Photo Credit: Vancouver Canucks / Twitter

Help choose the Canucks throwback jersey for 2019-20

It will be an exciting couple of seasons for the Canucks as they get ready to celebrate their 50th year in the NHL.

It starts with the Canucks hosting the 2019 NHL Entry Draft and it appears that the next thing to be announced is a throwback jersey for select games during the 2019-20 season

You can choose between the ‘Flying V’ that was worn when the Canucks made a charge for the Stanley Cup in 1982.The second option is the Flying Skate’ Jersey and Wyatt Arndt has an impassioned plea to vote for it on The Daily Hive. The last choice is the ‘Original Orca’, which was worn when the West Coast Express was in their prime.

The choices will play to all ages as some fans will identify with the various eras more easily than others. With that in mind… there is only one write vote and we all know it.

It’s really interesting to see that the Canucks staff has gotten the fans involved in this vote. It’s a great idea to get fans talking about the various eras and the aesthetics of each one.

Really interested to see what other ideas will be coming out over the next year in anticipation of the 50th season celebration. The reason for the jersey vote now is that the organization has to notify the NHL in advance to ensure there is enough time to implement it for the 2019-20 season.

Until then, go vote for your favourite in the tweet above.