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Brock Boeser sent back to Vancouver for further evaluation

After a fantastic performance with Elias Pettersson last Friday, Boeser was unable to suit up for the game against the Red Wings on Tuesday and will miss the next handful of games due to a nagging groin injury.

The Canucks star winger has been sent back to Vancouver to have it looked by specialists

Groin injuries are generally not something that you want to play through. Getting rest, treatment, and being patient is the best approach to ensure that Boeser gets back up to 100%. It has been reported by a few people that the injury is not related to the back injury that Boeser suffered last season.

As Dan Murphy mentions above, there isn’t a major concern here as the Canucks haven’t ruled out Boeser re-joining the team later in the trip but merely making sure that they get the injury resolved. In that sense, it’s good to see the Canucks taking a more cautious approach with Boeser and not forcing him back sooner than he should be. Even if he feels 100%, he should still sit out a little more and make sure.

If that game against Colorado is an indication of what to expect from Boeser and Pettersson, then fans are likely willing to wait a little longer to reunite the duo.

  • Kanuckhotep

    Do not mess with a top flight asset like Brock Boeser in any way whatsoever!! Do not rush him into the line up to get re-injured again. I’m all for sitting him maybe a little longer than it might take because he is too important to the Canucks and ultimately the future of this franchise. It’s a given he is badly needed in our line up but being cautious would best suit everyone IMHO. After all its still early November.

  • Nuck16

    When he was playing through the injury it sure seemed like a mistake at the time. My personal groin protocol is to not skate for 1 week minimum at the first sign of an issue. Had they done that he’d likely be back already at 100%.