2018 NHL Draft: Spring Rankings

Now that the draft lottery is over and fans know where their teams are going to pick (barring further trades that is), interest in the NHL draft is only increasing. For the lottery winners, it’s all about binging video on Dahlin, Svechnikov, and Zadina, but for everyone else, the competition is a lot more open….


Troy Stecher Was One of The Best Penalty Killing Defensemen in the NHL

Picture a prototypical penalty killing defenceman, and I’m sure a burly defensive blueliner like Roman Polak or Erik Gudbranson comes to mind. But in a league that’s putting a new premium on speed and skill, the disadvantages associated with small stature are becoming attenuated. One player who’s thrived in light of this paradigm shift is…


Babych Please: May 4th, 2018

Awards, awards, awards. Some of the Canucks’ top prospects received some prestigious accolades in their respective leagues. The future is looking bright!