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Canucks recall Sam Gagner from the Toronto Marlies

With an off day after another loss, the Canucks have recalled veteran forward Sam Gagner from the Toronto Marlies in the AHL

Gagner has seven goals and eight assists in fifteen games with the Marlies this season. He has been primarily playing the RW position on the Marlies first line but has also spent equal time as their 2nd line centre. Former Canucks Army editor, Jeff Veillette, has been doing some tracking of the Marlies and thus gives us some insight into his impact

Gagner has been one of the best Marlies and arguably one of the more noticeable players in the AHL in his time there.

From the Canucks, it’s clear that they needed more offence and have turned to the veteran for assistance there. We don’t know how the lines will shake out for the game against Winnipeg tomorrow, but I would suspect that Gagner may find his way onto Bo Horvat’s wing and onto one of the powerplay units. The Canucks clearly wanted to get faster this season and thus Gagner was cut from camp but with so many injuries among their forward group, his offensive awareness will be helpful. It’s also good to see them get him back up after playing so well in the AHL.

Since Gagner cleared waivers prior to the season beginning, he can remain on the Canucks roster for up to 30 days or appear in 10 NHL games during that time before becoming subject to waivers again.

    • truthseeker

      as with all the other canucks players, I’m not hoping for him to fail. I hope you’re right and that he comes back up with a chip on his shoulder to show something to the entire league. We can only speculate about if he’s “upset” at the team, in which case, who cares, but he shouldn’t forget that the entire league took a pass on him too.

      Kind of hard to believe he’s still only 29. He feels like the type of player you’d think was 33 or 34. lol. He should be motivated. If he’s thought things through he’ll quickly realize this is probably his last shot at getting himself another contract. Last chance to cash in for the rest of his life.

      • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

        Why would anybody think he’d be upset with the team? The team allowed him to play for the Marlies ans be close to his family instead of playing in the beautiful metropolis that is Utica. He should be grateful for every opportunity afforded him and the only person he ought to be upset with (if anyone at all) is himself to allowing his play in the preseason to be so pedestrian that he provided the team with an new option of shipping his unproductive self to the AHL.

        Hope he makes an impact and plays hard on both sides of the puck.

        • truthseeker

          I don’t know honestly. I read something about that before. I think it was a comment on one of the other articles. Someone suggesting he could be angry at the team for the whole situation or whatever. My comment was based on that. I think it’s ridiculous too.

  • Kanuckhotep

    Never thought Gagner was ever a bad hockey player. Just didn’t seem him on this club when this season started. Has great hands and is a great shoot out guy but I don’t think the Canucks mgmt or fans liked his wheels. Obviously they can use him particularly on the PP and I hope SG#89 can have some sort of personal renaissance here. Lord knows we need one quickly.

    • canuckfan

      Green is going to have another player to add to his list of those who he got going. Gagner needed to be woke same happened when he had gone to Columbus and he knew he had to get going or his career was toast. Gagner is a good player but if his motivation turns into thinking he is entitled to a spot he slows down and starts losing focus and his game goes down. He goes down to AHL and is pissed picks up his game and now gets back into the NHL he will bring his best and may end up playing out his contract a Canuck and a good Canuck. But then again he just may not have it any more. Let’s hope Gagner makes this call up a success story.

      • Wanda Fuca

        What’s it like to go through life with a gigantic chip on your shoulder? Never a positive word about anything, always taking cheap shots, imagining yourself superior, universally disliked. Pathetic.

        • pheenster01

          Heyyy Chris, long time no see… how you been bro, don’t see you on here these days, why is that? how you doin bro, still talkin smack on twitter i see lol

  • Defenceman Factory

    Leipsic and Motte deserved a shot coming out of preseason and the Canucks have given it to them. Motte has demonstrated some value in the bottom 6 and on the PK. I won’t be the least bit surprised if Leipsic gets sent down. Hopefully Gagner plays well and rebuilds some trade value.

    I don’t see a big risk Leipsic gets taken off waivers and he could be a real help to the Comets.

    • Beer Can Boyd

      Even if he does get taken, guys like him are plentiful.Undersized, and just not quite fast, skilled, or determined enough to make it as NHL regulars. I’d take Boucher over him anyday.

    • Nuck16

      Leipsic seems to be playing a bit better, so maybe it’s Archie or Gaunce that gets sent down since he just sat out.
      Gagner is a good player when he’s in the zone, but he needs to be in the zone to be effective and it doesn’t happen enough…usually the last 30 games of the season, which is what fooled the Canucks when they signed him.

    • Reality Man

      Another backstabber…

      “Trade him for a 6th round pick. I’m sure Sam is a good guy but he just doesn’t have a place here. If he can’t be moved waive him and buy him out next summer.” – Dunceman Factory

          • Defenceman Factory

            Hey Reality Man, Matty Turtle and all your other personas there is a diagnosis of you. You have my sympathy.

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          • Beer Can Boyd

            “lives within a fantasy world of being powerful, in control and envied by all others.” This could not be a more accurate description of our guy. Wonder how he’s feeling reading this?

          • truthseeker

            That’s exactly it. My strategy towards him is the best one. I pretty much never comment on anything he says. I don’t even thumb him down. Pisses him off royally. And it’s not even hard to do because his comments are so predictably boring. I literally am not even tempted by anything he says because it’s so base.

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    • Beer Can Boyd

      Gaunce had 3 points in his first 2 games after being called up. For that he was rewarded with a seat in the press box to watch Leipsic and Archibald flounder for a few games. When he got back in last night, he played a full 4:58. Meritocracy.

      • Cageyvet

        Yeah, that was a head-scratcher. Green’s done a good job, but against the Islanders I thought Bachman should have played, with Gaunce and Biega drawing in for fresh legs to replace Archibald and Del Zotto (or Pouliot if you prefer that) who were underwhelming.

        Gagner is getting a chance I didn’t expect, it’s up to him to stay here with some inspired play. I also am not worried about losing Liepsic at this stage, he does look like a tweeter, not a true NHL player.

        Gaunce sure got a raw deal, it was never his defensive play that was an issue, I have a hard time not rewarding 3 pts in 2 games with a seat on the bench, at least when it’s to watch another Comet take your spot, not an NHL veteran.

  • sloth

    I got trashed 3:1 on a comment after the Islanders game when I said the team looked tired and wondered if/when Gagner would be in consideration for a recall. Honestly didn’t think it would be this quick, but I think it’s a good sign that this relationship hasn’t become fully toxic. Hope he does well in his return.

  • @ Defenceman factory

    You nailed it.
    PQW, matty, chuckey, or whatever name he’s posting under today, has what is called “Small man syndrome.” He tries to make up for tinyness, by acting aggressively, including angry rants, full well knowing he can do so safely online.
    No one is gonna hurt the little man here.

  • Gino's 3rd Cousin

    I assumed this move was due to a setback in Boeser’s recovery. Word is Brock will skate tomorrow. I have my fingers crossed he will be back at 100% soon. Blessings go out to Sam. Hope he can make some noise on the scoreboard.

  • Nuck16

    I’m happy with this move with all our offence out of the lineup. There were 2 reasons why I wanted Gagner sent down at the start of the season. 1. We didn’t have room for him since we were healthy. 2. His play was uninspiring.
    Now that we have lots of injuries and he’s playing well, it makes a lot of sense to bring him up…and also I know the new Canucks won’t hesitate to sit him or send him back down if both 1 and 2 are again applicable. And hey, if he lights it up, he may turn into a tradable asset.

    • Beer Can Boyd

      “Since Gagner cleared waivers prior to the season beginning, he can remain on the Canucks roster for up to 30 days or appear in 10 NHL games during that time before becoming subject to waivers again.” I was unaware of this rule. This would also apply to Gaunce and Archibald, which is unfortunate for all 3 of them, as it means the Canucks are more likely to keep Leipsic on the big clubs roster when the injured guys start coming back.

      • Kootenaydude

        I think Leipsics days on the Canucks are numbered. Motte is valuable on the PK. Leipsics skate around in circles, falling all over the place, with no finish. He looks difficult to play with. It doesn’t look like he has the hockey IQ to be a good NHL player. I was hoping Green was going to teach him where to skate. Where the high scoring zones are. How to set up your teammates. Unfortunately it hasn’t seemed to happen. Hopefully we can get something for him in a trade.

        • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

          I also have noticed these qualitiesin Leipsic’s game. He rarely uses his linemates and often tries to do too much on his own with speed before either
          A) falling down
          B) losing the puck
          C) skating himself into a corner
          D) both A & B
          E) A, B & C