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Vancouver Canucks vs. Boston Bruins Post Game Wrap – Bo Goes Loco


In a game that could have been a waxing for the Vancouver Canucks, they held their own just fine against a red-hot Boston Bruins club. The Canucks took the lead early in the first and held on dearly until overtime when Bo Horvat and Brock Boeser connected for a goal that got the fans out of their seats and celebrating in the streets.

Beating the Bruins is always a good feeling and considering Vancouver has been without their new star Elias Pettersson (seriously, him again?), they are proving to be a team that might be a chore to beat this season. It’s early, I know, but did anyone think the Canucks would play games like they did tonight?

I didn’t.


For a Canucks/Bruins tilt, the first period didn’t fit the bill of “melee” but it had a bit of everything to start off. First things first, this:

Digging away like he has this season, Brandon Sutter is given a chance in front of Halak and somehow gets it through. Erik Gudbranson would take a hooking penalty around the 9:00 mark of the first and thankfully the Canucks have a PK unit that is lights out so far. They would kill off that one and keep the game in their favour.

Nikolay Goldobin had himself a game. He was in this writer’s opinion, the Canucks unsung hero of the evening. Pettersson has clearly rubbed off on Goldobin and his creativity and skill seem to grow game by game.

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Kid’s got moves.

Jacob Markstrom was back in the net tonight after sitting the last four. He wasn’t tested a whole lot tonight but the saves he did make were done cleanly. Positioning was crucial and when called upon, Markstrom was a rock. In Roberto Luongo’s best years, he played the puck so square, most of his best games were pretty dull. Tonight, Markstrom looked boring.

Brandon Sutter would get a late steal and almost put the Canucks up 2-0 but Halak would again stay sharp and keep it to a one-goal game.

With 10 seconds left in the period, Brock Boeser does this:

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Thanks for GIF’ing this one Darryl, it didn’t go in but you can see Brock is getting his chances.



Bo Horvat also had himself a game to remember for a few reasons, the first one was this little diddy:

Bo fights? Bo fights.

Horvat was all over the place tonight. He hit the scoresheet, he fought Noel Acciari (who?), threw down the hits and drove the net. It wasn’t Bo’s best game as a Canuck but years from now when he’s inducted into the Ring of Honour, this game will be referenced.

Jacob Markstrom continued to deny the Bruins through the second frame and had a goal-line stand that he probably would have lost to start the season. It was a different Markstrom tonight and that could bode well for the Canucks in games they don’t get scoring from the usual suspects.

The season has been pretty exciting so far if you watch these Canucks play and even the Canucks are buying into the hype, so much so that they all want to get in on the action at once. Thankfully, the Canucks would kill off a too many men penalty and would follow it up with a shift a bit later that is reminiscent of the Sedins famous “Shift” and “Shift Part 2”. There were no GIF’s of said shift but you gotta believe it happened, I mean, why would I lie to you?

Jake Virtanen had a few impressive plays this evening with one being a butt-check on Steven Kampfer. There was no retaliation play, just a solid hit. Jake is coming along.

Nothing on the scoresheet in the second.



There was a part of all of us that thought the Canucks might be on their way to their first shutout of the season, that thought ended in the third:

Great shot. It wasn’t going to be all roses for the Canucks tonight even though Markstrom was a man possessed most of the evening. Vancouver still had their chances but really couldn’t anything else behind Halak. The Bruins did their best as well but after 60 minutes, we would need…



Plain and simple, this was worth the wait:

The Canucks go on to pick up their fifth win of the season, beat the Boston Bruins, and put themselves a point behind Anaheim for first in the Pacific Division. It just doesn’t make any sense.



Both the Canucks and Bruins were shutout on the powerplay this evening; Vancouver killing three penalties and the Bruins just one. The Canucks out-hit the Bruins 26-11, and surprise surprise, the Canucks also out-blocked the Bruins 14-9.

The Bruins outshot the Canucks 31-22, no surprises there.




Vancouver will host the Washington Capitals on Monday. What can we expect from that one, hopefully more of this.

  • truthseeker

    Yeah that shift in the second was a beauty. I’m sure every canuck fan was thinking Sedins on that one. Great to see Markstrom have a game too. Hopefully he’s feeling the pressure and the two of them will battle all season.

    I think in parts of that game they needed to up the intensity a bit, as they allowed the Bruins a little too much control time, but all in all it’s a small complaint. They played a solid game and there weren’t really too many scary moments. Hope they keep this going. It’s been fun.

  • Defenceman Factory

    And the Canucks grind out another win. Horvat and Boeser are starting to really get going. Goldobin and Baertshi actually look like top 6 wingers. Hutton and Pouliot much improved from last year. The team gets some key saves and Sutter’s line, including Ericksson shuts down one of the best lines in hockey.

    The Canucks aren’t dominating games and to at least some degree are getting some good luck in these wins. Everyone who is being realistic knows this isn’t a playoff team. An injury or two (Tanev or Edler) and a little less luck and games go the other way.

    The Canucks have gotten no respect; last place, no talent, too soft, too small, inept management, poor coaching. The hard work and speed of this team is starting to change that. The pundits are starting to say they are much better than expected. One bleeding Bruin made the mistake of expecting a Sedin like response to his challenge. This ain’t Hank and Danny’s team anymore and they deserve a little respect.

  • Foximus

    I have to admit the Canucks are doing better than I anticipated this season. Horvat is a no-brainer for captain next season. It’s still early but it has been some entertaining hockey. Can’t wait for Pettersson to come back and continue to light it up.

  • NeverWas

    Didn’t somebody comment about Bo last game… And mentioned that he thought he was breaking out and had to be one of the Canucks best players this season…???

    This is exactly what I was talking about.. Bo finds a way to lay life this for 82 games, Boeser and EP get going and the defence and goaltending aren’t terrible…. could be an interesting season if not this year, then next year.

    I’ll say it again, Bo has really up’d his game it looks this year, hes been the best all around player for the Canucks this season.

  • jaybird43

    Boston did take over the game at points to be sure, and there were a lot of posts or very high quality chances they didn’t cash in on. So … the game clearly could have gone the other way. Still, the Canucks kept up the tempo, so that’s great to see and offense chances are there even if Pettersson isn’t.

    If they want to continue to outperform expectations, they’ll have to find a way to tighten their overall team defence a bit, as the goals-against are where they are lacking. Gudbranson looks better paired with Hutton and they seem to be finding some chemistry: still, Gudbranson looks like Bambi on ice out there at times. He really needs to work on some foot co-ordination drills.

  • wjohn1925

    My overall expectations for this team haven’t changed much, but there are a few players who have clearly made improvements over the summer. First of all, I have been impressed with Derek Pouliot. Beyond a few terrific outlet passes (Bo says “Thank you”), his positioning and defensive play along the boards have seen a marked improvement. He and Stecher are solid NHL players. The other one who has surprised in a positive way has been Goldy. What were a few flashes of cleverness accompanied with a lot of circling aimlessly last year, have now turned into consistent cleverness with the puck and clear purpose without it. On the flip side, I have to admit that Gudbranson is simply a relic of a byegone era. He can ‘generally’ pin the opponent along the boards, but can’t easily anticipate moves on the fly. On top of that his passes are seriously terrible. Shockingly terrible for an NHL player. Fortunately, Guddy has been the only real disappointment this year, and the good has far outweighed the bad.

    • jaybird43

      Yes, Goldy is looking good this year. Last year he was weak on the backcheck, and would make high-risk, medium return plays that all too often resulted in a bad turnover. I was worried that his play at the end of last year was the typical fringe-player mirage, where all of a sudden for 10 or 20 final games they look good. I can happily say that doesn’t appear to be the case. The late-season improvement Goldy made last year, appears even better so far this year. Very pleasant surprise.

    • Cageyvet

      wjohn. I don’t have much to add to this, although Hutton is also stepping up. I’m on board with all you assessments, and their record this year is irrelevant. The depth is slowly emerging, finally, and it’s fun to watch.

  • Kanuckhotep

    Notice who Boeser took the puck off of to feed Bo for the winner? (?) Boston D Carlo went down anticipating BB’s big shot and he very nicely slipped the puck to Horvat and BIngo!!! Canucks much better in the neutral and defensive zones this season IMO. Even better the Oilers, Leafs and Habs all lost. Great night of hockey.?

  • DogBreath

    I’ve enjoyed the start as they’ve far exceeded expectations, especially agter their preseason. Call me a skeptic but we’ve seen this show the last few seasons. I’m enjoying October for what it is. Let’s see where things are at near the end of January.

      • Beer Can Boyd

        No. Gaudette is learning more about what it takes to be an NHL player every minute he is with the team, no matter how much ice time he is getting. His skill level is just fine, and anyways, the situation is temporary, because as soon as EP is ready to go, Adam will be back in Utica playing 20 minutes a night. Personally, I hope to never see Gagner in a Canucks uniform again.

  • Rodeobill

    I think this was one of Brock’s best games this year. To me, he has been playing a gear behind, and plays die on his stick. He is easily checked off the puck, etc. But this game he really played well in all the areas I have been worrying about, with more confidence. Goldy really looks like he belongs in the top 6, and his defensive play is where EP seems to have started rubbing off the most. JV looked like a mac truck, he would sit people down,, and when people took a run at him on a few shifts they would bounce off and fall to the ice. We got ridiculously out shot this game, but most the chances were low danger shots, that looks great on team D and coaching. Our guys are showing up and well against some of the best lines in the league so far and that has to build some confidence. We’ll see how we do against the Caps next!