Stick Taps: Post-Draft Edition

Stick Taps: where I relay Canucks-related news and content that circulated throughout the Smylosphere this week. Rumours, opinion pieces, significant headlines and anything else worth noting to the fan base – I’ve got you covered!


Quinn Hughes

Jett Woo

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Tyler Madden


  • Killer Marmot

    A decent draft for the Canucks. I give it 7.82 out of 10. They were fortunate to have their pick of the defensemen (save Dahlin).

    Madden was the most controversial. When something works, you treat to repeat it. Well, the Canucks were happy with the development of Gaudette at Northeastern, and are going back to the well with Madden, but they left Wilde on the table to do so.

    Thiessen was an excellent pick in the seventh — in fact, you could argue they should have chosen a goalie one or even two rounds earlier. When no one wants goalies, pick a goalie.

    • I give this draft a 9.0. It loses a point for only having 6 picks (even after the trade) but I’m very pleased with all of the selections. We really added some good defencemen to fill up that part of the pipeline.

    • Gino über alles

      You’re close but they left Wise on the table to draft Madden; they left Wilde on the table to draft Woo.

      I had a preference for Wilde when I saw him fall, I thought there was no way he’d make it to 37. But I can’t argue with the pick in Woo, he may not have the top end potential that Wilde has but he’s arguably a much safer pick.

      I can’t argue with Brackett when it comes to rationalizing Madden over Wise, I think at this point I’ll trust that they know what they’re doing and that they’ve scouted Madden pretty thoroughly as the track record at this point of the draft is pretty good.

  • Well, overall I think I’m pleased with how the draft went. Jim Benning drafted for need. Two defensemen in the first three rounds clearly addressed this. A puck moving defenseman to quarterback the powerplay and a right shot stay at home defenseman with size and bite. Both picks were desperately needed to boost our prospect pool on the back end. Jim Benning never takes the player I think he’s gonna take.
    Madden adds depth at centre. His father was a good player, lets hope it runs in the family. He looks slight, but is young enough to build bulk. Same with Hughes.

    The “new” NHL is all about speed and skill, with size and grit taking a back seat, and so the draft went. Brian Burke called this the draft of the small player, or something like that. I hope this works out.
    Size, intimidation, and meanness trump soft skill. It’s not right, but just the way it is.

      • Killer Marmot

        Benning was thinking that Hughes is a remarkable skater who will be an exceptional offensively oriented defenseman and invaluable on the power play. I would have gone for Dobson, but I’ve never seen any of these prospects play.

        • jaybird43

          As you know, I like Dobson, but playing in the NCAA is definitely a much higher level, and he was chosen and played at the World Championships. I looked around at other country’s rosters, and couldn’t find anything comparable to that. So … it looks positive …

          • TD

            I read the Hughes was the best player in the NCAA over the last 6 – 8 weeks of the season. That bodes well for him and explains why he was taken to the WC over NHL players. I read he was the the 7th d to start but was in the top 4 by mid tournament.

            Pettersson did the same thing this year. He had a bit of a slow start in the SHL, the SHL playoffs and the WC and then picked up his performance after adjusting to the higher level of play.

      • Hughes has proven that he can hold his own in the NCAA, WJC, and WC. Bouchard is proven only against teenagers. Lots of potential in both players but Hughes’ play in the WC showed me that he can handle playing against some of the NHL’s best players.

          • TD

            I’m sure I will get lots of negative comments for this, but I wouldn’t mind seeing him on the third pairing with Gudbranson. Guddy has put up his best numbers when partnered with a good puck moving d man. Guddy could take the front of the net and save Hughes from those matchups. Guddy could also be told his job is to make sure no one takes liberties after the whistles.

          • Locust

            TD – I was thinking the exact same thing. Nobody at CA would ever admit that Guddy is as useful as anything but a doorstop. A creative playmaker moving the puck to the third and fourth lines crashing the zone and some toughness when Hughes gets knocked around….. lets see!

    • Beer Can Boyd

      “The “new” NHL is all about speed and skill, with size and grit taking a back seat,” You obviously never watched the SCF this year. Do you seriously believe that a kid like Madden, who will peak at 170lbs, could be effective in a playoff series against the likes of Wilson, Orpik, and Ovechkin? Total waste of a 3rd rounder.

      • TD

        His dad played at 5’11” 190 lbs. He won three cups, one Selke and was nominated for the Selke several other times. Madden is a longer term prospect, but I think he could easily fill up to his father’s size. He was a third round pick, which is the beginning of the gambling part of the draft where the vast majority of picks don’t work out. If he develops into anything close to his dad, the Canucks will have won the lottery. I would have taken Wise, but know nothing of the players other than stats and draft rankings. To call it a wasted pick at this point is a little strong. Something has to have put up the red flags for teams to let Wise drop that far. Moreover, Boeser, Gaudette and Lockwood were all taken out of the USHL. Boeser is an obvious success and the other two look way better now then they did when they were drafted.

      • DB1282

        Martin St. Louis, Theo Fleury, Rod Gilbert, Marcel Dionne, Ted Lindsay, and Henri Richard were all small guys, they didn’t do too bad in the NHL, its the size of the heart that counts.

    • Holmes

      Concur. The team is looking very good a couple years out. No real holes in that next cadre of players. Horvat, Boeser, Petterson, Guadette, Virtanen (sorry about the spelling) provide the offense, supplemented by Gadjovich who adds some muscle. On D, Hughes, Joulevi, Stecher and Demko in net. Impressive work and something to look foward to.

      • Burnabybob

        At this early date, the 2019 draft looks full of wingers and centers, at least at the top. Hopefully the Canucks add an elite scorer in the first round, then use later draft picks to improve defensive depth.

        • Puck Viking

          We still need a top pairing RHD. That is the teams major flaw at this point. There doesnt appear to be any in this upcoming draft which is a real issue.

          Its too bad Tanev couldnt have been moved for the NYI #12 pick and Dobson could have been added.

          That would leave us needing to add a Top 6 center if Petterson is RW or a top 6 LW prefer one with size in the mold of a Tom Wilson.

          There are many centers in the next draft so if that is what is added the next few picks should be used on RHD if possible. Maybe you get lucky and find a Klinberg, Slavin, etc.

          • Burnabybob

            Don’t forget Jett Woo, who is a right-handed defenseman. Benning could just go for volume at next year’s draft. If he drafts four right-handed defensemen after the first round, there’s a pretty good chance that at least one of them will make it. Benning could also target defensemen in the 2020 draft, assuming the offense is basically set by that point.

    • LAKID

      You forgot to mention a goalie, decent defencemen, wingers and centers. I almost forgot to mention a GM and coach. Linden can stay because he I believe he is the real mascot.

  • Defenceman Factory

    With the draft done focus shifts on filling out the rosters for the Canucks and Comets and planning for future needs

    LW- good depth, no UFAs needed, maybe one or two more AHL contracts to sign. Need a couple guys to develop into top 6 players.

    C- need to (re)sign an NHL UFA (two if Sutter is moved) and at least two AHL deals. Definitely a need in next year’s draft.

    RW – opportunities for a rookie to be in the starting line-up, high quality prospects and young players. A couple AHL (re) signings are needed.

    LD- lots of depth, much depends on the readiness of Joulevi, Hughes and Utunen (Europe or AHL). They are well stocked with offence driving prospects. If Joulevi doesn’t develop into a successor for Edler who plays big minutes, matches against top lines and kills penalties Canucks need to find one. Will Sauntner or McEneny get to that level?

    RD- no diving shallow water. Biega or another UFA needs to be here. Any plan that includes trading out Tanev or Guddy must include signing another UFA. Woo helped a dire situation but still a future priority. Need a couple AHL (re)signings.

    G- depth looks good, could probably skip drafting a goalie next year if this Theissen kid looks like a real deal next season. Let the Demko era begin. Some sorting out required with Nilsson and Utica.

  • TD

    I would have thought Hughes needed more time, but he did well at the WC’s making it possible that he could play next year. He wants to play, so it will be interesting to see what they do with him. They will need to clear room on the left side with Juolevi and Hughes coming in the near future.

    Potential rookies to start next year: Pettersson, Gaudette, Juolevi, Hughes and Dahlen. You would think they won’t have them all in the starting lineup, but I could see them all on the team.

    Rookies that may see injury call up: Lind, Palmu, Jasek, Gadjovich, McEneny and Sautner.

    I liked the trade down and grabbing the extra pick for next year. I would love to see the Canucks try to trade some more players for picks over the summer if they think some of the rookies will be ready. If the kids could use some more development time in the minors then do it at the trade deadline.

  • bhgal

    very good looking draft and a very good looking future. and not just 2-3-4 years they are gonna be contending this year. and I do not consider a playoff spot a success. ONE GOAL ONLY

  • I am Ted

    Vanessa, thanks for the links. Will we be getting additional draft reviews here as well? I am also hoping CA actually covers the Summer Series that the Canucks put on in July. You mental midget editor didn’t think it was a good idea last year. Hopefully he leaves the site soon and can go to whatever else he does.

  • Big T

    This is a shout out to the writers and most of the posters on this site. I’ve only been following CA closely for the last few months and find the content to be excellent, both from the writers and posters, except for those that find the need to wallow in negativity.

    I am so excited about the future of our beloved Canucks. I truly hope that Pettersson, Gaudette, Dahlin, Juolevi and Hughes are there opening night. They will make mistake, but I have a feeling they will bring us to our feet often!

    Keep up the outstanding work CA anc Co.!

  • Gino über alles

    I think it’s time to reflect on what’s been going on for the last few drafts and acknowledge that we may be seeing a really solid core develop here, and it’s pretty exciting to see this unfold.

    At centre you’ve got Pettersson forecast as a top line pivot and Horvat and Gaudette as some pretty solid options as 2nd/3rd line centres, that could be a really strong core to build around.

    At right wing you’ve got an elite scorer in Boeser and a solid playmaking/scoring 2nd liner in Lind. Virtanen could be in a great fit as a 3rd and Lockwood/Jasek project as middle six wingers and can skate with the best of them.

    One the left side you don’t have a top end option (yet) but Goldobin looks like he’s set to make a good case to be on the top two lines. Dahlen and Gadjovich are destined for the 2nd/3rd lines and either one of them could compliment the top line really well. Baertschi, Leipsic, and Granlund aren’t prospects but they aren’t exactly old players either, and they know they’ll be pushed like mad to keep their spots on this team. Motte can fit in on a bottom line and MacEwen teases as a rambunctious option with speed as a 4th liner one day.

    Defense has been the achilles heel for years but not anymore as it’s shaping up really well. On the left you have Hughes (can play on the top line on either side), Juolevi (still projects as a top line defender, at worst a top four), and Tryamkin (if and when he returns). Rathbone, Brisebois, and now Utunen have a legit chance and everyone has forgot how good McEneny has been in Utica. On the right side it’s not a strength but we have Stecher as a top four and Woo looks like he’ll be a solid bet to be there as well. Chatfield could also pan out as a bottom pairing guy.

    Goaltending has Demko and DiPietro as legit talents, they both will be solid and project really high.

    We have character in spades, lots of talent, and they’re all around the same age. There’s potentially at least 4 game changing players in Pettersson, Hughes, Boeser, and Demko. Keep in mind that its very likely that we’ll add at least two more drafts worth of high end players before this ship starts to right itself and you’ve got the makings of something that will be really fun to watch.