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It’s finally time to play some meaningful hockey. The Edmonton Oilers already had their first taste of preseason action against the Calgary Flames last night and despite a Dillon Dube hat-trick (he’s ok if anyone’s wondering) the Oilers emerged victorious. If tonight’s game is anything like what the Canucks and Jets prospects put on display just over a week ago, we’re all in for a barn burner.

If Travis Green decides to unleash rookie phenom Elias Pettersson on the Oilers, it would be great if the Oilers matched with Connor McDavid. The Oilers went heavy on the prospects yesterday against the Flames so it would lead us to believe a heavier veteran presence should be expected this evening.

All in all, hockey’s back!


The Canucks Setup

The Oilers Setup

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  • On Monday, the Canucks released 10 players to tighten up their roster just a tad. It would have been nice to see Reid Gardiner (former Kelowna Rocket) in some real game action but Utica is getting a gamer. Here’s the list below:

  • Both teams had great preseason finishes last year with the Oilers finishing just ahead of the Canucks in goals with 33 to the Canucks 27 but the similarities stopped there as the Canucks allowed the most goals with 31. Progress in the defensive zone would be a good start.
  • Brock Boeser is Brock Bigger. The man who would be king has bulked up another 8-10 lbs this season. It’s possible Boeser could be in the running for the Rocket Richard and if you haven’t seen what #NewBrock looks like here’s a reminder of what we have to look forward to:
  • Boeser finished with four goals last preseason, one off the lead held by Patrik Laine. Jake Virtanen was one point back of Brock with six last year in exhibition play. A year later, these two could be heavy hitters on the score sheet. Time will tell.
  • Petrus Palmu will be a name to watch in the next two weeks especially considering Antoine Roussell is still recovering from a concussion. The fourth line will have some depth this season which is great if the first two lines had the same. Palmu isn’t expected to make the team but after an impressive Young Stars tournament and training camp, the little spark plug may literally fight for a job this fall.
  • There is a chance, yes, there is a chance that Jonathan Dahlen makes the Canucks roster on opening night. He won’t get as many looks with Elias Pettersson as we all may hope but his offensive creativity could spread to the second and third lines and players like Jake Virtanen and Nikolay Goldobin or even Loui Eriksson might just find some chemistry with the young Swede.
  • As mentioned above, Dillon Dube lit up the Oilers for three goals last night so his former Kelowna Rockets teammate Kole Lind would be smart to mirror Dube’s efforts if given the chance. Don’t sleep on Lind as the entire NHL did in his draft year, he has a wicked shot and can dish the puck with the best of them.


Tonight will be a goal fest or possibly an extravaGOALza. That being said, I expect the Canucks to have a randomly well-played defensive game. A few jobs are up for grabs this year and it might be one of the most interesting Canucks seasons in many years.

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Canucks take it by the slimmest of margins 5-4.

    • Green Bastard

      LASKID the reliable and predictable troll… proactively dishing excuses. If the oil scrubs can’t beat the Canucks, then they are still, just the oil.

    • Kneedroptalbot

      LAKID, I always look forward to your unbias comments, keep up the good work.
      Whats the inside scoop with Lucic? How come he’s not in tonights lineup? Is he still working on his skating with Oilers skills coach David Pelletier?

    • I am Ted

      How is loser still not banned from here? He is the load his mother should’ve swallowed. Seriously. This sack of shat offers nothing.

      I’ve looked forward to Canucks pre-season games for a couple years now. It’s nice to get a sense of where the team is going and what their future looks like. Also, the Canucks won’t be too competitive over the regular season so this is where the intrigue is.

  • speering major

    What is their plan for Boeser? Are they going to rest him and play him with Horvat later? Are they going to put him next to Sutter or Beagle? Are they hoping that Petterson looks great and try that out?

    I’m a little surprised they put Baertschi with Petterson and Goldobin instead of Leipsic. It seems like they put one player on each line that is competing for a spot.

    I can’t believe I have this much interest in a pre season game. Really curious to see Dahlen and Petterson with and vs NHL players. Also lean Hutton

  • Game one of three in a row. I have just as much interest in pre season games, due to:
    1 – It’s been a long time

    2 – Players not usually seen get a chance to make the big team

    3 – Unusual line combinations searching for chemistry

    4 – I sleep better when Canucks play and win

  • Couple more thoughts:
    Boeser is a beast. It makes me think of the football guy who went on about ” It’s his body. He’s got a good looking body.” You know the one. Brock looks ready to play.

    Say hello to our old friend Jason Garrison.

  • myshkin

    i’m really looking forward to watching Hutton tonight. If he has a bounce back season things could go well for the team and if he excels, aqauman should double Green’s salary.