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WWYDW: The Boeser “Slump”

Brock Boeser has yet to score a goal this season. We’re only three games into the season, so usually this wouldn’t raise eyebrows; but when you’re Brock Boeser and you’re fresh off averaging nearly a half a goal per game last season that has a way of raising expectations.

The truth is, regardless of whether or not fans are overreacting to Boeser’s slow start (they are), he hasn’t looked himself through three games this season.

How would you help Boeser bump his scoring slump?

Last week I asked: Would you ban gaming on the road? Why or why not?


If this was a management decision forced on the players I’d have some concerns, but it sounds like it was a decision made by the majority of the players. If it’s their choice, more power to them.

Killer Marmot:

There have been hints that video game playing had become a problem for one or more of the players, even to the point of hurting their careers.

If so then is an excellent idea, especially if it was decided by the players themselves. It might help wean some players off of the electronic teat.

speering major:

It’s a weird thing. They’re adults who are going to be treated like children.

Limits like curfew exist for a reason. I’m sure playing video games is a great way for the guys to relax, recover physically, and stay out of trouble. That said, it can go way too far. I threw away my play station years ago cause I could pop in grand theft auto with the intention of playing for an hour and 3 hours later its 2 a.m. and I’m wired. Video games can also isolate everyone. I don’t know the solution but treating everyone like children is kind of ridiculous. Are they going to send Smyl around to collect everyones joysticks at midnight?

North Van Halen:

I guess times change. I remember when Tom Rennie banned beer on flights and Esa Tikkanen who’d won 5 cups to that point (on some legendary partying teams in Edmonton) was like WTF rookie coach are you nuts?! Tom Rennie didn’t last long.
Not sure how to take this one. If it’s player driven, then it’s a good thing. If it’s management driven, telling adults what they can and can’t do with their spare time rarely ends well.


The league is getting younger and younger. Instead of bonding with teammates. These kids are playing video games. Video games make you feel like you are accomplishing something. When the truth is you are accomplishing nothing. There’s better ways to use your spare time. Kinda seems like a no brainer.

Forever 1915:

Could be worse. In Calgary, they banned museums.

  • Boeser is a shadow of last season – he may be playing injured but the bottomline is the kid is a total trainwreck. He either needs to sit in the pressbox to get a wakeup call or be put on IR and work off ice back to full fitness – there is no room for passengers and fails in the bigs fellas – ask Gagner/Gaunce and Juolevi! This is what you get when a rabid fanbase over-hypes a player after ONE decent season.

  • Relax, it hasn’t yet been a fortnite. Let’s wait a fornite to gather some more evidence before we try to put our finger on what’s changed. We might be rushing to judgment fortnite. Fortnite.