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CanucksArmy Post-Game: Canucks go mild against the Wild

The Canucks welcomed the Minnesota Wild to town on Tuesday night and unfortunately came up short, losing 3-2.

Hoping that the return of Jay Beagle and the new acquisition of Josh Leivo would help the Canucks bump the slump but ultimately, they came up just short.

Please note that there was a last minute change to the plan in regards to the post-game, thus this will be very short.

1st period

The Canucks got off to an early lead with newcomer Josh Leivo potting his first as a Canuck

That lead was short lived as Zach Parise continued his comeback season and tied the game at 1

The shot-clock ended the first period with the Wild leading the Canucks 7-6 but tied at 1.

2nd period

Not much happened in the early parts of the 2nd period but the Canucks were able to regain the lead as Tyler Motte buried his chance off a rebound

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The lead was fleeting as the Wild were able to score two goals in under a minute to take the lead. First, it was Ryan Suter

Fifty-five seconds later, it was Jason Zucker to take that lead:

Jake Virtanen was hit hard by Greg Pateryn to close out the second period but did eventually return early in the third period.

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The Wild led on the shot clock by a 16-11 total in the middle frame and after two periods by a 23-17 margin.

3rd period

Not much happened in the final frame as the Canucks looked to tie the game. The Wild were able to successfully shut down anything that the Canucks were able to throw at them including multiple powerplays and a last-minute chance by Brock Boeser. But it was not to be on this night as the visiting team left Rogers Arena with two points.

With the loss, the Canucks are now five games under .500 and currently sit 26th in the NHL in the standings.


Both images: Natural Stat Trick

        • Matty T

          Hahaha don’t sweat it tim, just a bunch of keyboard cowards who cannot handle the truth – personally, every thumbs down for me is a win – i LOVE IT!

          Let’s also add Larkin, Ehlers, Pastrnak, Sergachev, McAvoy and Keller to Lari’s list of Benning draft day fails – all proven stud NHL game-changers – all passed on by the so-called ‘draft guru’. Brutal.

          Get rid, even Seattle are better than this and they haven’t even played a game yet!

    • Rayman

      yeah. Green sucks, too. Where is Goldobin, by the way, When we need goals? If this is another rookie discipline crap thing, let’s just fire this guy. We don’t need anotber WD clone on our team. Unless off course, we want to get the top pick…

  • NeverWas

    Boys are getting looks. Key prospects are doing there thing… we really are missing that dynamic offensive puck moving defensemen. Can’t wait till Hughes is feeding petey and boeser from the point on the pp. Another win for team tank I guess!

      • pheenster01

        Juolevi is struggling in the AHL and is out indefinitely with a knee injury right now, so this is a ridiculous comment. Brand new account as well, who do we usually know you as guy?

          • Matty T

            Never mind your weird obsession with PWQ nerd boy, still waiting for an answer on this…

            “I also shake my head regarding the lack of respect Loui receives. If you watch the game, he is easily a top six on any team in league.” DJ_44

            FOUR goals this season i believe, his third with the Canucks… context?

      • LTFan

        Agree with Netminder50 MDZ is a liability. He took a dumb penalty late in the against the Canadians which resulted in a PP goal to give Montreal a 3 – 2 win. Last night he was in the box for all 3 Minnesota goals. From the reports we get on the Comets, it would seem either Sautner or McEneny would be an improvement.

  • Kanuckhotep

    If this is a bad Canucks team it’s the best bad Canucks team I can ever remember. They’re mostly one goal losses and are in the hunt in virtually every game this year with only few exceptions. As for the Seattle ‘21-22 expansion draft I can’t see very many guys that’ll be left on this team by that time to worry about losing. Bo, Brock and Petey are the only untouchables as I see it. Anyone else will have to really bring it consistently to stick.

  • TheRealPB

    The 5 v 5 play is uneven (20 minutes without a shot, then a flurry) but it’s the special teams that are brutal. 3-3 on the PP for Minnesota and 0-3 for us? How many PP goals will we give up where we lose the draw and they score on a deflection or screened shot from the point? And on ours it’s completely useless, Pettersson and Boeser stand like statues waiting for passes that the other team know to defend against, Edler or Hutton throw easy shots from the point and the ‘net front presences’ (Eriksson, Horvat or now Leivo) don’t move. It is the most static and useless PP I have seen us have. Sure we gain the zone but nothing else happens. How does Newell Brown keep a job? Based on a dynamic PP from 10 years ago? His later years here in the first go round were terrible and he also sucked wherever he went in the interim. This is over fifteen games of useless special teams. At what point do they make an actual adjustment. Embarrassing regardless of the decent if uneven effort in 5 v 5. Also Horvat with 24 minutes again? I know it was Beagle’s first game back but 8 minutes? I thought he was supposed to spell Horvat from having to take ever face-off in the game.

      • Matty T

        Yeah, sure you have Forever THICK… so HOW do explain these comments then??????

        “This is a situation where Pedan’s brawn could be applied as a bottom pairing enforcer/PP specialist under Newell Brown’s expertise.” Forever 1915

        “What a contrast in philosophy between Brown and Desjardins. Brown: Change constantly to prevent the opposition from adapting.” – Forever 1915


    • Macksonious

      Agree with you TheRealPB in that the PP is way too static, looks tired and predictable. It’ll be interesting to see if Newell Brown will make the necessary adjustments.

  • Nuck16

    OK, our power play sucked. It’s been one of the worst PP’s in the league on one of the worst teams in the league over the past few seasons. The one constant has been Edler quarterbacking the power play.
    Hutton was a breath of fresh air when he finally got the opportunity on the 1st unit PP. He showed he’s a natural at feeding Petey one timer passes. His passes are not only accurate, but also does what’s necessary to draw the coverage away from Petey. Edler can’t feed a one timer pass to save his life. They’re constantly a couple feet off target and he telegraphs the pass which means he’s always covered…it’s just brutal. It takes several passes to set up a one timer.
    To make matters worse, it’s very likely that regardless of his performance, this will be Eddy’s last season quarterbacking the 1st untit (Quinn)…and good chance last season as a Canuck…and yet, Newell keeps using Eddy over Hutton, who will be with the club for a long time hopefully.
    He should also be using Stetcher on the 2nd unit.
    I like Edler as a shutdown D man, but he shouldn’t be our go-to any longer in offensive situations.

    • canuckfan

      The power play seems just too predictable the other team is able to intercept the puck as they know how it will be played. Not enough movement players standing still waiting for a pass the other team is able to stay in their box. Defender or point man ends up bungling a pass because of the poor pass they had received.
      If they started using their imagination they will be fine but right now just standing still waiting for a pass.

  • Matty T

    Great headline, Green has totally lost the room. This is beyond bad.

    FFS THINK… it’s four straight years of failure you can NEVER have back armchair yappers – this team, this franchise is NOT moving forward, it is going backwards… open your eyes and LOOK at the standings, goals against (31st), PP (21st), PK (27th) and NO PLAYOFFS and a one and done in Bennings entire tenure… This is squarely on Dim Jim guys. Benning, Weisbrod, Green, Brown, Baumgartner, Cloutier can all go, this is a results business not a charity… have some humility and some thought for the paying customers and a passionate owner who has consistently spent to the cap here… enough is enough.

    Complete overhaul needed like in Toronto, Buffalo and Calgary. Know it and believe it. Class dismissed.

  • Kootenaydude

    I think the coaches better take a long hard look in the mirror. This power play setup is a joke. The penalty kill is a joke. I’m sure if we had an Uber video of the Canucks. They would all be talking about what a joke the coach is that put together this power play. I also have a problem with Edler on the power play. We never wants to give Boeser the puck for a one timer. Instead he tries to put the puck thru a handful of players. This team does not look good. Even with the return of injured players. Jim better have a chat with his coaches.

  • truthseeker

    There has been a lot to like this season, but once again, the lack of discipline this team shows is not one of them. I’m more convinced than ever that simply cleaning up the stupid penalties would have amounted to more points in the standings. Frustrating that they can’t seem to make it through a single game without taking a bad one. And the blowing leads, what seems like every single time they score. They can’t seem to hold a lead even for a period.

    Nice to see the new guy score. Hopefully he keeps up the strong play longer than the usual “I’m on a new team/got called up, so I have a ton energy” time frame that seems to fade into “mediocre”.

    • Kootenaydude

      One of the problems mister truthseeker is the refs and the penalties they call / don’t call. The hooking, holding and interference calls are all determined by what kind of mood the red is in st that moment. How many crosschecks are there in a game? We both know there are lots of crosschecks in a game. It only gets called when the ref is in the mood to call a crosscheck. Last night that red cost us two goals. Edler gets blind sided last week by Reaves and there’s no call?! Wtf?! Ref wasn’t in the mood to make a call I guess. Edler didn’t even have the puck. Baertschi gets a cheap shot to the head. Still out with a concussion. Ref didn’t feel like blowing his whistle I guess. I’m not trying to make excuses for this team. I am saying the NHL refs suck.

  • Defenceman Factory

    Difficult to find many positives in that game, Leivo was pretty good I guess. More noticeable was a lack of urgency and lack of effort for much of the game. The 2nd period was brutal. The Canucks looked too much like a team getting used to losing.

    The PK is broken. The Wild made cross ice passes at will and Nilsson got hung out to dry. Even John Garrett could see the seams and pointed out how the Wild forwards collapsed down to take away the cross ice passing lanes from the Canucks PP.

    • DJ_44

      The Canucks played well 5 on 5. I thought Gaudette looked good. Beagle was also good, as was Leivo (nice to have a big body with Pettersson).

      The PK was brutal. Granlund and Motte should not be put out together. With Sutter out, I like Schaller and Beagle on PK1 (they did well for the first minute of the second Minnesota PP, until the weak call against DelZotto). The second PK should be Rousell and Eriksson.

      As for the PP. My god. How can Newell Brown not suggest a simple adaptation after the first PP and the basic tactic the Wild employed: taking away Boeser and Pettersson as outside shooters? The solutions is to introduce movement. Edler and Petey cross, Boeser and Edler cross. I would rather see Hutton or MDZ running the PP. They have far more natural instinct at the offensive blueline.

      Gudbranson and Hutton should also get some love, they were excellent last night. Stecher struggles against big bodies. It was evident last night as well.

      • Matty T

        Yawnnnnn… No mention of Loui Eriksson though nerdboy…?

        “I also shake my head regarding the lack of respect Loui receives. If you watch the game, he is easily a top six on any team in league.” DJ_44

        *mic drop* *crickets*

        Change nerd boy, always change.

  • Ty Webb

    Undisciplined penalties are killing this team. It’s been a problem since game one. The Canucks lead the league in penalty minutes and total number of minor penalties. It’s tough to win when you’re short handed 10 minutes per game and have 10 minutes per game where their best players are taken off the ice. Since the start of November, 9 of their 13 losses have been by 1 goal and in those 1 goal losses they have given up 8 pp goals including all 3 last night. Its unacceptable, they need to be more responsible.

  • Beer Can Boyd

    Canucks were outplayed and outcoached in every single aspect of the game last night, except possibly goaltending. Green needs to take a long look in the mirror. Bo looks exhausted , and his dazzling one man rushes from the first ten games have completely disappeared, no wonder, given the fact he’ playing at least 5 minutes too much each game. EP has clearly hit a wall, and is getting manhandled on a regular basis. The PP and PK are beyond pathetic, and Brown should really be fired today. Greens line assignments are confusing at best. Boeser had one good game playing with EP, and a whole series of games where he’s done nothing. He’s better on a line with Bo. Period. Goldobin, EP, and Jake looked great together for the 2 games they played, so of course Green splits them up and never reunites them. And then sits Goldobin in favour of Schaller, who has been invisible as a Canuck. Hutton looked good running the PP, so lets take him off the first unit and use Edler. The defence has completely stopped standing up at their own blue line, and is now allowing zone entry with no resistance. Much as it pains me to do so, I think Matty T may be correct in saying that the Canucks are starting to tune Green out. I’m a Canuck lifer, but one win in thirteen, and looking more lost on the ice every game is worrying. Nashville on Thursday, if the Canucks get pounded, we may see a new coach next week. One bright spot, Nilsson played well for the second straight game.

    • DJ_44

      Canucks were outplayed and outcoached in every single aspect of the game last night, except possibly goaltending.

      No they were not. They gave up three PP goals. Nilsson was good, I agree, but he was not standing on his head 5v5 in any sense.

      Bo is playing too much, I agree. Unless it is the last five minutes of the game, or last 30 secs of a period, do not put him out for defensive zone draws. Not worth it.

      I also prefer Boeser with Horvat. I do not prefer Goldobin with Pettersson. Green did not sit Goldobin in favour of Schaller. He sat him because his play was brutal the last five games, an it was due to lack of effort and urgency. Goldobin in not looking to take anyone’s spot on the 4th line.

      Pettersson is not get manhandled; he is getting the attention of a superstar. Yet he still played very well last night. Got a great assist on a snipe by Leivo, was robbed by Dubnyk, and had an amazing set up for Boeser (who was stoned by Dubnyk as well).

      The PP and PK must be tweaked (see my comment above). Other than that, its part of rebuilding.

      • Beer Can Boyd

        Uh… yes they were. The Wild forecheck had the Canucks scrambling in their zone all night long. The 3 PP goals were scored with ease against an anemic PK. The Canucks had maybe 3 instances of sustained pressure during the whole game, once when Motte scored, and of course at the end when they had the extra guy. Dubnyk didn’t stone Boeser, he shot it right at him. He also fanned on at least 2 other set ups, something that has been happening with rather alarming frequency of late. Dubnyk did make one great save on EP, but had an easy night other than that. As for Goldobin, I must be watching a different player than you. I see a creative, speedy winger who is a potential threat every time he and EP clear the zone with the puck. I also see him doing a more effective job on the forecheck than Boeser, who is always late to the party. The third period was a flat out embarrassment last night, Minnesota just shut the Canucks down completely until the last 30 seconds of desperation.

    • LiborPolasek

      Frustrating but the games had been winnable. Did not really expect too much this year except for the team to be competitive, still continue the rebuild by playing the kids and hopefully pick higher than fifth since the draft is in Vancouver. I dont want a team that lingers in the middle of the pack and drafts in the middle…. Continue the rebuild and to all the experts – troll lo lo lo lo lo… ?☃️?.

    • Tedchinook

      I agree they have to get Boeser back with Bo. Much as Petterson tries hard, the line of Petterson, Goldobin and Boeser are awful at the defensive end. Goldobin and Petterson are better with Jake as you suggest. He gives the line some physicality and defensive responsibility, and yet can still finish.

  • Freud

    “You lose your culture if you’re bad for three or four years. We’ve had good teams here in the past. There’s a lot of pride in our players. Our older players, they teach and hold the younger players accountable to what it means to be a Vancouver Canuck. That’s our culture. That’s what we value.” – Jim Benning, February 27, 2016

    By his own definition, he, his decisions and his philosophy are complete and utter failures.


    What’s lost in this losing streak is that almost all the games were winnable. This rebuilding team is competitive every night. The losing close games will be a lesson Bo EP and the rest take with them in future seasons. The difference between a win and lose in the NHL is razor thin.
    Adding another top pick, while bringing in Q and Olli will make a huge difference next year. I personally don’t mind watching the young guys battle then drop closer to the #1 pick. The next Gen Hughes Twins would be something else!

      • Beer Can Boyd

        I think Freuds point is that, like politicians, GMs make promises. If a politician breaks their promise, they get voted out (sometimes). If a GM fails to deliver on his promises, he gets fired (sometimes).

        • DJ_44

          The reason why this oft quoted line is irrelevant now… And really anytime after the 2016 TDL is that he did turn in around… They improved 30+ points in one season and made the playoffs comfortably. It was not sustainable. Hence the rebuild. Context is everything.

          • DJ_44

            No. It is not. You think it is damning because you continually produce a quote from Spring 2014 (a time when the team was at a different stage — the last throw of the dice with an aging core) in Fall 2018, as a team developing the prospect the team has acquired through a rebuild.

            I simply point out the context for the quote you provided; and the fact that they did “turn it around” the following season. This was not sustainable. Context is everything.

          • Matty T

            But the narrative hasn’t changed in FIVE seasons DJ…

            “The bottom line is our goal is win games and to be competitive to make the playoffs. That’s what we’re here for.” Jim Benning Feb 14th 2018

            “I like our goaltending, I like our defence now and I like our centre ice. I can’t wait until the season starts.” – Benning 2017/18

            Context DJ, context… could you explain office geek?

        • pheenster01

          Look at the amount of teams who have already replaced their GMs or Coach this season – Philly, LA, St Louis, Chicago and Edmonton for starters. You have to send a message by replacing failure to win games so can’t understand why Benning, Green or both are not even on the hotseat after this terrible run of losses and indeed no playoffs in four years under Jim! Unbelievable really.

          • LiborPolasek

            There is a cycle to everything. The Canucks seems to be trending in the right direction and looks to be competitive moving forward: the Canucks have no real cap issues and the core of the team is still developing. Those teams that you had mentioned has some similarities and also mostly not because each team is in a different part of the cycle. In my opinion, if the Canucks were trending in the wrong direction I would tend to agree with the EXPERT(S). I also still considered this year as part of the rebuild…

          • Bud Poile

            Banned by Biech.
            “indeed no playoffs in four years under Jim! ”
            2014-15 : 48W 29L 5OT
            That was three years ago.
            Your trolling skills suck.

        • Bud Poile

          The point is Freud(PQW) was banned by Ryan Biech and yet we still get the same PQW crap thrown down our throats every day without a moderator.
          There was none of this hindsight trolling in October or mid-November.
          The season is long,the Canucks are in a rebuild.
          The best outcome is this young team remains competitive while garnering a decent draft position.
          2019 is the year of the draft for Vancouver.

          • Matty T

            Excuse you…

            “Don’t want to hear about “ifs” the team is what it is right now………..and it is deplorable, this parting with very good nhl and ahl prospects has me less and less interested in this team.” – Bud Poile

            “Last year Marner, Tkachuk, Matthews, Nylander, Laine,etc. jumped straight from the draft table into making an impact at the highest level”. – Bud Poile

            Of you go again, tail between legs, cofused, concussed and totally humiliated.

  • Freud

    “We want to be competitive next year. Realistically, if you’re asking me when the day will be that we will compete with the best teams in the league, I think that the Sedin contract timeline is fair. This is year two, and by our fourth (2017-18) or fifth (2018-19) year I hope we’ll be there with the elite teams in the league.” Jim Benning

  • Kanuckhotep

    I suppose you could “fire Benning,” and “fire Green,” and “clean house”and then what? Did anyone seriously think the Canucks were going to challenge WIN, TOR, TB, WASH, NASH, to name a few in 2018-19 as a contender? Not too sure about some fans’ expectations. I expected them to compete hard and they have but let’s get a grip on reality. There is no world class PP QB on this team and the PK gives one the creeps quite often. If you “clean house” how quickly do you think they’ll go on another 82/94/11 run? I’m not waving any Benning/Green flag but right now what else can they do? All you can do is watch and enjoy if you can. Be real.