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Blackfish: CanucksArmy Prospect Report – November 8th, 2018

Another week has passed and Canucks fans are still revelling in the greatness of Elias Pettersson.

If you’ve been a follower of Blackfish, you’ve been well versed in everything EP last season. Despite him no longer being a ‘prospect’, it doesn’t mean there aren’t players to follow and keep an eye on. Obviously, Quinn Hughes leads the pack but there have been a few other players having noteworthy seasons.

So, let’s dive in!



  • Woo played one WHL game this past week and picked up an assist in that affair. He also dressed for Team WHL in the CHL/Russia series this past week. He picked up one assist and played primarily with 2019 draft-eligible prospect Bowen Byram. They played quite a bit of 5v5 time together with Woo getting time on the PK.


  • Matt Brassard has slowed down a bit over the last week with only one assist in three games. It will be
  • Michael Dipietro’s continues to slowly improve his overall numbers with some solid games. He now sits 5th in OHL in GAA and 8th in SV% (among all goalies to play one game)

United States


  • After a hot start, Matthew Thiessen has a bit of a wall. With only one game this past week, he gave up four goals on 24 shots. Unfortunate to see him struggle over the last handful of games.


  • Hughes scored one goal over the last seven days but continues to make things happen offensively.
  • Jack Rathbone with a fantastic performance over the past weekend. He had two goals and three assists in Harvard’s two games. He was moved up to the top pairing with Adam Fox and it’s clearly paid off. It will be really interesting to follow how Rathbone does.

  • Tyler Madden picked up one assist over the three games in the past seven days.
  • William Lockwood was finally able to get back on the scoresheet with a three-assist performance in two games over the past seven days.



  • Artyom Manukyan burst out offensively with a four-assist (all primary) performance on Monday. Unfortunately, he was held off the scoresheet in the other two games but great to see he got some points after just not getting any luck.
  • Nikita Tryamkin did not appear in any games this past week.


  • Toni Utunen was held off the scoresheet in his Liiga and CHL action. He is now currently with Finland at the four nations cup.


  • One game and zero points for Gunnarsson, he was also held off the scoresheet in the CHL this week.

Czech Republic

  • After appearing in one Czech second division game for our last update… Zhukenov did not play any games this week.


  • Jalen Chatfield was returned to the Comets this past week.
  • Adam Gaudette and Alex Biega are up with the Canucks.
  • As always Comets Cory has you covered for everything Comets – check them out here.
  • Thatcher Demko is getting closer to making his return.


  • At this moment, the Canucks have no prospects in the ECHL.
  • speering major

    Yeah Rathbone was my favourite prospect to track behind Hughes before the season started. Good to see he’s doing well at the next level. His skating and skills are very impressive to watch. I really hope he makes the world juniors so we can see how he compares to other top prospects

  • truth hurts

    Rathbone will go the free agent route if he turns out to be a player .He will sign with Boston as he wont want to be far from his handicapped brother ,they are very close

    • SISMIM

      Rathbone has been pretty consistent when he talks about his future. His plan has been two years at Harvard and then going pro. His dream is the NHL and he’s said nothing that suggests he wants to wait until 2022 to get there, unless he absolutely has to. He’s not going to rush his development, but he’s also not going to wait around either. He seems very happy with the Canucks and loyal to the team that drafted him. Only has great things to say about Vancouver.

      Also, I doubt he’s planning to forego hundreds of thousands, and potentially millions, in salary just so he can go the free agency route.

      And when it comes to his little brother, Rathbone has said that the family has been preparing Teddy for the idea that big brother Jack isn’t going to be around as much, as he moves forward with his career. Jack has talked about how Teddy understands what’s happening, and is becoming more comfortable with the idea. He’s able to watch Jack on TV/streams, and Skype/phone with him before and after games. They are amazingly close, and Jack definitely stuck around last year, while Teddy was at a critical stage in his therapy, but that doesn’t mean Rathbone is going to live the rest of his life in the family home, so he can care for his brother. The family understands that the next couple years are about transitioning into Jack’s professional career, with Jack getting the best development and preparation his can, and Teddy getting older, making his own developmental gains through his therapy, and becoming more independent.

      No reason to think Jack is going to wait it out for free agency. And it’s highly unlikely that Teddy would be the reason why Rathbone would snub the Canucks. Suggesting so kind of takes one of the most heartwarmingly positive stories about our prospects, and recasts it as a negative.

      I understand that college free agency is always a risk. But Rathbone has never said anything about his plans other than he intends to sign with his draft team as soon as he’s at the develomental stage where he and his advisors (and the Canucks) feel he’s ready to transition to the pro ranks.

      I firmly believe that, so long as the Canucks do right by Rathbone, you can trust that he’ll do right by them.

        • truth hurts

          “moronic troll who found another username” really, what does your comment say about you ? let me help you ,your a clueless idiot and have no idea who I am and for my comment we will see .SISMIN seems to think he has all the answers and again we will see.

          • Bud Poile

            Jackson,get off your rear end and edit out this banned troll rolling his IP.
            You can’t do it and refuse to acknowledge your responsibilities to this site so resign and let somebody else do the job.