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Report: Canucks Are Front-Runners For Jay Beagle

The Canucks are one step closer to bolstering their centre ice depth, rumoured as the front-runners for the services of Jay Beagle.

Beagle was leaned on by the Stanley Cup-winning Capitals to win key face-offs, kill penalties and centre the 4th line. He provides coveted intangibles including grit, but the merit of Vancouver’s interest should be questioned given that they already have a similar pivot in Brandon Sutter.

Moreover, Beagle turns 33 in October and is rumoured to be seeking a multi-year deal driven by recency bias.

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A contract of this mould would be a head-scratcher to say the least. Perhaps this deal would portend a Sutter trade, though that seems unlikely with how valuable he’s perceived by this management group.

Beagle finished the season registering just 22 points in 79 games.

    • Giant-Nation

      Ok we just have to fully embrace tanking and playing the kids. I know it could mentally damage the young minds… but it’s the last year of the tank. If we draft in the top 5 next year for a forward that can step in + sign a decent free agent or two we will go from zero to hero in Van city and rise into the top 12 teams in the league. This will most likely be the last year we have a chance to draft top 5 for many years. Next year Hughes and Jolevi and possibly Woo will be added to the back end. Up front we have Horvat, Pettersson, Boeser, Guadette, Dhalin, and possibly a stud forward from the 2019 Draft. In net Demko may be able to take top position. That is a very strong young core of talent. We just need one more year to grab a top talent and the 2019 draft is forwards – heavy. Any notion to sign player to improve is crazy, Sutter or Gaudette can play with Pettersson this year.

  • Freud

    Boedker, Orpik, Sheary, Hunwick, Mason all dumped for picks just this week. Picks, which I’m told are hard to come by.

    Benning is looking to use his cap space to over bid on sh*t like Beagle, Rousell and Reaves.

    • TheRealPB

      Beagle is a useful pickup at a low cost. I want no part of either Rousell or Reaves, nor really of most of the free agent class with the exception of De Haan.

      But your examples are terrible and exactly the problem with the Benning is Fine/Benning is Terrible dichotomy. JB makes plenty of mistakes but he makes some good moves as well. What doesn’t help is to make these kinds of misleading suggestions. Your post seems to suggest that these players were dumped directly for picks. They were not. Boedker was a salary dump that was included in a 3 for 3 swap where Hoffmann was the main off-set for him. Or were you thinking that it was the 5th round pick that SJ acquired (in exchange for their own 6th)? Orpik’s salary dump was the sweetener so that Washington was willing to give up Grubauer up for a 2nd and not a 1st. Sheary (not a FA signing) and Hunwick did net a 4th, but again it was primarily a salary dump. Steve Mason didn’t acquire any picks — he cost the Jets a 4th and a 7th plus the once-highly-touted and decent bottom six forward Armia just to get his salary off their books. They got an AHL defender with 3 career points in return. So not really sure what you’re talking about, I’m not sure you do either…

    • Canuck4Life20

      One would think that after your embarrassment over the Pouliot situation that you might wait for all facts to come in before you make a fool of yourself. Fortunately, your reputation as the dumbest person on Canucks Army remains in-tact.

  • andyg

    The latest rumor has Beagle and Roussel at 4 year deals. 3 and 2.5.
    Wow. What idiots. They missed out on getting picks and Armia out of the jets. Instead they throw money into the street on two plugs.