Vancouver Canucks vs Detroit Red Wings Post Game Recap: Shot Out Of The Sky

The Rundown

After what was one of the most exhilarating Vancouver Canucks games in recent memory, the boys went back out east for their second 6 game road trip of the season. Tonight, it’d be a date with the Detroit Red Wings who had started to turn the corner as of late before they lost in their last outing. Brock Boeser would not play, but Chris Tanev returned for the Canucks who looked to make it 4 in a row.


1st Period

The Canucks came out with a purpose right from the opening puck drop, and peppered Detroit starter Jimmy Howard early and often. It’d take 3 minutes before the Red Wings could get one shot on the board, while Vancouver had 4. That would be the tone set for the period.

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5 minutes in, the Canucks first prime scoring chance would be Loui Eriksson on a breakaway with Dylan Larkin right on his heels. Eriksson’s shot would be turned aside by the blocker of Howard to keep things knotted at 0.


The Canucks would get a mini reward for their offensive zone time 8 minutes in. Bo Horvat had the puck in the corner and was struck by a high stick by Detroit defender Danny DeKeyser.

Vancouver’s best chance of the power-play would see golden rookie Elias Pettersson whiff on a one-timer. Only 1 shot on the power-play and it wouldn’t be a goal. 30 seconds after Jakob Markstrom would have to make 2 huge saves to keep the game tied.

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The Canucks would finally be rewarded on the scoreboard for all their shots. Pettersson would hit double digits in goals in just his 10th game of the year… No description necessary, just watch the shot he unleashed to beat Howard.


Magnificent, 1-0 Canucks 13:30 minutes into the 1st.


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The Red Wings had a good chance a bit later in the period. Off a Derrick Pouliot turnover (These happen a lot), the Wings would work the puck around to Martin Frk, who’d beat Markstrom short side but ring it off the iron. After a face-off, it’d be Darren Archibald with a partial-breakaway of his own but he couldn’t slide the puck past the toe of Jimmy Howard. The period would see the Canucks pound the Red Wings in the shot column 17-7, but they only led by 1 heading into the second period.


2nd Period

The Canucks again come out of the gates hard, which kept the Red Wings on their toes. Howard had to make a couple of acrobatic stops which kept Vancouver from extending their lead.


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5:30 minutes in, it looked as if the Red Wings had tied the game, but a goal by Martin Frk is waived off as after Travis Green’s challenge  determined that Frk was quite offside so the game would remain 1-0 Vancouver. It would take another minute and a half (7 minutes into the period) for the Red Wings to register their first shot of the 2nd period. 30 seconds after their first shot, the Red Wings would get their first power-play after Erik Gudbranson clipped Larkin with a high stick.


The Red Wings would fail to capitalize after a big stop by Markstrom. A few minutes later, it’d be Ben Hutton who’d snap a wrister through traffic and past Howard to give the Canucks a 2-0 lead. Red Wings coach Jeff Blashill would challenge the goal, but his challenge would be unsuccessful, and because of that the Red Wings would have to serve a minor penalty.


The Canucks power-play struggled, and didn’t muster much of anything on their man advantage. Mere moments later, Adam Gaudette would be sent to the box for holding after he took down Darren Helm. It’d only take 14 seconds for the Red Wings to strike. Justin Abdelkader would find the puck in the slot and rifle a wrist shot over the glove of Markstrom to make it 2-1.


The period would wind down and come to a close with the Canucks still ahead 2-1, but Detroit had started to wake up after struggling through the first half of the game.


3rd Period

The Canucks were unable to hold the 3rd period lead for long, as only a minute and a half in the Red Wings would tie the game off of a Gustav Nyquist shot bouncing off of Troy Stecher’s skate and into the back of the net. 2-2 with lots of time remaining.


One of the best chances in the period would follow just a minute later when Tim Schaller rang a tap in off the post after a beautiful feed from Horvat. Would’ve been a great response from Vancouver.

2 minutes later, it’d be the Red Wings who’d have their best chance at taking a 3rd period lead. Dekeyser hit the post on a slap-shot, and the puck came right to Larkin alone on the short side with a wide open net. However, to the relief of Canucks fans, he missed the wide open cage and the game remained tied at 2.


Goldobin would take a high stick to the face from Mike Green, and this would send the Canucks to their 3rd and final power-play of the game. Put it bluntly, they looked brutal and couldn’t generate any quality scoring chances.  Quite frankly, that’d be it for action in the 3rd period. While both teams had some moments, there wasn’t any amazing scoring chances or jaw dropping 3rd period moments that bring out the best of either team. Both teams played like they were running out of gas, and these teams would have to settle this one in overtime.



To make up for a lackluster 3rd period, there were a couple of quality chances in overtime. Nikolay Goldobin had a quiet game, but him and Pettersson had the best chance for Vancouver in the extra frame. 2 minutes in, Pettersson and Goldobin came in on a 2 on 1. Pettersson held onto the puck, and ripped it past Howard’s glove but off the crossbar. On the other end, it’d be Nyquist vying for his 2nd of the game only to be robbed by the glove of Jakob Markstrom with under a minute to go. With both teams failing to score, this one would need a shootout to decide it. The only goal scorer in the shootout was Dylan Larkin in the 1st round. The Detroit Red Wings completed the comeback and beat the Canucks 3-2…


Advanced Stats

Both photos courtesy of naturalstattrick.com



Wrap Up

A tough game for the Canucks to lose on the road, but still some positives to take out of it.


Elias Pettersson has another highlight reel goal, and shows no signs of slowing down… at all. Like the kid is unreal, and gives everyone a reason to watch every game.


Ben Hutton had another good game, and potted his 3rd goal of the season. For someone everyone was down on at the end of last year (myself included), this has been the best story of the season not named Pettersson for me. Hutton has proved to be the best of the 3 left side defense-men not named Alex Edler, and could be around for a few more years even with Juolevi and Hughes breaking in if he keeps playing like this.


Jakob Markstrom can’t be faulted for any of the goals tonight, and kept his team in it late in the 3rd. In a game that seemed to be slipping from the Canucks in the 3rd period, they needed Markstrom to carry them to just 1 point tonight, and he did.


Now, this team still lost after being up by 2. Biggest downfall tonight was their special teams. The Canucks went 0 for 3 on the power-play and let Detroit get a power-play goal of their own. Digging a little deeper (not too much tonight, started this late) and you could just see the whole look of the power-play was off with Boeser out of the lineup. 

Not much else to put other then this team let one slip away from them. Back to the drawing board for our boys before their next game.

  • Hockey Fan

    Yah you are right Larkin is some player ain’t he. I also thought young Bertuzzi looked v good but overall this was a bit of a snoozer.

    Both teams a long way off in the rebuild but have to give the Wings a slight edge on prospects tbh. Man that new arena was pretty empty though.

    • DJ_44

      have to give the Wings a slight edge on prospects tbh

      Not sure what you mean by “prospects”, but if you are talking players under, say, 24; it is not even close. Canucks have a big advantage, and that is including the Wings 2018 draft class.

      • Hockey Fan

        Yah i mean under 25s judging by what i saw last night and what I have seen at NHL level.

        The Wings have good speed and size with Larkin, Bertuzzi, Mantha, Athanasiou, Svechnikov, Rasmussen and Cholowski with Zadina and Veleno to come. Van has Horvat, Petterssen, Boeser and Goldobin with hopefully Hughes and Juolevi to come. Like i said, i give the edge to Detroit.

  • Defenceman Factory

    This Detroit game had to make it clearer the rebuild isn’t finished. The Canucks have 3 true top 6 forwards. Baertschi is the next best but the rest of the players put in that role just aren’t quite good enough. With Boeser and Baertschi out of the line up there just isn’t enough supporting cast for Horvat and Pettersson. I sure hope Dahlen can step in by next season and be an upgrade to the top 6 but it doesn’t look like anyone else in Utica will be ready for that role by next season. Without a very good right winger Pettersson just can’t carry Goldobin alone.

    Regardless of whether you want to see Tanev and Edler re-signed you have to consider they will need to be replaced while Horvat, Boeser and Pettersson are in their prime. The plans for moving on from Edler and Tanev should be made this year and ideally they can be used to bring back draft picks or prospects.

    Watching the last few games it does look like the Canucks can trade Sutter. Horvat has been awesome in the face off circle. Beagle, Gaunce, Granlund and Gaudette can handle the centre roll in the bottom 6. If Sutter can bring back a decent return this year is the time to move him.

    • Hack-smack-whack

      Goldobin appears to be a guy that has a lack of confidence at the moment. I like Green but unfortunately I think he mishandled him; he was playing excellent hockey, but had that string of bad luck where he was pointless in something like 7 games, and Green bumped him out of the top six.
      I don’t know what that says to a guy who’s finally playing the right way, and just not getting the bounces. Should have kept behind him at that point and encouraged him through that.
      Demoting a guy says your not doing something right, and not the message that needed being sent there.

      Sure would be great to have a replacement for the Sedins… Oh wait, maybe we do have one, right down to the shootout even…

    • Rindiculous

      I really thought this game made it very clear that the Canucks are very close to the end of the rebuild. Not only are they missing Edler, Boeser, Baertschi, Sutter, Beagle, and Nilsson, but also they out corsied Detroit by a lot the entire game with their shot opportunities coming in bigger danger areas than Detroit’s did. Add to this a dysfunctional power play that will be fixed when the 60% of members from the first unit get back, and Hughes and Rathbone looking stellar in college, and this lineup is a contender. We got a top centre in Pettersson, very good #2 centre in Horvat, #1 winger in Boeser, and another good top 6 forward in Baertschi. Our defense and goalie are a bit sketchy, but we have the prospects to fix it coming in the next couple years. If we add a free agent like Panarin next year, which could give us our #1 LW, we’re a contender from then for at least 5-10 years.

      • Defenceman Factory

        I agree the rebuild is mostly done but it is not very close to the end. You have to be too optimistic about prospects and injuries to believe there is enough talent in the system. There is enough talent in Utica to fill out the bottom 6 for the foreseeable future but not the top 6. It’s a real stretch to say anyone in the system, beyond Tanev, is a strong top 4 RHD. In 5 years Tanev will be long gone.

        I’m not trying to be overly critical of the current roster. They are working hard and over achieving. I just don’t believe the Canucks are at a spot yet where they should stand pat and not move veterans for extra picks and prospects. Petersson’s prime extends well beyond the careers of Edler, Tanev or Sutter. If we aren’t planning for those gaps now they will be very expensive to fill when the team is drafting toward the bottom of the order.

        • Rindiculous

          Well Sutter is part of the bottom 6 which you say can be replaced, and we have many years of Tanev left. He’s in his prime right now. I agree that Edler may be out a few years away but we are going to be continually drafting players…at least one or two in that time will pan out in time to replace both of them. Our offense is set. Our offensive core looks quite similar in comparison to Toronto’s core 3 years ago. Pettersson = Matthews, Boeser = Nylander but better, Horvat = defensive Marner. FYI, Toronto is the most explosive offense in the NHL. If we’re even close to that, we’ve got a pretty damn good core. I’m not worried about our offense at all. I hate how so many people are so pessimistic when we literally have a bag of gold in front of us.

          • Defenceman Factory

            I’m not pessimistic at all about the Canucks 3 bona fide top 6 forwards, replacement players for the bottom 6 or the LHD. You are right this is a very solid core. You use the Toronto comparison. What happened to Toronto in the playoffs last year?

            Tanev may already be past his prime and with his injury rate disappear sooner than later. There needs to be upgrades to the rest of the top 6 with really only Dahlen as a relatively safe bet in the system. The Canucks need two more top quality RHD in the system as soon as possible.

            Edler, Tanev and Sutter all have the potential of bringing back the picks or prospects to fill in the gaps in the system. The rebuilding mindset should be sustained until those gaps are filled.

            The core of this team will put them in the playoffs but without more depth they won’t win much. I believe Gillis, over 5 years, drafted no top 4 D and one top 6 forward and he had to give up a starting goalie to do it. That’s a bad drafting record by any standard but when you are drafting late and have to give up picks because you don’t have enough depth it’s difficult to draft top quality players. Trading those vets may cost a few points in the short term but some more depth in the prospect pool now will pay off in the long run.

    • Holly Wood

      I wonder if when Beagle and Sutter return to the lineup, if it makes sense to try Gaudette on the wing. That may keep him on the roster and provide some more offence than we are seeing from the middle six right now. Nylander would be a great addition but the cost to acquire him would be too much. You would not get him straight up for Tanev, but maybe combined with other assets and possibly taking on Marleau ‘s contract that would create the same issue here as in Toronto

      • Tedchinook

        And the cost of signing Nylander would be way out of line too. They couldn’t possibly bring him in and pay him more than Horvat, and pay him more than the Sedins ever made in a season. He’s very good but not elite and that’s why Toronto hasn’t been able to sign him. Don’t need that issue here.

        • Saint Albert

          Nylander was available to us at the draft you mugs… here is how the Canucks SHOULD and COULD of looked under an astute GM of which Benning is certainly not one – don’t forget windowlickers, he never even drafted Marchand or Lucic in Bawstann!
          Tkachuk (C) – Larkin – Pastranak
          Baertshi – Horvat – Petterssen
          Granlund – Bonino – DeBrincat

          OR one or any of the following on D

          Yep, contender… end of!

          • I am Ted

            Hey, Saint Asslicker, here’s a news flash you teenage sack of crap: EVERY team missed out on players over the years. Get a clue…even half a clue you sack of crap. Benning isn’t great but he has been one of the best draft guys for the Canucks. Take half a second and go check out the draft years. Maybe it’s too much work for you? Probably. Compare the Canuck eras then compare other team draft classes. Holy crap you’re an idiot.

  • truthseeker

    This is the first game so far this year that I think was really disappointing. Started out OK but I was disappointed in the lack of push back later in the game. They got outworked and looked like they didn’t care. The power plays were absolutely awful and that really bad one in the third followed by that terrible penalty was just sloppy.

    Nice that they got the point and nice that EP got another goal, but overall I hope they realize they need to dial it up even more when the other team does.

    • wojohowitz

      When things start to go south like that it`s up to the coach to mix and match and try to find some energy. Maybe something like Archibald, Horvat and Roussel. That was always Willie`s problem – in game strategy, but Green has been better at it until this game. Maybe he looked down the bench and thought; `Where`s Gaunce when I need him`.

  • Kanuckhotep

    A post here and a crossbar there was the difference between getting the “W” and getting the LP (loser point) tonight but keeps the Canucks in the hunt. Better than nothing. We do miss Boeser and Baertschi out there as part of the attack but by no means did the VC play shamefully tonight. Solid outing but not the more desirable outcome wished for. And Petey? Again…..

  • Gino's 3rd Cousin

    Pouliot really needs to shore up his puck control. It’s like a grenade on his blade out there at times. Elias’ goal had my jaw on the floor. That is a high level slapper.

    • Bud Poile

      Yeah,Gretzky and Bossy shot like that.
      The kid is two goals back of the NHL lead and has missed 6 games.
      Since he’s at a GPG pace he’d most likely lead the league in scoring sans concussion.
      Petey is the youngest player in NHL history to score ten goals in his first ten games!

      • Saint Albert

        WTF – bi-polar Dud all over Petterssen like a lovesick mutt again… let’s remind ourselves of his very words two weeks ago –

        “I want to see Elias recover as fully as possible and then preferably spend another year back in Sweden or the AHL. Elias’ health and future has been compromised. Once your brain is injured there is no going back to mending it.” – Bud Poile

        FFS get a grip you pathetic little troll!!!!!!!

  • Beer Can Boyd

    Still not sure why Gaunce came out of the lineup for Leipsic and Archibald. Archibald was pretty much invisible, Leipsic was just bad. I do believe he falls down even more than Mason Raymond did. He’s had his chance, and now I’d much rather see one of the kids from Utica in the lineup than him. I’m sure he’ll be on waivers when the 4 injured forwards return. Other than that, decent road game. Probably some grist for the trolls mill today, as Larkin was a monster last night.

    • Dirty30

      They know what they have in No-goals-for-nobody Gaunce, but likely need to decide if Leipsic is worth keeping any longer.

      I’d be thrilled if Leipsic had a fraction of Raymond’s talent — even for falling down — but he’s more like Linden Vey and his fancy moves that never amounted to anything but frustration. Maybe JB can trade him to LA and Willie can play him in LA’s top line.

      • Beer Can Boyd

        Except that Gaunce had the GWG against Chicago last week in his first game, 3 points in his first 2 games, and is 6’2″, 217 lbs. Check the stats, he’s scored at nearly the same pace as Leipsic in the NHL, and he’s a far more reliable player on the ice. He’s not the key to Stanley Cup success, but I like Gaunce as the 13th forward. Leipsic has had his chances, with 4 teams now. I feel for Horvat, stuck with him as a linemate. LOL about trading him to L.A., he’s definitely Willies kind of guy.

  • It kind of feels like a point got away from us. Leading 2 – 0 into the third, I was confident the points were in the bag. That’s hockey.

    Loui Loui Loui! It’s just not coming together. You’re getting lots of chances, appear to be in the right spot at the right time, yet the finish is missing.

    • DJ_44

      Loui is a good fit on Pettersson’s right wing (at least the best option for now). He must have stole/retrieved the puck 6 to 10 times in the offensive zone. He is choking the stick a bit, and has no puck luck. He should go on a run soon.

  • TheRealPB

    Good start but terrible by the middle of the second. Other than EP, Goldobin and Horvat there was very little offensive flash shown. The difference between Tanev and most of the rest of our defense outside of Hutton was extremely noticeable (though Gudbranson actually had some pretty nice plays skating the puck out of his end). Eriksson gets SO many chances and simply can’t finish. I don’t think it’s about being snakebitten, he’s gone from a pretty reliable finisher to being a definite buyout candidate.

    Did anyone notice Roussel? Has he looked noticeable in many games? Beagle and Schaller at least have looked like they have some hockey sense. All of our players also seemed to forget how to take a shootout attempt. Still, I guess a point is a point

    • Defenceman Factory

      Goldobin’s offensive flashes are like a 16 year old in the back seat with his girlfriend. They are over before anything really gets accomplished.

    • Rodeobill

      Believe it, or not, I actually think we miss Sutter and Beagle in games like these. Bo has had to take over important shut down roles and is burdened with almost every possible face off. He should be utilized offensively in a perfect world. I have liked Roussel so far, he never seems out of position, is a hard forechecker, fun to watch, and seems to have a great set up or two each game, which seems unexpected and lost on his linemates. I wouldn’t mind seeing him on Bo’s line a few times just to see, but when he played with Virtanen, they seemed to really hit that “line you don’t like to play against” thing, and with some chemistry that could be fun.

      • TheRealPB

        I don’t disagree with what you’re saying about Bo — it’s so noticeable when he’s relied on for every single faceoff in the defensive zone and he’s expected to carry the load on defensive assignments as well. I actually think we miss Baertschi more than I would have expected; there simply aren’t enough others with offensive capabilities on the other lines who are consistent. I still don’t think Roussell is nearly noticeable enough.

      • Holly Wood

        Good call on missing Sutter and Beagle. The Bo is now called upon to take pretty much all the D zone draws. Wasn’t long ago that one of the CA writers took issue with the significance of winning face offs.