Photo Credit: Utica Comets

Stick Taps: April 22nd, 2018

Stick Taps: where I relay Canucks-related news and content that circulated throughout the Smylosphere this week. Rumours, opinion pieces, significant headlines and anything else worth noting to the fan base – I’ve got you covered!



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    • Killer Marmot

      Thumbs up. I was going to say the same.

      The Czech hockey system seems highly dysfunctional — and that spells opportunity. It might be a good hunting ground for an NHL scout who knows that the best players might not always have impressive stats.

      • TD

        You have to wonder if that’s part of the reason the Czechs have become a second tier hockey country compared to 30 years ago. I always assumed their drop was all related to the split with Slovakia, but their system does seem highly dysfunctional.

      • Silverback

        The Jasek story might have a Alexandre Burrows script. Fighting against all odds to make it to the NHL. Although the Burrows story sparks the imagination of a Canadian hockey fan a little more…

  • Mattias

    The Pasternak tweet is pure revision.
    McCann dropping from 17th to 24th was seen as one of the big steals of the first round.
    Hence the “it is what it is” comment.
    Are all the US scouts on the hot seat for not picking up on Boeser and Gaudette? Don’t think so.
    I guess if you don’t have a story you have to make one up.

  • TD

    Drafting is an educated lottery. You take the kids who have the best chance of developing into players. Then you hope they develop. Teams can assist with the development to a point, but it’s still involves a lot of chance.

    • Mattias

      The ranking consensus between Pasternak & McCann wasn’t event close.
      Not like Tom Gradin (who isn’t even the Director of scouting for the Canucks) is the only guy out there that got it wrong- every single agency/scouting service had McCann ranked higher.
      Even if both players were ranked equally, most NHL teams would go with the North American skater.
      Canucks have frequently been criticized for not drafting enough Canadian and local talent.
      Pretty evident the Canucks favour their SHL, and NCAA scouting over other teams.
      The story is plainly false.

  • Killer Marmot

    And the Vaxjo Lakers sweep the finals, allowing only one goal in four games. Pettersson got the first two goals of the last game.

    Freakin’ amazing.

    I can’t believe they left this guy off of the Swedish Olympic Team, and that he didn’t win the Guldhjälmen award. Big stick taps to Pettersson.