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Vancouver Canucks vs Colorado Avalanche Post-Game: A flurry of goals

The Canucks welcomed the Avalanche on this Friday night.

If you wanted to see a bunch of goals, this was the game for you as the Canucks walked away with a 7-6 overtime win.

Another added bonus of the evening was Canucks owner Francesco Aquilini “live-tweeting” the game throughout the evening. It added something a different level of intrigue to the 15th game of the season.

1st Period

Even if the Avalanche were tired or not, Elias Pettersson and Brock Boeser took advantage early with a goal fifty-eight seconds into the game.

The trio of Pettersson, Boeser, and Nikolay Goldobing continued to push the pace offensively, hardly leaving the Avalanche zone early in the game.

Took until the 8:31 mark of the first period before the Avalanche were able to record their first shot and it was a harmless one with Gabriel Landeskog hitting Jacob Markstrom in the chest.

The dynamic duo of EP40 and Boeser had another fantastic chance later in the period with Pettersson sending Boeser in on a breakaway. Brock wasn’t able to bury the puck and demanded a penalty from the refs, but alas no power-play was awarded on it. The Canucks did have a couple of powerplays’ throughout the period but were unable to find the back of the net.

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Francesco is onto something here.

The Canucks walked out of the first period with a 1-0 lead and 8-6 in shots.

2nd Period

The Avalanche were able to score early in the second period as Sheldon Dries continued his hot streak with the tipped goal

Elias Pettersson and Brock Boeser connected again for a goal that reminded fans of the Sedin twins

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Oh boy, what a play.

Before the excitement about the last goal vacated the bowels of Rogers Arena, the Avalanche responded to tie the game at 2

The news was fast and furious in the second period as Matt Calvert crosschecked Brock Boeser in the back

Boeser returned shortly after despite his grimacing on the bench for some time.

The Canucks took a short-lived lead with Loui Eriksson finding the back of the net:

After that, the Avalanche stormed back and it started with Nathan MacKinnon scoring to tie the game at 3

Shortly after that, Alexander Kerfoot scored to give Colorado their first lead of the game

The back and forth period continued with Elias Pettersson picking up first goal and third point of the night off the scramble in front

At the end of the second period, the Avalanche led in the shot category by an 18-16 score.

3rd Period

The goal fest continued early in the third period as Brendan Gaunce and Alex Biega got their wires crossed which allowed Nikita Zadorov to come in and put the Avalanche up 5-4 in the third

Markstrom probably wants that one back.

From that point onwards, the Canucks were pressing to get the tie-ing goal, they were afforded a power-play in the middle part of the frame after Ian Cole hit Tyler Motte.

Boeser had a glorious chance with the first unit but it was Markus Granlund who tied the game at 5

You wanted this game to make it to OT, just so we could see Pettersson and Boeser do their thing, and for a brief moment, it appeared that chance was lost as Bo Horvat took a penalty late in the third and Colorado’s big three took it from there.

But it was a night where the legend of EP40 grew a little more. Off an Avalanche turnover, it was Boeser to Horvat to Pettersson. Tie game at 6.


Both teams pocketed a point and headed to overtime.

Like the rest of the game, it was a back and forth affair with chances on both sides.

Pettersson gave himself a breakaway chance before getting taken down by Alexander Kerfoot, I’ll let Francesco ask the question for everyone

They were given a power play on the play though. Horvat was absolutely robbed, moments before this happened:


Images: Natural Stat Trick


  • The trio of Pettersson, Boeser, and Goldobin was fantastic all night long. Keep that trio together.
  • The Avalanche’s first line also had themselves a night with the three of them combining for eight points.
  • The Canucks sit alone in first in the Pacific Division.
  • I’ll let Francesco take us into the night

  • jaybird43

    It’s our sacred duty to make sure Pettersson ends up with the right nickname! It’s not “Alien”, “EP40”, nor “Petey”. What’s starting to carry the day at the Canucks Way, is “E-Force”, a great and fitting nickname! Let’s get it to stick here too! E-Force, for ever!!

    • North Van Halen

      You can’t force a nickname on a guy. His team mates gave him Alien for good reason. The s*#t this guy is doing is otherworldly. Will it stick, don’t know but at least it’s not forced or a name just to give a name.

      E-Force? What is that and why?. Botch forced that lousy ‘Flow’ nickname down our throats and fortunately it’s fading away. I’m not ready for another forced name.

      • detox

        I do like Alien better than E-Force or whatever they are saying. Alien sounds otherworldly but I’d like something more warm or positive. He is a natural, but that doesn’t fit. A maestro. a gift. the future. just don’t leave it up to 1040 to come up with the name.

        • North Van Halen

          Yeah, I don’t know what to call him either but it’s gotta be something organic. I was okay with Alien just because his teammates gave it to him after being amazed by his talent. That means something. Sneaky Pete, Dekey Pete, EP40, E-Force are all names guys are trying to ‘pin’ to him.
          Wyatt at the Athletic was comparing him to Gandalf the Grey and calling him the wizard today (his Athletties was LOTR themed today).
          I think we just need to give this time to breath, a nickname will appear from the netherworld and we will all know when it’s right.

          • Macksonious

            If his teammates were the ones who assigned him with “Alien”, then its more palatable. Still don’t care for it though, not a fan of nicknames in general.

          • North Van Halen

            ‘The Great One’, ‘Mario the Magnificent’, ‘Sid the Kid’, ‘The Flower’, ‘Number 4’, ‘Mr. Hockey’, ‘Mess, ‘The Rocket’, ‘The Road Runner’ (yes I was a Habs fan as a child).
            There is nothing wrong with a good nickname, they last forever. Just don’t force it.

          • North Van Halen

            It’s cuz Botchford thinks he has to jam nicknames down our throat. The Flow?!?! WTF is that? Dekey Pete, is he a Saturday morning cartoon?!
            Ya I can just see my kids walking up to those guys and saying, ‘Mr The Flow & Dekey Pete, can I have your autograph?” Just no.

          • detox

            How about Potter? I’m not against that wizard stuff, I think Ray Whitney was the wiz or something. Anyway, he pots goals too. Not sure if he really needs a nickname. Just happy the kid is on our team.

      • EP fan

        Yeah. let the pros – his team mates – sort it out. Tbh there is something sad and weird about old men fawning over a teenager anyway. Just enjoy the ‘team’ game because in hockey that’s what counts the most.

      • kermit

        The Flow worked because of his hair, but then it didn’t work because it sounded like a name right out of the Jersey Shore, which Brock is not. Unless it was meant to be ironic, but then irony is more for hipsters and there’s really no such thing as a hipster hockey fan. So it doesn’t work there either.

    • jaybird43

      So, based on the nine trashes, people don’t like “E-Force”? Hmmmmmm … I think Alien sounds too cold, “Petey” is unimaginative in the extreme … “EP”, again, weak like Petey … so let’s hear suggestions people … ?

  • VancWOOver QUINNucks

    That was a sick game! Had me on the edge of my seat, and then deep in seat, edge, deep, edge, deep, wait……. that sounds kind of sexual. Great game boys!

  • Doodly Doot

    Just thought of this: How interesting that Col took Cale Makar 4th and we took Petey 5th. Then, in 2018, somehow we get Hughes who could plausibly trump the Makar pick. Avs fans might be talking about this pivotal decision for years if these teams meet in a few playoff rounds down the road.

    • North Van Halen

      It really is interesting to wonder what would have happened had Colorado not taken Makar, would we have taken EP or CM? Then this year Hughes drops to us but if we had already Makar, do they still take Hughes?
      At this point we can just be thankful the chips fell where they did.
      Funny how Colorado’s decision at

  • Macksonious

    What an entertaining game. Been a while since the Canucks had the luxury of being able to out score their problems like this. The combination Pettersson and Boeser give the ‘nucks a “game-breaking” element that they haven’t had for years. Very encouraging to see.

    • Giant-Nation

      EP40 has the third highest average PPG in NHL higher than McDavid – There is no telling how much damage he will do now that Boeser is hitting his stride. I honestly believe we won’t draft top 10 this year and a weak Pac Div is a contributing factor.

  • Kanuckhotep

    I couldn’t believe it! Last night on TSN (Toronto Sports Network) even they revered to EP’s performance as “Petey Prevails.” You know, that sports outlet that can’t stop crying about Tavares and the rest of the Laffs not scoring and William I’m-enjoying-the-winter-in-Sweden Nylander. Matthews is injured. Boo Hoo. Welcome to the club, easterners. As for Petey being called Petey it’s going to stick like it or not because that’s what the room calls him. It’s still early admittedly and the Canucks still must compete first if they’re going to contend but the VC are taking the right steps. And wait til everyone is healthy.

  • Wow! What a game, was that even real?

    Nail biter, nerve wrecker, thriller, exciting, fun, entertaining, brilliant, hope, super star, elite talent, goalie graveyard, goalie coach heart attack, future of hockey, hockey is the greatest.

    It was all of that.

  • I am Ted

    Great game! I kinda find it funny that Aquaman is asking for an Uber or Lyft – isn’t he a billionaire? Lolz. Also, I would really appreciate not seeing tweets from that idiot, Butthole Burke, on here. Please refrain from using him. He sent this site to a low and doesn’t need to be seen here again. I hope others can chime in on this especially if they support my stance. Let’s make Canucksarmy great again.

    • North Van Halen

      Yeah, I got a sub to the Athletic and it kinda angers me I’m ‘paying’ to read a guy who’s opinion on hockey I have so little respect for.
      I protested a bit at first, now I just skip his articles. There are several writers on here that deserved that gig more. Essentially all of them except one.

        • North Van Halen

          As Jd says (then implies about Benning in the next sentence) I don’t advocate for anyone to be fired but…I’m not going to support him by adding to his page clicks. We did that here and now he’s on a paid site.
          I thought about pointing out the stupidity of his writing but I did that here and he got promoted. I’m hoping if I don’t feed the fire it will eventually be put out.

    • DJ_44

      I don’t have a problem with JD Burke’s tweets here, but show them all, especially the one about a month ago that claim the Vancouver roster was one of the worst “ever assembled”. Wow. Live that one down, buddy.

  • Nuck16

    Great hockey writer for the Denver post describes the genius Petey end boards bank pass:

    Boeser put the Canucks ahead again after Canucks center Elias Pettersson’s dump-in to the corner bounced out at a funny angle the the Canucks winger beat Grubauer high to the glove side from inside the faceoff circle at 5:18 of the second for his second goal of the game.

  • RootbeerJones

    Can’t remember where I read it, but “Elite Pete” made me laugh.
    Technically if everyone in the locker room is calling him Petey, then that’s who he is. I personally call him,
    “Thankyouhockeygods” after he scores for us. To each, their own.

  • Rodeobill

    That Mackinnon line looks to be one of the best in the league. Hard ask for Guddy and Hutton to defend against them (much less Biega). Really missed Tanev and Eddy this game, but good to see we can win one by outscoring them, not something we could have said these last few years.