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Stick Taps: April 15th, 2018

In our Stick Taps, we relay Canucks-related content from across the NHL. Whether it be rumours, opinion pieces, or anything else worth noting for the fan base, I’ve got you covered!




  • Kootenaydude

    Funny the Winnipeg Jets are winning convincingly. They’ve got big bodies that can check, they’re winning faceoffs, they can fight and they have high puck possession numbers. Everything the writers here at CA seem to think doesn’t make a winning team.

    • Locust

      What do you expect from the pocket protector brigade?
      It is laughable when some of these guys say they ‘used to play’….. and then give us their fantastic hockey insight proving they don’t have a clue.
      Remember …. Corrado …. Corrado …. Corrado…… like I said, laughable.

    • truthseeker

      well…their getting it handed to them through two tonight. The Jets are no doubt a good team but there are many ways to build contenders in the NHL.

      As for the Leafs. It’s only two games so far but there’s that lack of D letting them down again. People around here were saying Tanev for Liljegren and a first was too much to expect. No way. Tanev solidifies that back end in a way that they are totally desperate for at the moment. He’s exactly what they need. If there ever was discussion between the teams about him, their loss.

      The more I think about it…the more I hope the canucks simply resign Tanev. Give him a 4 or 5 year deal at around 5 to 6 per. That takes him to around 33 years old. He’ll easily be the same player he is for another 5 years, hopefully with a few less injuries. (Some better depth on the blueline would ease that for him I think). Canucks young ones should be coming into their own and with the right trade/free agent moves they could be a contender around that time.

  • wojohowitz

    We could use an open thread on CA for opinions like these;

    – Jet fans; I can feel their excitement from a thousand miles away – playoff hockey.

    – Bruins; Bringing in Nash sent a message – they are going for it.

    – Leafs; two or three years away.

    – Washington; 13 years of Ovie and nobody can figure it out.

    – Torts the lunatic knows what buttons to push.

    – Vegas; Fleury deserves more credit. Having a quality goalie is just one less thing to worry about.

    – Kings; Big boy hockey might still work but old and slow on fat contracts doesn`t.

    – Evander Kane – Conn Smythe trophy but we still don`t want him.