Photo Credit: Bryan W. Peck / Utica Comets

Blackfish: CanucksArmy Prospect Report – November 22nd, 2018

The Canucks have lost seven straight games and there is a cloud of doubt hovering over the team and rightfully so, they have lost seven games in a row.

But in times like this, you can look for hope, and the easiest place to find it is in Blackfish: CanucksArmy Prospect Report!

There were a few prospects that jumped off the page, some disappointed, and some did their usual thing. You’ll get that and more in everyone’s favourite CanucksArmy feature.

As always, the images below all come from Elite Prospects.

Let’s look at the week that was for Canucks prospects!



  • The Moose Jaw Warriors defender had himself a decent week with three assists in two games this week. His pace of 0.67 points-per-game puts him ahead of the 0.56 PPG that he posted last season. He’s been very physical this season while continuing to do all those things that make him attractive as a two-way defender. Still a chance he gets the call for Team Canada for the WJHC.


  • Matt Brassard had a two-goal performance this past week but was otherwise held off the scoresheet. He still leads the Generals defencemen in scoring.
  • Michael Dipietro continues to do his thing – he is now third in save percentage and second in GAA in the OHL.

United States


  • Thissen’s numbers are not great but he did have a good performance last night in a 3-2 loss. Hopefully it is a sign of things to come.


  • Quinn Hughes rightfully takes the top spot among prospects playing in the NCAA after a four assist performance this week.
  • William Lockwood broke out this weekend with one goal and four assists in two games for Michigan.

  • Madden was held off the scoresheet for Northeastern in their onyl game this past week.
  • Rathbone was held off the scoresheet in both games this past week – he continues to play 5v5 with Fox but has been moved down to the second PP unit.



  • Another week and no points for Manukyan.
  • Nikita Tryamkin appeared in one game and was held off the scoresheet


  • Toni Utunen did not appear in any Liiga games this past week but did dress for them for their Champions Hockey League. He should be heading to Finland’s WJHC camp soon.


  • Gunnarsson was held off the scoresheet in the one game he played in this week.

Czech Republic

  • Zhukenov did not play any games this week – If anyone has information on his status? (my Czech or Russian is not great)


  • Thatcher Demko was activated, assigned, and played for the Comets this week.
  • As a result, Connor Lacouvee was released from his PTO
  • Adam Gaudette and Alex Biega remain up with the Canucks.
  • Reid Boucher and Sam Gagner were recalled over the past seven days.
  • Richard Bachman and Brendan Gaunce have been returned to the farm this week.
  • As always Comets Cory has you covered for everything Comets – check them out here.


  • At this moment, the Canucks have no prospects in the ECHL.

  • Kanuckhotep

    Prospect reports are becoming one of the hilites on CA. Seems the most promise for the Canucks come from blue line prospects right now. Am however very hopeful about Demko and DiPietro in goal. Sure would like to see Big Zack and Dahlen crack the line up upfront quite soon as well. Most importantly though is how well prepared Benning’s scouting staff is in preparation for the up coming draft regardless if they draft 1st or 21st overall. The future is not in FA signings in today’s NHL IMO.

  • EP40MVP

    hate to say it but i’m starting to have some serious doubts about lind. If he’s not playing that hurts his devlopment(same with palmu&Gadjovich like send them to the ECHL or junior). I honestly think he is leaning towards “bust” category superfast. heponiemi looking like a real “lost” opportunity right now.

    • NeverWas

      Lind still has time but with the emergence of goldy as a legit rop 6 winger and Jake progressing… plus dalhen and the big fella doing his thing… we dont need them all to hit with already established wingers like boeser, bear and the previously mentioned. Linds performance is disappointing but a) he still has time and b) the wing is looking decent… its that defense that we need to be worried about.

    • timmay

      Great post. I agree, an especially poor pick considering the desperate need for key Defensive prospects in our system… Nic Hague was available to us, a 6′ 6 250 lb blueline beast at 19!!! who set a points record on D for the Steelheads and is nicely marinating in the AHL for the man who robbed him from Benning… George McPhee.

    • Beer Can Boyd

      Gadjovich will be fine, and Palmu was a 6th round pick, so expectations should necessarily be low for him to ever be an NHLer. Lind is a worry though, and with the lack of high end depth on RHD, it may turn out to be a waste of a pick. He did get DiPietro in the next round though, which is looking better with every day.

      • North Van Halen

        Lind is a worry because he’s been injured? He exceeded expectations last season with a ppg higher than Cody Glass and has barely had a chance to get his feet wet this season. Only 3 players drafted after him have played in the NHL and only one has even been remotely impressive.
        I’d say you’re a little premature, like by about 2 (more like 4) years, on that call. I replied to you and not the other guy, cuz, well, I expected that from him.

  • Bud Poile

    ” I honestly think he is leaning towards “bust” category superfast.”
    Says the new poster 12 AHL games into Lind’s pro career.
    This reminds me of the Juolevi “bust” call that followed the Virtanen “bust” call.

      • timmay

        Deluded and ignorant.

        Juolevi is in his third pro season and still can’t break into the worst D corp in the league – in fact, he is a defensive liabilty with a league worst minus 12 rating!!!!… in the AHL . It doesn’t get ‘bigger bust’ than that for a top five pick.

        Virtanen is also a legit bust, he was drafted top six as a ‘physical top line power forward who racks up points’ … over superstar studs Larkin, Ehlers, Nylander and Pastranak. Jake has a paltry 45 points in 165 games and is a defensive liability minus 15… Patranak has 228 points alone and is a stellar plus 39! Case closed.

        • Beer Can Boyd

          Ehlers has 4 goals and 5 assists, and is -2 playing on the first line of a stacked Jets team. Nylander is still holding out in Sweden for at least 2 million $ more than he’s worth. Virtanen has 8 goals, 3 assists and is +2 on a terrible defensive team. Larkin and Pasternak (sp) are indeed superstars, but hindsight is always 20-20. Just the facts, timmay.

          • timmay

            As the pom pom waver trolls keep bleating beer, you don’t judge on small sample sizes like yours, you judge on overall performances since the relevant player/s were drafted. That’s the fair and accurate conclusion here.

            Are you seriously telling me based on *player performance* that you would rather have Juolevi over Sergachev, Tkachuk, Chuychrun, Keller ? Virtanen over Larkin, Pastranak, Nylander, Ehlers, McAvoy? I wouldn’t.

            Let me remind you here that the only goal is too build a team capable of winning games, competing in the playoffs and winning a Stanley Cup! Just the facts beer can.

          • Beer Can Boyd

            Of course, but analyzing player performance has to take in to account the players circumstance. In Ehlers case, as I said, he is playing on the first line on a stacked team, and he’s struggling mightily. Nylander played his 3 years on a line with Matthews, considered a generational player, and a consensus #1 pick. His best season is 61 points. Tied for 66th in the NHL. Lets see how he does when he’s traded to another team before we pronounce him king. Virtanen played with Jim Dowd. I also said nothing about Julolevi in my post, until he plays in the NHL, I will withhold my judgement.

          • timmay

            You haven’t answered the question… I will reiterate it – Are you taking Virtanen and Juolevi over Pastranak, Sergachev, Tkachuk, Chuychrun, Keller, Larkin, Nylander, Ehlers and McAvoy and are Virtanen and Juolevi playing key roles above those players to compete for and win a Stanley Cup?

            Just to go on record, my answer is NO chance whatsoever, and therefore those two top six draftees are BUSTS!

        • Kootenaydude

          Hey dumbass. Where’s your draft pick list for this year? Oh, you don’t have one because you wouldn’t know a good prospect from a hole in the ground. All you’re doing is going over past drafts and pretending you know who the Canucks should have picked. How many GMs passed on Paternak? How many passed on Pettersson? How many passed on Boeser? How many passed on Datsyuk? Whining that the GM didn’t get every pick right every year just makes you look like an idiot.

          • Beer Can Boyd

            Yes timmay. If we can find whatever name you are posting under by that point, we will expect you to post your 2019 draft list in April of next year. If you are wrong, don’t expect any mercy.

        • Jabs

          People don’t know the meaning of the word bust. If you are playing in the NHL within the first 5 years of your draft, you are not a bust…….yes, that is how long it usually takes prospects and projects to be established…5 years, even then, different players hit their prime at different times.

          btw….Pastranak was on the radar of no one in the draft, Nylander is KHL bound if he doesn’t stop being greedy, Ehlers is off to a slow start and Larkin, well I guess you can cherry pick all you want I guess..

  • EP40MVP

    All of u bashing on me okay i get ur points lind is injured sure granted but if we look at PPG in junior aleksi STILL had a better PPG than lind if i recall aleksi did better than lind in WJC. Maybe lind isnt gunna end up “bust” but if he couldnt even get in the lineup prior to being injured and showed nothing during preseason that is worrying. Lets see in a couple years but hes really heading towards “mcCann” territory. If ya all sayin we shouldnt have picked aleksi ya all fooling yourself the kid is lighting SM-liiga up

    • jaybird43

      Draft +2 year, early on, and the player is in the AHL, can’t be called a bust by any stretch, particularly for a second-rounder. Name 20 prospects of the same draft year doing better than him (remember, he was the 33rd pick). I could care less about how a few cherry picked higher or lower picks are performing … how are his peers doing, on average. That’s a valid question and comparison. Not how Aleksi (who ever HE is) is doing …

      • EP40MVP

        if i recall: hague(10Pts/17GPS/+10 AHL), volkov(12Pts/16GPs/+3 AHL),comtois(7PTS/10GP NHL just sent back to junior),heponiemi(20PTS/22GPS/+5 SMLIIGA) were all picked after lind but not after gadjovich(but if you want, Geekie:8PTs/18GPs AHL picked 67th, Shaw:14PTs/18GPSAHL picked 97). IF you want comparison, Lind had 224PTs/204GP at a 1.1PPG, Heponiemi had 204PT/129GP at a 1.6PPG. Volkov currently has 57PTs/91GP AHL at a 0.63PPG.Hague @0.5PPG 11PTs/22GP AHL. Granted lind is 20 while the others are like 19-20 so ill give it another year or two but as i said if your young prospects dont play or are “rushed” the higher chance they end up struggling to adapt/live up to potential (ie. McCann,Dal Colle,Yamamoto,A.Nylander,brown,Shinkaruk are all good examples). Maybe Lind can become a good NHL player(i had high hopes for him too) but the canucks haven’t had a good record in developing their prospects(you cant tell me they didnt rush McCann,Shinkaruk,Schroeder,Virtanen). You really going to sit here and say “Dont worry they will live up to their potential/wont be busts but if they cant even play(THEY SAT OUT PALMU&GADJOVICH FOR A 7TH DF FFS,Lind BARELY played BEFORE he got injured) then how are you going to tell me they aint going to land in bust category.