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Postgame: Smooth Lions

I have been watching scrambled versions of tonight’s game for the past four years. It’s the NHL’s version of Groundhog Day, but less entertaining. For what felt like the millionth time, the Canucks went into California looking to get things back on track and got stomped.

The Canucks came into San Jose having lost seven straight. You’d think a team that’s hid the skids so early in the season might come to play like a night tonight, but alas, this was not the case. The Sharks got on the board midway through the first period and while the Canucks managed to keep pace for much of the first frame, they gave up a late goal to Timo Meier; effectively deflating any and all momentum they may have had. Karlssons Melker and Erik would add a pair of goals, putting the game well beyond reach.

The Canucks would would get blanked, 4-0, their eight consecutive loss. They would hold their own at even strength, but get killed on a penalty kill that went 3-for-6 on the night. The fact that Antoine Roussel took approximately 75 penalties did not help matters.

Oh, and he also bit a guy, for some reason. It was that kind of game.




  • The Canucks have surrendered at least one power play goal in seven consecutive games, allowing ten in total over that time span. Is that bad? It seems like that might be bad.
  • Speaking of the penalty kill, the team could really use Brandon Sutter back right about now. He’s an imperfect player on an imperfect contract, to say the least, but he’s a legitimately good penalty killer. It would also be nice if Bo Horvat didn’t have to take more faceoffs than the rest of team’s centres combined in every other game.
  • Derrick Pouliot had a very Derrick Pouliot game tonight. The Canucks controlled two-thirds of the shots at even strength, which was good; but he also took two penalties, one of which was a boneheaded double minor for high-sticking on Lukas Radil, which was bad.
  • Antoine Roussell gave an undisciplined performance tonight, even by his standards. He took four minor penalties over the course of the game in addition to a ten-minute misconduct for biting Sharks Defender Marc-Edouard Vlasic.

  • Honestly, I find between-the-whistles shenanigans to be exhausting to talk about even at the best times, so I’ll just say this: it would be great if they could avoid garnering a reputation as “the team that bites people”. It’s been over seven years since Patrice Bergeron stuck his finger in Alex Burrows mouth and people still have not forgotten. This does not help.

  • Kanuckhotep

    Tonight constitutes the low point of the season thus far. The PP, PK, passing and goaltending all left much to be desired. 19 SOG were softies right into Dell’s pads. And the officiating? Take heart however. It’s just plain dreadful across the whole league if you watch other games so it ain’t just the Canucks.

  • Bud Poile

    Baertschi,Boeser,Edler injuries on the PP.
    Beagle,Edler,Sutter injuries on the PK.
    Those five injured players are all primary Canucks.
    Two of four pivots iced are rookie centers in Petey and Adam.
    Overextending players such as Bo,Jacob,Elias,Adam and Derrick hasn’t been ideal .
    Healthy Canucks in October? 8W 6L

  • Nuck16

    as for the biting incident, 2 comments. 1) looks like we found a replacement for Burrows. 2) what do you expect to happen when you force your hand into someone mouth.

    • truthseeker

      I would expect people to take the high road and walk away. No excuse for garbage like that. Burrows was wrong when he did it and Roussell is too. The ref is trying to separate them and they both just keep clinging on because that’s what hockey players do. Meatheads.

  • Beer Can Boyd

    I didn’t like Greens line combos last night. Virtanen looked good with EP and Goldy in Anaheim, so you move him onto a line with Gaudette and Leipsic? Leipsic really needs to be waived soon, he is simply not an NHL caliber player. The fact that the Canucks are his 4th team should be enough evidence of that. His whole carrying the puck into the corner and falling down routine is so tiresome and predictable. Hopefully Boucher gets his spot tonight. At least he knows how to shoot the puck.

    • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

      the falling down cause he’s trying to turn while skating too fast in the corners is kinda funny to me only cause you literally know its coming the second he gets into the offensive zone with the puck and he’s always all alone….Too small and just not good enough. He did show a ton of try and effort all night though, so acknowledgement there.

  • Braindead Benning

    Can blame the injuries much longer as it appears the teams needs a little shake up as this effort was embarrassing by the players and coach green

    • canuckfan

      The injuries are a big part of the losing streak. Players who have been stepping up have been playing an awful lot and are likely feeling the wear and tear especially Pettersson who is not used to playing as much as he is and only used to a 45 game season. This will be good for him to learn from. If we are looking at a big trade no use even considering who other teams would want. A lot of people want to trade players for draft picks if that were to happen we would no longer have a team to finish out the year.

  • Freud

    What appears lost for many is the fact the PK has been in the bottom 5 in the past with Sutter healthy.

    Multiple millions were spent on bringing Schaller, Roussel, Del Zotto to this team in “defensive roles”. Motte was justified because he could kill penalties.

    Let’s face facts. There is ample evidence the management of this team can’t properly evaluate players.

    • Kangaroo Court

      Tumbleweeds today lol

      Outstanding post Freud, and spot on with your superior hockey acumen.

      Even the Canucks front office is in turmoil now, key guys jumping into the lifeboat alongside Trevor at the helm – fascinating piece on the Province wesite about it.

      Yup, the end is nigh, and ticket holders deserve far better than this after five years! Even ICBC is run better than this fiasco… well, almost :-p

      • Defenceman Factory

        By “fascinating piece on the Province website” I assume you mean the speculative twaddle Ed Willis wrote. He has been mongering the same rumours ever since Linden left.

        Journalism means you try to get all sides of a story, you quote sources and report facts. What Willis writes could generously be called editorializing which means he is providing his opinion. He certainly doesn’t have all sides of the story as you can be sure Benning and Aquilini aren’t talking to him.

        What we don’t know is whether he has any credible sources for any side of the story. He has never interviewed any of the principles in the COO departure or Linden’s. He should probably be a bit more careful. Using unsubstantiated allegations to publicly attack large organizations with the influence to impact advertising revenue with unsubstantiated allegations can be bad for job security.

        • Kangaroo Court

          No Nic, I mean the factual piece Willes wrote about the Canucks COO Jeff Stipec, which was broken by Elliot Freidman, a most reliable journalist held in high esteem by most I believe.

          Personally I thought it was very interesting that the dysfunction in the boardroom, proven by the number of departures, is now apparently filtering down into the dressing room. Seems plausible, unless you have a better reason why this is such a badly run organisation from the top down, Nic?

          • Defenceman Factory

            I’ll admit I had to go look up what Nic is supposed to mean. Still not sure why you would refer to me as that. Near as I can figure you are infatuated with me and seek to gain my attention at every opportunity. But that probably isn’t what you meant.

            I agree Willis’ theory does seem plausible. If it suits one’s confirmation bias they are apt to accept it as fact. Yes I could propose alternate theories on why there is turnover in the front office but just like Willis’ theory they would be unsubstantiated. The theories I might propose would better align with other people’s confirmation biases and they may accept my explanation as fact. See how that works?

          • Kangaroo Court

            Hahaha – come on nicky boy… you just posted the exact same rhetoric as you did here on the Willes piece i alluded to on the Province website comments – you are nick jones, lead mouthpiece of the Pointed Sticks… angry old punks never die eh, they just get more bitter with age eh Nick!! ;-p

          • Defenceman Factory

            Sorry no idea who Nick Jones is and I never heard of the Pointed Sticks. I’m sure whoever Nic is he would be equally as bewildered if you called him Defenceman Factory.

            Apparently I’m not the only hockey fan who doesn’t care much Willis and his ruminations.