madden had five assists over one goal and four assists over a two-game weekend before heading out to the same USA World Juniors Camp. Hopefully, he can secure a spot with that team as a depth centre.
  • William Lockwood with one goal and two assists over four Michigan Games. They are now on winter break.
  • Rathbone registered one goal and one assist in the three games over the last two weeks.



  • Artyom Manukyan continues to sit at two goals and ten assists on the season – he was held off the scoresheet in all six games over the last two weeks
  • Nikita Tryamkin did not play any games since our last update.


  • Toni Utunen dressed in three games for Tappara since our last update on November 21st, he failed to register a point. He will be suiting up for the Finnish WJHC team soon in pre-tournament games.
  • Petrus Palmu will be updated here from now on.


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  • Kristoffer Gunnarsson was loaned to Linkoping in the SHL – which could be a good thing as he appears to be getting more ice time already. He played 19:14 vs Brynas on December 6th and then 13:48 against Farjestad two nights later.

Czech Republic

  • Zhukenov has once again moved after being loaned to AZ Havirov over the last two weeks. He’s appeared in three games for them and registered one goal. At the very least, he is playing again.


  • Petrus Palmu was officially loaned by the Canucks to TPS Turku in Liiga
  • Colton Saucerman (D) was signed a PTO earlier this week
  • Brandon Anselmini (D) was returned to the ECHL
  • Michael Carcone was traded to the Toronto Marlies
  • Sam Gagner was also loaned to the Marlies (again) from the Canucks
  • Adam Gaudette and Alex Biega remain up with the Canucks.
  • As always Comets Cory has you covered for everything Comets – check them out here.


  • At this moment, the Canucks have no prospects in the ECHL.

  • bushdog

    gadjovich and juolevi appear to be having serious troubles. what’s with it? they were hyped thru the roof and can’t seem to offer much hope any more. from what i can glean from this page, we don’t have anybody who can challenge for a spot on the canucks next year…except maybe macewen

    • Bud Poile

      Juolevi-scheduled return to play within one week/13 pts in 18 GP
      Hughes quoted as saying he wants to sign this season
      If Gaudette is returned to Utica that would make seven legitimate challengers for spots next season.

      • Matty T

        Zzzzz… some trolls never learn

        “Juolevi,Brisebois,Rodin,McEneny,Demko and Subban will all push for jobs this season and Green has the mandate to integrate them” – Bud Poile

        Utica… where prospects go to fade into obscurity. FACT!

        • Bud Poile

          Gillis’ draft picks have faded into obscurity.Fact.
          Virtanen,Juolevi,Demko,Dahlen,Brisebois,Gaudette,MacEwen all NHL players.
          Biech banned you into obscurity yet here you are still whining and trolling.
          Another fact for the depressed,confused troll that CA won’t moderate.

          • Robson Street

            Dahlen and Brisebois are NHL players? Based on this season? Really? Do you believe this or have you been reading The Secret and are hoping to will this into being somehow?

            (I do agree on Gaudette, Demko and Hughes, am skeptical about Juolevi, and could maybe see MacEwan make another leap, though I doubt it.)

          • Matty T

            Concussed Dud confusing fact with FAIRYTALES again…

            What like Bo ‘the beast’ Horvat (C) and Ben Hutton you mean. FACT

            Virtanen is a tweener hanging by a thread, MacEwan has not played in the NHL at 22, the rest are still in the minors after all failing to stick and Juolevi is an injury prone BUST who still can’t make the show after going FIFTH OVERALL, THREE drafts ago. FACT

            Now, moderate yourself and LEAVE as CA told you to… FACT!

        • lolthisguy

          lol, wow, you took the time to write this out. Get a life bro, stop hanging on that guy’s nuts… and you’re no expert either. Proving other people wrong doesn’t make you any smarter, just a loser. So think on it…. maybe grow up?

    • Killer Marmot

      from what i can glean from this page, we don’t have anybody who can challenge for a spot on the canucks next year…

      Hughes, Juolevi, and Demko.

      And about 8 others who have a fighting chance, including as you say MacEwen.

  • Confused Canuck

    I’m confused. How can the Wilkes-Barrie (Pens) AHL team pull ten Stanley Cup winners from their farm team prospects, plus two cup winning coaches, yet the Moose/Wolves/Comets outfits have pulled a big fat zero for the Canucks… what is the point if we cannot develop winners from the A.

      • Matty T

        Rob G put down the koolaid, the Pens have made the playoffs 12 seasons in a row and won three cups with just one top ten pick in the last TWELVE DRAFTS (Pouliot). NO first round picks the last FOUR DRAFTS. No picks higher than 20th since 2006. Don’t be a mug all your life Rob G.

        Yet they are icing a contending playoff team EVERY SEASON (a current NHL record 12 in a row). They have pulled over a dozen recent cup winners from their farm team.

        • timmay

          love the way this bud guy gives himself away by trashing rebuttals to his posts straight away, like three to six times l-o-l.

          you are right. Also Bylsma and Sullivan were both brught up from the minors to coach the NHL team to their 3 cups and i see both the Pens starting goalies this season are from the AHL team, impressive prospectmanagement in lieu of high drafting too say the least.

        • Kootenaydude

          Pittsburgh has had the same core since 2005. Crosby, Malkin, Fleury and Letang. Once you have a core like this you just interchange the complimentary pieces. Pittsburgh has done this by giving up draft picks. Unfortunately for Pittsburgh this core is aging and they don’t have any youth in their system. Heck since 2013 they have only drafted 5 marginal players. Pittsburgh is now a sinking ship. They have no future and will be at the bottom. Much like Chicago is now. Canucks are in need of these core pieces. Pettersson, Horvat and Boeser is the start. Hopefully Hughes, Demko and Juolevi follow suite. Then the Canucks will hopefully have 10 years of good playoff hockey. Until then. It’s all about drafting and developing young players. Butttt you knew that.

          • Matty T

            Utter blind ignorance from the Kootenay cretin as usual. We had a great core for years too and couldn’t get near the Pens type of success. They have won TWO CUPS since 2013 ffs!

            The Pens have plenty of great youth in their system because the farm team is churning out proven NHLers like candy from numerous sources other than the draft, it’s called ‘sustainability’… read about it here and weep…

            … then accept that we do not have anything like this amount of complimentary talent in the system, and we have no elite D or goaltending either, that’s just a fanboy pipe dream. Our farm team is a total trainwreck in developing NHLers, the facts don’t lie. Hail Pittsburgh. Nexttttttttttttt

          • DJ_44

            No picks higher than 20th since 2006.


            Imagine where the Canucks would be had they a management team capable of even competent drafting between 2006 and 2013.

            Thankfully that ship had been righted.

    • Cageyvet

      You’re confusion is probably a result of the multiple personality disorder you suffer from. There’s clearly only one (disturbed) individual who routinely posts the same dumbass comments on this segment every time it runs. Everyone else understands that commenting on this year’s prospects is not the same as running down the franchise at every opportunity, or keeping a sick history of other people’s comments. Get a life.

  • Kanuckhotep

    Yeah, what about Tryamkin? Guessing he is probably injured. If he’s not then there might be some other problem. It’s probably hard to receive info from that part of Russia.

    • Matty T

      Who cares about Tryamkin, he’s old news, he’s toast and good riddance – Russian headcse who can’t even get it together in the KHL, trade his rights NOW as Benning is trying to do. End of.

  • Fred-65

    Fra nkly I get tired of the fan generated PR waffle. About MacEwen wil he or won’t he. His PPG is 0.78 and Archibald is 0.68 os is he that much better than a fading Archibald. We know for all his good intentions Archie just can’t crack the NHL, similar to Grenier maybe. It’s not like he’s in the top 10 in scoring in the league neither does he rack up many PIM’s. WE can certainly hope but to mention him as a future NHL on the stats/facts is an over reach IMHO