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Canucks trade Michael Carcone to Toronto for Josh Leivo

The news is fast and furious on this Monday morning as the Canucks have dipped their toes in the trade waters.

The Maple Leafs were looking to make a trade by 2 PM today to free up a roster spot for William Nylander. They had done so earlier by sending Travis Dermott to the AHL, but that was never going to be a long-term solution and thus Leivo was expected to be the odd man out.

The newest Canucks has four goals and two assists in 27 games with the Leafs this season and has 14 goals and 14 assists in 84 career games.

The Canucks were in dire need of some scoring depth along the wings and Leivo should get a chance to provide that, possibly beside some like Bo Horvat. The former 3rd round pick has a good wrist shot and uses his size to his advantage, thus the fit with Horvat seems pretty natural.

Carcone is the outgoing player for the Canucks, who had been playing well for the Comets as a utility player that helped them in all areas. He had taken a noticeable step forward this season with 17 points in 20 games with the Comets, using his speed and tenacity to generate offence and be responsible defensively. With that being said, it was hard to imagine where he fit into the Canucks long-term plans after being signed a UFA prospect in the summer of 2016.

In the long run, the Canucks did well here. They gave up a prospect that probably wasn’t going to be part of the picture and have acquired an NHL player. With a larger opportunity with the Canucks, Leivo could provide some immediate returns to the team and for the next few years.

Leivo will be a restricted free agent at the conclusion of this season that sees him receive $925,000.

  • FinkFast

    But wait, how does he fit on the roster? We just lost someone on waivers due to the logjam. Then traded an AHL guy for an NHL guy. Is someone else going on waivers to make room for him? Or is Gaudette getting shafted?

    • Krease

      I was thinking the exact same thing when I saw the news! I can’t imagine the thought of trying to send another guy through waivers (and likely to LA) after that, so it has to be Gaudette.

    • speering major

      I like Leipsic in the pre season but he just becomes invisible out there when it counts. He’s one of those players who’s on the cusp but doesn’t quite get over the hump and become effective. He’s also not versatile enough to play anything other than a depth scoring roll at even strength.

      The Canucks have a pile of expendable players. Benning has been given a hard time for his FA signings but he has to ice a team. Even after all of his signings he still isn’t holding any prospects back. The team is still icing Motte, Gagner, Gaunce, Schaller, Leipsic*, and Archibald. Gaudette isn’t ready yet and will be sent down without being exposed

      Bringing in Leivo and giving him a shot seems like a no-brainer and a clear upgrade. Benning has tried to create competition by numbers for those depth roles hoping someone emerges. All of those players are expendable. I wouldn’t be concerned about losing any of them

  • Puck Viking

    Finally a trade I can get behind. Like a waiver wire pick up. Cost us a player with no future on the team for a more ready now player that might be able to chip in.

  • TheRealPB

    Nice deal — a clear upgrade on Leipsic and certainly better than Carcone or Holm. The tweet from Kypreos said that “several” teams were in play. It is hard to imagine this being true unless everyone else offered a 7th round pick and for some reason the Leafs wanted Carcone. I would imagine that Leivo would be able to displace Schaller or Motte and when Sutter and Beagle come back you have Gaudette get better minutes in the AHL and most likely Motte and Leivo in the press box.

    • Nuck16

      Canucks are selling high on Carcone as it seems he’s the hottest Comet at the moment and has been on fire of late…so this could be peak return on that asset…a move that could help the Canucks but hurt the Comets.

  • I have two reasons to like this trade. The lesser reason is that we got the better player, even though Leivo will likely be a career bottom 6 player. Benning is trying to exploit another roster logjam, hopefully it will work out better than the Vey and Pouliot trades.

    More importantly, it shows Benning is expanding his base of GM’s with whom he can make trades. As far as I can tell, the last Vancouver-Toronto trade was by Brian Burke in 2002 (even though it was only a series of minor transactions).

    • Freud

      Here’s what Forever 1915 wrote when Leipsic was acquired. Let’s assume the opposite of what they see is the correct take.
      “Leipsic looks like a solid pick-up. Benning wanted a guy that was hard to play against and the scouting reports say he likes to hit and has scored at an AHL rate comparable to Boucher and Goldobin. In fact, he’s outscored Boucher and Goldobin combined in the NHL this season while playing with slightly less TOI (11:00 per game). Given that no real assets were surrendered, it’s a win for Benning.”

      I watch the gushing fanboys just like the games. I see their usual progression. Benning gets credit for a good move. I then watch the organization misuse the player, they fall into irrelevance and then get waived. Then the rationalization cycle begins again.

      Let’s pin this one and bring it back next fall.

      • Matty T

        Hahaha – what the… what a dolt… i particulaly like this bit (paraphrazed)

        “Leipsic looks like a solid pick-up…. Given that no real assets were surrendered, it’s a win for Benning.” – Forever1915

        Another armchair yapper outted and humiliated. Good work Freud.

      • I don’t deny writing that and I still feel it was appropriate *at the time*. I would have still written the same stuff *at the time*. Leipsic had a great start last season but can’t put it together this year. Leipsic had his chances and was played throughout the line-up (including PP time without PK time) so there is no way you can say he was misused.

        Perspectives change depending on new information, it’s not rationalization. This is diametrically opposed to trolling which is to trot out the same derogatory garbage time over time, regardless of information. What you’re doing is a) cherry picking statements and b) intentionally putting them out of context to make them appear incorrect. Spout the same narrative to get a rise out of people and to compensate for whatever personal inadequacies you have.

        • TD

          Well said 1915, unless they really are from CA, I don’t understand why some of the people bother posting the same crap over and over. Like every draft pick, moves like Leipsic (now Leivo) look like good gambles to make and you hope they work out.

          • Matty T

            No TD, I don’t understand why short-bussers post nonsense like this… do you?

            “The more I see Goldobin, the more convinced I am that he is not an nhl player” TD

          • TD

            Hey PDQ, this quote I actually said. And I said it based on lazy back checks, no commitment winning tough puck battles and an overall lack of consistency. Goldobin is showing way more consistency this year. What do you think PDQ, could it be the coach Benning hired has made Goldobin a better player?

        • TheRealPB

          Leipsic was a good bet. He didn’t work out, just as he didn’t for the Leafs who exposed him (over Leivo) for the expansion draft. Sometimes the bets don’t work out. And since this works out to Holm for Leivo, that’s a pretty good deal overall.

        • Nuck16

          It wasn’t until recently that most of us changed our minds on Leipsic…most thought he had a legit chance of being a middle 6 based on how he finished last season…but he’s like Gagner, needs to be ‘on fire’ to be effective and that only happens 20% of the time.

        • mR_twiddleR

          You don’t need to backtrack or apologize. Leipsic was a great trade for one reason and one reason only.. If not for his spin-o-rama against the Oilers in game 81, that game never goes to the overtime and Daniel never scores the game winner from Henrik to cap off their careers in Vancouver.

          So in a roundabout way, Leipsic is partly responsible for one of the greatest moments in Canucks history. And for that reason his time here was not a failure. And for that reason was “a solid-pickup” as you said in your original post.

          Tell Freud and whoever else to suck it.

          Farewell Leipsic.

      • Me

        Wow…. You’ve got a lot of time on your hands, don’t you? Maybe you should get out, breathe some fresh air, find a constructive outlet for all that pent up self-hatred. You might just find you start to feel better about yourself.

      • Canuck4Life20

        Whether its Benning or anonymous comments on a blog, you sure have a strange infatuation with bringing up past statements. Even when those statements are years old. Fringe players are on the move around the league all the time but for some reason in fraud’s small world any time that the Canucks are involved Benning should be derided for it.

        Welcome to pro sports. You sure seem new at this for someone who claims to be a long-time fan. Players come and go, some work out and some don’t. Injuries happen. Expectations change over time as more information becomes available. You know, the same way the multi-troll has changed his opinion numerous times on who the Canucks should have drafted instead of Pettersson?

      • Dissin_Terry

        You have enough time on your hands to dig up a quote from a commenter, from months ago? Lol. Wow. Funny thing is, you don’t even realize you’re the real joke there buddy.

    • Dirty30

      Thanks for the link! Provides more information than we got in this CA article.

      Looks like a potential fill-in for ?? until he comes back from concussion issues.

    • crofton

      That article re-affirms that JB kinda knows a few things. Carcone may have made the team in a few to several years, Leivo has played regularly on a pretty talented Leafs team. Leivo sounds like he’ll be well worth it. Plus he fits the younger player type mold and his contract is a plus at under $1m

  • I’m surprised they didn’t target Freddie Gauthier, given that Green has decided not to play Gaudette more than six minutes a night.

    Lievo’s a solid player – it’ll be interesting to see how he fits on the Canucks.

  • canuckfan

    It would be nice if this new guy makes a lasting contribution on the team. We are needing depth so if he is better than Leipsic then we have improved our depth. The trade has not cost anything and losing Leipsic on waivers was not a huge loss. He served a purpose did some good but could not sustain that play over long periods. Enjoyed watching him but was time to move on and try someone new.
    Glad to see Benning able to make a trade, not a blockbuster but still an improvement.
    We now need to try and make some improvements on the defense.
    Would not be surprised to see Schaller put on waivers, not a huge contract but we need to improve on the quality of players who are depth guys. If not for the injuries Schaller may not even be in the lineup.

    • Bud Poile

      Benning said he’s a right shot that likes to play on the left side.
      Top-nine,possibly top-six player for the team.
      A candidate to play with Bo or Petey.
      Flying in tonight.Should be available to play tomorrow.
      Sports 650 interview

      • Matty T

        Oh dear, another kiss-of-death endorsement from the same bottomfeeder who told us…

        “Juolevi, Gaudette, Brisebois,Rodin,McEneny,Demko and Subban” will all push for jobs this season and Green has the mandate to integrate them. – Bud Poile

        and this…

        “Those draft picks (given away) translate into Vey, Etem and Prust. The only one I’d concede is the Prust trade, but the others all seem like a decent bet. Great asset management.” – Bud Poile

        off you go… concussed, tail between legs.

          • Cageyvet

            I mean, come on, there’s a roster limit in the NHL, the sport this site covers, the least they could do is have a limit on how many of this troll’s multiple-personalities get to have a username. It’s a disease that has infected CA and the site seems uninterested in applying a round of antibiotics.

  • Kanuckhotep

    Benning has made another trade where he didn’t have to give up too much at all for a still young player with NHL experience and size. Whether Leivo can contribute long term remains to be seen but JB did reasonably well getting Baertschi, Granlund and Goldobin for example but Emerson Edam didn’t work out. It probably spells the end of Leipsic for good. Trades these days in the NHL seem to be peripherals for peripherals and impacts for impacts which all GMs adhere to.I just wish Benning was a little more astute on FAs but his lower level trading hasn’t been all that disastrous IMO.

  • Me

    If the Oilers were interested (as the Leafs Nation article says) I’m surprised they didn’t trade Talbot and Jesse Puljujarvi.

    Maybe it’s true Charelli’s lost his phone privileges.

    • krutov

      it seems like benning had lost his phone privileges also or at least no nhl moves were allowed unless he got rid of an nhl contract. how long do you suppose it was after leipsic got claimed before he was on the line to dubas?

  • krutov

    carcone is a product of a ufa signing and cost us nothing
    leipsic is a product of a trade of a ufa signing and cost us nothing
    leivo is a product of a trade of a ufa signing and cost us nothing

    hopefully it works out. not sure how anyone can get exercised by any of this.

  • Kanuckhotep

    Off topic, but…Vancouver hockey fans it’s time to be pleased about Seattle’s inevitable acceptance into the NHL fraternity as it’s 32nd team happening tomorrow. Just ask MSL fans about the Whitecaps/Sounders rivalry in soccer and you might figure out why. The regional/geographic proximity speaks for itself. Got to see the old WHL Canucks/Totems match ups back in the day and was always a hotly contested one. A perfect fit. What to call them? Wash state native T.J. Ojie says “Totems” and I couldn’t agree more. Two tone green and white jerseys with the Indigenous art crest can be googled on line. Very classy. The Battle of 1-5 in the future? ?

  • Holly Wood

    A lot of fans were impressed with the adrenaline inspired, first couple of weeks that Leipsic had last year, but unfortunately he had now settled into what he is. He is a depth nhl player, who can play in spurts but can’t maintain it long term, not a real surprise though as he has been through 4 or 5 organization’s so far. Good luck to him and hopefully Leivo can come in and help.

  • Juana

    There goes my prediction – I thought they might keep Josh L and, perhaps put Tyler Ennis, [a much smaller but a more skilled forward], on the shelf for a while. Leivo is off to the Canucks to make room for newly re-signed William Nylander and surprise, Freddie Gauthier is still here – I thought he’d be the first to go. I guess Kyle Dubas won’t be calling me anytime soon. Vancouver Canucks Schedule & Dates: https://www.etickets.ca/vancouver-canucks-tickets