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Vancouver Canucks vs Nashville Predators Post-Game: Canucks lose in OT in Smashville

The comeback kids pushed the Nashville Predators to overtime before lower mainland native Colton Scissons potted the winner in extra time.

Despite being down a few times throughout the game, the Canucks were able to storm back and force the extra frame despite being heavily outshot and outchanced. It puts an end to the Canucks three-game win streak but shouldn’t be viewed as a tough loss or a disappointment and more seen as a positive for a young team finding their way.

1st period

The first frame did not start off well for the Canucks as they quickly found themselves down 2-0.

Ryan Hartman with the first goal of the game with the lone assist going to former Canucks defenceman Dan Hamhuis:

Just under three minutes later, another former Canuck scored to put the home team Preds up 2-0 by the 8:40 mark of the first period

That was Nick Bonino’s fifth goal of the season.

The Canucks were afforded a couple of powerplay chances but were unable to find the back of the net instead of relying on a Jay Beagle shorthanded goal at 15:15 to cut the lead to 2-1

The score remained until the conclusion of the first period and with the Predators outshooting the Canucks by a score of 8-7.

2nd period

To be honest, not much happened in the middle frame until Calle Jankrok tipped the Kyle Turris shot to extend the Preds lead to 3-1

The Canucks did receive one powerplay with Kyle Turris being called for a holding penalty at 4:23 but were unable to score. The 3-1 lead for the Preds held until the end of the period and they also held the lead in shots by a 17-12 margin.

3rd period

What the second period lacked in terms of excitement, the third frame made up for.

Nashville thought they had extended their lead to 4-1 but a savvy coaches challenge from the Canucks reversed the goal. That proved too huge later in the period because despite being heavily outshot in the period, the Canucks were able to chip away at the lead. After a fantastic save by Anders Nilsson, Brock Boeser scored on the slapshot to cut the deficit to 3-2

Then with the goalie pulled, Bowie Horvat tied the game at three with forty-four seconds left on the clock:

Regulation ended with the Preds continuing to lead in shots but it didn’t really matter as the game was headed to overtime after the comeback.


At 3:05 of overtime, North Vancouver native Colton Sissons scored to give the Predators the extra point.


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  • Tim Schaller was held to four minutes of ice time, posting a 20.0% CF% and generally not making an impact. With only five assists in 29 games with the Canucks, it’s hard to see him working himself out of this funk.
  • Erik Gudbranson was a late scratch due to back spasms.

  • Hard to not to agree with Cam here – I think the losses are more digestible because of the way the team has been grinding out comebacks and who is scoring the goals. But ideally, they will stop spotting the other team a lead.
  • DJ_44

    The Canucks were smothered pretty good for 2.5 periods. It almost looked like they went out in Nashville last night. Lots of passes missing the mark, missed plays.

    But hats off for the comeback. Brock with rocket and then the 3rd goal to tie it up. Goldobin, in the last 5 minutes, looked the best I have seen him play.

    I like the PP when there is more movement. I think Brock and Goldobin (or Baertschi) should exchange positions regularly to create movement, and open up a lot of options. If they do this, then the PK will not be able to sit on Pettersson and Boeser as the shooters, like Minnesota did.

    5 outta 6 points on the road trip….. you get the feeling the team is learning how to win.

  • Freud

    Let’s stop the tired cliches.

    This was another game where the team was thoroughly outplayed, but benefited from the randomness of NHL goals.

    Getting points in games because of significant luck and not good play is not beneficial for any rebuilding team.

    • Defenceman Factory

      One again Freud shows up, trashes everybody and contributes nothing.

      If you ever see two people talking and one looks really bored, Freud is the other one.

    • truthseeker

      Luck is an inherent part of hockey. It’s the most “lucky” of all the major sports. No sense in whining about it. If you want a sport where skill consistently determines outcomes then you should watch the NBA.

      Otherwise, just relax and enjoy the fact they gutted out a good come from behind single point.

    • DJ_44

      Where were they lucky? Looked like awfully bad luck on the weak first two goals. I do not remember big missed opportunities by nashville. Some great late saves by Nilsson. The goals didn’t pinball in.

      Nashville carried the play, but they certainly were not unlucky. The Canucks found a way to be close, and then, most importantly, knuckled down, keep their composure and scored 2 in the last five minutes.

    • steviewire

      Which one of the canucks goals was a result of significant luck? They all seemed to be the result of skill and hard work to me.
      The benefits are in the lessons taught. Keep pressing and good things may happen

    • Ser Jaime Lannister

      Freud how many times has your Mother told you “quit whining and go outside and play” You should take her advice and give hockey a shot…you may just like it.

    • Killer Marmot

      There’s nothing wrong with getting a point in a game where the Canucks were outplayed. It makes up for the games where the Canucks outplayed the other team and lost.

      It all comes out in the wash.

  • Kanuckhotep

    They pulled the goalie and actually scored on it to sent it to OT. Granted Nashville carried the play most of the night but you have to love the young Canucks grit. Five of six points on this road trip I’ll certainly take. Not bad for a squad where the majority of the players are not even old enough to remember the 20th Century. I’ve seen every Canuck team ever and this is one of the more entertaining ones considering everything. Lots of fun.

  • TheRealPB

    That’s a pretty gritty comeback against the third best team in the league. There’s some young players really hitting their stride. I have to remind myself that Horvat is still only 23 or that he’s the oldest of the five leading scorers on the team. Even when they’re not great this is still a more enjoyable team to watch in many years.

  • Nuck16

    Two more 3rd period penalties by Edler in a tight game. When you’re down a goal, you take chances, and that includes letting their player have the scoring chance rather than take a penalty. Miraculously we scored while he was in the box, but I’ll argue we scored because he was in the box which gave Hutton an offensive opportunity with the big guns and he didn’t disappoint. I think the last two 1st unit power play opportunities Hutton had before Edler game back from injury, he set up Petey for 2 beauty one timer goals. Trade Edler now, but in the mean time take him off the PP…way to many mental errors.

    • DJ_44

      While I cannot disagree with the points you make, Edler is Edler. He is a solid player, who is prone to lapses in mental judgement. He has been like this his entire career. While I cannot agree more that his penalty against Ellis was unnecessary, I thought his inexplicable lapse in coverage during Nashville’s goal that was called offside was just brutal. I me it was a 2on2 and he decides to wander right help Tanev leaving his man wide open for the tap it.

      • truthseeker

        I think the refs were looking to “game manage” on that last call. I think they weren’t sure about the puck deflecting off the glass on the delay of game penalty, but had already committed to calling it. After that they were looking for anything to call the canucks on and Edler should have known that.

        I agree with Nuck. I mentioned before I never understand this “take the penalty” mentality of players when they get beat and think it’s a “scoring opportunity”. So it’s a scoring opportunity. Fine. Let the other team have it, and trust your goalie. Most times the team isn’t going to score.

        I would like to know the odds of various situations though. Say for example, the average odds of scoring on a two on one vs. power play odds. Then you could teach players when would be a reasonable time to take a penalty.

  • petey 40

    All this losing is a real concern. When you have such wonderful young talent as Bo, Brock and Petey delivering the goods and you are still unable to win games and get at least one round of playoffs under your belt it must be very disheartening for these young men.

    This losing culture has to be addressed imo, the backend and goaltending have to compliment the young go-getter forwards of this team. Losing sucks for us fans, imagine what it’s like for the best players on the team. Depressing.

  • canuckfan

    Goal tending is the main reason for the road trip success last night Nilsson made some key saves at critical times. Yes He may want a couple of the goals back but that can be attributed to having some rust for not playing a lot.
    When they make great saves it motivates the team that they are still in the game even though they are down a couple goals. If our goalies can steal a few games who knows what could happen. If the home stand is full of success the team is back in the hunt but this success would be getting 10 out of the 10 points to get back in the hunt. If we get 8 out out of the 10 we could grind this out working our way into the hunt. The long road trips are over just need home success. The divisional games are going to be super important to where they will end up at the end of the year. Fun to watch now they are getting some luck on the reviews was hoping that stretch of luck was going to help us after the overtime goal.

    • Nuck16

      Yes, too bad he had a rusty start, if he played well the entire game we could have stolen a win. I don’t mind that we sat out Marky while he was hot…maybe that’s better than waiting until he has a bad game.

  • Kootenaydude

    If Stetcher was in the accuracy shooting contest. How many pucks would he need to hit the 4 targets? I swear the kid couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. Decent skater, but that shot is brutal.

  • I am Ted

    I guess CA is going to cont use that idiot Butthole Burke here. I am done here for a while. That guy is a sack of crap and I can’t support anyone who supports him. See you all some day 🙂

  • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

    Is it just me or was this writeup very difficult to read structurally speaking?

    Anyways, a complete no business game for the Canucks where they showed up for less than 20 mins total and somehow stole a point. Nobody hit anything all night. Even Roussel allowed Watson to push him around. Tanev, Edler, Pouliot all played VERY poorly.

    After a solid month of no friendly puck bounces, the team has been the recipient of good luck from the gods of late.

  • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

    Maybe Canucks could trade for the Preds entire 1st line from like 10yrs ago when they were a middling team that lost in the first round for about 12yrs….in a row! Orzagh, Erat, Arkhipov (ooooh I’m shaking just typing their names they were so damn good for so long!).

    Every team has cycles/periods of up and down. Take a moment away from your Mike Gilles daily prayers to soak up some reality.

  • Kanuckhotep

    Let’s dream of the play offs for a moment, shall we? The Canucks currently at 14-16-4 have 48 games left to play. If they can win exactly half their scheduled games over all (41 W) this means winning 27 of the remaining 48 to have chance of making the post season. ( to go with 8 or 9 OTL/SOL points at the current rate) It seems like a tall order but consider this. In their recent 1-10-1 stretch if they had won just half of those games, guess what? The VC would be right at or near the top of the division AND the conference. As everyone knows a plethora of injuries riddled this very young team with little depth in that dark November period. So really, are the Canucks that far off the mark from making the post season in a division, and league, with greater parity than ever before? I’ll accept what happens but this group at least has character now.