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Tonight is the final home preseason game at Rogers Arena before they play a “home” game in some little town in the Okanagan that a few people may have googled once or twice. The Canucks take on the visiting Los Angeles Kings in Vancouver’s third game in three nights, yes you read that correctly.

Travis Green teased Canucks fans in the first game against the Oilers with the debut of Elias Pettersson, he threw together a mishmash lineup against the Flames so it goes without saying that tonight’s roster has to include the world premiere of Brock Boeser and Pettersson in the same game and hopefully on the same line. It might be the most anticipated duet since Jay Z and Linkin Park unleashed “Collision Course” in 2004.

Thankfully, the Kings have dropped their first two preseason games as well, both of which were against split squads of the Arizona Coyotes.

Someone has to win tonight, who will it be?


The Canucks will go with these guys and hopefully get their first W:

The Kings feel this is their best lineup:


  • Travis Green stated Michael DiPietro will be sent back to Windsor of the OHL as their season is about to start. Jacob Markstrom hasn’t had a start yet so there doesn’t need to be four goalies hanging around when DiPietro can already be getting quality starts.
  • Olli Juolevi was about as effective as Loui Eriksson in his sole game played although Eriksson had way more opportunities to shine. Juolevi should get a few more chances to prove himself but after one game he hasn’t exactly challenged for a spot even on this anemic defense. He’ll have to make a splash somehow. He needs Chris Tanev.
  • He can’t be held back any longer, Brock Boeser needs to hit the hilite reel this evening. His run in Da Beauty League was the thing of legends. His wrist looks fully healed, he’s bulkier and his 34 points in 9 games in DBL led all players. Scoring comes easy for Boeser but how easy will it be if he gets a chance to rock and roll with Pettersson?
  • Brendan Leipsic doesn’t need to play another game this preseason, well at least until maybe Saturday. He’s been a gamer. The sequence and move that led to his goal yesterday are what everyone is looking for. It’s the hope fans cling to when they see the defense they’ll be stuck with for the next 82 games. Tyler Motte has also impressed and as everyone knows, the losses will mount but the guys that keep it close will be the ones that get this team out of the Rebuild.
  • Oh ya, Ilya Kovalchuk is back and wears a Kings jersey. That could be bad.


Beating the Kings has been a chore for some time now and it appears the Canucks are still very much the team they were last season. It’s not fair to judge the entire team yet as there hasn’t been a complete roster to critique but you can count on one hand how many players have looked good. The “meh” factor is already eclipsing the “Injured Boeser Era”.

Limiting odd-man rushes and my goodness scoring on the powerplay are things the Canucks can definitely get better at going into tonight’s game.

I guess the tweets will be good at least.


Sign me up.

    • TD

      Couldn’t agree more. I saw that sentence and skipped to the bottom to disagree. While he was not flashy, he made smart plays and jumped up several times. It didn’t lead to anything, but that was more from the poor performances of the players he was with when he jumped up.

  • Kanuckhotep

    The Canucks are very young and the Kings very old but this game won’t tell you very much other than which of Travis’s young guys impress the coach enough to consider putting them on the Big Club. Either way watching hockey never gets old.

  • Kanuckhotep

    The hockey will be even better tonight and more serious as time goes on naturally. They’ll have to compete with Thursday night football but, really, the Browns?

  • Gampbler

    I was there and he didn’t stand out in my mind. He looked tentative and nervous for the first two periods for sure. He forgot to move his feet a few times and the gap closed on him much quicker than it otherwise should have. He’ll learn.

  • Captain Video

    Big opportunity for Dahlen tonight. I actually felt Juolevi played modestly well last night, especially given who his partner was. At a minimum, he showed far, far better than Pouliot.

    • Settlebower

      I thought Juolevi looked good in Penticton albeit was against the Winnipeg Jests. I’m not sure his game is built to wow people, but solid looks pretty good to me up against our bottom 2 from last year.

  • Rusty bucket

    Were we watching a different game? I thought Olli was the best D for the Canucks… wish they would have stuck him in the 2PP, give him an opportunity. Although Pouliot needed a chance too I suppose

    • Kevlar73

      I thought the line of Gaudette, Boucher, and Lucas Jasek looked pretty good in the third period. I could see that becoming the top line in Utica this year