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Young Stars Tournament returns to Penticton this September

The Vancouver Canucks will host the 2018 Young Stars Tournament this year but with a slightly different look.

This is the 8th annual event in Penticton and is usually a highlight for fans to see their up and coming stars partcipate.

The schedule for the tournament is as follows:

GAME               TEAMS                                      DATE                TIME    
Game 1             UBC vs University of Alberta       Sept. 7              4:00pm
Game 2             Vancouver vs. Winnipeg              Sept. 7             7:30pm
Game 3             UBC vs University of Alberta       Sept. 8            6:00 pm
Game 4             Vancouver vs. Winnipeg              Sept. 9             2:00pm

The noticeable change is that the Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames will not be participating this year, leaving just the Winnipeg Jets and Vancouver Canucks to take part.

There had been some chatter that the event would be moved entirely to another location as some of the other participants wanted to play host to it. This leads me to believe that we may see an Alberta tournament of some sort announced in the coming weeks as the Oilers and Flames look to bring it closer to home.

It’s worth noting that Flames are heading to China for some pre-season games, so that might’ve played into their decision.

Regardless, the Canucks should have an exciting crop of prospects there as they included a list of expected prospects there:

Canucks prospects expected to participate in the tournament include Adam Gaudette, Jonathan Dahlen, Olli Juolevi, Kole Lind, Lukas Jasek, Jonah Gadjovich, Zack MacEwen, Jalen Chatfield, Guillaume Brisebois and Michael DiPietro.

One notable omission is Elias Pettersson, which isn’t surprising given that he hasn’t signed an entry-level contract. If he does sign prior to Young Stars, I would expect that he would be at least considered to be added to the roster. Thatcher Demko won’t participate as well due to professional games played.

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It is unfortuante that the event will only feature two NHL teams as it was always an exciting weekend that was filled with great hockey.  It was a fantastic kick start to the Canucks season that put the spotlight on the prospects for a couple of days.

  • Young stars is a special event for future stars. It’s not only the event, but the location as well. Penticton is a beautiful place. Many would never see it if it wasn’t for this event.

    Long time Brian Burke fan here, but I blame him for this split. I recall Brian wanting Young Stars to move to Red Deer. So, instead of one big event, it’s now two small events. (Could the battle of Alberta be any less boring. What battle)

  • Steamer

    Screw Alberta & screw the Flames – they can take their diluted bitumen poison – that Canucks Army is advertising – to China & leave it there. Really disgusting for CA to be pimping for Rachel Notley & Kinder Morgan. Climate-change is real & a threat to the health & welfare of all, but rather than showing leadership on this issue, you guys just shill for the dirty money & the industry that is destroying the environment. You’ve got kids, Ryan – don’t you want them to have clean water?

    • Ummmm.. really

      Dude, I can’t tell if you’re trolling or if you do not know how the internet works? Sites like this don’t sell individual ad space to companies… When you arrive site it reads the cookies that previous sites leave in your browser’s memory (for the sites you visit) then it scrapes the web for content to match what you would possibly click on…. If you do click on the ad the site gets paid.. So, since you’re crazy into the pipeline thing it sees you’ve been reading about kinder morgam, hense kinder Morgan ads… Try looking at cars or sports gear before coming to this site and you will get car and sports gears ads.. Or just clear your browsing history and cookies and you will get random ads..You are causing yourself to see KM ads not this site because apparently that’s all you read about other than the Canucks…

  • crofton

    yeah screw Alberta, Penticton’s Prospect Tourney isn’t good enough for them. I remember a column from some Edmonton “journalist” saying the quality of players wasn’t good enough for Edmonton to participate any more. Maybe the flatlander tourists will stay away too, instead of leaving their garbage in our parks, polluting our lakes and tossing their cigarette butts out their windows and torching OUR province. Ironically, if Notley imposes her tariffs, that will keep them away. Gas there in some spots is 81cents/litre, here it’s 1.36 right now, and tariffs will push that quite a bit higher. Thumbs down can now begin

    • LAKID

      Yep I think you are on to something there. The NHL might even stop sending teams to play the Nuk’s because everyone is just better and would be a waste of time. Gas prices today are 1.27 what is it in B.C 3.00?