Los Angeles Kings vs Vancouver Canucks Post Game Recap: Boeser’s Back!

The Rundown

The Vancouver Canucks got some great news before their game tonight versus the Los Angeles Kings. Brock Boeser was deemed healthy enough to play. With Boeser in the lineup, the Canucks looked to take advantage versus a Kings team fresh off a rebound win of their own in their last game. Willie Desjardins also made his first return to Vancouver since being fired by the team.


1st Period

Jakob Markstrom, fresh off a win in his last outing, would have to stand tall in this game early on. Only a minute in, and Tyler Toffoli picked up a loose puck past Ben Hutton and forced Markstrom to make a nice early stop. A minute and a half after, Chris Tanev would play the puck into the stands for a delay of game minor penalty, which sent the Kings to their first man advantage of the game.

The Canucks foil the Kings power-play chance, and just a few short moments after the Canucks got back to 5 on 5, the Canucks’ Alex Biega made a beautiful pass to Antoine Roussel, who’d be stoned on the shot by the arm of Calvin Peterson.


The Canucks would carry the play for the next few minutes, but around the 8 minute mark the Kings would get some quality scoring chances of their own. First, it was Matt Luff who came down the wing and fired a shot on Markstrom, who’d make the save. Some time later, Jeff Carter would find himself at the top of the slot and ripped a shot that Markstrom was able to snag out of the air with his glove.


12 minutes in, and one of the highlights of the game was fluffed by Vancouver… Alex Biega had the rush of his life, as he blazed through the neutral zone and found a wide open Loui Eriksson who had a wide open net, but Eriksson shot the puck into a sprawled Peterson to keep the game scoreless.

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The Canucks would see themselves get their first power-play chance of the game 16 minutes in, when Elias Pettersson was held by Austin Wagner. The boys in blue had a pretty strong power-play, highlighted by a Pettersson one timer and a beautiful Boeser wrist shot, but no goals and the teams would head to the 2nd period deadlocked at 0’s.


2nd Period

20 seconds into the period, and the Canucks would be given their 2nd power-play of the game. Carter was called for a hook, and the Canucks would get back to work with a man advantage. Unfortunately, the hometown team didn’t have as great a power-play as their 1st one, and would fail to convert.

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Markstrom would be relied upon again 3 minutes into the 2nd frame. After making a strong pad stop on a Carter slap shot, he’d have to follow that up with a desperation stretch save with his pad on Paul LaDue to keep the game tied.

Some magic from Pettersson nearly opened the score 6 minutes in. After Pettersson dangled his way through the slot, Boeser unleashed a killer backhand blast by Peterson, but not the post… Oh so close…


After some strong back and forth play, it would be the Kings who’d take the lead 11 minutes into the 2nd period. After the Kings won a battle in the corner, the puck squirted to a wide open Alex Iafallo, who unleashed a cannon past a screened Markstrom to pot his 5th goal of the year.


Not long after the goal, Biega would interfere with Anze Kopitar to give the Kings their 2nd power-play of the game 12:30 minutes in. Like before, the Canucks penalty kill doesn’t give Los Angeles any quality chances, and force the Kings to 0-2 on their power-play. Biega decided to give the Kings their 3rd power-play late in the period after he tripped his man, but the best chance to end the period was Roussel short handed, but alas, he was stopped on the doorstep by Peterson. The Kings would lead the Canucks by 1 as both teams got ready for the 3rd.


3rd Period

The King’s power-play had 30 seconds to start the period with the hope to extend their lead, but couldn’t even get themselves a shot with the man advantage, and saw their power-play drop to 0 for 3.

Would be a while before another quality scoring chance, but Roussel found himself with another tap in chance that was again thwarted by the Los Angeles netminder. Rough night for Roussel around the Kings goal.

The domination by Vancouver would continue, and 9 minutes in Michael Del Zotto unleashed a howitzer that went wide of the goal. What’s notable about this is that Peterson cheated on the shot, if only Del Zotto hit the net…

As the period progressed, the Canucks kept up the pressure. 13 minutes into the frame and Peterson would have to make another incredible stop, this time on Bo Horvat. Then, the Canucks would see Elias Pettersson do this, and my jaw dropped.


Finally, after a fantastic period for Vancouver, they would tie the game. Markus Granlund would deflect a Biega shot in front after he won a puck battle in the corner to tie the game with only 3:43 to go.


This game would see the 3rd period clock run out with the score tied. These teams would head to overtime.



Would be a quick overtime frame, as only 53 seconds in and Dustin Brown would bang home a rebound which gave the Kings the 2-1 win over the Canucks… Tough break for Vancouver, but they weren’t able to gain possession of the puck at all in the extra frame.


Advanced Stats

Both advanced stats photo’s courtesy of naturalstattrick.com


Wrap Up

In a game like this, there was a lot to like from the Canucks perspective on the defensive side of the puck, and in Markstrom’s play. The offense struggled to find the back of the net, but that was in large part due to some fantastic goaltending on the other side of the ice. Brock Boeser getting into tonight’s game was a nice bonus, but don’t be surprised if it takes another couple weeks for him to get going. Once Boeser re-finds his form, look out because him and Pettersson are going to light up the league. Jake Virtanen and Adam Gaudette didn’t get as much ice time as I’d like to see, but Virtanen played a large part in the equalizing goal. We’ll see how the Canucks fare against the Vegas Golden Knights on Thursday.

  • Kanuckhotep

    Certainly not a memorable game and an OTL point I suppose is better than no point. Ain’t a win however. But win or lose Petey is an astounding marvel to watch. Seems that EP is so much smarter than the rest of his teammates it’s going to take some time for them to catch up to him. a total hockey brainiac for sure.

      • Confused Canuck

        I’m confused, why does Tkachuk and Petterssen matter. Rasmus Dahlin is the clear Calder favourite right now above both EP and Brady.

        You are no doubt confused… The Calder is not based on points but being ‘the most proficient player’ in his first year in the league. Dahlin is a huge reason why the Sabres are top of the NHL right now and that’s what matters… the kid is generational as billed, Brady and EP not so much, as the standings attest.

    • Cageyvet

      Yeah, but Brock’s letdown was classic three on three….hope for the save and puck possession and cheat like he’ll. He was lingering up high hoping for a breakaway/2 on 1 to end the game. It happens. Not a bad outing, should have buried a couple chances early and it could have been a completely different game. Roussel and Eriksson aren’t the guys you want finishing those chances, as we saw, but who knew Biega was a set-up man? Great game for him, he’s a great seventh man.

  • myshkin

    it’s pretty hard to beat the bulldog when it comes to entertainment and effort. there is absolutely no reason that pouliot should ever be in the line-up over the bulldog.

  • crofton

    When Eriksson was set up by Biega on that great rush, his shot was actually going wide. Plus the D man then tipped it right into Peterson’s glove. He has definitely lost his mojo, if he really ever had one.

  • Confused Canuck

    I’m confused. With nine defeats in the last ten games and now a home defeat against the worst team in the league, how can Benning, Green or both not be on the hotseat to be replaced?

    How can a team like Buffalo go from worst to first breaking all kinds of NHL records, yet we continue to spiral downwards with all our awesome young players?

    It’s frustrating and very confusing. Surely it’s time to hold the coach and GM accountable, this is beyond a joke now ain’t it?

  • Murzyn's Meats

    I was at the game and to be honest I expected more of an aggressive outing after finally snapping their losing streak. There were a few flurries of chances but not enough of a showing in my opinion.
    Once again I’m disappointed in Virtanen. After the battle between him and Phaneuf in last week’s episode, followed by some post game trash talking, where was the sequel? Something. Anything. I saw nothing that showed any animosity between the two.
    Burke was right, there’s not enough hate in the game these days.

  • Beer Can Boyd

    Thats a crappy old L.A. team that the Canucks should have pounded last night. Instead they turned in of their most lacklustre performances of the season so far. Painful to watch. Green did not have the team ready to play last night. End of story.

    • Confused Canuck

      I’m confused. So you are saying coach Green has lost the room? If so, isn’t it time to go because you are right, this should’ve been a storming home victory, yet the team wasn’t ready, so who is to blame?

      • Beer Can Boyd

        Naw.Its a young team that are still learning. Even the best teams crap the bed once in a while. But I do question some of his decisions, particularly insisting that Horvat has to take every face off in the defensive zone. He looked bagged last night. I also have to say, I hate Newell Browns passive penalty kill. Allowing the other team free reign to pass the puck around until they get the shot they want, while you sag back into a 4 man box is straight out of the 1970’s. Pretty sure they are the only team in the league still doing it.

        • Defenceman Factory

          Yes there is more wrong with the PK than missing the injured players.

          Elias, Goldy and Brock are a very strong line and will bet stronger as Brock gets back to full stride. Bo’s line needs more. They did generate some chances last night but I think that’s where Virtanen should be playing. If using Gagner instead leads to generating some trade value for him I’ll take it back.

          • Hockey_Warrior

            WTF Nick… so you now want Gagner playing on a line with our best player Bowie Horvat after squeaking this…

            “Trade him for a 6th round pick. I’m sure Sam is a good guy but he just doesn’t have a place here. If he can’t be moved waive him and buy him out next summer.” – Defenceman Factory

            … and Nick, could you also tell us how 30 teams are magically going to trade for an underwhelming vet in his 12th NHL season on his 5th team when they couldv’e already had Gagner for NOTHING on waivers and passed… *mic drop*

          • Hockey_Warrior

            C’mon nick, you gave yourself away on the Province comments pal, just admit it and stop embarrassing yourself.

            The facts don’t lie Jonesy, it’s there for all to see, show some humility and admit you are a two-faced RAT… you want Gagner waived and bought out…oh wait, now you want him on Bo’s line ‘to boost his trade value’ after TWELVE YEARS in the league and already passing through waivers? the whole league knows what he is!!!!!!!…. put the bong down man, you are CLUELESS and CLASSLESS!

  • Gonna harp on tenses again, because that’s how I roll.


    Your original: “The Canucks would carry the play for the next few minutes, but around the 8 minute mark the Kings would get some quality scoring chances of their own. First, it was Matt Luff who came down the wing and fired a shot on Markstrom, who’d make the save. Some time later, Jeff Carter would find himself at the top of the slot and ripped a shot that Markstrom was able to snag out of the air with his glove.”

    Edited for tense: “The Canucks carried the play for the next few minutes, but around the 8 minute mark the Kings had some quality scoring chances of their own. First, it was Matt Luff who came down the wing and fired a shot on Markstrom, who made the save. Some time later, Jeff Carter found himself at the top of the slot and ripped a shot that Markstrom was able to snag out of the air with his glove.”

    The edited version is consistent in its tense use, is less wordy, and is easier to read. There’s no reason to say “Carter fired at shot at Markstrom, who would make the save” when you can say “Carter fired a shot at Markstrom, who made the save”.

  • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

    Tried valiantly to watch the game…but alas, Willie D’s stupid, boring coaching tactics bested me as I lulled off to sleep as he successfully was able to recreate New Jersey Devils hockey circa 1995-2003. You got it Willie! When you gonna trade for Chaput & Megna to replace Kovalchuk?

  • Gampbler

    Is it just me or is Biega like the guy that shoots 20 three pointers and makes one or two, when a teammate shoots 50%. I’m sorry but a guy with 2 career goals should not be driving the rush each and every time he has the puck. He made two very nice plays but those are the exception rather than the rule and gives him reinforcement to continue to do so.

  • DJ_44

    Man, hands up everyone that misses Willy-hockey….anyone?……anyone?

    The Canucks should have rolled over the Kings last night. Credit where it is due, Peterson played really well and more or less stole the game for the Kings.

    I was pleasantly surprised with the creatively that Newell Brown has finally tried on the PP zone entries. I saw at least 4 different options used, all of them basically relied on reading the PKs actions and reacting accordingly. They did not all result in a set up (some poor decisions/puck support when they crossed the blue line), but it is a very positive sign, especially with PP1.

    Looks like Green was not happy with Gaudette’s coverage on LA’s first (only) goal; didn’t get back on the ice until halfway through the third. I would prefer if he said something to Gaudette and then put him back out there; the kid knows and I think would respond positively immediately.

  • NastyNate

    Confused is correct you certainly are. You just called for Benning and Green to be fired because they aren’t having the success Buffalo is. But then you go on to talk about how it’s all because of Dahlin, who was a LOTTERY PICK 1st OVERALL. The Canucks didn’t win the lottery, isn’t that the difference ? You basically say it yourself.

    • DJ_44

      Ummm …. if we are allowing PQW(or as he refers to himself — #1WinterhawksFan) to troll, common courtesy would limit him to a maximum of 4 usernames per article.

      • Bud Poile

        The so-called editor hasn’t a clue or just doesn’t care that his blog comments section is run by a banned troll.
        That much has been obvious for years.

        • Hockey_Warrior

          FFS stop your incessant WHINING, learn to READ and do as the editor has told you concussion boy…

          ”the least I could do is occasionally remind Bud that CA’s readership is constantly growing and if all he is going to do is be rude to other readers he doesn’t need to come back especially because this isn’t Tim Hortons and I don’t get brownie points for smiling and being polite while someone makes the work area a nuisance to be in for staff + customers. ” – JMac

          Not wanted here dud, GOT IT creep?

  • Kanuckhotep

    Zippy the circus chimp could have picked Dahlin and Eichel 1st and 2nd over all in their respective draft years. Average point totals for Sabres over last 5 seasons: 65.4. Average for Canucks in same time period: 80.2. Do you see a significant discrepancy in the numbers as to where a team ultimately drafts? At least the Canucks made the PO once in that time frame. Buffalo not once. So why should anyone be surprised the Sabres are playing so well? At least they’re not Edmonton.