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Alex Burrows retires from the NHL

After 13 seasons in the NHL, former Canuck Alexandre Burrows has retired from the NHL

After working his way up from the ECHL, to the AHL, and then finally the NHL, Burrows was a Canuck for 12 of those 13 seasons. He was moved to the Senators at the 2017 trade deadline for Jonathan Dahlen and immediately signed a two-year extension.

Following the conclusion of the 2017-18 season, the Ottawa Senators bought out the final year of Burrows. It appears he was unable to find another suitable contract and team and has thus called it a career.

Burrows was a fan favourite in Vancouver for his relentless work ethic, tenacity and the way that he was able to work his way up from the minors. But he made his largest impact as the winger to Daniel and Henrik Sedin. Based on a hunch by head coach Alain Vigneault, Burrows was placed on their line and the rest was history.

For a few years, they were the best line in hockey with Burrows playing the role of puck retriever, net presence and defensive safety net. He was also able to display some great offensive instincts and hockey IQ that complimented the two future Hall of Famers perfectly.

There were quite a few plays and goals over the years that stand out when looking back at his career, but without a doubt, the biggest goal was the slaying of the dragon:

Although, the overtime goal in Game 2 of the Stanley Cup FInals is a very close second:

Burrows may have been disliked in other markets for his antics, including the biting incident in the 2011 Finals, but the impact he made on the organization and city will leave a lasting legacy.

It didn’t take long for him to be announced as an assistant coach for the Laval Rocket:

Without a doubt, Burrows should see his name added to the Ring of Honour at Rogers Arena.

    • Amen to that. I know that he was not the most well liked of players around the league, but he is the type of player I point to with my kids. The epitome of roll up your sleeves hardwork and never give up attitude that is a role model to all. Alex, we salute for the great career that you carved out from will power and determination. Happy retirement!

  • One of the most inspiring careers in the history of hockey – from ball hockey champion to the ECHL to the AHL to a first-line 30 goal scorer in the NHL and one of the highest-scoring undrafted players in NHL history.

    Burrows played hockey the “right” way, IMO. He was fast, tenacious, hard on the puck, and annoying as hell, but he had a line and he didn’t cross it – he didn’t headhunt, he didn’t intentionally injure other players, he didn’t try to take out their knees, and he didn’t fight. He was tough to play against because he was an annoying SOB and he was really, really good at hockey.

    • Burr was so clutch, loved watching him and Kessler drive the opposition mad while Bieseka chuckled. The real deal..every hockey player would want in the room.

  • Burrows represents the ideal image of a competitive spirit that is so lacking in so many more talented professional players whose first thought is “Where`s the money” but for Burrows it was; “Winning is everything”.

  • Congrats Alex on a super career and good luck on your new gig. Hope to see ya in blue and green again down the road.
    Also, I like players who know when to say when, like Alex, Henrik and Daniel. Don’t drag it on, move to the next thing. Good job Alex.

  • Smart, smart hockey player. What he lacked in talent he more than made up for with effort and tenacity. He had the right skillset to gel with Daniel and Henrik. Slaying the dragon rates right up there with Bure’s playoff goal against Calgary. I think Burrows will make an excellent coach. I hope Vancouver can find space for him if he goes down that road.

  • My favourite player on the team, if only for his story, his humility and he knew who he was.

    My hockey-playing son (8 at the time) was picked out of the crowd at a game and was fortunate to be given Burrow’ jersey after a game. Typically the player comes out of the dressing room signs the jersey, gets a few photos and goes back in to the dressing room. Instead, Burrows said, ‘hey, do you want to come meet the team?’ Umh …. yeah! So he put his arm around my son, took him through the dressing room like he was an old friend and introduced him to all his favourite players and fed him some food in the players cafeteria. It was one of THE moments of his life at that time. It left an unforgettable impression.

    Thank you Alex for all the memories you created for this city and province. But more, thank you for your story of resilience and the example it provides to kids. Thank you for knowing who you were, the good you can create with it and doing what you could to maximize that.

  • It’s a mystery how Andrew Shaw chomped Hedberg in a scrum (actually left teeth marks) and it was immediately forgotten yet Burrows was haunted with it his entire career. CBC and the eastern media strung him up on National TV.

  • In the 47 year history of the franchise, there have been very few players who have meant as much to the city as Alex Burrows does. He should definitely be re-signed to a one day contract so he can retire as a Canuck, with an attendant ceremony.