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WWYDW: The Bubble

Young Stars is over and main camp is just around the corner. The roster is unusually crowded this year, which means there are plenty of players on the bubble, and their performance at camp could make or break their season. Who do you think can surprise at camp and earn a full-time spot on the roster? At whose expense?

Last week I asked: Outside of Elias Pettersson, which player(s) are you most excited to see in action at Young Stars 2018?

Forever 1915:

To keep it simple: every Canuck draft pick plus Dahlen, MacEwen, and Chatfield.


I am hoping Kole Lind has a great tournament.
Like 1915 says, all prospects will be interesting too keep an eye on, hope we get 4 or 5 of them to be nhl calibre players at some point.

Killer Marmot:

Juolevi, for two reasons. First, of all these players except perhaps Pettersson, he could have the greatest impact on the Canucks future. Second, he’s recovering from back surgery, and it will be interesting to see how well he’s recovered.

Captain Video:

Juolevi. The key to any rebuild is not to select busts with top ten picks. Now that Olli’s beginning the third season after his draft year, it’s time for him to step up and shine. While his surgery may land him in the AHL to start the season, he absolutely needs to crack the NHL roster by the trade deadline. If Benning has whiffed on both the Virtanen and Juolevi picks, then the rebuild has been set back at least two years and ownership needs to look for a new GM.


I am truly hoping that juolevi, gaudette, and dahlen make an impact not only in the young stars and training camp that everybody will be in an outrage when theyget sent down to the minors or the less likely option that Benningactually keeps to his word and keeps them and gets rid of the extra baggage like mdz and gagner


Expectations are high for EP, I hope he can live up to them. Maybe Gaudette leveled up over the summer too? With all the rest, I look forward to the one or two prospects that went hard over the summer to up their game and jump some spots on the depth chart of our prospect pool. Maybe Lind or Palmu or Gadjovich come in and make us think, How can we not have that guy on our team? I remember last year Archibald was the last one cut in preseason. I am curious to see who makes it that far.

Doodly doot:

I’m very excited to see Pettersson and Gaudette for obvious reasons, but Jonathan Dahlen is the one I’m most intrigued by actually. This trade for a past-his-prime Burrows could go down as the Canucks best piece of trade thievery second only to the Naslund trade. I see Dahlen as a Filip Forsberg type player who can be very productive AND consistent during the regular season while quietly and naturally stepping it up a notch in the playoffs. Saying all this, I do kind of hope that he spends most of this year in Utica if for no other reason than to get a ton of top line minutes and fine-tune the transition of his game to the North American style. I have no doubt that he will blow people away in at least one of his call-up games.
One more note about Pettersson. It seems obvious to me that he is going to be the best player on the Canucks for years and years to come. Not necessarily this year, but very possibly the next. And the next and so on. I’m wondering if management is gun-shy about giving Bo the C because they suspect what no one else seems to be talking about yet: Pettersson IS the future Canucks captain.

Jim “Dumpster Fire” Benning:

Guillaume Brisebois…simply because Benning has been his personal cheerleader for 15 months now.

  • Looking forward to that much needed free agent scoring punch at camp from Pacioretty, Neal, Skinner or Tavares … oh wait…


      • There is no point in providing a troll with a clue. He is only here to incite and insult so the less people respond to him the less enjoyment his warped little mind receives.

      • Anyone with a CLUE knows you need star players to build AROUND.
        Anyone with a CLUE knows you need star players to score points and raise the level of all those around them.
        Anyone with a clue knows you need star players to put bums on seats and sell season tickets/merch.

        Seriously, get a fcking clue all of you mugs who laughably shrug off the likes of Tavares, Stammer, Karlsson and legit scorers like Patches, Skinman and James Neal… you need them and you need them NOW not in five frickin years. Class DISMISSED.

        • Intriguing, it appears as if you and Benning are on the same page, given his alleged hot pursuit of both Tavares and Karlsson this summer. What’s even more intriguing is that if he’d managed to sign one of the two the window lickers trashing your posts would be poppin’ virtual bottles wit ya instead.

      • Therefore our esteemed GM/President also does not have a clue eh? (FYI I completely agree), but just pointing out that Benning has repeatedly acknowledged that he did his due diligence in trying to acquire Tavares, Karlsson, and also Subban 2 years ago.

    • This site is hot garbage. There’s been two actual articles since the (lazy) Monday mailbag came out, and one of those is about the Comets. Oilers Nation has 9 over the same time period. All we get here is troll-bait. Isn’t training camp starting today?

  • Both Dahlin and Gaudette should probably make the team in place of Gagner for sure, and either Gaunce, Granlund or Goldobin. But they will stick with the veterans again , hopefully for the last time. Its ok, I’ve been waiting since 1970, whats a couple more years?

    • Demko’s the ONLY wildcard. It’s the only position where games could be stolen. If a fan truly wants hope for victories, that’s where it’s at. Excitement? Yes, we’ll get it with Pettersson, no doubt, but how many victories did Boeser give us? Great shot, notwithstanding. (And I love the Flow)

  • Demko and Gaudette. I’m tired of our hot and cold goaltending duo. Both Markstrom and Nilsson are too inconsistent for this team to truly succeed. Gaudette because he is a little older and has enough experience to make the jump. I would like to see him make both Sutter and Gagne expendable.

  • No rookie other than Pettersson makes the roster for opening day, however management will be able to identify who to try and trade so the needed spots can be opened up.

    I believe Benning will make room for rookies who deserve it but that doesn’t mean by the season opener. Before a veteran is waived to be replaced by a rookie the play of both players over the first 10-15 games will justify the move.

    • Yeah all of the bubble players have any success at the AHL. Waiting til an injury call up or some deadline deals seems like a no brainer vs losing some young prospects for nothing on waivers. Give everyone a chance to prove themselves. Goldobin proved he can score at the AHL level, give him a look while the rooks try to succeed there

    • I think this is a good forecast, however, I can’t see him waiving too many vets and relying too much on rookies. This means perhaps a “prospect” may get sent down instead, and at that time the waiver wire will be a much bigger gamble. Hope that doesn’t happen. If you do want to try bring up someone other non waiver eligible, start of the season is where its at. Much better chance of getting gaunce, liepsic, or goldy through then.

  • This might be an odd answer, but no one. I want to see guys like Goldobin and Leipsic on the NHL club – it’s make-or-break time for those players, and I’d like to see all the other prospects down in Utica. The Canucks are going to be a bottom-five team in the NHL this year, but Utica could be a Calder Cup contender. Send the kids down to grow, bond, and most importantly, win. Give those who earn it a few call-ups throughout the year to put a little extra money in their pockets and give them a taste of the NHL, then bring them up as a group next season as a unit that can make a real impact in the NHL.

  • I bet a meal that only one rookie makes the opening day roster, presumably Pettersson. Two’s a push. Three I lose. Hope there’s not a lot of injuries in the preseason.

  • Gaudette will have a very good camp and pre-season, and will be definitely NHL-ready. Dahlen and Juolevi will look good too. Will not matter. All off to start in Utica. And that`s just the way it is.

    • Agreed. It’s just prudent asset management to use the waiver exemption. If Gaudette, Juolevi or Dahlen light it up in Utica, you then look to deal someone and get some value for them. Exposing anyone other than Biega is foolish.

  • I think Palmu is this year’s “suprise” and he will prove himself as the real deal in this years camp. Will he make it to the bigs right away? No way.
    We all expect lots already from EP and Dahlen. I also think Demko will make it a hard case to cut him.
    For sure: EP
    Maybe outplays another roster player: Gaudette, Demko, or Juolevi
    Hot take: Dahlen’s on and off ice chemistry with EP is too good to turn away and makes it.

    • Demko needs more time in the AHL, even if he shines at camp. Needs to build confidence and get lots of ice time. Big mistake moving forward if he plays more than a handful of games for the Canucks this season.

  • I expect Goldobin and Leipsic to make the team with Gagner and Gaunce to be either traded or waived. Gaudette and Dahlen are probably more talented but spending time in Utica won’t hurt them and they will probably be back up fairly quickly.

  • How can a Hobey Baker winner not crack the worst team in the NHL over the past year? It’s gotta be Gaudette. And at Sutter’s expense, leading to a trade with a Californian team.

  • Dahlen needs time to acclimate to the North American game as he’s literally had less than 10 games over here. Even if he impresses in camp I think it would be better for his overall development to get games in the AHL. He’s talked himself about the differences he experienced when he came over last year. I think he has higher upside than most of the current young players at camp outside of Petterson but I don’t think he will make the cut. I hope it’s Goldobin or Boucher to add some punch to the top-six where it would be at the expense of Gagner or Granlund. If it’s a bottom six player then it’s Gaudette or Motte at the expense of Gaunce, Schaller or Leipsic. If it’s on defense I could see Chatfield or McEneny surprising Hutton, Biega or even Pouliot. It’s all a bit of a mess to sort out because it depends on the role they get asked to play. Goldobin, Boucher, Leipsic and a whole lot of the other bubble young players won’t succeed as fourth liners and you could set back the two-way potential of a Gaudette if you consign him to a checking role. And as decent as he’s looked, he’s nowhere near ready to get kicked in the teeth in even half of Sutter’s defensive deployment (even if it will now be shared with Beagle). My guess would be Goldobin and Motte with the Canucks carrying 2 F and 1 D as the extras.

  • I heard rousel got a concussion while training. He won’t be around at beginning of the year as well as Schaller supposedly. If those 2 guys are out then I see petterson and gaudette making the team as rookies. I would trade or waive ganger so we could bring in dhalen if he’s ready. I would also be willing to get rid of any dman to bring in juolevi if he’s ready. Demko should be on our opening night roster and trade or waive nilson