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Canucks will pick 7th overall

The first part of the NHL Draft lottery was revealed prior to the Vegas and San Jose Game 2.

With a 38.9% chance of happening – the most likely outcome came to fruition as the Canucks fell one spot to the 7th overall selection

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The remainder of the draft lottery was revealed during the 2nd intermission with the Buffalo Sabres securing the first overall selection, the Carolina Hurricanes landing in second overall, and the Montreal Canadiens selecting third overall.

The Canucks will pick 7th (1st round), 37th (2nd round), 68th (3rd round), 130th (5th round), 161st (6th round and 192nd (7th round) at the 2018 NHL Draft.

Obviously, the Canucks won’t get a chance to select any of the top prospects but there should a good player available at 7th overall that management hopes will be a part of the future of the organization.

Some of the players that could be available are Noah Dobson, Adam Boqvist, Quinn Hughes, Oliver Wahlstrom or Evan Bouchard.

A player like Rasmus Dahlin, Andrei Svechnikov, or Filip Zadina would’ve been a game changer for the organization but it was expected that the Canucks would remain at 6th or fall down 7th. It’s just part of the system that the NHL has in place.

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Now the real work begins for the Canucks scouting staff to determine which player is their choice for the 7th overall pick.

  • speering major

    Most likely scenario played out

    I’m just glad that teams that may be willing to trade a pick (DAL, EDM, CHI) didn’t win a spot. I hope Benning can pull something off and the Canucks draft 2 D prospects this year

    • canuckfan

      I would like to see the Canucks grab a center perhaps the Fin Kotkaniemi he will need at least another year just as the defenders will need. I agree Canucks have to build their blueline but having a good strong center group will loads of depth also leads to success.

  • Rodeobill

    To me it looked like this draft is either Rasmus or one of the next group from 2-8. So we didn’t draft Dahlin. Maybe we can draft the next best D man, which we needed in our system more than a forward anyway.

  • truthseeker

    Unfortunately I think the kid I want, Bouchard, will be gone by 7. It’s going to be an interesting draft. I think there could be a lot of surprises after the first pick. Everyone seems to have those wingers penciled in at two through four but I would not be surprised to see some of the other D jump up into those spots.

    Personally I really don’t want any of the wingers, so I hope it does stay the way the rankings predict.

      • truthseeker

        I hope he is. But whatever. All those kids after Dahlin are all the same level of “risk”. Anyone of them could flop, be low level player, a mid level player or a top player. Bouchard included. Hell…Dahlin is a risk too. You just never know.

        I guess what I mean is, that I’d rather not see a few of the D men taken early which causes one of the wingers to fall to our position. Hopefully Benning’s list of “best player available” has all those D prospects ahead of someone like Tkachuck for example, because I think taking a winger like that would be a huge mistake for where the team is at the moment, unless we fill the D hole some other way of course. I don’t even want the other two top wingers. I’d rather take nearly any of the D mentioned over all of them. In my opinion they need to start building the D now. This idea that you can’t just take the good winger and then maybe find a “hidden D jem” in the later rounds is pretty risky.

    • Dirk22

      So what you’re saying truthseeker is that by being at 7 they’re somewhat at the mercy of who drafts ahead of them. Hmmm. At least they got a winning culture now though right?

      • truthseeker

        Well no sh…..way to state the obvious Dirk. You’re a real genius.

        winning culture? ohh…right…this is where you (unsuccessfully) try to strawman me into your little preconception of what you think my opinion is. Failing, as usual, to even understand it in the first place. Where did I ever say they had a “winning culture now”? In fact…where have I ever used the terms “winning culture” in the context of tanking vs. points in the standings and team success?

        I love it how you try to just make sh… up to “get me”….lol. How does it feel to fail so often and so hard? Seriously….every single time Dirk.

  • Burnabybob

    Not surprising but still disappointing. I wasn’t happy when the Canucks went on their late season hot streak, mostly against teams with noting to play for. Ah well, hopefully they get a decent pick. Dobson or Bouchard is likely to be available.

  • LTFan

    Wow! Thanks for getting this out so quickly Ryan. Now the jockeying starts as to who the cancuks will pick at 7th. Almost certainly will be a D. man – the question is which one?

  • tiger1731


    From how I see it, the league separates team in tiers

    Original 6 teams, teams with good history, teams that people think about when they think about the NHL: Edmonton for 12193123 years straight. These teams will always get priority in the lottery like Montreal this year.

    After these teams are given good picks, American teams with no fanbase. Your Floridas, your Carolinas.

    and then there’s the Canucks, along with Ottawa, Calgary. Teams that will always have their fanbases no matter if they do bad or not.

    thanks buffalo and edmonton for ruining it for all of us.

    • 24% body fat

      hey i believe in bettman conspiracy theories! like back in 2006 when washington was out of the playoffs than all of a sudden they are on the powerplay ever 5 minutes or so, but the NHL video tapes the lottery

      • PUCKLUCK78

        Do they actually record the lottery? I was looking for video of this online and cant seem to find anything. I was just thinking earlier and questioning the validity and legitimacy as they were flipping cards that how do you know for certain if you can’t see the actual lottery ball results like they used to do live. Not that the old system was flawless and couldn’t be staged to a degree, i just think that flipping cards is kind of weak in comparison and it just seems much easier for Bettman to just do anything he wants. After all the years of badluck and the way Bettman operates I honestly wouldn’t put it past him

        • truthseeker

          The validity is pretty much guaranteed when these generational talents end up in markets like Edmonton Toronto and Buffalo rather than NY, LA, Chicago or the sun belt.

          The conspiracy thing is so boring.

          • Giant-Nation

            I agree with this comment partially, Toronto is the 5th biggest city in North America, as much as we don’t like all the media attention and what the sports networks do with their coverage that trumps us out west the Toronto Market is the 2nd best hockey market in the world with a Franchise value of 1.4 Billion just shy of New York at 1.5 Billion. Bettman loves it when Toronto has success.

          • truthseeker

            The thing you’re forgetting is the NHL really only cares about the US market. Not the Canadian. Canadian TV revenue is virtually meaningless compared to what they dream of in the US. It’s why the US networks never want the Blue Jays in the world series. It doesn’t matter how many fans they have in Canada. It’s meaningless when it comes to US profits. The Jays in the WS might just as well be Milwaukee or KC. Even worse because they lose even those markets.

            Matthews in Toronto is virtually worthless for the NHL. It’s not like Matthews is going to change the number of leaf fans watching right? Perhaps he sells a few tickets in markets when they’re on the road but that’s about it. The Canadian market is saturated in terms of profit.

            But Matthews in NY, or LA or a sun belt team to fill the building? That boosts US ratings. And that’s what the NHL wants. Big US network revenue like the other major sports. The top talent going to a canadian team or to Buffalo or Minny, is basically a black hole. A Jets vs. Leafs final for example would have been the ultimate nightmare for the NHL. US ratings would plummet and Matthews wouldn’t make a bit of difference aside from a handful of people in Arizona who know him.

    • 24% body fat

      please tell me how edmonton ruined this. If this system was implemented when the oilers were picking first overall, the same outcomes happen except in 2011, where they would pick between 2 and 4, either getting huberdeau, landeskog or larsson. This was implemented to keep teams from tanking. Edmonton only tanked one year, the rest they were just really bad, but they tried not to be.

    • truthseeker

      yeah…it’s rigged. Cause the league REEEAAAALLLY wants it’s marquee player playing in f…king edmonton. Or even toronto. Where no americans will every give a rat’s a……about him.

      I like how you try to shoehorn the oilers into your stupid conspiracy theory too. lol.

      And sure they really want Buffalo to have the next franchise player. Tiny market buffalo who nobody outside of buffalo ever pays attention too. Yeah..that’s where Bettman wants his stars….toronto edmonton and buffalo.

      FFS…do you even think before you post? Or are you just a child? How old are you?

  • Tedchinook

    I don’t get why the probabilities went out the window after 3 or 4 picks and they were able to say Carolina now will get one of the top three picks. They started with a 3% chance and now may end up with the top pick by something other than the straight odds – farcical!

    • Killer Marmot

      It makes perfect sense.

      There were two possibilities for each team:

      1. Get a top three pick.
      2. Retain their pick order relative to those who don’t get a top three pick.

      As soon as the Hurricanes did NOT get the #11 pick where you expected them, you knew they must be in category 1.

        • truthseeker

          I don’t think it’s a joke at all. I think it’s working great. Lazy, inept, or consciously bad management for the sake of a high pick should be punished. They should make it even more difficult. Every non playoff team has equal odds in a lottery. Put all the non playoff team’s logos on ONE ping pong ball each. Put them in the machine and start drawing. Worst team could get the 15th over all pick. I’d love to see that.

  • j2daff

    calling it… Buf @1
    Mon @ 2
    CAR @ 3

    not necessarily how I want it but how I call it…. we will see how it goes…

    on another note, how does the league justify the team with the worsed record over 3 years not only dropping in the draft each of those three years but never picking higher than 5th… just baffling…

    heck maybe we win the lotto next year for the draft here to make up for all the bad “luck”

    • kablebike

      I don’t like the lottery system but if tankers keep dropping positions (even if my poor old lovable losers aka Canucks drop a few positions) and some other lucky chumps keep jumping up the pecking order, I am okay with it. It punishes teams for being crappy. A double edged sword. All good.

      • Having now read about the Adam Gold system, I like it better than the lottery. Points accrued after getting eliminated from playoff contention determine your draft spot so even after losing, you still have an incentive to win.

        • Beefus

          Somebody proposed a system that bases your draft position on the standings at the trade deadline date and not the final standings. I think that would eliminate tanking and even the need for a lottery.

        • liqueur des fenetres

          It’s a really weak idea, as due to the league’s unbalanced schedules some teams may find themselves up against a very good time five times in the last month of the season, and it punishes teams that are in the hunt the longest. Finally, it seems to suggest that players actually care where their team picks, and at best they are indifferent.

          • Beefus

            I’m not suggesting the players are doing the tanking. The current system rewards the GMs for selling at the deadline to get better draft lottery odds. A team would have to begin their tank at Christmas if their goal was to be last overall at the trade deadline date. No GM with a team still in the playoff hunt would do that.

      • truthseeker

        Yep. Totally agree. I didn’t like the old system of worst automatically gets the best pick back when the canucks were winning and I still don’t like it now even when it would benefit them. I won’t be a hypocrite and “change sides” just because it would help the canucks.

      • liqueur des fenetres

        It punishes teams for being crappy even though the draft was set up to reward teams for being crappy. Typical NHL, make one rule, and then have to make another 7 to fix the consequences.

    • j2daff

      being a division rival I doubt it. Could see a them moving tavev for a 10-15 pick though to add a player with pedigree that is certain to play center… which even with Petterson, Horvat and Gaudette could still end up being a weekness for this team.

      I’d go
      @ 7 Bouchard (Boqvist then Dodson if he’s gone)
      @10-15 Veleno? (or Hayton not sure who I like better)
      @37 Merkley (yes I think he will be available)

  • DeL

    We’ll get a very good defensive prospect. My preference is Bouchard, but from what I read the backend prospects other than Dahlin are pretty closely matched. Perhaps the Canucks can find another gem further down the table

  • TD

    I’d like to see an article focussing on how the top d prospects play in their own end. There has been lots of articles on their offensive sides, but they still need to defend. All top d in the league excell at both ends. I don’t want a Phil Housley type d man. He was never an all situation d man. I would rather have a less dynamic guy who still puts up points while shutting down the other team like Pieterangelo, 40-50 points, big minutes against the other teams best. First pp and pk.

    • Dirk22

      Comment of the year contender: “I don’t want a Phil Housley type d man”

      I mean who’d want a Hall of Famer type d man who in his prime had 97 points! He’d be by a country mile the best defencemen the Canucks have ever had but let’s get someone who’s better on the PK right? Amazing.

      • TD

        Phil Housley changed NHL teams 9 times. Ask yourself why. He could put up the points, but he couldn’t keep the puck out of his own net. Typical of the nhl, he made the HoF based on his offence not his defence. I don’t think anyone considered Housley a #1 d man, not like a Pronger, Lindström, Keith or Doughty.

        • Dirk22

          He’s the 4th highest scoring dman of all time. All time!! He played 23 years in the NHL so most of those team switches happened well after he turned 30. It’s like saying you wouldn’t want an Ovechkin type forward because he’s not a great two way player.

          • TD

            I’ve hiking may be the best goal scorer of all time, but do you think Pittsburg would trade Ovechkin for Malkin. Pittsburg has two true #1 centres which is more valuable than a #1 winger. Same thing on d, I would rather have a true all situation #1 d than a high scoring second pairing guy which is what Housley was. I have no idea how old you are, but I remember Housley in his prime. Very dynamic with the puck, but not a top pairing guy. Over his long career, +/- means something. He was a -53. Even in his prime years with Buffalo he was a -3. He didn’t help them win.

    • Smyl and Snepsts

      You make so much sense. Show me one of the top teams with a smurf as one of their top defensemen. You need to have reasonable size to defend the Getzlafs and Kopitars of the NHL. No Quinn Hughes please.

  • Gino über alles

    At 7th you have to think that it will be either Bouchard, Dobson, or Boqvist….probably ranked in that order. I can’t see them in love as much with Hughes as he’s a leftie, and Wahlstrom looks lethal but a top line right winger is actually one of their strengths. I’d be surprised if Tkachuk fell that far but if he did Benning would take him over a defensemen and it would be hard to argue that.

    But you’re splitting hairs between Bouchard and Dobson, I’d be thrilled with either one of them.

    • truthseeker

      Yeah I hope you’re right. Either of those two sounds good to me too. I really hope Benning wouldn’t take Tkachuk over any of the D men. I’ll argue that one all day long. lol.

  • argoleas

    Good result, realistically speaking. Canucks are getting a great player, and will have more flexibility choosing him than if they had the #9 position. Also thrilled that picks mostly went to poor teams, as opposed to teams that barely missed the playoffs. But also good is that picks #1-4 and #6 are all Eastern Conference teams. As stated in this forum, seeing EDM and CHI NOT moving up made the end result very palatable.

    Now I wonder what the Islanders will do with their 2 picks. They are in a win-now mode, so I expect some dealing. Got to see Canucks try to jump on that somehow.

    BTW, I could hear the sigh of relief from Calgary all the way here that their pick did not claim one of the top 3 spots.

  • rediiis

    With any player drafted by the Canucks at 1.7 it will take a year or two to make the club. I wouldn’t mind taking a center (need) in the 1st round and taking D projects in rounds 2 & 3. Deep defensive class, not many centers.

    • Killer Marmot

      The Canucks defensive woes are just to dire to ignore. They must be addressed.

      Hopefully, the teams picking 4th, 5th, and 6th think like you, leaving the Canucks with their pick of all defensemen save Dahlin. Unlikely though.

      • truthseeker

        I fourth that sentiment.

        I’ll go even farther and say should any of the top wingers fall down to our position, Benning should resist the temptation to take them and draft whoever the best D man is left available. I’ll be a minority of one I suspect on this, but I don’t care. I don’t want the canucks to take a winger with that first pick under any circumstances.

        The only exception was if he somehow addressed the need for D in another manner. Minimum a Tanev for Liljegren plus the Leafs first round pick, (so we could draft another one there) type deal.

        • Puck Viking

          The only winger id take is svech but zero chance he is there. Defense all day.

          Even if we trade Tanev it should be for more defense or picks used to take more defense.

          We need to establish a core of top 4 defense prospects immediately.

          • truthseeker

            I agree with you.

            It’s true the canucks do need more offense, but they’ve already built a good start in that department. Their D is very weak right now and it needs to be addressed in a big way in my opinion.

            The leafs are a perfect example of what will happen if we do nothing about our D. At best will have a decent playoff team that can’t go far.

  • Hockey123

    1. Buffalo Rasmus Dahlin
    2. Carolina Andrei Svechnikov
    3. Montreal Filip Zadina
    4. Ottawa Adam Boqvist
    5. Arizona Quinn Hughes
    6. Detroit Noah Dobson
    7. Vancouver Brady Tkachuk
    8. Chicago Evan Bouchard
    9. New York Oliver Wahlstrom
    10. Edmonton Jesperi Kotkaniemi

    • truthseeker

      geezus I hope not. Swap the hawks pick around with ours and that would make me happy. Canucks need to stay as far away from Tkachuk as possible in my opinion.

    • If Tkachuk fell to the Canucks, I would consider trading the pick to Calgary for a big package: Valimaki, Kylington and next year’s 1st round pick. Steep but it would likely be Calgary’s only opportunity to have both Tkachuks.

      • truthseeker

        Tkachuk for a first round pick D man, a second round pick D man and their first next year?
        You think they’ll do that just because they want to have both brothers?
        Again, I think you seriously underestimate the value of D. And perhaps over value the flames desire to have the Tkachuk brothers. Or the value of them being together.