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CanucksArmy Post-Game: #ThankYouSedins

The Build Up

It’s been almost two decades in the making, and Thursday night marked the last time Daniel and Henrik Sedin would step onto the ice at Rogers Arena as NHL players. For 17 seasons the Sedins represented the best of the Canucks on and off the ice, for every award and accolade they pilled up, they all paled in comparison to their contributions to the community. Their donations, their charity work and their leadership as role models are unparalleled.

After Brian Burke’s draft day dramatics, the Twins stepped into the NHL as good but not great players. With their lofty draft status combined with their uniqueness as twin brothers, the pressure and criticisms were vicious early on.

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But Daniel and Henrik persevered, overcame, and excelled. Ushering in the most successful and prolific era in Canucks history, re-writing the record books along the way.

In the Building

Being in the building for countless playoff games, including game seven in 2011; being there when Jarome Iginla dragged the Flames back on the ice to shake Trevor Linden’s hand — nothing was like Thursday night.

It’s easy to get jaded covering a team and forget why you got into this, the love of the game, and this team. Thursday was all about the love, the emotion in the building was palpable before the puck ever dropped. It was Canucks Nation’s final goodbye to the best players in franchise history.

The cheers and celebrations began in the warm-up, the building was packed well in advance of puck drop in anticipation of the big night.

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The party really kicked into high gear, with a moment so vintage Sedin, and so perfect you’d think it was scripted by Steven Spielberg. 33 seconds into the second period, Henrik Sedin picked up an assist on brother Daniel’s 22nd goal of the year. Are you freaking kidding? The goal was reminiscent of something we’d see from Twins in their prime, as Henrik danced inside the blue line, passing to Alex Edler who completed the tic-tac-toe play to Daniel back door.

The building, and I’m sure all of you at home, erupted in a raucous celebration. Meet with laughs and shakes of the head when Daniel’s 22nd goal at 33 seconds was officially announced.

Tonight was special for all involved. Obviously, Daniel and Henrik were the centres of attention, and the fans showered them with standing ovations throughout the night. But it was also apparent how big of a deal this was to their teammates, and Abbotsford boy Jake Virtanen who grew up watching the Twins was all of us in this moment.

Or were we Troy (Stecher) from Richmond? Either way, tonight was special for all involved, and it’s apparent how respected and beloved the Twins are by their teammates.

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Down by two headed to the third, the fans kicked things off the right way as the Viking Clap made its way into the building — something Henrik Sedin said post game he’d like to see continue in Vancouver, could be something Rogers Arena becomes known for.

Just over a minute into the final frame, the comeback was on. Jake Virtanen picked up the puck after Bo Horvat won the offensive zone draw and ripped it high glove past Darcy Keumper.

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The fans at Rogers Arena refused to give the celebration a second the rest. Chants of “Go Sedins Go”, “Hall of Fame” and “Thank You Sedins” rang out all night. Every chance to give the Twins an ovation was taken, with refs and linesmen routinely taking their time to drop the puck on faceoffs letting Hank and Danny soak it all in.

Then, well then Brendan Leipsic did this. Tieing the game up at three with a highlight Canucks goal of the year candidate, a backhand spin-o-rama. Leipsic and Virtanen’s speed was on display all night as the young Canucks came to life feeding off the infectious energy in the building.

As we headed to overtime, there was only one thing on everyone’s mind. There was only one way this could end right? But fairytales are just that, the stuff of movies isn’t real life. Or is it?

There really aren’t; I sit here writing this at a loss for words. Tonight was an emotional rollercoaster, seventeen years in the making. How it ended was the cherry on top, it may the most emotional sporting moment of my life. One that I’ll never forget and no one watching will forget it either.

The Sedins career at Rogers Arena comes to an end in the most Sedin, storybook, unbelievable ending imaginable. Daniel from Henrik one last time. The second assist to fellow Swede, longtime teammate and good friend Alex Edler for good measure.

The celebration was just getting started as the Canucks bench cleared; the Sedins were absolutely mobbed. Tears of joy poured around the building. Moments like this is what pro sports are all about. That against all odds, unbelievable tension and release that sports provide in such a unique way.

Like the Golden Knights on Tuesday, the Coyotes hung around to shake hands and show their respect to the Sedins. Countrymen Oliver Ekman-Larsson and former teammate Brad Richardson hung around for an extended conversation and a hug for the Twins.

The cheers, the love, the respect showered the ice well past the final buzzer as the Canucks stood at the bench watching their leaders say their goodbye to Canucks fans. Canucks staff and scratched players flooded the bench, Rogers Arena staff gathered at the Zamboni entrance. It was an incredible moment, one befitting the legendary careers these great and unique players deserve.

There was just one star announced in the building tonight; it was shared by 22 and 33 in one final victory lap and goodbye.


The Numbers

The Reactions

Following the announcement of their retirement, well wishes from around the NHL came in. With former teammates, competitors and coaches all weighing in. Not everyone gets to go out on their own terms and walk away, earlier this year we saw the legend of Jaromir Jagr come to an end as the Flames decide for him he was done.

Combining for nearly 100 points on the season in a limited role, the Sedins are leaving the game with nothing to prove. It’s on their terms, and it’s been a special week for all involved.


The Army says Goodbye

Tonight I wanted to give everyone at Canucks Army a chance to say their piece. The last 17 years watching the Sedins has been special for so many in so many ways. Lessons learned, hearts broken, individual and team awards. The Twins re-wrote Canucks history and are part of the fabric of the franchise forever.

Jeremy Davis

“For 18 years, we’ve had the pleasure of watching up close and personal the two of the most spectacular players in Vancouver history, two of the most dominant players of their generation, and two of the most generous citizens in this city.
Drafted when I was just 10 years old, the Sedin era takes up the majority of my time as a hockey fan. Many of my greatest hockey memories are directly tied to moments that the Sedins were central figures in. I was in the building the night that Henrik donned the jersey with the captain’s ‘C’ for the first time, and any naysayers about their qualifications as leaders at the time have long since been silenced. They lead by example, demonstrating the types of qualities that I would not only look to impart in kids that I coach in minor hockey but in my own kids as well. An example of how to conduct themselves with grace and generosity and selflessness.
On the ice, they played a brand of hockey that had never been seen and will never be replicated. They’ve always been the toughest players on the ice and have worn down the most stalwart defensive players and the most fearsome defencemen, making the opposition look downright silly on countless occasions. Their creativity and ingenuity led to a plethora of set plays and tactics, the most famous of which include the slap pass and the icing bank pass, moves that have since been replicated all over the league.
When these final games are done, when the party is finally over, we’ll all be left with a pretty large hole. We’ll try to fill that with new players and new prospects, but nothing will replace what the Sedins meant to this team and its fanbase. There’s an immense sadness that comes with the end of an era like this, but I wouldn’t change a single thing. I’m just so grateful that I got to experience it.”


Patrick Johnson

“The Sedins bring to mind so many things. There’s the cycle. There’s the trophy. There’s the almost of 2011. There’s the way Brian Burke’s drafting of them in 1999 cake together. There’s the compliments about their personal character that runs through every commentary and observation proffered about them, by colleagues and journalists and friends. 
But when I heard the news, I thought immediately of that wondrous night that closed the 2010 season, which began with Henrik Sedin sitting on a knife’s edge lead over Alex Ovechkin in the scoring race, and one that ended with Henrik five points in the lead. 
I thought of the goal that sealed the deal, a marvellous feat of skill by Daniel, off a deft deflected pass by his brother, the kind of play we’d seen so many times before. 
I thought of the replays which showed the joy on the faces of all five players on the ice, of Daniel raising his arms in glowing triumph, of Henrik, watching the goal unfold after making his simple play, then turning to Christian Ehrhoff and exclaiming joy – we don’t know what was said but it doesn’t matter, you can fill it in as best you like and it’s doubtful you’d be wrong – before taking a pair of strides in Ehrhoff’s company to join in his brother in celebration. 
In many ways, it’s their highest moment. Sure, you could argue their performance against San Jose in the Western Conference final a year later supersedes because of its totality – and yes there are some incredible moments in that collection – but that one goal in 2010 remains ascendant. It tells everything about their skill, about why they played, about what made the Canucks great.”

Grainne Downey

“I feel like I could write 10,000 words about the Sedins and still not cover everything I love about them. They were the best people, leaders, role models, etc. that this city and this team could ever ask for – if people want to talk about vague things like “toughness” or “culture” or “intangibles”, they should be talking about the Sedins, who handled criticism, adversity, success, and everything in between with a professional and admirable attitude. It warms my heart knowing that some of the younger guys like Horvat and Boeser have such wonderful players to emulate as they take up the mantle. The Sedins were so fun to watch and have given me countless amazing memories as a hockey fan. I feel totally spoiled to have grown up cheering for these elite players that are also such wonderful people. I guess I’m glad that they’re leaving on their terms and that we never had to see them play a bad season of hockey, but I’m going to miss watching them cycle the puck like only they can. I hope they have the best time as full-time dads. Also, the tip pass Henrik made before Daniel’s between-the-legs goal against the Flames in 2010 is the best thing any of our eyes will ever see.”

Cam Lawrence

Matt Henderson

“The Sedins performances on the ice were somehow dwarfed by the way they carried themselves off of it, which is an incredible feat considering the talent they displayed night in and night out on the ice. My favourite Sedin moment has already been mentioned on social media by me, but back in 1999, I had the chance to meet them (at the age of 4). They barely spoke a word of English but they stopped, took a photo and signed some autographs for my brother and I. Those guys have never changed (except they learned some more English). I had a few run-ins with the Sedins through the years and they were always the picture of humility, grace and kindness. They are the perfect players for the market like this, and I cannot wait until the day they go up in the rafters”

Cory Hergott

My Sedins memory for you…people always talk about “The Shift”…and “The Shift” was amazing, but this little bit of short and sweet Sedinery has it all. Hank with a sick pass, Danny with an insane goal…and Burr riding shotgun…as it should be.

Tyler Horsfall

“The Sedins have been the greatest athletes in the history of Vancouver sports both on and off the ice. There are no words that can accurately describe their impact. Take the jerseys off their backs at the end of the game on Thursday and retire their numbers on the spot.

These are the players that tried to make an anonymous $1.5M donation the BC Children’s Hospital but only went public with it after the hospital encouraged them to get more donations.

These are the players that won back-to-back Art Ross trophies. These are the players that did things the hockey world hadn’t seen. These are the players that led a team to the Stanley Cup Final. These are the players that, both on and off the ice, were role models for everyone

Through thick and thin, they stuck it out with the team. They deserve every last cheer, every last standing ovation, every last handshake, everything. There are no words to describe them, what they have done for the city, or what they mean to everyone here

The only part that bothers me is the fact they should’ve had another year to compete for the playoffs by now. One last chance at glory. It sucks they won’t.”

Vanessa Jang

“I’ve been well aware that the Sedins are unique in the sense that their off-ice contributions are just as valuable as their on-ice play. It always irked me when I saw people trashing them because I don’t know how they can justify it. They’ve been amazing hockey players and even better human beings, and I loved seeing people in the NHL community – whether they be players or members of the media – acknowledge them yesterday when the news came out. It speaks volumes to the type of people that the Sedins are when hundreds of notable people praise them for their character on top of their play. I’m super proud of the twins, both for their on-ice accomplishments and the type of people they are. I honestly feel privileged to say that these two played for the Canucks.”

32 Sedin moments that every Canucks fan should be proud of

Jackson McDonald

“When I was a kid my dad used to say that you could put a fire hydrant on a line with the Sedins and he would score goals. To test the theory, one of my first forays into hockey writing for Jeremy Davis’ OneCanuck blog was a compilation of all the best times a journeyman or role player scored a beautiful goal that was set up by one of the twins. There were countless examples, and I’m not just talking about guys like Anson Carter, Taylor Pyatt, or Jason King. As somebody who’s fascinated by hockey’s little absurdities, it was always so much fun to watch the Sedins turn guys like Ryan Shannon, Jeff Tambellini, Wade Brookbank, and Lee Sweatt look like superstars for a night. My absolute favourite was this goal, where Daniel set up Brad Lukowich off a no-look, behind-the-back pass, and he just roofed it. You’d think he was the team’s top defenseman the way he jumped up into the play like that. He ended up playing a grand total of 13 games for the Canucks, and that stood as his lone goal.

I think that will always be my favourite things about the twins. They were the ultimate teammates. Their biggest skill was their ability to elevate the players around them.”

Ryan Biech

“As I’ve become more invested with my hockey writing, I have been able to gain access to the players, I never could have thought would happen. Entering my first couple of practices, I was nervous to speak to anyone, as they were players that I had watched for years.

Over time it became less scary to speak to players. But I still had this nervousness about speaking with Henrik and Daniel. Not because of who they were as people or interviews, but simply because of the impression they left on me. I’ve spent my entire adult life watching the Sedins make crazy things happen with the puck. They took the team to within one win of the ultimate prize while providing countless memories along the way.

It feels odd to think about what the lineup will be like next year without the twins but they have provided such a legacy that I will never forget how they played the game, how they represented the city, and what kind of impact they have left on me as a hockey fan”

Darryl Keeping

“So I had a thing prepared for tonight’s special recap dedicated to the Sedin brothers. It was a story about how Daniel and Henrik went well beyond the line of duty which at this point, has pretty much become an unfair expectation of the two. Anyways, I admit, I was in a line-up at the Metrotown EB games for what I’m remembering as the NHL 12 midnight release. In those days, you actually had to buy the disc!

So I heard the Sedins were going to be there to sign autographs for the first 500 people (give or take) for the special Sedin issue cover of the game. Me, never having been to a midnight release of a video game before, I didn’t know what to expect. I was blown away by the turnout, I showed up about an hour early and was nowhere close to the first 500, the lineup went on for blocks! So I wait in line and wait my turn to get my hands on EA’s latest version of hockey. I am shocked when I get to the front of the line and see Henrik and Daniel STILL meeting and greeting fans, signing autographs. It was around 2:30 in the morning, I still can’t believe it! That being said, I’m not sure that was my favourite Sedin moment, but maybe one you haven’t heard before.

As for my favourite, call it recency if you must, but I think tonight’s overtime goal takes the cake. I wasn’t at the game, but at home, you could feel the love of Vancouver Canucks fans through the speakers. The energy was electric, it was amazing! Canucks fans, we’ve been so lucky since the 2000-01 season, when the brothers arrived. What a pleasure it’s been to watch them develop as players and persevere through sometimes, unfair adversity on the ice. However, far outweighing their on-ice accomplishments, are their contributions off the ice. The Sedins have and will continue to inspire a generation of Canucks fans to be better people. Daniel, Henrik, you guys have been perfect role models and ambassadors for the city of Vancouver for so long.

I selfishly ask for one more year with a tear in my eye as I’m clearly not ready to say goodbye. But I know, you’ve more than earned your retirement, thanks for the memories! From the bottom of my heart, thank you both!”

J.D. Burke

“It’s near impossible for me to do justice with words what the Sedins have meant to me. There is no other era of Canucks hockey I know — this is it. And I’ve always, always tried my very best to acknowledge how absolutely blessed I am to have been afforded that opportunity. They’re responsible for all of my best hockey memories. Knowing what they’ve done off the ice only served to make me appreciate the Sedins contributions that much more. They’re the best this city has ever known period.”

Final Thoughts

It’ll be a long time before we say goodbye to Henrik and Daniel — this is a see you later. They’ve made it clear Vancouver is home for them, it’s where there kids and families were born and I have a feeling we’ll be seeing them well beyond Saturday’s season finale in Edmonton.

You don’t replace players and people like the Sedin’s, but you hope the next generation can strive to emulate them on and off the ice. If even a handful of the Canucks future can strive to be the players and people Hank and Danny are, this team will be in very good hands.

To say tonight was bittersweet seems like an understatement. It was a once in a lifetime celebration of the most unique sporting duo the hockey world has ever been blessed with. The script was right out of Hollywood and played out to perfection, it was the absolute perfect way to see them off.

But this team and city will miss having the Sedins in the spotlight, both on and off the ice. They’re the undeniable leaders of the franchise, they stand in an answer the tough questions night in and night out. There have been many the last few years, most of which have nothing to do with them, but never the less it’s Henrik front and centre in the locker room after every game facing the music.

Off the ice, Daniel and Henrik are leaders in the community. Their donations to Children’s Hospital and their work within the community is well documented. For nearly 20 years they’ve set the standard for what it means to be a Canucks, and I for one could not be prouder of the example they set for the city as professionals and human beings. As the parent of a young Canucks fan, I wish he could grow up watching them for reasons as much off the ice as on it. We could all learn a thing or two from the grace and class the Sedins carried themselves with throughout their career. In a world full of bleak and distressing news, and sports world full of negative stories about millionaire athletes breaking the law, the Sedins are the very best of us. Humble, compassionate, generous and a constitution for the ages. Through years of being called sisters, being booed relentlessly, they never complained. They never cracked, they did their job with dignity and with a work ethic that legends are made of.

Congratulations on an incredible career Henrik and Daniel, you won’t soon fade from anyone’s thoughts. I look forward to seeing your jersey’s in the rafters, and your induction into the Hall of Fame. Thanks for 17 amazing years.

Jason Hamilton.

  • apr

    Hate to disappoint you oilers, leafs, sabres, yotes fan who beg your team to tank and hope to win a lottery like an idiot spending his last $ on a 649 instead of bus ticket for a job interview. Be as it may. Not here.

  • Nuck16

    Wow! Honestly, I don’t know how they can play in Edmonton after last night. If I was them, I wouldn’t play tomorrow. I would want last night as my last hockey memory.

  • truthseeker

    What a game. It’s just ridiculous how perfect that was. I almost don’t want them to play against the Oil. But then….that’s not them. They’ll be out there. And if they don’t get a point, that’s fine too. But wouldn’t it be nice for one more mini domination of the Oil in their building?

    As I said in the other thread, I wouldn’t trade this game and this moment for all the percentage points in the lottery. I wouldn’t trade it straight up for the number one pick. This was far far more important to me as a fan of the team, and of the twins.

    How fitting the setting too. Weeknight game, probably nobody back east paying much attention. Will get a few press mentions nationally like “Sedins Finish Off In Style” and basically be ignored outside of the west coast. But we know. We know what it was. I love that. I love that while others know that they are good, they don’t know about this. They really don’t know how good they were. They don’t understand why they mean that much to the market. And that’s fine by me. I’ve never cared if they got the attention they deserved or not. Just like I don’t need a stanley cup to know the 11 team was the greatest team in the NHL, I don’t need outside validation to know how great the twins were. Somehow this all just fits perfectly.

  • TheRealPB

    What a game.

    Thank you to all the fans who reminded me what it was like to go to a game for 10-15 years before the current slide. The energy in the building was electric. Thanks to Virtanen for creating all those chances with his speed and confidence and the sense that there’s more than just Boeser and Horvat and some other picks to look forward to in the future. Thanks to Leipsic for those shifty moves and that goal. Thanks to Edler for playing like he has for at least a month and looking like the Norris candidate he never turned out to be. Thanks to Markstrom for staying awake even when the Coyotes couldn’t muster a shot for half the game. Thanks to Biega and Archibald and Gaunce who may or may not get another crack at an NHL lineup but gave it their all anyway. Thanks to Goldobin and Pouliot who despite making glaring errors still pushed the play and took chances. Thanks to Stetcher who plays way above his size every game. Thanks to Hutton who played a great game despite the uncertainty about his future. Thanks to Gagner who threw himself at every puck to give another chance to the Sedins. Thanks to Green for playing them every chance he could. Thanks to all the injured and press box players for coming out and celebrating with the twins. Thanks to the Coyotes players, especially OEL and Richardson for being such good sports.

    But most of all and of course thanks to the Sedins for all the accolades they deserve, for being the opposite of some of the other players we’ve seen (“literally better human beings”). Thanks to them for taking us back in time to a long period when every other team had to plan around how to survive a Sedin shift or figure out how to respond to the goal they would inevitably surrender. Sometimes people look at the older slower Sedins and only imagine a cycle game; this took us back to when they attacked off the rush and crossed up everyone with their wizardry. Thanks for all that they’ve given us on and off the ice. The very genuine love that the rest of the team — and much of the rest of the league, aside from the d-bags – have was really on display.

    • truthseeker

      Well said. Excellent comment about Gagner. Like most I haven’t been impressed with him very much this year but he was a monster with his effort in this game. He won a lot of pucks in the O zone for the twins tonight and that should not be forgotten. Even if I’d probably rather not have him on the team next year…lol.

  • Burnabybob

    Glad to see a win for the Sedins final home game, but I also wish the Canucks could just tank properly. They’re now 6th worst overall, which means they could potentially lose out on Noah Dobson and Evan Bouchard if the draft lottery goes against them.

    • North Van Halen

      Man just stop talking you selfish p***k. First time I’ve resorted to swearing on a message board but wow. A night like that, a write up like that, careers like that and you’re worried about your draft position??!?!!
      You need to figure out what being a fan is about and where your priorities should lie because if that’s the message you got from, that game, their careers and this write up, I truly feel sorry for you.

        • truthseeker

          Wasn’t it amazing? To watch that game the whole time and not once think about where they were going to finish, or who they’d draft, or who should or shouldn’t be on the team, or how bad a team they are. For one amazing night none of that stuff mattered. The only thing that mattered was the moment. And the moment was spectacular.

          Like NVH I too feel sorry for people who can’t let that stuff go and simply enjoy a very rare pure moment in sports that transcends winning and losing.

  • North Van Halen

    Let me just add, I’m a fully grown, past middle aged man that has watched the Canucks since day 1. I watched the above video of the Sedins coming out to the 3rd period with a Viking Clap and I cried for about the 10th time in the last 12 hours.
    It was fun while it lasted.

  • Kootenaydude

    Soooo everybody dissin the tank to get a first overall pick. These two guys were the real #1 and #2. To get the best. You gotta draft the best. We ain’t drafting any Sedins by drafting 7th this year. I really hope we do better, but let’s face it. Drafting 7th or 8th this year only gives us a plug to fill a roster spot.

    • North Van Halen

      Here’s how you tank: Trade vets at deadline – Check. Shut down every vet with a hangnail – check. Play kids extra minutes despite mistakes – Check. What’s left actually asking pro players to not try. It is what it is. They beat a lot of good teams down the stretch despite managements best efforts
      Believe me when I say as an ‘experienced’ sport fan. Life is about moments and the truly awesome ones are rare. I’ve seen Joh Lester throw a no-hitter at Fenway right after cancer treatments. I’ve seen in person 2 Stanley Cups presented in the flesh in Van. I’ve seen Canada win a gold medal in the World Junior tournament on home ice. Olympic games and gold medal presentations. Watching that on tv rivalled any of those.
      Worry about our odds for a random draw another day. Try enjoying the moment.

    • Green Bastard

      Hmmm. 2016 Clayton Keller went #7. 2015 Mat Barzal went #16, and some guy named Brock went at #23. Maybe the Canucks could trade down a few spots if the wind up with the 7 or 8 pick and grab a plug like one of those guys.

      • Kootenaydude

        You can cherry pick all you want. You can say Duncan Keith was great at 54th. The facts are the top 3 guys give you the best odds of building a winning team. Guys like Crosby, Ovechkin, Malkin, Toews, Kane, And even Matthews. At the position we’re at now. We will be lucky to draft a decent defenceman. I don’t want to see a team that is happy to just make the playoffs. We just beat a bunch of those sad teams down the stretch here. I want a Stanley Cup contender. When’s the last time a team won the cup and didn’t have a top 3 draft pick?!

        • Green Bastard

          @ Kootnay… I realize that. But you’re predicting doom and gloom at just a few spots down. I get the better chances of a #1 picks success, especially this year. I just wanted to remind that there are always lower picks who make good, and the Canucks could be sitting everybody and still won some of these games.

  • Holly Wood

    When I seen them hugging the trainers and equipment guy, I have to admit it was one of those moments. Trainers have an unbelievable relationship with players.

  • Kootenaydude

    On another note. Looks like Gaudette wins the Hobey Baker award!! He’s played well so far for the Canucks. The Leipsic, Gaudette, Virtanen line showed a lot of potential!! Congratulations!!

  • Cageyvet

    I was fortunate enough to be at the game. The only thing that could have made my night better would have been me and my buddies winning the insane 50/50 prize. Screw draft position, being in the building and getting to watch that unfold surrounded by fellow Canuck fans going nuts was truly amazing. I will cherish last night like we should all cherish the memories the twins gave us. I texted a friend who now lives out of province but remains a Canucks fan my simple recap at the end of the night. “Wow. Just wow.” Nothing more needed to be said. He understood.

  • truthseeker

    If you haven’t seen this interview with Brian Burke it’s kind of interesting.


    Very interesting that they were going after the number one as well. lol. Can you imagine…number one two and three picks overall? That would have been something. I like that Burke sticks up for Stefan too, talking about how concussions ruined his career. It’s not much that separates success from bust in pro sports. At the heart of it, it’s just some 18 year old kids doing the the best they can. Think of the garbage they take from all us fans…lol. Can you imagine people dissecting your life when you were 18? Calling you over rated or a bust or failure for simply being good at a game when you were young? The whole thing is so ridiculous.

  • Nuck16

    Congrats to Dahlen and Petterson for big goals in victories for their clubs. Dahlen’s Timra completed the comeback from a 3-1 series deficit and won game 7. Meanwhile Petterson’s Vajko took a 3-0 series lead.

      • Green Bastard

        No sh*t hey! Still nothing on Gaudette. There’s another Canuck site I go to occasionally with generally pretty weak content, but their Gaudette post is 14 hours old.

        • North Van Halen

          Not to worry though, I’m sure there’s an article detailing Benning & Linden’s incompetence while telling us just how bad at hockey Gudbranson & Sutter are is ready for posting. Lord knows we will all be thrilled with the new ground they cover on these topics.

    • North Van Halen

      Anywhere I can see a write up on their week’s? Seriously, I’d love to find out how Dahlen/Petterson/Joulevi/Palmu are doing now that the games matter…Seriously

        • North Van Halen

          You are not the only source of this info and I was hoping someone knew where. That message was meant not as a jab at you but a serious request to other readers to see if they had a source since someone else knew the scores & stats. Believe me I will name you if it was a shot at you.
          Again Congrats though and good luck!!

          • North Van Halen

            Dude. I mean this in all honestly, YOU ARE THE MAN!!!! The prospect report is heads and shoulders my favourite part of this blog. The effort is much appreciated and it is such a welcome respite from the overwhelming negativity surrounding most of the rest of the articles (JD, JM, JDII, PB if I’m naming names)

        • Dirty30

          How hard would it have been to simply post a prospect update with a simple line: “The Biech team is happy to announce the arrival of our newest prospect!” rather than snarking at people. Save that garbage for the trolls.

  • Doodly Doot

    What the Sedin brothers achieved as a whole in their careers completely transcends any single event, including winning the cup. Superstars in hockey, but more importantly as human beings, they exemplify what hockey could and should be: a league of competitive yet respectful gentlemen. It’s a little too bad that their careers are ending just at the league is seemingly evolving into something more skilled and less violent. They are beacons of what is right in hockey and in life in general. Count me inspired. Thank you Dan and Hank. Be wishes for whatever comes next.

  • Kneedroptalbot

    Congrats, Henrick and Daniel you made me a Canucks Fan.
    Played the game with “Pure Class”. Never once in 17 years complained about Refs, bad calls, goaltender interference, dirt hits from behind, or cheap shots after the whistle.

    • truthseeker

      It was nice for sure….but McDavid had been out there for almost 2 straight minutes on that shift. At that point you could have probably “pulled away” from McDavid. lol.