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Canucks Army – Vancouver Canucks @ Florida Panthers Post Game Wrap: Deconstructing Pettersson

This was supposed to be a game celebrating Roberto Luongo’s 1000th game played in the NHL. It was supposed to be a feel-good matchup, reminiscing about the good times, getting some more jabs in from former teammates, and then finally moving on and enjoying the new star in town, the man of many nicknames: Elias Pettersson.

It was supposed to be just another game on the calendar and by the end of it all we’d all be going out to enjoy our evenings or relax or whatever people do on Saturday evenings. I wouldn’t know anymore as I have kids so this was supposed to be my time to relax.

And then the Canucks game was interrupted by the WWE channel but as I can probably guess, most of you don’t have that channel. Let’s just get the ugly stuff over with and we can dive into the rest of the game which was actually enjoyable.  Here it is:

Much like every other Pettersson highlight we’ve seen, it begins with a dangle but this one doesn’t have a happy ending to the story. Figuratively breaking someone’s ankles is not an excuse to try and break someone’s back. I’m glad the NHL acted quickly on this, though.


First of all, the Panthers did a great job of celebrating Roberto Luongo’s milestone of 1000 games played.

I still will never get over how the Luongo situation was handled and ultimately was traded away but when it’s all said and done, he’s a Hall of Famer and a lock in the Canucks ROH as well. One day we’ll all look back and say “It was for the best”. It is not that day yet.



It wasn’t all that exciting to start but there were no early goals to complain about so there were #moralvictories early on. Antoine Roussel made his Canucks debut and like all role players, he was awarded a spot on the top line with Brock Boeser and Bo Horvat. Uh, what?

Roussel proceeded to take two penalties in the opening frame. This was not the kind of thing Vancouver is paying him to do.

Elias Pettersson once again was the straw that stirred the drink and showed patience beyond his years in the first as he has done many times already. Like Pettersson is good at the dekes, the goals, and many other things, Anders Nilsson replicated his start in Tampa to tonight’s game against the Panthers.

Nilsson kept the Canucks in it early and often, nothing of the five-alarm variety but he was sharp and bailed out any mistakes that were made.

Pettersson also bailed out Gudbranson a few times. That probably didn’t need to be said but it still happened.

There was one notable play in the first as there were no goals to speak of, Loui Eriksson was credited with a shot on goal; his second of the season.

SCORE – VAN (0) – FLA (0)



Pettersson makes a nice pass to himself in the neutral zone to keep the play alive and keep the Canucks out of danger, the play continued and the Canucks didn’t get scored on. Gudbranson hustled early on in the second to assure an icing against the Panthers. It was a nice change of pace.

Anders Nilsson still held down the fort in the second and kept the Canucks at zeros. The Canucks had a handful of chances including a mad scramble with Tim Schaller, Markus Granlund, and Jay Beagle all trying to fish out a loose puck in front of James Reimer. The puck eventually cleared, the play went down the ice and Nilsson had a massive glove save. No one is GIF’ing Nilsson so if you care, I’m sure someone has it out there.

Nikolay Goldobin had a pretty impressive game and drew a penalty off an offensive zone face-off. Florida killed it and shortly after, there was celebration at BB&T:

That would be shortlived, however, with the majestic Pettersson putting his name on the score sheet. These goals sure are fun!

That shot is something else. Not to be lost with the goal but Brock Boeser made a great effort to keep the puck in the Panthers zone before that goal was setup. Boeser didn’t have his best game but he hustled.

Sadly, the elation would be short-lived as Vincent Trochek scored just as another Panthers power play expired, the PK was spared but the scoreboard was not. See below:

Let’s be fair for a second, it was a nice goal.

Antoine Roussel would redeem himself for the penalties taken in the first with a great effort to the net that drew a penalty shot, yup, one of those things. Would he score or would the Canucks head to the break down a goal. Let’s take a look, shall we?

The lead up to that shot took forever, they might have even had time to take a commercial break by the time he got to the net.




Loui Eriksson got the action started in the third when he stole a puck in the Florida zone, fed Nikolay Goldobin for a shot but Goldobin was robbed. NG was given a second chance on that play but Reimer kept it out. Jake Virtanen had his chances as well and the shotgun was almost unleashed but Reimer robbed him. Minor alliteration, not my best work, I’ll admit.

Everything was going swimmingly and then as you saw at the beginning, Elias Pettersson was choke-slammed to the ice.

Thanks, IMac. Wasn’t sure if we understood the situation or not. Did we just get #hockeysplained ?

It was hard to focus after that ugly play but the Canucks didn’t waver and pressed for their fallen teammate, the offensive players did anyway. Same can’t be said for the tough guys. The Canucks have had a few strong third periods lately and tonight was no different. Sven Baertschi and Bo Horvat were on their game and in the third period, they took the lead with this play:

Chemistry can’t be taught and this could be the season these two take things up a notch. The pass was impressive from Baertschi but the way Bo caught it and made that goal look so easy, it has to get you excited. The Canucks aren’t world-beaters and no one expects this team to make the playoffs but they have playmakers and their time is coming.

Chris Tanev would take a high sticking penalty, that would also be killed. The Canucks were 100% on the PK tonight and like I wrote in the game day preview this morning, they focused on special teams and succeeded.

Jay Beagle blocked a shot with his wrist, finished his shift without allowing a goal and skated to the locker room. He did not return either.

Not good.

Panthers would pull Reimer with 1:30 to go and the Canucks kept the puck away from Nilsson and skated away with a 3-2 victory. Beagle and Pettersson become the casualties of war in this one and hopefully, they aren’t gone too long. The Canucks swept the Florida teams and they also gained a lot of respect for the type of game they maintained.

It wasn’t the prettiest, most exciting game but the Canucks #battled and emerged the victor.

On to Pittsburgh.





Losing Elias Pettersson for any amount of time is a huge blow to a rising Canucks team. There isn’t any bigger news in B.C. tonight.

  • Pettersson is the franchise,Bo and Coach Green are not.
    Get this kid some protection,Benning, and tell Green he’s nothing compared to the health of the franchise.
    F’n pathetic.

    • I ragged on the UFA signings not one week ago and you firmly disagreed that they were clogging up the roster saying their PK kills were great! They were signed for their toughness (Bennings words not mine) as a direct reaction to the Boeser incident when the rest of the clowns in sweaters all stood around and did nothing to push back. How you feeling about them now? What an abysmal display of “team unity”.

    • totally pathetic when you look down the line and see quinn hughes coming into the league with a team that turns the other cheek. green looked like a deer in the headlights when he was interviewed after the game. he should have been breathing fire and unable to contain his outrage.

  • Matheson put his stick between Pettersson’s legs and then slams him to the ice with all the force he could muster. It’s the same effect as a vicious slew-foot. How does the ref not call anything? I have zero faith in the NHL to do the right thing here and suspend this piece of sh*t thug.

  • Same bunch of garbage losers! Great UFA signings indeed! Hey Poile & others, you all gonna downvote my comments again cause I hate on all 3 UFA signings??? No heart, no TEAM spirit. No sticking up for one another. Exact same standing around looking around at each other like last year when Boeser got creamed. Absolute disgrace of a hockey team. Gutless losers. 2 pts in Oct in a F’ing season when you’re a consensus pick to finish bottom 3 in the ENTIRE league and you all act as if EP is nobody special. This is why so many in your fanbase detest this current construction. No wonder there’s no captain. You all failed miserably tonight.

    • ” This is why so many in YOUR fanbase detest this current construction.” Dumpster
      No fan of this team capable of thought wanted Pete to get hurt or play w/o proper protection.
      Bo,Virtanen,Guddy,Schaller,Coach Green et all failed EP and their team miserably-you are 100% correct.

    • You seem like the kind of guy who talks like this online, but your balls would tingle if you bumped into Gudbranson at the Supermarket. Nice tabloid insight Mr. Dumpster.

  • They don`t gain respect when they don`t stand up for each other – they lose respect. Pettersson is going to get seriously abused when the hi-lights are viewed around the league.

    The Canucks were injury free for the first time in a long time – for about 12 hours.

    • I as much as everyone wanted someone to take out a Panther Gudbranson took one out shortly after the take down but no one had taken notice. Of course we are all concerned and want revenge this is a game where the rules need to be enforced. There needs to be a suspension of 5 games it was dirty. If there is no suspension the next time they meet it can be ugly. Star players need to be respected and when they are not the ref’s need to enforce the rules. Next time the teams meet the game will start with the idiot from Florida starting the game and he will have to answer for what he did if not the game is going to get ugly and another Moore incident will happen.
      I am hoping that Petey will be just fine and was just winded, he didn’t look good but then got up and skated away. In wrestling that throw down is not as harsh because the canvas has some give in it, on the ice there is no give. Plays like this MUST NOT BE ALLOWED. Talented players must be respected as no one will actually pay to see the idiot from Florida except the next visit to Vancouver where people will pay to see him dealt with.

  • Goal-dobin had a really strong game tonight. I thought Guddy did an excellent job in the 3rd period on the PK, he blocked a few shots and was physical all night. Hope Elias is ok. The hit was borderline, but I sure didn’t like the choke slam afterwards.

    • this was not a hit it was a throw down and should be able to bring about a criminal charge I hope Petersson files charges these things need to stop or hockey will die as much as the game is exciting this kind of bs turns fans off. Some want the person who was the one who dished out the throw down hurt badly. No different than the christians and the lions where people want to see blood. It is supposed to be a game of skill not survival. It the plumbers want more money they had better respect those who sell tickets or the game will just die.

    • Umm, you can’t really protect someone after the event. Matheson decided on his own to stalk and punish EP. No amount of enforcers on the ice can prevent it.

      League needs to throw the book at him if they give a shred of crap about start players, and player safety in general.

    • Nobody did a thing last season in Boesers defence (even after the PP goal). Everybody was thoroughly embarrassed by the teams (lack of) response. Hence the Shaller, Roussel, Beagle additions to the bottom 3. Did it make one ounce of difference? Seems only Green and some of the players (publicly speaking of course) care about the 2pts. Personally, I’d rather see them lose as a team willing to stand up for one another. Take pride in the concept of a ‘team’ united…anything but what fans had to see tonight. Embarassing.

      • Beagle doesn’t/wasn’t hired to fight .That’s not why he was brought here.
        Roussel is coming out of a concussion of his own.Let’s jeopardize his recovery and career for ‘Braindead’ on the CA board.
        If you followed the game the lack of push back is directly on Green but those two players aren’t the only 200 lb + team mates of Elias’ that did sweet FA.

      • More hot garbage takes. I was brought up to hate to lose. That’s how this team should be moulded. Beat them on the scoreboard and keep the memory long to enact some physical retribution in a non-Bertuzzi way.

  • Tough hockey is great hockey. Blatant intent to injure which is clearly what Mathewson carried out on Petey isn’t. I thought the NHL was suppose to crack down on this dangerous crap. If that’d happened to Matthews or McDavid do you think the league would respond swiftly and with impunity concerning Mathewson? The fans get ripped off because people pay good money to watch future greats like EP and now this garbage? Ruined an otherwise great effort by the Canucks. Sad and shameful, Bettman!!!

  • Not addressing the EP hit here (mostly).

    Overall, it was a good team game. All the Dmen looked good (although Pouliot had a few bad moments), even the Hutty-Guddy looked fine. Hutty looks like his better self.

    Again, solid PK. And gets a beaut goal on PP.

    Nilsson was fine. That’s what solid, but not spectacular goal-tending looks like, and I’ll take it.

    This team is built for the bottom 6 to absorb oppo pressure, and let top 6 score. Not built to win games in even-strength, at least not yet. 3-2 record.

    And now we pray for EP.

  • Who cares if you win the game if every other team knows they can go after your best players and take them out?

    Frankly, I am embarrassed by the lack of push back for the Pettersson hit. This is a very sad development for this team on many fronts.

  • Was happy TG stuck with Nilsson, hes playing great and keeping us in the games, another strong performance tonight.

    TG told his guys not to retaliate…and i dont blame him with how much time was left and two points on the line. If that play happens in the 1 or 2 period..Matheson gets whats coming to him. It was a dirty play and lets hope Petey is alright, Jan 13 is when we face them next, well get justice then.

    Really unfortunate for Beagle..lets hope its just a bruise and not a broken bone…him being out 4 plus weeks will be crippling. Having a hard time swallowing losing 2 key Centres right now with how the teams playing…fingers crossed theyll both be alright.

    Nice debut for Roussel, minus the two dumb penalties he took i think hes going to fit in just fine, was really impressed with his speed didnt think he was that fast.

    • I agree, we were trying to win the game and we did. It was tied when the choke-slam happened. The officials clearly missed that one. Play physical and smart, win the game. Hopefully the NHL does something.
      Great Game, Anders Nilsson!!

      • Francois Leroux (sp?) was standing not 3 feet away (the play and all other players were already across the blue line heading the other way as he slaed EP down) and he was looking directly at them. It simply wasn’t even a 2 min penalty for roughing in his book. Where’s the leagues accountability to its fans when referees are so blatantly wrong in their judgements?

      • Unfortunately the ref did not miss the hit. It literally happened right in front of him. The first discipline that should be doled out is against that ref. Aquilini should have called Bettman instantly. If a major penalty had been called maybe the ridiculous bloodlust and demands for retribution would be lessened especially if Vancouver scores on that powerplay. In an interview right after the game Roussel had already looked up when they see Florida next. The media loves this crap and we’ll hear a lot about the need for revenge and I fully expect Matheson gets the crap beat out of him next game.

        Good job ref.

        • Maybe you should sit this one out Defenceman Factory..

          Everybody understands Guddy. He might not be an upgrade on other RHD options (none are that great) but if anyone cheap shots Pettersson Guddy will punch them in the face. I’m not defending his play or the decision to play him but I do believe it is that simple. – Defenceman Factory, Oct 2018

          • Had Green sent Guddy he would have gone after Matheson.

            The sad part is that’s what needed to happen to appease morons like you Freud. The ironic parts are Benning is likely upset Green didn’t send him and the UFAs played pretty well being a big part of Florida going 0 for 5 on the power play and a Canuck win.

  • Our resident cheerleaders defended the “veteran” crap brought to this team with words like toughness, grit and leadership. They were here to protect and insulate the kids!

    That was proven a myth tonight.

    If the leadership, toughness and grit is a myth, all that is left is crap.

    You were warned and chose to ignore it, not sure why there is outrage now…

    • It’s one game, but you are correct that no one stepped up. Boeser gets a back injury slammed into a door last year, EP gets slammed to the ice. BS!
      Guess the NHL will take care of this… Ha!

    • The problem with overpaying guys to be bodyguards or babysitters is that once the ink is dry management no longer has leverage, the bodyguard can find all sorts of excuses for why he was unable to act. And plus, what man really wants to fight another man’s battles unless he has to?

  • “I don’t know if Elias Pettersson will be ready when he comes to training camp next year. But we want our young players to be able to play and develop without worrying about getting picked on. We need to have guys who will stand up for them.” -Jim Benning, Jan 2018.

    Pathetic and lol all in one. Perhaps the most golden of all incompetent, lying Jimbo quotes.

    • Stuff your hate,Freud.You and Benning Basher both.
      Benning brought in deterrance.
      Rousel is one game in -coming off his own concussion.
      Schaller and Guddy are signed to provide push back.
      The coach instructs said player(s) on the bench for any retribution.
      That didn’t happen.That’s on Green.
      MANY 200 LB. BOYS ON THE BENCH WATCHED EP get chopped down.
      That’s on all of them.
      Saying Benning didn’t provide help for EP suggests incompetence and lying on your part.
      Benning signed Dorsett when many here at CA ripped Benning for that hire,as well.

    • Keep patting yourself on the back troll. What exactly is your brilliant solution to prevent something like this from happening? Of course you don’t have one because the real issue is with the ref and the NHL that should be providing the deterrent and making enforcers unnecessary.

  • Pathetic. Where was the veteran pushback against Matheson? Who made him pay the price? Why is Gudbranson even playing?
    Time to sign a real enforcer – a Matt Martin type who will beat the crap out of the opposition when this sort of crap happens. The next game, call up an AHL player to take a run at Barkov. They go low, you go lower.

    • I remember Guddy played for FLA and took out Hall bigtime when they played the Oilers. Then Henricks ran and seriously concussed Ekblad for more than a few games. EP’s skill is way beyond, it frusterates and makes them look bad, they act accordingly frustrated and cross a line. Like the Sedins, EP will have to learn to cope with that. Green too. He is slight, underprotected, and awesome and frustrating to the opposition. We gotta figure this out. TG need to figure this out. Maybe we do need and Odjick. Reeves anyone?

  • Burrows would have made someone pay for the “ hit” slash slam to the ice EP had to endure.
    Guddy should quit, Travis should be embarrassed! 2 points! Great….

  • Wow. Lotta rage for a win tonight guys, I guess I get it. EP is our saving grace right now, I get it. Hockey is a rough game and each player has his skill set. EP’s is NOT the rough stuff and we were all worried that he was too slight. We were justified. We were also right to say that the other skills he brings to the table are too good to say no to. Did Matheson play too aggressive? sure. Was some kind of push back in order? sure. Guddy was a heart and soul player on that team for a while and I think it is unfair to expect that from him. Anyone else on the team should have though. Perhaps Rousell or Virtanen should be moved next to EP, or the situation could be looked after another way, but he does require someone to put some rules down because apparently he’s not ready to be fed to the wolves yet, give him Archibald for cripe’s sake, it’s just worth too much to this team for him to sit on the IR.
    oh, Nilsson still looked better than Marky so far. Is it too much to hope that Ian Clarke has made some game changing adjustments?

    • The stick between the legs would have thrown a much larger player off balance and in a vulnerable position as well. This has nothing to do with Pettersson’s size.

  • (Just sent this email to PJ at The Province)
    Patrick – I respect your hockey reporting very much, but you are dead wrong in your comments about delaying retribution for the ABSURD Petterson hit being the smart play and talking as if fighting and tough play are some sort of relic from yesterday’s past.

    Yes, we all remember Bertuzzi’s idiocy, and, yes, that was wrong, was taking things too far, but that one extreme incident is the exception that proves the rule. The fact is that the Canucks are targeted like this precisely because since Bertuzzi’s day they have been over-reluctant to stand up for their teammates and themselves. The Canucks’ failure to do so again in Florida in the face of an overwhelming show of complete disrespect for not only every player on the team but it’s entire staff and organization is the opposite of smart – it ensures some future Petterson will get the same treatment and will dissuade talented players from wanting to play in Vancouver.

    The persistent refusal of the Canucks to responsibly engage in such policing has not only damaged their reputation—and rightfully so—it has markedly increased the danger their players face. What happened in Florida to Petterson was set in motion when the Canucks insisted on allowing the Bruins to literally beat the crap out of them in front of the entire world in 2011.

        • I bet that was the kind of post that got you banned wasn’t it!

          I get it now…they didn’t ban you because you were being offensive! They banned you because you were being boring! Just like this. Just like you always are. A boring zero of a human being. A waste of skin and oxygen. How pathetic is that….LOL…getting banned for being boring!

  • The play by Matheson was dirty but it wasn’t immediately obvious to players on the ice (though it should have been to the back ref since it was directly in front of him). EP being a slightly built player made the outcome worse as he got thrown about by Matheson perhaps more than he intended but clearly Matheson was embarrassed by getting walked and there should definitely be supplemental discipline. Probably won’t be but there should.

    The deterrence stuff has always been a joke. Semenko playing on Gretzky’s wing is an eternity ago. There is no deterrence by having some enforcer on your team. It doesn’t stop someone from getting frustrated and taking it out on your players. Most of St. Louis’ players are six foot 200 pounds. That didn’t stop Wilson from cheap shotting Sundqvist (who is a big guy himself). Ferland and Engellend did nothing to stop cheap shots on Gaudreau, any more than Gudbranson did much more than talk tough about what he WOULD have done to make the Kings pay a price for hitting Boeser. These incidents are always about retribution, never about deterrence and it really isn’t clear that much happens as a result.

    We’ll never get this kind of nasty play out of the game as long as the NHL is too gutless to protect its employees from the predatory actions of a few and as long as the NHLPA protects the rights of those who refuse to respect the careers and health of their peers. It’s great that they gave Wilson a lengthy suspension but Marchand gets away with much worse with little to no repercussion. Everyone remembers the speed bagging of Daniel but getting nothing for that leads to the kinds of increasing dirty plays like the low bridge on Salo or the elbow to Johansen last year or sucker punching Lars Eller for…celebrating a goal. What kind of ‘code’ makes it allowable to injure an opponent and jeopardizing their career? What kind of ‘code’ takes more offense at being ‘too exuberant’ on the ice and allows cheap shots because you were outclassed by an opponent than at blatant assaults that have nothing to do with the game? Adding enforcers will do nothing to stop that. Stalking your opponent will do nothing to stop that. You can’t demand respect from the league or other players if you won’t give that to each other as a culture.

    • Not sure what sort of supplemental discipline people are expecting both given the league’s history and the fact that the incident in question didn’t look premeditated but more like the type of physical response coaches and fans expect as proof that their guys have “heart” and “compete” in them.

      A ten or twenty game suspension would be deterrence, but the one or two he could possibly get are just a cost of playing on the edge, no lesson there.

    • Realpb, your take, as usual, is fair, but I think part of your perception is flawed here… Yes, I fully agree the NHL is at fault for inadequately enforcing and protecting, and more than that, they seem to have bias in executing fair judgement when eastern, or big city US teams are involved in a controversy.

      But to say that code and player enforcement isn’t working is simply unproven.

      Who knows what this league would otherwise look like without it?

      Hockey is a sport like no other; it’s simply faster and more dangerous than other sports. The potential for cheap shots resulting in serious physical endangerment is very real.
      The need for a “code” is self evident to those who recognize the potential to seriously jeopardize their own or others safety. Most hockey players get this. They expect a certain respect for their own safety, and they give it in return.

      What I would argue we DO see as a result of players code and self enforcement, is a lack of pre-meditated dangerous plays.
      Most players will play up to a certain line, and try not to cross it. And the reaction of the players on the opposing team (verbal and minor scuffles) to a dirty play, is usually measure enough.
      In the case of a Marchand type player, a little heavier response (enforcer) surely does keep some of these types blatant disregard in check.

      Where player code and enforcement will sometimes not be enough, is reactionary type plays where emotion and lack of self discipline, in the heat of the moment, come into play. This kind of emotional response, (such as the Matheson temper tantrum) will always exist to some extent, and this is where I agree with you that league policies need to become much more severe in order to influence a player to hold their emotion in check.

  • “Much like Boeser, I think with zero protection around him (ala Gino for Bure) this slight young man will be keyed on and get taken out. I hope i’m off base, but that’s my gut feeling and as regular readers will know, i rarely get proven wrong.” – Chuck-ey 2 days ago

    “… desperate teams won’t think twice about slamming EP out of their way. That’s how the league has been and always will be.” – Chuck-ey 2 days ago

    See blowhards… when i talk YOU LISTEN. And all those whining, that was a perfectly legal check, it was the afters that are questionable and the fact that NO ONE stepped up to police this tells you all you need to know about the Vancouver Canucks leadership and team spirit… THERE is none!

    Get this kid a minder and get him in the gym to beef up once (and if) he recovers!

    • Putting your stick between someone’s legs to take their feet out is perfectly legal? You’re a f*ucking idiot and so are the people who run this site that allow your crap to continue. How many points has Middlestadt put up? You know, the much bigger centre that you told everyone Benning should have drafted instead.

    • TG told his guys not to do anything givin the time left and score…..that ends it. Its Matheson ffs Horvat couldve pummeled him. Theres always a time and place for actions, if that happens in the 1 or 2 period theres a response.

  • haven’t read all the comments but at the risk of being redundant, Canucks look like a pretty good team this year. Like scratching-for-a-playoff-spot good. Small sample size, long season, blah, blah, but they still look good.

  • The NHL needs to figure out what kind of league it wants to be. If it wants to be a goon league of marginally talented players, then I guess this stuff is great. If they want it to be a league of skill, then they need to crack down HARD on this stuff, especially if Pettersson is injured and is gone for any length of time.

  • I’m never really sure how a team should respond when a player is slammed to the ice like Pettersson was or hit head first into the boards. Winning the game certainly helps. Going psycho? That might work in some cases. But, what happens if you go psycho and the other team lays a licking in the fight department?

    One thing I do know, however, is that the league had better respond with a harsh penalty. All you have to do is compare the Aaron Rome hit on Nathan Horton, in the 2011 playoffs, with this take down of Pettersson. Rome was a bit late hitting Horton, resulting in Horton (who remained focused on the pass) pitching backward and hitting his head on the ice. It is highly doubtful this is what Rome had in mind. In all likelihood, he wanted to deliver a hard hit before Horton was able to make the pass. As a result of Horton’s concussion, Rome received a severe penalty.

    The Matheson hit, on the other hand, is another level up. He intentionally grabbed Pettersson and pitched him backwards onto the ice. This is not a case of a hit gone awry. This is deliberate.

    I think Matheson should receive a much longer suspension than Rome was given, especially considering that Rome missed playoff games, while Matheson will only be missing regular season games.

  • Wasn’t it Miller that basically checked out when his team didn’t stand up for him? I don’t think EP is that type of guy but that’s a key part of the role. You need to protect your guys and deter dirty plays but even more important is having each others back as a team. It’s huge and you don’t want or expect goldobin or eriksson to handle that. Matheson should have many challenges next game until he accepts

    The play was dirty but I don’t think anyone expected that outcome. I think Matheson intended on dishing back a bit of embarrassment by throwing him to the ice. These aren’t judo experts, he probably didn’t think about a head injury like someone going in with an elbow up. We never see players concusseed this way.

    That said, the league should definitely look at this. They have to set a standard. Plays like this can be the equivalent of a viscous slew foot and Matheson full intended on throwing him to the ice in a very dangerous and dirty way (even if he didn’t know how dangerous it was)