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Canucks recall Reid Boucher and assign Brendan Gaunce

The Canucks have made some roster moves in California this morning:

Gaunce had appeared in three games for the Canucks this season, posting one goal and two assists. He had generally played well in his limited ice-time, so his demotion is a bit surprising in that sense but with that being said, the Canucks have lost seven in a row, so changes were going to be made and Gaunce doesn’t require waivers.

Reid Boucher gets the call with hopes of creating some more offence. Boucher has missed some time due to an injury but returned a few games ago. He has ten goals and six assists in twelve games with the Comets this season.

The Canucks are not skating today but it will be really interesting to see where Boucher lines up on the Canucks. His biggest weakness is his skating but there is no denying his shot and offensive instincts. Would that be a good compliment to someone like Elias Pettersson, Bo Horvat, or could be used to extract some offence out of someone like Adam Gaudette?

Our very own Tyler Shipley wrote about Boucher earlier this week and it appears that the Canucks are indeed giving Boucher another chance in the NHL. Boucher has done some good things in his chances with the Canucks and hopefully, he can continue to do so.

  • Shame Gaunce wasn’t able to gain the trust of Green given that he was actually scoring for the first time in his NHL career, but Boucher definitely deserves another shot in the NHL after the way he’s played this year.

    • Chalk that up to TGs ‘meritocracy*’. Despite putting up pts for the first time in his entire NHL career….not good enough for Greener.

      How has Little Things been performing the last week and a half? ……all quiet on the $6M front.

  • Always liked Gaunce but when you have 4 or 5 players all filling the same similar grinder position one sees mgmt’s point in calling up Boucher. Obviously the Canucks need scoring immediately. We have effective guys like #26, #59 and #64 to do what Brendan Gaunce was doing so Boucher (and Gagner) make present sense to have in the line up.

    • Agreed. Far too many tweeners in the organisation all playing the same role. How about packaging some of Leipsic/Motte/Gaunce/Boucher/Gagner for bigger sized players that may be a bit more raw but who have the potential to rise above what all of these similar skilled guys bring?

    • What measures or evidence are we looking at when we say Roussel, Schaller and Motte are more effective than Gaunce? Or even effective at all?

      PK? Secondary scoring? Possession? Defense? Team success?

      Please show your work.

    • And rightly so. He did a great job of describing why Boucher is at least worth another look as a top 6 injury backfill. Not much happening with some of the guys being rotated through that role.

      Boucher will have to be a better skater than the last time he was up if he wants to stick for any amount of time.

  • Any guy that scores 10 goals in 12 games deserves a shot at the next level. They asked him to go down, work hard and score and that’s exactly what he did.
    There’s a very good chance the book on him is right, a tweener not quite good enough but he’s definitely earned the right to show what he is at the NHL level. Hopefully he rides with EP or Bo for a few games to see if he has the ability to contribute and not used on the 4th line for 10 minutes a night.

    • Agreed, Elias and Bo both do more than just plays off the rush. He needs to display the hockey sense to go to areas where he can release his shot, which nobody denies is NHL level.

      Elias will get him the puck if he does that, and Bo is no slouch in that department either, his playmaking continues to improve, that’s just what Bo does, he’s constantly working at honing his craft.

  • It made sense to send Gaunce back down. He’s used up 22 of the 30 days on the NHL roster before he becomes eligible for waivers again and this leaves the Canucks the flexibility to call him up for a week another time before he’d require waivers to go back down.

    As an injury callup, Boucher is a depth player and will get whatever ice time Green thinks will most likely help the team win. Sometimes that can be quite a bit (Gaudette this season; Biega a few seasons back when he ended up sticking with Vancouver) but on other occasions players are called up as depth after injuries and don’t get into games at all. Time will tell.

  • I don`t like Green`s deployments. He`s leaving fresh legs in the press box and shortening his bench. and now they are in the middle of three games in four nights.

    What`s he done lately during this losing streak. Last night Archibald and Schaller; less than 6 minutes. Gaudette 7 minutes. Games before that Archibald less than 3 minutes. Game before that Gaunce less than 5 minutes and game before that Archibald less than 5 minutes.

    He needs to find some energy (like Biega) or at least use what`s available.

    • It sure helps to have a lead when you are trying to spread minutes out. You also need match-ups the bottom of your line-up don’t lose handily. Not sure those conditions have existed.

      Gaudette would get more minutes right now than he even wants if he consistently won face offs.

      • More rubbish from the blowhard who told us…

        “Poulliot believes he can find a richer contract or a better chance of making the roster on another team or in Europe. ” – D Factory

          • “I see Poulliot as no higher than 6th on the depth chart for left D next season, even lower when any of Sauntner, Brisebois or McEneny are above him” – Dunceman Factory

            Talk about foot-in-mouth lol lol

  • It’s been said before, but I’ll say it again. If Boucher is gonna play here he needs to play in a top 6 role with some pp time. He can not play a 3rd or 4th line role and be expected to contribute. With Gagner here someone will drop down the lineup. At least Canucks have some options available, so let’s hope they generate some goals

  • Benning: “We’re letting in way too many goals. What can we do?”
    Weisbrod: “Goaltending is what it is. Same with the defense. Unless we call up Sautner, shake things up a bit. He played well when we called him up last season. Or throw Biega in, he’ll be fired up for sure.”
    Benning: “Well, we’re just gonna have to try to score more goals than the opposition. Get me Boucher.”
    Weisbrod: “But Jim, goal scoring hasn’t really be…
    Benning: “GET ME BOUCHER!!!”
    Weisbrod: “Jim, I think we ne…”
    Benning: *places finger over Weisbrod’s lips and whispers* “..boucher..”.